What an AMA! THANK YOU for your questions. I hope it was interesting enough. I enjoyed this a lot! No more questions will be answer, but please follow the game on https://www.twitter.com/VictorVran and http://www.facebook.com/victorvran Cheers! Achim

I met Motörhead backstage ages ago, in the early 90s. We became friends & met many times. In 2014, I asked the guys about bringing Motörhead music to Victor Vran! Lemmy wanted more; a Motörhead experience! Through the Ages was born!

In 2015, we lost Lemmy, it was devastating for his friends but inspired us to make Through the Ages an awesome tribute! Ask me anything around Lemmy, the band, Lloyd Kaufman, my hair or Victor. Making a game is not easy!

Proof: https://twitter.com/victorvran/status/885154310425804800

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LloydKaufman501 karma

Why do you keep sending me inappropriate pictures at night?

AchimHeidelauf421 karma

You mean the ones I beam into your mind? I just can't stop thinking about you, Lloyd, since we've been in jail together... <3 <3

LloydKaufman223 karma

It was a tough time, but sharing a cell with you made it worth holding up that sex shop.

ShoulderCannon149 karma

Okay... can this be a level in the game?

The secret Troma level where Lloyd, Achim and Lemmy take care of that robbery they always dreamed of!

AchimHeidelauf160 karma

that'd be the best level EVER man!!! I will come back to this! :) haha, thanks man

jonnyboi77644 karma

Where is the Soap when you need it eh

AchimHeidelauf36 karma

exactly! lol

LloydKaufman238 karma

How did a man as good looking and funny as you get into Video Games?

AchimHeidelauf136 karma

haha, I love you Lloyd!

...I play games since I've been 5. Started on the Atari 2600 (didnt own one myself though) and C64 with Datasette. I got interested in not only playing them games, but how they are made very very early on. Tried to get into contact with developers, which was soooo bloody difficult, compared to today!... yeah, and then I just went to buy/sell games in various stores and at a crazy wholesaler, got a job as game producer eventually and this is how it started...

...and eventually I met you and we made a game. And now this one... and soon more! <3

bleak_new_world105 karma

Holy fuck, you're actually Lloyd Kaufman. You influenced my teenage years in some wild ways. I have a bunch of stories that somehow involve Troma and therefore you, so thanks for turning me into a degenerate early.

BastardOfTheNorth8945 karma

If we could summon Lemmy's spirit, this AmA would be fucking legendary.

AchimHeidelauf87 karma

Agreed! But Lemmy's spirit has a lot of better stuff to do, I am sure. And we don't wanna interrupt that!!! HAHA

jonnyboi776109 karma

What's your favourite whisky?

AchimHeidelauf156 karma

Maker's Mark ...yeah, got that from Lemmy. But - to be frank - I am not the biggest Whisky lover..

Arrogus57 karma

What's your favorite sipping liquor, then?

AchimHeidelauf111 karma

Vodka. Jägermeister. And recently I fell in love with Gin, after hating it for 30+ years.

Arrogus44 karma

Oh yes there are some very interesting gins on the market right now. The Botanist from the Bruichladdich scotch distillery is my current favorite; what's yours?

AchimHeidelauf55 karma

Gin Sul, from Hamburg, where I am based. And I love Blue Bottle.

Will try "The Botanist" !!!

MagicallyAdept6 karma

You ever tried Martin Millers? Incredible gin. I recommend. People have told me about Williams Chase too but I have not tried that yet. They distill it 100 times over 2 years.

Arrogus2 karma

Haven't had either of those; I'll give 'em a try!

AchimHeidelauf14 karma

me too mate! Thanks for the suggestion!! (I will mix myself a drink right now and come back in 2.5 hours!)

winterfellwilliam16 karma

Thought Lemmy was a jack Daniels man?

AchimHeidelauf36 karma

..he liked his Jack Coke, but he preferred Maker's Mark more in the later years

The_Revolver89 karma

Would you have spent like 2 months instead of three years if you all weren't constantly drinking?

AchimHeidelauf82 karma

yeah, more like 2 weeks... but what's the fun of that? also, anticipation is the biggest joy, isnt it? ;)

LazarheaD51 karma

What are some of your first memories of Lemmy?

