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chopandscrew1038 karma

Did you do this AMA just to brag about your salary and promote your app?

chopandscrew96 karma

I don't have a problem with people using AMAs to promote their newest endeavor, but it's at least supposed to be a unique or interesting experience. People get rich making apps every fucking day. What makes this kid any different?

chopandscrew55 karma

What is her current employment status as a LEO? I’d imagine being charged for man slaughter would be reasonable cause for termination.

chopandscrew16 karma

Dude can't secure funding and can barely hold down a job. Plus he's only been doing this for like 2 years. Hardly an expert on the issue.

chopandscrew10 karma

I was mainly just annoyed by the mention of his "six figure salary." I think anyone who talks about how much money they make is a douche. But you're right, we need to keep the focus on Rampart here.