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We started our partnership in 2011, and have since been 4 time National Bronze Medalists and World Team members. Our Olympic season kicks off in just two weeks, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Come chat with us, and ask us about what it is like training as a team, for the biggest competition in sports! Follow us on Instagram : @splashmadison @zachtdonohue Twitter: @madihubbell @ZachTDonohue

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SuTerifa42 karma

If you guys could change any rule(s) to ice dance, what would it be?

miscer150 karma

Probably receive 4 golds instead of 4 bronze

Hubbell_Donohue28 karma


Hubbell_Donohue44 karma

@SuTerifa Great question!

Madi, first!

Where to start?! In my dream world, there would be no rules! I know that it isn't possible, but grass is always greener on the other side! The older generations felt the sport needed structure, and justice, so they made rules. Now, with a large rulebook we have, I dream of complete freedom. I guess that is why we have show programs.

Seriously, though, the only room I really want gone is about Free Dance Music. We are required to make a medley of songs, with atleast one change in timing, rhythm, and expression! As if skating to one piece of music for 4 minutes would make it less dance, or more boring!

Also, we need an audible beat! This is tricky, since all music has a timing, but not always an audible consistent beat! It kills us to see people enhancing the instruments of music as timeless as Mozart!

Zach here. For me, the first rules I would want to see changed are about Dance Lifts. I believe that the rules, in an attempt to differentiate us from Pairs Skating, are too closed. We see too many lifts that look similar to one another, and we feel limited by the laundry list of Do's and Don'ts!

edit4115 karma

Madi and Zach, do you ever miss competing compulsory dances? (From when you were with other partners.) Or do you prefer creating short dances every year?

Hubbell_Donohue7 karma

Hey @edit411

We both miss the compulsary dances, but also understand why they have begun to phase out. To create more interest for spectators, the Short Dance is WAYYYY more interesting! Or, atleast we hope. I think it is smart that the young kids continue to compete compulsary dances until Junior, since they are great for learning basic techniques and fundamentals to partnering.

Hubbell_Donohue11 karma

But...let's compare! Midnight Blues for two turns of the ice rink, or Short Dance ending in "Turn down for What!"


SuTerifa18 karma

Hey Zach and Madison! As someone who does not skate, I was wondering if you could tell us how exactly both of you fell into figure skating and then ice dancing?

Hubbell_Donohue25 karma

Hey! For Madison, she watched skating on TV. She wanted to be just like Kristi Yamaguchi, and so she begged her mom to begin at 5 years old. Zachary was taken to a public skate at 12, and he was picked up by some local coaches because he was very talented.

Hubbell_Donohue12 karma

@SuTerifa .... I just reread this post. You were the victim of my awkwardness! Madison here, and I had no idea how to make it sound normal to speak one at a time. It seems weird to type "Madison here, Zach here" over and over. So while this totally doesn't sound like we wrote it, we did! I am just not very handy with social media and technology!!

Im off to bed, sweet dreams!

nathan_barely15 karma

Should Snowman Building be a official event at the next Olympics?

Hubbell_Donohue16 karma

Hey @nathan_barely

as Frozen's "Do you want to Build a Snowman" plays in the background, both loudly shout


Alexjessa02030812 karma

I love all of these Olympics AMAs. The ice dancing is so beautiful. It's the one I wait for every year. How much do you think being an actual couple helps? I feel like so much of it is the passion you feel with your partner.

Hubbell_Donohue17 karma

Hey @Alexjessa020308

Well, it is Madison here. I think each partnership works differently. Zach and I have competed together as an off ice couple in the past, but we have actually been in separate relationships for the past 3 years. I think the most important thing is a friendship and respect between the two people, or at least I hope we haven't lost our passion!! Most of the top teams in the World are not actual couples, so I think it isn't crucial.

limemojitea8 karma

Can you share how you met each of your SOs? It always amazes me how the skating world is so small!

Hubbell_Donohue14 karma


Madi first... I met Adrian Diaz in 2008, in a junior international event. We have a few facebook messages from after the first time we met, kids flirting. He was training in Europe, and the spark quickly fizzled. Fast forward 7 years, and in the 2014-15 season, it seemed like we were at every competition together. We reconnected for the first time at Skate Canada 2015, and immediately fell for each other! The move to Montreal, where he trains, made our relationship even closer. We live together, have our Pomsky puppy Nova, and plan to live our happily ever after! Skating is a small world, and it has given me many great friends, and also my amazing relationship!