AchimHeidelauf175 karma


the first memory I have is me sitting in front of a TINY TV with my best friend back then, Michael. He got a VHS tape with a crappy copy of the movie Eat the Rich. This is when I heard Motorhead the first time and when I saw Lemmy the first time. And man, he was so fucking cool and real and a bit scary and everything... I was so impressed. And the MUSIC man. I watched the end credits with DOC ROCK so often that the fucking tape broke eventually!

...my earliest "meeting him" memory was when I was brought into his backstage room in Dortmund.. I was 16 or so, nervous as hell. So nervous I still get the shivers. And there he was. Playing on the machine - of course. And then we started talking... or more: Lem talked... and I listened, in awe... didn't get half of it (my English back then wasnt good enough.. and Lemmy's mumbling didnt help... HAHA)

...although Lemmy realized that I didnt get every joke, every story he treated me with the biggest respect. He took HOURS of his time. I was in his room for like 3 hours... just hanging out with him. And then the manager, Todd, told him several times "Lem! GIG IN 2 MINUTES" and Lem was like "I AM TALKING TO THIS KID HERE! GIMME 10.." :) hahaha, and then he gave me the all access pass, I went straight to the photo aisle what you call it... and then he welcomed me back after the show.... yeah.... thats the first memories... feels good...

Technoreporterrrr29 karma

Nice! Did you win the backstage access or something? Or how did you get in? Thanks for the AMA!

AchimHeidelauf50 karma

Alan Burridge brought me in! I owe him everything. I am MHB 1140 and I wrote LOTS of letters with Alan. Kept all of them... it's LOTS and the time spent with tiny Achim back then... man, I appreciate so much...

So, one day he said "go to Dortmund and meet them at 3pm".. and this is how it started.

Thank YOU!

tavci13 karma

Brilliant story!!

AchimHeidelauf22 karma

Thank you very much!!

...yeah, some of the MOST important events in my life. By far!

jonnyboi77651 karma

What would be your lucky card in a game of poker?

AchimHeidelauf58 karma

Seriously? Guess, please, what I would answer! ;) (and no, it's not the 3 of Clubs, although I ADORE Penn&Teller)

jonnyboi77630 karma

I was thinking the Ace of Clubs??

AchimHeidelauf88 karma

it's gotta be the Ace of Spades man...!

BastardOfTheNorth8952 karma

How was that not obvious?

AchimHeidelauf29 karma

what can I do? :)

BastardOfTheNorth8919 karma

Rock out?

AchimHeidelauf26 karma

...but not with my... ? ;) haha

J3N099149 karma

How did the story change in terms of Lemmy's passing? Was there another story before?

AchimHeidelauf88 karma

The general idea and story did not change. Lemmy's role certainly changed. He wanted to be, and we wanted him to be, Victor's mentor in the game. Lemmy would have been the one to directly send Vic out into these worlds to clean up the shit these evil nutters cause. He would have talked to Victor directly and there would have been some funny, lovely back-and-forth between him and the great LLOYD KAUFMAN...

I will post parts of the original script, if you like!

CaryGrantLives29 karma

I know I'd love to see it. Rock on, man.

AchimHeidelauf109 karma

here we go man. And thanks!

Probably the formatting will be killed... cant spend time on that now. But let's see:

(draft SA/AH, June 3rd 2015)



Victor is riding on a motorbike through the thick mist of white smoke.

LEMMY He rides a road that don’t have no end. An open highway without any bends.1

A rumble and a thunderous roar shakes the ground bringing Victor’s bike to a stop. The bike won’t budge, so Victor gets down to investigate.
(-> SWITCH TO GAMEPLAY) Snaggletooth (incarnation World War (World 2 boss fight)) appears. Parts of basic tutorial (movement, dodging, 2 weapon fight)


Victor is shown asleep next to a campfire. (A horse lying by his side.)

LEMMY (Lyric/quote to be discovered)

A rumble and a thunderous roar shakes the ground, waking up Victor.
(see above)

1 Iron Horse reference/quote After a designated number of hits, only a few minutes of fighting, Snaggletooth strikes a fatal blow to Victor. Exaggerated, nightmarish effects, clouds, colors appear on screen. Scene fades to darkness and we hear Victor release a soft gasp of air.


