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Hreidr76 karma

What's your backstory? did you have to stay at your single dad's gym every day after school? Are you a drummer superstar or a boxer?

aboynamedsanti92 karma

A pretty simple one from humble beginnings. I am 26 and currently run my own fitness business in upstate New York. I was always the type of guy who had 20 random hobbies at once and never got really good at any of them...until I found the speed bag. You name I've probably tried it. No one in my family was ever into fitness until I came along. I was always a musician growing up so the rhythm came very naturally to me.

Ramrod31249 karma

You name I've probably tried it

Philippine Midget Tossing?

aboynamedsanti93 karma

yup das muh jam

Enderific24 karma

1970's Eastern European stamp collecting?

aboynamedsanti63 karma

I mastered that years ago.

Henrywinklered3 karma

I thought you said you never got good at any of your hobbies

aboynamedsanti2 karma

except this one I suppose..

lornstar710 karma

When you say upstate....

aboynamedsanti29 karma

upstate as in 2 and half hours north from the city haha not too far upstate. Just upstate from the city.

magicaljazz00014 karma

I'm in 518 area code. Are you nearby? I'd love to get some speedbag training.

aboynamedsanti28 karma

PM and maybe you can come train at my gym!

Rob_Lockster7 karma


aboynamedsanti21 karma

8 fo 5 very close though I know 518

SnappySnapDad9 karma

Am flabby and in the 845, train me plis

aboynamedsanti11 karma

haha if this is true I would love to invite you to train with me. Please PM me and also check out my new AMA as this one got taken down

koalas_arent_bears6 karma

You name I've probably tried it

Kite buggying?

aboynamedsanti16 karma

ehh wasn't so good at dat

tayb12272 karma

I like having random hobbies too! Ever play with a butterfly knife/unicycle/stylophone?

aboynamedsanti4 karma

I've "played" with a butterfly knife and definitely tried a unicycle but no stylophone

tayb12273 karma

I learned how to do them just so I can say I know how to do it. I don't understand why or what motive I have for doing so. Typically I have no interest in a lot of things but I, for some odd reason love knowing the oddities society tends to not know/be aware of.

aboynamedsanti4 karma

Those are the best kinds in my opinion. Fook societal norms

CatFatPat2 karma

Dude I hobby juggle and it's also one of those art/sport combos that can get really fun. You should try it!

aboynamedsanti3 karma

It's probably the same as speed bagging that it gets really addictive over time and you can't stop.

masshamacide30 karma

Can we get you to do some "sandstorm"?

aboynamedsanti29 karma

That's getting high on the list now for suggestions.

CantThinkofaGoodPun27 karma

Does this help with woman in anyway?

I bet you could milk this fame and get some youtube ad revenue by doing speed bagging to famous songs.

aboynamedsanti39 karma

People have told me they have youtubed me and I think that's strange sometimes. I'm a pretty private guy. However, I've always wondered if youtube would ever pay me...

NokiaSnakeWorldChamp30 karma

Yes. Adsense. Get a lot of hits. Make some money. You should make an account right now and plug it in this AMA. We will follow you and await your first video.

aboynamedsanti29 karma

Can I attach adsense to the video now as it's nearing 1 million views? ahhh I wish I knew how to do this.

rwbombc15 karma

I think you get $1000 bucks per million views after their rake. Don't quote me on that though.

Lots of folks make it a full-time job. Or a job of their job or hobby.

aboynamedsanti46 karma

I'd like to start a fitness/ youtube channel to help people learn how to hit to music.

caivsivlivs20 karma

You should definitely do this!

aboynamedsanti32 karma

This might have been the impetus for me to start it.

samfreez4 karma

How much does a speedbag setup cost, and what's involved? Is it something that could possibly be taught via a video series?

I can't even begin to explain how fun and cathartic that looks!

aboynamedsanti8 karma

I really want to start an instructional video series. I think that would be a lot of fun

DamienJaxx10 karma

Here you go, you won't get revenue for the views you have already, but future views will pay you.


aboynamedsanti14 karma

Thank you. Going to do this right now.