Hubbell_Donohue10 karma

Zachs turn...

Olivia and I met at the 2015 World Championships in Shanghai. We recognized a similar energy between the two of us...a fun loving, spontaneous, goofy kind of spirit. I didn't see her again until she made the move to Montreal, to skate with Madison's boyfriend Adrian. I thought that square created between the four of us would be awkward...and so initially, I didn't want to go for it. Our attraction to each other eventually won out, and we have been together now for a year and a half.

Alexjessa0203085 karma

You look so in sync I assumed you were a couple. Thank you awesome, good luck

Hubbell_Donohue7 karma

Well, many people assume. I take it as a compliment, we are doing our sport well!

SeveralChunks9 karma

I don't know much about ice dancing, but do you have any thoughts on the nhl not participating in the Olympics this year?

Hubbell_Donohue6 karma


Hey, this is Madison. I speak for both of us when I say we didn't realize they weren't! OOPS! Does that make us bad future Olympians?

I guess the same way that you aren't an Ice Dance fan, we are not big NHL fans! :/

StrangeDrivenAxMan3 karma

What about the space olympics?

Hubbell_Donohue6 karma


StrangeDrivenAxMan5 karma

Thank you for just even acknowledging my stupid comment. You both are awesome.

Hubbell_Donohue2 karma


Madi here...I was genuinely intrigued. Too bad :P hehe

dreamfyre7 karma

Working in the ballroom industry I am curious how the stoning on the ice dancing costumes differs from Ballroom. Do you have to be careful how much goes on and where it goes on due to the handwork in routines? We have done one championship ice dancing costume since my employment here so I don't have much comparison!

Hubbell_Donohue14 karma

Hey @dreamfyre

Its madi, and after inhaling so much E600 rhinestone glue in my life, I deserve to answer this one. My mother makes my costumes, and her attention to detail really allows us to create anything we want. One costume this season has 12,000 Swarovskis, and she carefully glued them on with E6000 (Best glue out there) The other costume is hand beaded with lace appliques. She hand sewed each bead and sequin, individually knotting after each piece. This ensures that the beads don't rain down during lifts and other strenuous moves.

LavenderAndDaisies6 karma

5 things you appreciate most about your partner? P.S. Totally loved your free dance last season! Hope you guys medal at the upcoming Olympics! Best of luck!

Hubbell_Donohue12 karma

Hey @ LavenderandDaisis

First things first, great username. Obviously this is Madison, and I love lavender! It is the scent of my home :)

Here a 5 things I appreciate about my partner...

  1. He always shows up. Seems simple, but trust me...there are days when your body is screaming "NOOOO!!!" and your mind has to be strong enough to push ahead. I can count on him for that.
  2. He loves to compete, and we share a mutual comfort in the spotlight.
  3. He has a really good voice! So, hands down, if he wanted to ditch skating, he would be a famous musician. He doesn't usually sing in front of me, because he knows I am always ready to take a secret video.
  4. He doesn't complain about my size. I know, this sounds bad. But it isn't always easy to throw about a girl that is 5'8". Well, it is never easy. But he makes me feel really secure, and comfortable in my skin! That is really important in a visual sport like Ice Dance.
  5. He is spontaneous...which I appreciate sometimes, and hate other times. He keeps me on my toes, and is full of energy. When I am irritated, or tired, I don't always love that. But it is a good quality nonetheless.

Hubbell_Donohue9 karma

So, this is Zach, my turn now!

  1. Talent..I mean, who doesn't want a talented partner?! She is hard working as well, but her natural talent gets her pretty far!
  2. I love her dedication every day. She doesn't waver, she just goes forward towards what she wants.
  3. She is an incredibly passionate person, on and off the ice. Nothing she does is empty, everything comes from her heart.
  4. Her patience! I can be a handful, and she handles me better than most could!
  5. Her charisma is infectious. She doesn't let it out for everyone, but when she isn't holding it in, she is one of the most fun people I have ever met.

nachomannacho6 karma

How tough was the fall at Worlds last season when you were primed for a spot on the podium? How did you overcome the disappointment of that competition?

Hubbell_Donohue11 karma


Zach here, and maybe I am hungry, but your username makes me want nachos! Since it was my fall, I will take this one.

