Hey Reddit, Im Zachary Levi! I am here in San Diego hosting SYFY Live From Comic-Con and I am ready to answer your questions about all things (Comic-Con?) (Nerd?) (etc?)



Proof: https://twitter.com/ZacharyLevi/status/887877721715482624

We'll get started at about 10:30am PT / 1:30pm ET

Signing off. Thanks Reddit!

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babychub547 karma

Hey Zac! My name is Hannah and I have been a fan for a long time so I'm really excited! My question is also sort of a story... So when you were in First Date, my parents surprised me with a trip to New York (I'm from Salt Lake City) and a ticket to the show for Christmas. But when I got to the theater, the slip of paper saying you weren't there fell out of my playbill. I was devastated. The show was still AMAZING and I don't regret going at all, but I was still a little disappointed. The next year, I went to NerdHQ in the hopes of getting a SmilesForSmiles opportunity with you, but the only day I went was the only day you didn't do photo opportunities. The next year, I went to NerdHQ again to try once again to meet you. I wad there for 3 days and didn't get a picture with you. I met you on the last night during the dance party and you were SO nice and wonderful, but I still wanted a chance to have a picture with you. So.. my question is, is there any way you could send me a picture with a sign or a video or something that could make up for me not getting a picture of you despite 3 trips? If not, I totally understand, but if you could, that would be AMAZING!! Thank you, I love you and all the work you do!! ❀❀

rcobleigh23 karma

What's your story? What drew you to follow Christ and what prompted you to be so public about it?

Zachary_Levi38 karma

A hunger and thirst for what is pure, and good, and true.

fuckswithducks21 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA! I have a question about an Easter egg I think I found in the song you made with Sesame Street for Mashable a few years back. I noticed at one point in the video there's an unexplained rubber duck sitting on a park bench behind everyone. Is there any meaning or reason for it being there? I've been wondering about it for a long time, thanks!

Zachary_Levi26 karma

Can't a rubber duck just sit on a park bench in peace?!

tamammothchuk20 karma

How close are you still with your old co-actors from Chuck?

PS - Pineapple.

Zachary_Levi39 karma

Even when we are all physically far from one another, we are always close in our hearts. We're blood.

pumbaan19 karma

What can you tell us about the Thin Man villain you play in the upcoming "Psych" movie? I can't wait!!

Zachary_Levi24 karma

You know I don't like spoilers. ;)

sysadminbj19 karma

Holy fucking shit! Levi's in the Psych movie? Fuck work... I gotta catch up on Psych movie stuff.

Zachary_Levi31 karma

Where you been fam?!

Zachary_Levi18 karma

Otay folks! That's my time! You've been great! Tip your waitresses!

JacqueeSovereign18 karma

What's the hardest part about having a large part of your personal life public?

Zachary_Levi29 karma

People thinking that they know you, when they really don't.

BoboWanKenobi17 karma

Howdy Zac! As a Christian in Hollywood, what do you see as the hardest stumbling block/hurdle to conquer and stay grounded in your faith? (Please know that I'm always praying for you. Your faith tweets keep me encouraged. Want to do the same for you.) - your sister from the Almighty Mister

Zachary_Levi34 karma

I think we all have many of the same stumbling blocks in our lives, regardless of our vocations. The biggest, and most difficult in my experience is pride.

JAlicea9715 karma

Who is the one person you would still nerd over when meeting?

Zachary_Levi19 karma


klamonic115 karma

Hey Zach! If you could star in the remake of any classic film, which film would you choose?

Zachary_Levi33 karma

It's A Wonderful Life.

WickedSushi13 karma

Which Disney princess would you date? (Besides Rapunzel from Tangled).

Zachary_Levi27 karma

There is only one Disney princess in my eyes. And you know her name. :)

MDerek10 karma

Hi, Zachary! I was lucky enough to see your brilliant performance in She Loves Me on Broadway last spring, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Are there any plans to return to the stage?

Zachary_Levi17 karma

As soon as the next, right role/show comes along.

Zachary_Levi8 karma

Aight y'all. I have about 5 more minutes before I gotta boogie!

alwayslearning098 karma

Hey Zach! Everytime you sneeze, do you feel like you're having a "flash"?

Zachary_Levi22 karma

No. That would be dangerous.

Printer20176 karma

Do you prefer voice acting or regular?

Zachary_Levi28 karma


coffeels6 karma

Out of all the characters you've played, which is your favorite and why?

Zachary_Levi31 karma

Probably Chuck, cuz he's got a good heart. But I'm reeeaaal excited about y'all seeing my Thin White Duke in the Psych Movie. ;)

coffeels4 karma

Loved you in The Office :)

Zachary_Levi23 karma

No joke, someone down here at SDCC just asked me about my new "Jack Ryan" series. I felt bad to break the news to him...

ryandrew_6 karma

How're you doing?