Darkness. We hear the close sound of a gentle stream.
Victor opens his eyes (first person point of view / fade to black in/our screens) and bursts out gasping for air.
He looks to his side to find that he is slightly submerged in a low-lying stream of water. Then he catches sight of a figure in the distance (transition blurred-to-normal cam).
Lemmy can be seen sitting on a throne2 on the stage (moderately elevated). He’s reading a (war-related) book.
Lemmy doesn’t acknowledge Victor till Victor says in a strained voice:

VICTOR Where- Where am I?

LEMMY (voice echoes) Victor, kid3, you’re here,

We see Lemmy getting up from his throne. Victor closes his eyes for a quick moment, trying to snap out of it. When he opens his eyes again, he’s surprised to see Lemmy’s feet already close to his face. Lemmy is standing above Victor4.

2 Ask Lemmy to skribble his preferred throne 3 Lemmy will change the way he addresses Victor over the course of the game (kid -> Victor -> Hunter) 4 this is to suggest the idea of Lemmy’s authority over Victor LEMMY (clear voice) You look like damaged goods, kid. I thought you’d appear stronger, after all I’ve heard (about you).

Victor sits up in the water and looks up at Lemmy.

VICTOR (strained) I’ve seen you, I’ve seen you before.

Lemmy smiles faintly.

VICTOR How did I get here?

LEMMY You floated in, on the Stream of Consciousness5.

Lemmy sniggers suggestively and offers Victor a hand to help him up. Victor takes it.

VICTOR That’s what this is?

LEMMY Well, you’re awake aren’t you, kid?

Lemmy turns around partially and then back with two glasses of red liquid. He offers Victor one of the glasses.

Victor takes the glass, while taking a good look at his surroundings in disbelief.

VICTOR I am not so sure.

5 a literary device, a narrative mode, that seeks "to depict the multitudinous thoughts and feelings which pass through the mind – in this case, Victor’s. Another term for it is 'interior monologue'. Which is why it would work really well as an extended metaphor – the comparison here is between Victor’s consciousness and the events of the game all being part of a dream. That’s why Lemmy sniggers.. because HE knows all about it.

LEMMY Drink up. You’ll feel much better. It’s the stuff of life.

VICTOR (drinks, coughs) It is WINE!

LEMMY (knowing half laugh) What’d you think it was? Blood?!

Victor is done with the wine. Lemmy take his glass and Victor’s and seemingly crushes both glasses in both hands effortlessly. He opens his hands and blows metallic dust.

VICTOR (startled, then firmly) Why am I here?

LEMMY Music is suffering, Victor. And while Music suffers, the world suffers. Corruption, greed, and tyranny prevail. Evil bastards got nothing else to do. And because of these parasites, people have got no rights. In the meantime, the innocent are stuck in a kind of half-life of constant decay. All is broken. Mighty cities are laid to ruin, burning to the ground.6

VICTOR And what do I have to do with this?

LEMMY Everything. (pause) You have a greater purpose, yet you spend the rest of your days like you’ve been Buried Alive (and it’s doing you in), kid. (pause) I know of the burden you carry. The reason you live in isolation. 7

6 Brotherhood of Man lyrics (marked) 7 Buried Alive song and lyrics (marked) VICTOR (grunts, shameful) You do not understand, I-

LEMMY You’re a walking plague? I know. But there’s neither a trace of blackness nor the hardness of stone in your heart and soul. You know, your problems ain’t exactly new.8

VICTOR How do you know all of this?

LEMMY (waves a hand, dismissively) You are looking for some peace of mind, aren’t you? Someone to tell you what to do. (pause) Well, I’m telling you, We Are the Last, Victor. We must stand our ground and fight. I can show you how to turn your curse into a boon, but first you must embrace it. 9

VICTOR Embrace this curse? Never.

LEMMY (sadly) Everything comes with a great price. But your curse gives you an advantage that others don’t have – it gives you the power to perform the abilities and wield the weapons I’ll be giving you to conquer the blackness that stalks the night as well as the day. (pause) I’m gonna change your luck, kid.10


8 Blackheart & Heart of Stone references 9 Death Machine & Fight 10 intending to make Lemmy’s plan to remove Victor’s curse as subtle as possible, it should be a pleasant surprise to gamers and Victor in the end. Don’t give too much away so quickly, otherwise the game loses its element of suspense. Also we can keep all ways open, of how we gonna end this story. LEMMY You’ll see. Do you wish to be saved, Victor?