Honestly, the fall was heartbreaking. I had never cried over skating, until that day. I overcame the fall by facing it head on. My coaches, family, partner all made me stay in reality. We don't pretend it didn't happen, but we don't wallow in it either. My coaches helped me a lot, sharing their experience of falling in the Olympic Games. I was lucky that it happened to me then, and not in 6 months in Pyeongchang. I guess I needed a wakeup call!

neemarita3 karma

No matter the fall you two are just great and I can't wait to see you at nationals! Your FD was sublime every time you skated it...even with the fall.

Hubbell_Donohue3 karma

Thank you @neemarita

That means a lot!

neemarita2 karma

Yay, you saw this! Haha. My son is five and just started skating, he loves watching you guys too. :) He wants to try dance when he's old enough!

I'm so excited to finally see you skate live!! :) Your FD gave me chills every time!

Hubbell_Donohue2 karma


Madi here... I am excited. We need more boys in our sport. He is never to early to start dance lessons. He should do some off ice dance stuff...it will help a lot in the future. When are you seeing us live?

radicalsnackeater6 karma

Hi Madison and Zach! Big fan of ice dance and I loved your Free Dance last season!

My question is mainly for Madison (sorry Zach, you're cool too!). Since you're quite tall for an ice dancer, what are the challenges we might not think of as fans for you? I remember you said that Yankee Polka pattern is more challenging for taller dancers so I'm interested in hearing your thoughts!

Thanks for doing this AMA and good luck to you both in the Olympic season!

Hubbell_Donohue15 karma

Hey @radicalsnackeater
I loved our free dance of last season as well, thanks for your question.

Being tall is just as much of an advantage as a disadvantage. I feel really lucky to be in this era of Ice Dance, since I am not sure I would have succeeded previously. I am not only tall, but I am also an athletic body type. If only you could see photos of me as a child, I had quads as a toddler!

Currently, many of the dancers in the world are a similar size to me... Kaitlyn Weaver, Gabriella Papadakis, Tessa Virtue.. This makes me a feel a bit more normal. Within my own country, I can feel a bit out of place, since my competitors are all quite a bit shorter than I am.

While some quick twitch dances are challenging with our height, the biggest challenge is in the lifts. The "acrobatic" lifts of our competitors, such as Chock/Bates, are not possible with my height. These lifts can be impressive, and a quick way to rack up points. Our focus, instead, has to be on making unique, beautiful positions that add to the choreography and story line of our program. It can take time to find lifts that add value to our programs integrity, but in the end, the judges appreciate both ways of achieving the level. And while acrobatics may be more challenging for us, long lines and power can be more challenging for our competitors!

So I feel lucky to have my height, and my strength...Bring it on!

radicalsnackeater1 karma

Thank you so much for this wonderful answer! I happen to think Zach is a wonderful lifter and I loved your long lines in your straight line lift and rotational lift from your FD last season.

All the luck again to you and Zach!

Hubbell_Donohue3 karma

Yes, Madi here, and I can agree that Zach is a great lifter! Thanks

almondparfitt5 karma

Hi! Do you guys have any favorite songs you love to practice to but have never performed with? Excited to see you compete!

Hubbell_Donohue11 karma

Zach and I have a bit different preference when it comes to music. I basically love anything you can sing to, while Zach listens more to the instruments. I personally would love to skate to something like Rihanna, Love on The Brain.

Hubbell_Donohue10 karma

Hey, Zach here. Thanks so much for your question @almondparfitt

Funny thing about skating is that there is so much music out there, but we only get to make two programs per year. :(

With all of the rules about timing, change of character, rhythm, etc...it can be hard to take a song you really enjoy to the ice, and also find another track that mixes well with it.

Plus a lot of the music I like to listen to, may or may not contain language not suitable for all audiences.

I love the Weeknd, but I dont think that will fly!

stanthemanchan3 karma

But think of the dance you could choreograph to 'Starboy'

Hubbell_Donohue4 karma

Those are intense lyrics! :/

Madi here, and I am a total nerd, but I would say that in most hip hop songs, I don't understand the lyrics! Sorry ;P

choco315 karma

Hey Madi and Zach! I saw you live at TDF 2016 and GPF 2016, you're even better live. Does Madi's mother continue to design and create your costumes for this season? Apart from trying to highlight your movements on the ice, what are the most important things to consider in the creation of your costumes?