Zachary_Levi8 karma

I'm tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred.

sweetcliches5 karma

Hey Zac,

Being familiar with the real story of Alias Grace, I’m really looking forward to the mini series. I was wondering how you enjoyed doing a period piece and if there’s any other piece of Historical Fiction you would like to do?

Side note: Thanks for being a lovely human!

Zachary_Levi15 karma

I absolutely loved doing a period piece. Would be delighted to do more some day. Nikola Tesla bio-pic would be super dreamy.

mymousecapades5 karma

Hey Zac! I moved to Austin recently, but I was born and raised in California. I need to rep. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Will the gray Nerdifornia hats ever be available again? πŸ™πŸΌ

Zachary_Levi9 karma

I have a feeling some more may be made at some point.

AlexTully5 karma

Hey Zachary! Thanks for the AMA. Just wondering if you ever use reddit on your personal time when not doing an AMA? If so, what's most likely to get your upvote?

Zachary_Levi25 karma

This is actually my first time on Reddit. :0

jessiannwillman5 karma

Hi Zac! Do you remember meeting me (Jessica) and my sister (Melissa) from Nutbush, TN last year in Austin? 😊 I really enjoyed chatting with you while eating some delicious tacos! Totally might be coming back just for some more of them! 😜

My question, Do you have any advice on how to move from feeling truely stuck in life? I have tried everything I know to do and just can't seem to break through. Hope you are having an awesome day!

Zachary_Levi19 karma

We have to get up and move. In some direction. And trust that the words, thoughts, visions, and direction will be provided, when we practice true faith.

ehkodiak4 karma

Hey Zach, what's the best cosplay you've seen this year so far?

Zachary_Levi13 karma

The full cast of Scooby Doo.

alwayslearning094 karma

How's the trailer life treating you?

Zachary_Levi12 karma

Pretty sweet. But there's always room for improvement. Now I think I wanna design and build my own trailers.

naughtmydog3 karma

Hi Zac! Is Texas just a residence for you or do you have some business plans there too?

Zachary_Levi11 karma

Texas is gonna be fully live/work/play for me. ;)

itsamecoop3 karma

Who do you think your female celebrity counterpart is?

Zachary_Levi10 karma

Adele. ;)

stormy-darklordofall3 karma

Did you lose your voice yet? And all us former volunteers and attendees of Nerd HQ appreciate you and Dave and everyone at Nerd HQ.

Zachary_Levi7 karma

Not yet. But I'm gettin there. ;)

JacqueeSovereign2 karma

Do you know any programming languages? Or are you not that kind of nerd? ;)

Zachary_Levi13 karma

I can do a little coding in Spanglish.

Heatstroke4222 karma

Hi Zachary,

Anything you would recommend doing for a first time Comic-con goer? Must attend events, things to do or bring?


Zachary_Levi8 karma

Hydration, and sleep. At least that's what I have to remind myself of every year, cuz I keep forgetting. :/

CAubel242 karma

What is your favorite part of living in Texas so far?

Zachary_Levi9 karma


Jillybean3232 karma

Hey Zac, If you had to choose. Weezer or The Beatles?

Zachary_Levi12 karma

That's. Not. Fair.

BlueJ1232 karma

What made you decide to move to Texas?

Zachary_Levi15 karma

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

sweetcliches2 karma

I guess this question works with the Nicola Tesla comment.. It seems you think a lot about making technology better, improving the way content is consumed, etc. Do you ever find it hard to shut off your monkey mind? How do you decompress?

Zachary_Levi15 karma

It's taken me about 37 years to finally embrace the fact that my nutty brain just doesn't stop. And that's okay with me. We got one shot at this "life" thing. I'd rather have more to do/make/build/create/provide in this world, than a slower, more "manageable" mind. And truth is, the best way to decompress for me, is to see these various ideas & visions to completion. ;)

naughtmydog2 karma

Can you tease us with details of any Middle Man Productions activity in the works?

Zachary_Levi11 karma

We can haz make all duh tings. :D

DarthBaller1 karma

How can you let Asgard be destroyed by Cate Blanchett? Will you help save Earth in Infinity War?

Zachary_Levi12 karma

Cate Blanchett did WHAT?!

Frajer1 karma

What was your favorite part of making Tangled?

Zachary_Levi14 karma

D) All of the above.

jessikac231 karma

Hey Zac, any chance of you coming to New York Comic Con this year and bringing The Nerd Machine with you? It's a bummer that only San Diego gets you :(

Zachary_Levi7 karma


handjob1011 karma

What are you looking forward to at comic-con?

Zachary_Levi10 karma


TheDanteEX1 karma

Who would win in a fight: Arcade Gannon or Eugene Fitzhurbert?

Zachary_Levi10 karma

Fandral The Dashing.

killingALLTHETIME-24 karma

Hi Zachary! Why was the last season of Chuck so bad?

Zachary_Levi17 karma

Probably the lighting. :[