LEMMY (more firmly, louder/build-up) You don’t seem so confident, Victor. (short pause) DO YOU WISH TO BE SAVED?


LEMMY Then work for it. Here, you’re gonna need this.

Victor is taken by surprise as Lemmy passes Victor the “Sword of Glory”.

Lemmy soars up to the stage and takes his seat on his throne.11

LEMMY (into mic, loud) BEGIN!



Metalhead-Skeletons storming in from both stage doors, left and right. Arena fight, several waves.

Tutorial text on screen showing how to use the sword.

Tutorial text on screen showing how to use the new Motörpower (TBD).

Also reminds player not to forget to dodge when necessary.

11 This is why the stage is elevated. Lemmy can watch from his throne as though Victor is a gladiator in an arena. LEMMY (into mic, loud) Several comments, screaming, Laughing, etc

After successfully defeating all the enemies with the Sword of Glory, Lemmy claps his hands and gestures to Victor, saying:

LEMMY (into mic, loud) RRRISE!

Victor floats onto the stage before Lemmy.

LEMMY It’s time to send you off to see Wizard Lloyd of the Pub at the End of Time. He’ll bring you up to speed and prepare you for the times ahead.

A strong wind begins to brush against them. Victor’s eyes linger over to Snaggletooth hanging lifeless on the wall. He recognizes it to be the face of the creature he fought a short time earlier.

VICTOR (into mic, loud) Hey!! that’s-

Lemmy places his hands on Victor’s shoulders.

LEMMY The only proof of what you are is in the way you see the truth. Don’t be scared, Victor. Live to win. Stay clean.

Whoosh! Victor is teleported to the entrance of the Pub at the End of Time to meet Lloyd and travel to WÖRLD 1 – Wild West – from that place.


AchimHeidelauf36 karma

sorry, quite a mess... as there are the markers/foot notes included... let me come back to this later

SerialThrilla8730 karma

How are you Achim?

Long time Motörhead lady here, been obsessed for as long as I can remember! I have a couple of questions :)

What is your all time favourite memory of Lemmy and the band?

I imagine this process of making this game has been therapeutic for you in helping with the loss of Lemmy. What has been your proudest moment in its production so far?

Thank you! We are the road crew, we were born to raise hell and we rule with an iron fist. Love me forever even though I aint no nice guy, some may say I have no class but I aint no damage case either. Rock Out!

AchimHeidelauf26 karma

Hi there, Motörhead lady! :) My favourite memory of Lemmy and the band is the first time meeting them, for sure. I describe it elsewhere in this AMA, please read it there.

Another one was one of Phil's birthdays. I was in L.A., spent a day with Lemmy and we walked to the Cat's Club on Sunset, Phil's birthday party. People screamed from cars, while we were walking. Me besides the man. That felt quite crazy. :) ... Lemmy and Phil played on a tiny stage.. Everything felt totally private, like in someone's living room. That was a good day, a good memory, even if it doesn't sound that exciting. ;)

Making this game has not been therapeutic really. Unfortunately. To be constantly reminded that he is not with us anymore hurts like hell. And then you have to change parts of the game, parts of the vision behind it. And you imagine "how it could have been" and how much fun it would have been to further discuss the game concept and Lemmy's lines in the script and all that. And you imagine how it would have been when Lemmy beats your ass in your own game and laughs his ass off while doing so! HAHA!! ...anyway, I don't want to drag this and emotions kick in. So, the proudest moment is just the fact that this exists now. That the vision that many found odd at first ("how could a Motörhead game look like? This will never work out! A game about one band? Crazy!") is now there to be experienced by all of you. And that it could perhaps introduce the band and their attitude and history to a few new gamers who will be amazed by this great band.

Thank YOU for the nice questions and memories. :)

forava716 karma

what were some video games you tried to emulate or design off of ?

AchimHeidelauf35 karma

For Victor Vran we had several goals: to let you dive in as quickly as possible, to allow you to customize your own build and to allow you to make the most of your quick reflexes and decision-making. So the list of inspirations is quite long, but among them I remember Bastion, Guild Wars 1 and 2, Diablo and Path of Exile, and some classic action game series such as DMC.