Hubbell_Donohue4 karma

HEY @choco31

I am glad you were pleasantly surprised with our performances live. It is always a shame when people say, "You looked prettier on tv" haha

What am I supposed to say to that?!

Yes, my mother still makes my costumes, and I feel very lucky. For me, the first priority is how you look. I mean, how does your body look. Are you showing all of your best assets, and hiding those flattering angles. It is kind of the Little Black Dress theory...simple is best. Secondly, we try to make the story of the program come together with our costumes. We want to add a layer of understanding with our garments. Lastly, it needs to be safe and functional. We don't want any Janet Jackson boob flashes, or costume deductions!

This season, my short dance dress is quite simple compared to many latin designs. I wanted something womanly, sophisticated, and very glamorous!

Free Dance is more based on the story, and the style we wanted to create. Do you know the show suits? We wanted to look dressed up... after all, we dont want to be on the Olympic podium looking like bums!

Sdoesnotknow4 karma

Hi Madison and Zach! I loved seeing you guys at Skate America this past October. I look forward to seeing what you guys are bringing this season. It seems that you grew up with many of your current competitors. Are you friends with any of them?

Hubbell_Donohue7 karma

Hey @Sdoesnotknow

This is Zach, and yes, we have been training and competing with the same people for many years. Of course there are rivalries, between you and fellow competitors. For me, to be an elite athlete requires a level of respect for your fellow competitors. I am friends with Evan Bates, Scott Moir, Nikolas Sorenson, only to name a few.

MarzipanFairy4 karma

What ice dancing couples who came before you do you most admire?

Hubbell_Donohue8 karma

Hey @MarzipanFairy

Madi here...and I didn't actually grow up watching any ice dance. I began competing Ice Dance when I was about 9, and it wasn't until I was 19 and training with Pasquale and Anjelika that I started watching and appreciating previous teams. In fact, when I began training with them, I didn't know who they were. I was living under a rock or something. Now, I have watched many famous performances, and I have appreciation for most. I always loved Virtue/Moir, and it is great to train along side them. I also love Punsalan, Swallow...Torvill/Dean...my current coaches...and many others!

Sdoesnotknow4 karma

What are some unique challenges in ice dance that do not exist in the other disciplines?

Hubbell_Donohue7 karma

Ufff!!! This is the question @Sdoesnotknw

Madi here. Training with another person is hard! It is like marriage. Except, doing something physically demanding with the same person every day. For me, this is the challenge. It must be the same way in Pairs, so it isn't totally unique. But, imagine the aggression and excitement you get out of a really challenging workout, mixed with the anxiety before a big test! Now...go!


For some reason I just imagine a potato sack 3 legged race. When you do well, you think your partner is the greatest. When you crash and burn, the inital reaction in your brain is to blame the other. Learning patience and respect is an ongoing challenge, and for me, the hardest part of ice dance.

Hubbell_Donohue5 karma

Zach now...and she said it well. That is the hardest thing for us. I think because we are an equally matched team in skating ability, the skating part is actually our easier component compared to mentality.

headphones134 karma

Hey Madi & Zach! I was wondering what (each of your) favourite and least favourite things about training with a few of your biggest rivals is?

Looking forward to seeing you dance - I'll be cheering super loud!

Hubbell_Donohue2 karma

Hey @headphones13

The only thing I, Madi, don't like about training with the best teams in the world...They always look so damn good! We can't have just one day of peace, you know? They are always there, training, and taunting us with their talent. The little voice in our heads saying "You better get going!"

Zach here...I agree with Madi. Everything else about training with these teams is great. And I guess that what she said can also be seen as good too...good for motivation!

edit4114 karma

Do you have nicknames for each other? And looking down the road, what are your career interests for when you eventually leave competitive skating behind? Do I recall correctly that Zach wants to be a (skating) choreographer?

Hubbell_Donohue4 karma


Madi here, and unfortunately, yes he calls me nicknames. Nothing good!

Example : Hubbellator :(

Is that supposed to be a compliment? Am I indestructible like the terminator, or do I look like a huge body builder?

Hubbell_Donohue3 karma

Its Zach now, and yes, it is supposed to be endearing!

After skating I would like to be an Olympic level choreographer, working alongside my skating school. I also want to open a fitness center for elite athletes...so basically, I am gonna be busy and I need to a lot of money!