ArseneWankerer5 karma

Do it. I subbed to your YouTube. The speed bag + dnb was hypnotizing. I'm sure any follow up videos will get plenty of views.

aboynamedsanti3 karma

Yes! I'm definitely going to make now.

NokiaSnakeWorldChamp5 karma

You have to sign up for it I think...anybody here know the details behind YouTube advertising?

aboynamedsanti5 karma

Yes please help.

Black_Dragon_King4 karma

Maybe. But if you could add it on. You could make a ton after it hits 2 or 3 million

aboynamedsanti7 karma

That's interesting...so revenue increases as view increase as well? or is the total amount of views that equal the money you make?

aboynamedsanti21 karma

Does it help with woman....some of them think its cool haha

sushisection6 karma

Can you speedbag with your tongue?

aboynamedsanti8 karma

nope but I can with my head!

Qazwsxlion6 karma

Wait are we still making sexual allusions, or are you for real?

aboynamedsanti16 karma

like my head head. the one on top

CatFatPat2 karma

Wait what

aboynamedsanti7 karma

like my head head the one on top

avogando26 karma

Are you physically able to jerk yourself of at that speed?

aboynamedsanti42 karma

I haven't tried.. I'm not sure it would feel so good

snrlaxrodriguez21 karma

How do you come up with a routine for a specific song? Does it come natural to you or do you have to sit down and write down each beat , half beat etc? Also have you ever recorded the frequency of the bag/ hands to see how fast you can go?

aboynamedsanti40 karma

I almost always improv every song unless I know the beat patterns really well in which case I will sometimes develop a drum beat specific to that song. I actually have never recorded the frequency but I have recorded my speed. by best speed ever is 626 punches in 1 minute.

onemessageyo13 karma

626 punches or bounces

aboynamedsanti25 karma

both. I used the fist roll method to get that many punches. While doing a fist roll on a speed bag the bag rebounds 1 times for every punch. Using other punching methods can produce 2,3,4,5, etc rebounds depinding.

MBPyro3 karma

Is there a video of that somewhere?

aboynamedsanti3 karma

There might be. let me see if I can find it.

420beliezeitfgt3 karma

Not trying to rush you or anything but i would still love to see this. And if you dont have the video, is there really a specific type of method used for the making of that video. Or is it sometimes using first roll method and sometimes letting it bounce 3 or 4. I would imagine combining different methods would be much more difficult to keep track of rhythm and all

aboynamedsanti3 karma

Currently trying to get an AMA up so I can post information for people...reddit keeps pulling it and I'm not sure why

reddituser0801621 karma

Has your speed bag skillz ever come in handy for anything else in life?

aboynamedsanti73 karma

Sometimes when i drop things I'll really quickly grab them before the hit the floor hahah...i'm actually very serious...thats a handy thing in life right?

Foot-Note40 karma

God damn right. Good answer.

aboynamedsanti32 karma

Yeah I thought so too. Thanks for the affirmation my friend

Mikailfaps10 karma

Just belay those instincts when you drop a knife...

aboynamedsanti18 karma

hahaha or just be so well trained I can grab the handle

aboynamedsanti13 karma

Yes this is the right video thank you!

FraserIsAFraygot14 karma

Dude you kill it. When did you first try speed bag drumming what was the first song you did it to??

aboynamedsanti29 karma

hahaha thats GREAT question and i absolutely know the answer.

deadmau5 STROBE was the first song I ever hit too. Ill never forget that. I tried it when I was about 20. I'm 26 now.

DeathsTalons7 karma

Great song choice!! Do you have a video? I was in love with that song 6 years ago as well!

aboynamedsanti10 karma

I don't but I might make one in response to this post!