The Motorhead DLC itself really had no reference in games... a tiny tiny bit of inspiration from Brutal Legend perhaps, but not really.

NickKappy15 karma

What does pot of greed do?

AchimHeidelauf18 karma

It grows a plant of misery?

Jon_Slow11 karma

What was Lemmy´s relationships with videogames? I read he was a big fan of Star Fox, but did not read anything about modern games at all, besides his acting in Brütal Legend.

AchimHeidelauf19 karma

Oddly we haven't spoken much about "other" games. I don't think Lemmy was into "modern games" a lot. He loved his fair share of Star Wars games (Rogue Squadron I THINK was one he enjoyed lots).

He liked Victor's gameplay and feel a lot and I am sure we would have played quite a few rounds of that, seriously

LazarheaD11 karma

What do you think of Germany censoring their history, Nazism, banning Wolfenstein and the like games?

AchimHeidelauf39 karma

...it is not that bad anymore, at all (10+ years ago every shooter was cut, banned etc), however I despise any type of Censorshit, to cut this short.

The past is what it is and you can't make anything better by hiding it, preventing discussion etc..

killaclown11 karma

What was your reaction to the recent news about the lead singer of Linkin Park committing suicide on Chris Cornell's birthday?

AchimHeidelauf14 karma

Just a shame... don't have any words for that. :(

Advid_Obwie8 karma

Can we see the game?

LazarheaD7 karma

Where did you grow up?

AchimHeidelauf11 karma

I grew up at the border of the Ruhrgebiet in Germany (near a town called Duisburg). Very industrial area. The steel and coal center of Germany... tough people, very straight, very direct and in your face. Loved it. Still love going there.

Harrythedee6 karma

Hey Achim, We talked over facebook about the game. I'm here again to tell you: Thanks again for this wonderful project of yours. As soon as I heard about this game (I think it was in like 2014 I guess), I was so excited and the game did deliver!

  1. What did Lemmy do for the game? Did he wanted you to put stuff. I can picture Lemmy sitting in a chair, drinking some Vodka telling you something like: "Hey man, put some demons in this. Hot ones at best". Was there things in the creative process that were forbidden by the motorhead reps?

  2. How did you find these drawings made by lem? They're fucking fun man. You got more?

  3. Is there a way to play with a motorhead costume? Can't find a way to get one!

Anyway, you're the freaking best man and again. Thanks. Seeing the man one last time was very emotional for me. That was something so bittersweet. Thank you.

AchimHeidelauf13 karma

Hey man!! This is so kind. Thank you for these words!!! :)

1) EXACTLY man, this is basically how it worked. Lemmy comfortable, a drink, and just chatting about. It had to have a sexy opponent - so we created the Succubi. And we went through these concepts quite a bit.

And Lemmy, as everybody knows, had huge interest in and knowledge of knives and swords and stuff, so he got very much involved in those. Telling us to "CUT THIS CRAP -- THIS IS SILLY!! THIS THING WOULD BREAK IN A SECOND MAN! MAKE IT THICK OR THROW IT IN THE BIN!" hahaha...

Lemmy also explained exactly what he wanted to be in the game (Victor's Mentor). And we talked about the big question "should players be able to play YOU as a character? Phil? Mikkey? The former members?" etc etc etc

Management and the creatives at Motorhead music and Global, our partner on this project were really cool to work with. There were rules and I got my ass kicked several times, but it had to be like that. The game dev world is not the same as the rock world and that had to be learned. And that was fun to learn man :)

Harrythedee6 karma

I remember he was into knives a lot. From an interview for french tv he explained that anyone can shoot a gun to kill. But with a knive, it's a personal moment, you feel the man shaking, the resistance of the skins, blood coming on you. So you telling me he said "MAKE BIG KNIVES" I like that.

Also: "Make it thick or throw it in the bin" -Lemmy Kilmister.

AchimHeidelauf6 karma

HAHA ... that quote looks great really!

AchimHeidelauf5 karma

2) I talked to the great Cameron Webb. Super Producer. Kind man. Lovely man. ...and he said he had saved a few treasures during their recording sessions. He has shitloads of those. ...some of them were put into the BAD MAGIC booklet later on and I like to think that my interest in them for the video game inspired that a bit. Who knows.