Hubbell_Donohue3 karma

Madi here...

Ok, first, I want to be a mom! I am not sure why, because it seems like the hardest job ever, but I can't resist the face of a cute little baby! I am also in the process of starting a clothing brand with my mother. It is a project that will continue to gain momentum through the year, so stay tuned for more news!

SweetDuckling4 karma

How did you continue your on-ice partnership after ending your off-ice relationship?

Hubbell_Donohue6 karma

Well, here is the thing! I think that the same reason it is hard to date an elite athlete, is the same reason that it was possible for us to transition from dating to friends. Elite athletes have one top priority, and that is their sport. We were fully committed to each other on the ice, and the relationship off the ice had to support that first and foremost. We found it better for us to focus on our careers, and take some space from each other off the ice. It proved very difficult to spend 24/7 with one person, in such an intense training environment.

We consider skating to be a good test...if you can train and date successfully, life and marriage will be a piece of cake!

ReptarTheReaper3 karma

Can you perform the iron lotus? If so did Chaz Michael Michaels teach you?

Hubbell_Donohue2 karma


Yes, of course we can! It is simply against the competition rules, so we dont do it!

limemojitea3 karma

Hi guys, long time fan of your skating! Do you watch So You Think You Can Dance and if so, who have been your favorite dancers/routines?

Hubbell_Donohue5 karma

Hey @limemojitea

Thanks for being a long time fan of ours, Zach here. I love watching the show, and I am always inspired watching different styles of dance. I would have to say that my favorite is still Travis Wall, both in his personal performances and his choreography. It is hard to pick out one piece that is my favorite, but I haven't seen any I dont like yet.

Ok, Madi here, I am butting in! I can't stay silent about this any longer!

Hubbell_Donohue5 karma

I love this show!!! I don't want to know what percentage of my life has been spent watching these performances, on FOX or on YouTube! Let's be real...these dances are time consuming, because you may go online in search of one dance in particular, and then suddenly you look up at the clock to see that 3 hours of your day has flown by.

Hubbell_Donohue5 karma

I started obsessed with Mia Michaels...and my love for the show grew from there.

A few I love in particular, excuse my made up names for them...

The Obsession Dance The hummingbird and the Flower The Mercy Dance...

Basically, I like all of them

spacemanza3 karma

how committed are you to sparkle motion?

Hubbell_Donohue4 karma

I am intrigued @spacemanza ... what in the world is sparkle motion?

I would venture to guess that I am VERY committed.

*Do I need to mention that this is Madison?

FSEvolution2 karma

Have Nova and Jaxon&Duke met? When will you teach them how to skate?

Hubbell_Donohue3 karma

Hey @FSEvolution

Madi here...and yes, they have met. Nova is a female, and doesn't seem to like the rowdy energy of Jaxon, and Duke. Maybe because Nova is part Husky, she only like playing with large dogs. She has been on the ice, but she is substantially better and pulling in the snow!

drchopsalot2 karma

Pineapple on pizza or no?

Hubbell_Donohue5 karma

Hey @drchopsalot , it is unanimous!

We both say, Why the hell not?!?!

We love all food!

thatone_reddituser2 karma

My mom LOVES iceskating/ice dancing, and the Olympics are the best time to watch it when it actually is shown on TV.

What made you guys get into ice dancing in the first place instead of competing in ice skating?

Hubbell_Donohue3 karma

Hey @thatone_reddituser

Madi here : I feel your pain...I wish our sport received more exposure and TV coverage.

Ice skating is the term that defines all disciplines, but I actually began skating in freestyle. After a few years of skating alone, I began dreaming of doing pairs. My coaches and mother had to break it to me...if you are 5'6'' at 11, pairs isn't in your future. Eventually I tried Ice Dance, and I fell in love. I love to skate with a partner, and I love the artistry of Ice Dance.

shitlord_god2 karma

What IS ice dancing? How is it different from figure skating? Have you seen Yuri on ice?