DeathsTalons2 karma

That would be awesome!

aboynamedsanti5 karma

Yeah I think I'm definitely going to

RonaldDumbsfield2 karma

If you could make a speedbag type drum machine, you would smash it.

aboynamedsanti7 karma

A few friends of mine have one in the works!

stannywilson12 karma

After 7 years, you probably think about debt and the toilet lid you left up at home while speedbagging or does it require the same level of concentration it did 7 years ago?

I am so confused if your practice and sport is one and the same? What i saw in the video was practice or performance?

aboynamedsanti32 karma

its EXTREMELY meditative. No matter how good I've gotten I am always relaxed and my mind is at ease when I hit. It's part of the reason I love it so much and am compelled to hit so much. It does require a similar level of being relaxed rather than concentration to hit well.

The video was actually a random practice and I didn't even know there was a video being taken.

stannywilson10 karma

Lovely. Heard someone say that meditation is spirit combined with action, it's wonderful that you've found the perfect mix!

aboynamedsanti15 karma

It really feels that way. I've never heard it put that way before but I don't think i'll ever forget that. Spirit combined with action. Thats awesome

AnimeIsFuckingGay10 karma

can you do through the fire and the flames on expert?

aboynamedsanti8 karma

No I never could but I could definitely tear it up on hard mode!

AccentFiend9 karma

Have you ever hit yourself in the face with the bag? With your own fist?

Asking for a friend who is a total klutz and definitely not me.

aboynamedsanti21 karma

I have absolutely done this before. My fist has hit me in the throat before. that sucked.

memebuster8 karma

Will you post another video?

aboynamedsanti20 karma

Yes absolutely! one of the things I wanted to ask on this AMA is what song people want me to do. Suggestions?

memebuster20 karma

My suggestion is twofold: first, do whatever song you love the best, second get a higher quality camera because it'll end up on Ellen

aboynamedsanti23 karma

I might do Strobe because someone asked me what the first song I ever did was and that was it..by deadmau5. Very nostalgic song for me. Very first song I ever hit the speed bag to

memebuster3 karma

Why was this post removed?!

aboynamedsanti4 karma

The whole AMA was removed. I started a new one. Please check it out!

RimRocka0916 karma

Darude - Sandstorm

aboynamedsanti14 karma

I have definitely speed bagged to this song before. Great song. Absolute classic.

fahrnfahrnfahrn6 karma

aboynamedsanti8 karma

whoa, this is a fast one. I'll give it a shot.

RimRocka092 karma

Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song) - Enrique Iglesias

aboynamedsanti1 karma

I don't but I am looking it up right now to check it out.

RimRocka091 karma

Look up Rob & Big's intro version for more inspiration.

aboynamedsanti1 karma

Thank you. looking it up right after I type this!

dirtypotatopotato8 karma

How did you get into speed bagging in the first place?

aboynamedsanti17 karma

My brother bought me one for my 18th birthday. Sat in my garage for a few weeks until my pops put it up fro me. Used to hit for 6-8 hours a day sometimes late into the night. I loved it a lot and it was a great way for me and my buddies to chill together at night and not get into trouble.

asdafari6 karma

Have you met anyone better than you at punching the speed bag?

aboynamedsanti24 karma

I have met people who are just as good and also hit VERY differently than I do. All of them I can luckily call very good friends of mine. Theres a small group of us scattered all over the country and the world who have this love. There is actually a documentary movie called "Art of the Bag" that talk about the speed bag and what kind of performance art is it.

Foot-Note6 karma

Why wear bluejeans in the gym?

aboynamedsanti21 karma

hahaha we had just got back from dinner and wanted to go hit the speed bag a bit for fun!

reddituser080166 karma

Can you speed bag to the Rocky song?

aboynamedsanti17 karma

Yes! And I have before. Some songs are easier to speed bag to than others though.