I have a few more, yeah. But these are the coolest ones. And so fucking funny. I still laugh about the "How to drive my bike" and put the "did I let my iron on" at the end of my presentations at conventions/conferences and stuff...

AchimHeidelauf3 karma

3) Man, you've gotta find them... so, you have to play some time to unlock them. ...which plattform are you playing on?

...thanks again! I am very proud about what you said about the emotions the game and the way we show Lemmy affected you!!!

Ira_Fuse5 karma

Can Jack Black be in your game? Maybe make nod to the Kill Master in Brütal Legend.

AchimHeidelauf10 karma

That'd be so nice really... but no connection to Jack and never thought about this. The Motorhead game is its own beast. And Lloyd Kaufman is the SUPER-CELEBRITY I came up with... :)

However, feel free to ask Jack if he'd be in our next game!! ;)

Cussmouth5 karma

What's your favorite Motörhead album and why? Mine is iron fist

AchimHeidelauf11 karma

I can't say that. I really can't. Some of them are so different to the others... I am aware this is a bad reply, but I don't wanna lie.

From the newer ones I absolutely adore AFTERSHOCK. From the older ones... man... ORGASMATRON for sure... IRON FIST, yeah! ...and I have my ANOTHER PERFECT DAY kick like once a year... and then I can listen to it for 2 weeks straight (and I will) ;)

Why? Aftershock had so much variation on it. And it just felt vivid and brutal and made me go drift away with moody stuff like Dust & Glass.

Another Perfect Day -- Die you bastard!! Dancing on your grave!!! Funny Farm!!! Lots of awesome classics I adore..!

Iron Fist was rough, in your face, very "being in the studio", which I also liked...


shezer4 karma

I have a few questions: Which consoles did Lemmy play on? What did Lemmy think of all the music he influenced? Which consoles did Lemmy play on? How did the game come about?

AchimHeidelauf12 karma

1) I dont know really.. I saw him playing on the N64 and on his iPad. But he had various consoles.

2) I can't speak for Lemmy, of course, and can only give my impression from a few sentences we shared about this: he was definitely very proud about it. Never bragged (he never bragged about anything, ever!), but you could feel he was really honored by that. And he was always interested in listening to such bands.

3) see 1) ;)

4) The very short version: we liked our Victor Vran soundtrack in general, but I pushed a bit for trying out "live rock music" while playing it. Gave it a very different feel to the more atmospheric, calmer, moody tracks... so, I discussed it with Gabriel - the genius behind Haemimont Games and one of my very best friends out there - and he tried Motorhead (as he knew I lived and breathed Motorhead anyway and knew them a bit and all)... and he loved it. So he said "go, ask them if they'd give us a song or two."....

...and so I did. And the more I talked with Todd Singerman and the nice ppl at Global and the more the band got involved, the more our discussions went into a "hey -- why should we just give you a few songs? Why don't you create an entire game about the band?" (I think that was influenced by Lemmy behind the scenes, but what do I know)...

so, from there we went to a "okay, let's do a 1-2 hour game... tiny, fun, in your face action"... and the result is a 10-20 hour game that's NOT tiny, but VERY in your face action ;)

yarash4 karma

Did Lemmy ever talk about his time in Hawkwind? They've always been one of my favorite bands, but normally the only Lemmy story you hear is how he was ditched by Hawkwind at the border for having drugs on him.

AchimHeidelauf3 karma

Sorry mate, I don't remember talking to him about Hawkwind. I know there was a brief conversion, because one of my very good friends back then in the 90s was a HUGE Hawkwind fan (and even of the Rockin Vicars) and I mentioned that to Lemmy... but don't remember anything else.

yarash5 karma

No worries! Looking forward to trying the game... maybe the sequel can have a space rock themed level in remembrance of Lemmy's early days!

AchimHeidelauf5 karma

I love the idea, mate. Something more surreal and psyched out. We have a bit of that with the "Pub at the End of Time", flowing in endlessness.... but a space-rock-themed map would be something!

LazarheaD3 karma

Hi there, Achim! One of my favorite parts of Motorhead Trough the Ages were the journal pages you can find, that reveal Motorhead's lore and philosophy. How did that come about?

AchimHeidelauf4 karma

hey mate! I am glad you love those. ...and isn't Lloyd just the perfect man to recite those?