Hubbell_Donohue3 karma


Ice dancing is a type of figure skating where a man and woman dance together. We do not jump, but we do lifts and spins together.

katehawks2 karma

Hi Madison and Zach! Thanks for doing this AMA. I LOVE Ice dancing and became a big fan last games when I watched Meryl & Charlie. Can I ask you, are you also gymnasts? Were you gymnasts first or ice skaters first. GOOD LUCK! We will be routing for all of you! :)

Hubbell_Donohue9 karma

OH MY! @katehawks, I could not be further from a gymnast! I tried to join my local gymnastics gym as a kid, which happened to be connected to my skating rink. I took a few classes, and after somersaulting my way into a bloody nose, I realized I was not made to be that agile! Not to mention, I don't see many 5'8" and 6'2" gymnasts running around. Thanks for cheering us on, and I am flattered that you considered that a possibility. I must appear more acrobatic than I feel!

Hubbell_Donohue7 karma

That was Madi btw...Now its Zach. Getting my large frame off the ground to fly through the air is not a challenge I am ready to undertake.

sabrinaskates2 karma

hi guys, if you were in singles skating which song would you probably pick for an Olympic freeskate? best of luck next season, can't wait to see you at your first Olympic games!

Hubbell_Donohue4 karma

Hey @sabrinaskates , really cool question.

Zach here.... and if I could pick any music for my Olympic Free Skate, it would be Exogenesis:Symphony part III (Redemption)

Not because of Ashley, but it doesn't hurt ;) She is a bada$$

For me, Madi, I have NO idea! I think I would choose something lyrical, and haunting. Send in The Clowns comes to mind...we skated a group number to that in Stars On Ice, and while I usually don't love Barbara Streisand, I really enjoyed skating to this piece.

LavenderAndDaisies2 karma

To Madi, when does costume prep usually start and how do you come up with style ideas? P.S. I love your blog!

Hubbell_Donohue8 karma

YAYYY!!! My Favorite username also loves my blog!

Sorry for not posting one in the past few weeks, I promise it is coming!

Costume prep begins as soon as we select our programs. This year I began searching for inspiration and fabric in May. My mom drove 12 hours for the initial fitting in July, and then again last weekend to drop off the finished garments. :) I hope you like them.

The inspiration for the style varies year to year...sometimes it is a recreation of a dress we have seen, and sometimes it is a truly unique design.

ZeFuGi2 karma

Zach, are you in any way related to the guy on the right? Asking for a friend.

Hubbell_Donohue4 karma


"He is my second cousin, once removed on his mother's side. And my third cousin twice removed on his father's side, if you follow me."

Hubbell_Donohue2 karma


DocHolliday132 karma

I love ice dancing but don't know a great deal about it yet. How does the early training work? Do you start out training more like a figure skater, or is there ice dance training from the start?

This is my favorite winter Olympics event, and I can't wait to see you guys perform. Best wishes!

Hubbell_Donohue7 karma

Hey @DocHolliday13 ...

This is Madi here. When we begin as children, we basically learn the same basics. The typical track seems to lean more towards freestyle, since there are more coaches around the country that teach freestyle. I did freestyle, but quickly realized that dance was where my heart was.

FSEvolution2 karma

Hi guys, what's your favorite performance of your program(s) so far in your career? Favorite program from another team/skater from last season? p.s. Madi excellent and insightful blog posts!

Hubbell_Donohue2 karma


Zach here... Short Dance from this past Worlds was an exhilarating moment. Also, the previous season we had two great performances at the Worlds Championships.

Madi here...thanks for the compliment! Stay tuned. It has been a little while, but I plan to post another blog soon!

Lordralien2 karma

Have You seen Yuri on ice?

Hubbell_Donohue6 karma

Madi here...answering a few questions before I go to bed.

Yes I have. Last year when we all had a good laugh with Tessa and Scott, because they actually made a video with all of their choreography! It is impressive the amount of work that goes into creating those animations!

voutenocturne1 karma

Hi Madi and Zach! My question for you is: how different is it for you to choose a FD music and an EX music? (P.S: I watched videos of your "Stand By Me" at SOI 2017 and I hope we'll get to see this EX again)

Hubbell_Donohue2 karma

Hey @voutenocturne ... we like this subject.

So, with the rules of Ice Dance, the pool of music that we want to skate to is cut in half. We need to compete with music that has an audible beat, changes of character, and changes in timing! Some pieces just don't fit into the rules, and it is those pieces that don't fit the competitive rules that we make into our show programs. We are glad you enjoyed our "Stand By Me" program, which was Zachs suggestion. I am not sure, however, which program we will do for exhibition this season. We get bored easily, and love to switch things up!

TheKittenConspiracy1 karma

Besides the competition events themselves what is your favorite thing about competing in the Olympics?