Archer24085 karma

Who's your pick for the upcoming fight, Mayweather or McGregor?

aboynamedsanti13 karma

hahaha I love this question and the answer is simple. I am a big McGregor fan and obviously he has proven people wrong time and time again. I want McGregor to win because it would just be absolutely ludicrous. Do I think he will win? No. Floyd is arguably the best of all time. McGregor has got quite the challenge in front of him. What do you think?

Archer24082 karma

I'd say I have a fairly similar opinion. I'd love to see Connor win, but Floyd is a defensive powerhouse. He's very methodical, and will surely try to go for points spaced out over rounds. While Connor usually makes his flashiness work. Going from like 5 rounds in UFC to potentially 12 rounds with Floyd might leave him a bit out of his element. Either way it's going to be a hell of a fight.

aboynamedsanti2 karma

I'll definitely be watching it live..Hopefully with a few friends to mitigate the 100 dollar cost of the PPV

IamTBUCK5 karma

What pays the bills for you when you aren't Speed Bagging?

aboynamedsanti17 karma

I just recently started my own fitness business a few months ago. I've been a personal trainer for just about 10 years and finally made a big move to try and get a business going. I truly love what I do and I hope that I can make it in the fitness industry. I also hope one to be able to have my own gym with A LOT of speed bags

verbl175 karma

Are there other things you can do really fast?

aboynamedsanti20 karma

Yes, lots of things I can do supa fast

kitcheo4 karma

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

aboynamedsanti4 karma


DeathsTalons2 karma


aboynamedsanti6 karma

I can drop things by accident and catch them really fast before they hit the ground...seriously..I do dis

Black_Dragon_King1 karma

I can do this. Does this mean I should pick up the sport?

aboynamedsanti3 karma

Absolutely! Come hang out with me

TooShiftyForYou4 karma

Have you ever fought someone professionally or otherwise? How did it go?

aboynamedsanti8 karma

I have done Jiu Jitsu for years and have done a few small competitions. Besides a few scuffles as a kid I haven't been in many street altercations at least nothing serious as I've gotten older(I'm 26). I actually don't believe the speed bag would help me and I sure wouldn't rely on it if it ever came down to a real fight haha.

1wdvhu91 karma

cool what belt are you in bjj?

aboynamedsanti2 karma

Got my blue belt almost 2 years ago. Jumped around from a few schools in the past 2 years so haven't gotten any stripes on my blue due to lack of commitment to any school but still gunning for that purple hopefully in the future!

1wdvhu91 karma

same rank as you, good luck!

aboynamedsanti1 karma

Blue belt is the never ending rank. I love it a lot though. I try not to think about the belts and stay focused on the process.

beatenmeat4 karma

Are there any recommendations you have for people who would like to start this themselves?

Video tutorials, special speed bags you would recommend, best songs to start with that might make it easier to keep a beat to as a beginner? I'm sure there are some other things out there, but these were the first ones that occurred to me.

aboynamedsanti13 karma

"The speed bag bible" by Alan Kahn is the NUMBER 1 source material for the Speed Bag in my opinion. It gives you everything from A-Z. It's also what taught me. Alan Kahn is an amazing guy and a pioneer for the speed bag to say the least.

beatenmeat3 karma

Thank you! I'll definitely check it out.

aboynamedsanti5 karma

Yes and please message me if you need any more help. I love this stuff and want anyone who wants to get into it get the help they need.

JoeyDeNi3 karma

Are you a drummer?

aboynamedsanti8 karma

I have been a musician my whole life. Guitar was my instrument but I was in enough bands that I have played the drums quite a few times...always liked the drums more...

nolimbs3 karma

You would probably be really good at ping pong because hand eye coordination... or bouldering since you got that arm strength. Ever tried either?

aboynamedsanti6 karma

I looovvveee ping pong but haven't played in a couple months. I like to think I'm pretty good. I've always to try bouldering but it's a little scary.

boskoliscious2 karma

What tips have you got for us beginers?