...pretty early on I thought that it would be nice to have such things as collectibles in the game. And when we had to change the script, quite drastically, because of Lemmy not being able to be more involved (...), it got way more priority. Originally I wanted to have these quotes and gags and so many things that Lemmy talked about in his music, books and our conversations in the dialogues that Victor (and Lloyd) would have with him in the game... When Lemmy's part became a silent role, I wanted to save this, so we put everything into these pages.

I am really glad you like them... I wonder how many you've found, how many you've missed...

LazarheaD3 karma

A Collector's edition for your #1 superfan?

LazarheaD2 karma

Aaah, why has Lloyd teleported behind me?! I am the superfan, no! AAAAAAH!

I am Achim's #1 superfan, yesss, your uncle Lloydie!

AchimHeidelauf8 karma


...whoever that superfan is, he/she should contact me personally, when I am in a really good mood! And only then! ;)

saturnword2 karma

What bands and/or music did Lemmy enjoy listening to when he was alone or with close friends? Do you know of particular songs/albums that meant a lot to him on a sentimental level?

AchimHeidelauf3 karma

Unfortunately I can't really answer that with anything interesting. He liked a lot of "traditional" Rock'n Roll, as everybody knows.. I only heard him play stuff like Little Richard or the Beatles. And Motorhead - he enjoyed listening to his own work - which isn't a surprise either, as great as this is. :) ...sorry for this utterly boring reply! ;)

LazarheaD2 karma

Do you have your own Queen of the Damned? ;)

AchimHeidelauf4 karma

HAHAHA... yeah, I think so. HAHA... let me cut that here. ;)

The-Gnome2 karma

What was Lemmy like off the stage?

Was he introverted or a huge fan of groupies? Did he have groupies?

Thank you for doing this man!

AchimHeidelauf10 karma

Oh, you are most welcome my friend!

I met Lemmy in various moods over the years and of course other people know him better than myself... but my perspective and experience was, that Lemmy was more on the introverted side. He liked 1-on-1 conversations. And same for groupies, as I saw it. He wasn't the one who'd hang out with 6 girls and be THE man in the room and entertain them and all. He would more talk to the one he really liked and go from there...

I ALWAYS saw and experienced Lemmy as a total gentleman, by the way - the only times I got to see him get really angry was when men who were with us or around us behaved badly around women.

He certainly had groupies years back..!

hmwebb022 karma

What was the best joke you've heard Lemmy tell?

AchimHeidelauf6 karma

Probably the one that he told me when I met him the first time. He laughed his ass off ... and then he realized I didn't get it!!! And I was so fuckin embarrassed... but he made it all funny and relaxed and then we laughed together. The joke and its content, I dont remember. But it was surely dirty.

I really really love the one about the child molester going into the woods... he recites that in the Lemmy movie? Or its bonus content? ... hahaha, laughing now.

I can't say how much I miss seeing Lemmy cracking up (do you say so?) over his own joke!!!

itsdatoneguy2 karma

Will you put a super secret side quest in the game where you defeat a giant potato riding a unicorn with a magical stick?

AchimHeidelauf3 karma

Absolutely. Give us the budget for it and we will gladly build that! And put in even more crazy while we are at it!

UnfilteredAmerica2 karma

How many jack&cokes does it take to make a Motorhead video game?

AchimHeidelauf4 karma

315 + 430 + 253. Now tell me how I drink my coffee!

JaySayMayday2 karma

I missed it, I'm in an unusual timezone. If you do come back, do you have any weird or unusual Lemmy stories? I'd really like to know about the side of Lemmy we don't really see in the spotlight.

AchimHeidelauf3 karma

Hi there, wherever you are! ;) It is not really a story, neither something new, but what I always found remarkable about Lemmy, apart from the fact that he was decent and fun and just so bloody cool, was his patience with his fans. Even with the ones that approached him like he was just waiting for them to approach him, you know. Annoying ones, in my opinion. :) He never ever lost his patience, was always friendly, gave an autograph, posed for a photo. Really down to earth and I thought that was really cool.

Weird or unusual? No, nothing really comes to mind. But what I remember from my first time meeting the band is Phil, who pranked people by putting toothpaste on door handles. It is pure joy to see Phil reacting whenever a prank works out. I love that guy. So much fun. :)

LazarheaD1 karma

Any other plans Haemimont have for something other than a strategy game?