Hubbell_Donohue3 karma

Hey @TheKittenConspiracy

First, answer us this! What is the kitten conspiracy?

Second, we have never been to the games before. We are anticipating that meeting all of the other athletes from different sports and different countries will be a highlight. Skating is a small world, and it will be fun to explore the dynamic of being thrown in a village with people from all different events.

rileewyliecoyote1 karma

What do you think about synchro? As a synchro skater myself, I would love to see it at the Olympics. Although I have competed at a national level in Canada, there really isn't much hype surrounding the sport, which is a shame. Do you have any experience with it?

Hubbell_Donohue7 karma


Madi here... First, congrats to you for your career in Synchro! I trained in Ann Arbor for many years, while the Hockettes were very competitive. I guess that the logistics of bringing in SOOOO many athletes for one event is too challenging for many venues! It is unfortunate that it is hard to get the credit you all deserve. After all, I find it hard to match my one partner, let alone another 20!

FossilizedLemonade1 karma

What are you looking forward to most about going to Pyeongchang, South Korea?

Hubbell_Donohue3 karma


Madi here, and I am not sure anymore! Of course, my excitement to go to the Olympics is separate from my excitement to go to Pyeongchang. We had the pleasure of going last February, and we were surprised by the good weather and beautiful beach near the Coastal Cluster where we will compete. I was looking forward to the food, particular Korean BBQ. Unfortunately, I had to go ahead and watch "What the Health" on Netflix, and I m vegan now! SOOOO...better for my health, but it takes Korean BBQ off the table!

Do you by chance know of anything we should check out while we are there?

slambonez1 karma

What the hell is ice dancing?

Hubbell_Donohue4 karma

@slambonez Great question...I find myself thinking the same thing sometimes!

I would suggest going online and searching for some videos. If you wanted to see us in particular, search for Hubbell and Donohue.

We basically are a team of one man, one woman, dancing on the ice. We have technical elements that are integrated into 3-4 minutes of performance. Most people like it...I hope you will join the fanbase of our sport!

dangerousnd20041 karma


Hubbell_Donohue1 karma

Why not @dangerousnd2004

PistoleroEmpleado-1 karma

Why aren't you guys good enough to get the gold?

Hubbell_Donohue1 karma


Well, that is the question to end all questions! Madi here...and I think it is fair to point out that there are some golds in our career. It is, however, hard to be at the very top. We have been in the position to win before, and have "beat" ourselves with mistakes that take us out of contention. This year we will focus on the mental side of training, and consistency. Have you ever seen us skate? Do you have any suggestions?!

Siena20-1 karma

Zach, I love your dogs! Why did you choose puggles?

Hubbell_Donohue1 karma

haha funny question with an even funnier answer @Siena20

I didnt actually pick them, my girlfriend Olivia Smart did. What makes it funny is that her favorite breed is Daschund, and my favorite are French Bulldogs. So, we weren't looking at Puggles, but when we saw the two brothers for sale, we fell in love. We had to take them home.

Koi-Nami-1 karma

How does it feel to only get bronze?

Hubbell_Donohue2 karma


Sometimes Bronze feels amazing...and sometimes it is disappointing. We definitely do not want to become 5-time National Bronze medalists...since it only felt great the first time. We encourage you to watch us through the season, and some time when we get silver or gold, look for our reaction.

FadingShad0ws-3 karma

How do you expect to beat Canada?

Hubbell_Donohue1 karma


By Canada, do you mean Virtue/Moir?

We have several competitions with them this year...so we will have many chances to go head to head with our training mates. We don't "expect" anything, but we know we have the talent to do it. We just have to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

DeathToUsAllGodBless-5 karma

When should we expect the gold?

Hubbell_Donohue1 karma


Depends on which gold you are talking about! ;P You can find the calendar of events online...and we will do our best to bring home as many golds as possible!

IqSchfiftyFive-10 karma

Why should we want to ask you anything? .... didn't even win a gold... Ice Dancers...... you let Merica down.

Hubbell_Donohue10 karma


hahahaha I am not sure if this is sarcastic, or if I am supposed to be offended. But I am laughing. You don't need to ask us anything, you are right that we didn't win gold! I have a question for you, if that is ok. We have 6 months til Pyeongchang...

If we win the Olympic Gold, and do another AMA, will you have a question for us?