aboynamedsanti10 karma

1-2-3, 1-2-3,1-2-3. The most basic punch you can throw on a speed bag allows the bag to rebound 3 times before you hit it again. So you hit the bag. It rebounds off the platform 3 times and then you hit it again. The best way to master this is to count outloud as you hear the rebounds and then you'll know the timing to hit it again. If you have a musical ear you will pick up on this very quickly. Also a really great tip is to relax. the best speed baggers in the world don't even look like they are trying. Its not tense exercise its very relaxed and methodical.

boskoliscious2 karma

Awesome , what about the way you hold your arms and hands up?

aboynamedsanti3 karma

elbows high up. VERY unlike a boxer stance BUT very good for speed baging. Elbows should be almost parallel to the floor

secretsquirrelsspy2 karma

We'll have any boxers reached out to you? About your talent?

aboynamedsanti11 karma

I have done a few seminars. I make it very clear though that the Speed Bag is a separate entity from boxing. While Speed bag MAY help build similar endurance in certain muscles to boxing. It works a TOTALLY different motor pattern.

its6172 karma

Where are my keys?

aboynamedsanti6 karma

in your house?

paulsayshey2 karma

What is the most inspiring bit of music you've ever heard?

aboynamedsanti4 karma

That is a great question and one I have trouble answering. I find a lot of David Bowies music to be pretty moving. Even songs I've heard 100 times and can feel different sometimes.

Krypticore2 karma

What's the most difficult song you've pulled off / can pull off? Also, got any videos of it? would be really cool to see

aboynamedsanti6 karma

I would say the Netsky is pretty damn close to sustainable top speed. I can probably go a little faster as this was 5 years ago. I might try to put up something even faster in response so this video going viral here on reddit.

Token_White_Male2 karma

For the uninitiated, is this the viral video you're referring to?


aboynamedsanti3 karma

No, it's the viral video that is currently at the top of the videos section right now!

70sixer2 karma

Should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame?

aboynamedsanti3 karma


EZEKIELx25x172 karma

Have you ever considered turning this into a live performance?

This has America's Got Talent written all over it. I would pay good money to see this live or even better if you got a crew together for a fully synchronized performance.

aboynamedsanti4 karma

I have actually auditioned for Americas got talent because they invited me and they did not take me. sad days. They seem to be looking for a very very very sad start where someone gets very talented after being dragged through the mud. I didn't have the easiest childhood but I was definitely better off than a lot ad dey no like dis

Deftlet2 karma

Do you make money from this? How many people do you know that speed bag? How many people came to that last annual speedbagging convention you held?

aboynamedsanti4 karma

I have my own fitness training business I just recently opened a few months ago. I rent a gym space and have a client base which I train. I sometimes train people on the speed bag and make money doing that but besides that I don't and most times I don't even like to charge people because I love it so much. I know a lot of people who are at the same skill level as me. Scattered all over the world. every year we hopefully have 50-100 people. it's gotten a little smaller over time but I think the next few years it's going to get big again!

chopandscrew1 karma

What're your favorite tracks to punch to?

aboynamedsanti2 karma

I have a few but a lot of jessie cook music goes extremely well to the speed bag drumming sound


How long did it take you to be able to play a Netsky song? :)

aboynamedsanti1 karma

It was really hard at first. The BPMs are REALLY fast for the speed bag and I didn't think it was possible at first but I eventually got it. Probably a few weeks of work.

CatFatPat1 karma

What made you decide to grow a beard since the video?

aboynamedsanti1 karma

because I could hahah. When I filmed the video back in 2012 I couldn't grow a beard at 21. I can now so I like to rock it when I can

deal_with_it991 karma

I just watched a video of PAC hitting the bag for about 3.5 minuets. I can see how you relate it to meditation. That rhythm is very hypnotic.

What’s your longest secession where you didn’t even realize how long you’ve been hitting it because you were just, “in the zone?”

aboynamedsanti3 karma

Probably well over an hour of just hitting. Lots of mess ups in there I'm sure but just was so into it.