AchimHeidelauf3 karma

Nothing I can share right now, but I can tell you that I am very positive that we will do something more action-oriented again... as we all feel that Victor Vran is real fun. And we wanna build on what we've learned during the development, and now, after release.

Are you interested in SURVING MARS or is that not your thing, as it's a survival city builder and not an (A)RPG like Victor is.

LazarheaD1 karma

On a dour note, are you happy with how the monuments of rock turned out? I myself don't get why background music and monument music clash together and lessen the impact of the dynamic soundtrack.

AchimHeidelauf5 karma

...what you are saying doesn't make me happy: the background soundtrack and the dynamic one should NOT clash. The background should be muted. Is that not the case there? I want to investigate that...

So, yeah, I am pretty happy with them (if they work like I just described). To be entirely open, I had a bit more planned with them, but you can't have everything...

Do you enjoy the various (re)mixes, though?

Canon4Lyfe1 karma

If you had to kill someone, how would you do it?

AchimHeidelauf6 karma

oh my, this is tough. I would probably be a sneaky bastard and wouldn't wanna watch AT ALL. So, poison perhaps?!

If I had to kill a good friend I would probably do it by blasting Motorhead into his/her ears so loud that the head explodes. Would make for an exciting ending, I guess..

BastardOfTheNorth891 karma

Wouldn't be a bad way to go.

AchimHeidelauf3 karma

Yeah man... the things I'd do for my friends! haha!

thatbearguy22021 karma

Did you ever have a chance to be on stage with Motorhead during a live show?

AchimHeidelauf4 karma

Yes, twice on the stage side. Absolutely frikkin exciting! Will never forget. You are part of the family and road crew at that point.

But to fully enjoy the show itself, I found it even more awesome to be in the photo trench (I don't know how you call it, but you know what I mean, I hope)... You see them from front. They can make eye contact and jokes while playing... ...my, I loved that...

Op3No61 karma

I've got a flush king high, spades.

How about you?

AchimHeidelauf2 karma

I've opened a Wiki page, but it's all too complicated and I don't have a clue. So, I've got no clue. Sorry mate.

bwnorman1 karma

I have heard that Lemmy and HHH from wwe were good friends. Is this true? Did you ever meet him?

AchimHeidelauf3 karma

AFAIK TripleH adored Lemmy and Lemmy liked him back, a lot. I have never met TripleH though... I can imagine he is a good chap! Definitely one with good taste in people. :)

KidF1 karma

Did you ever meet Chester Bennington? Any good memories of Chester Bennington? May his soul RIP.

AchimHeidelauf3 karma

No, I have not. It is so sad.. and yes, RIP

PikpikTurnip1 karma

What do you think of this song by my favorite composer, which I now realize is quite probably named after Motörhead?

Alternate upload in case the first video is poor quality.

AchimHeidelauf3 karma

It's nuts. I like what I heard so far. Is that from an arcade shooter or something? It feels like a crazy mix of metal, rock, electronic stuff and quite a bit of Dario Argento (Goblin) style music from the 70s... at least to me!

TiBiDi0 karma

If Lemmy would have done an AMA, what could be the craziest story he would tell?

AchimHeidelauf1 karma

oh my, who knows... I'd love him to tell stories about his experiences with the lovely Lloyd Kaufman and TROMA in general. There are lots of fun things to tell! :)

Canon4Lyfe0 karma

Would you rather be totally bald or completely covered in hair?

AchimHeidelauf2 karma


jonnyboi776-2 karma

How much Banana can you fit in your mouth? In inches plz

AchimHeidelauf1 karma

I have never tried and don't have bananas lying around... Also, inch conversion makes this more difficult, dammit!

I guess I'd take 5 bananas (which would be like 50 inches?!?), smash them to some nasty mush and put that into my mouth. Swallow that with a bottle of Jagermeister.

So, the answer is 5 bananas!

jonnyboi776-2 karma

Would you rather have hands for feet or feet for hands?

AchimHeidelauf3 karma

Us Germannnns, we love labor, so with hands for feet I can do double the amount and be twice as happy. Also, masturbating should be more interesting.