Hi! I'm Adriana Chechik. Maybe you know me from some of my AVN award winning films like "Adriana Chechik: The Ultimate Slut" and "Only Adriana Chechik Extreme." I love connecting with my fans so lets get this party started!

After the AMA I'll continue answering questions on Camsoda.com live on cam. I'm even sexier live!

Proof: https://twitter.com/adrianachechik/status/886974897842405376

I'll be answering questions here from 12-1pm EST and then 10-11pm EST. After I'll go live on Camsoda.com at 11pm EST. I'll have some surprises ready!


Edit: I'm back for another hour! (Until 11 PM EST when I go live on CamSoda!)


Edit2: I'm LIVE NOW! Come catch me at CamSoda!

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Level3Kobold3138 karma

How freaky are you off-camera? Is vanilla sex too boring for you now, or do you prefer it as a break?

camsoda_com4586 karma

I love all types of sex. I am off camera as I am on. I do all types of scenes so in my personal time I do the same. I would say I have more DP'S off camera because I just can't wait months or so in between!

Dracula_in_Auschwitz8207 karma

What's DP's?

Clay_Puppington1294 karma

Diet Pepsi's.

She loves the calorie free taste that's offered on set of most filming shoots so much, that she gets big flats of it at Costco so she doesn't have to wait before shoots for it to be offered.

camsoda_com1983 karma

it is vegan..... but Dr. Pepper is better..

isitright11748 karma

Do you have a certain group of fuck buddys or are they all industry people helping you out in their downtime?

camsoda_com4310 karma

I like random sex so mostly I put up adds for tested people to come hangout. otherwise I meet someone and make them get tested so I can bang them the next day!!!

JAYDEA3059 karma

Squirting is pee, right? It's always pee, right?

camsoda_com4686 karma

Hahaha literally dying right now but, it is a valid question.... yes, its is a form of pee but it happens to come out at the moment of orgasming so its still a huge release and it always feels amazing. The question to really ask to solve this is does it really feel good? Yes! who cares what it is....

bobbyjackson422990 karma

Are there any companies that you have blacklisted or would refuse to work for? If so which companies are they and could you please tell us why?

camsoda_com4431 karma

Yes, not many at all. There are a few that have tried to treat me as if its not my right to say yes or no to what sexual acts they wish me preform. Others are companies that are not well know and I am just not into what they shoot. I enjoy my job but never want to film something I personally don't find fun.

Typhun3228 karma

What the hell is it with all the incest porn lately?

camsoda_com3741 karma

ugh, not really sure... I think its due to more sexual expression so people push crazier ideas and run off with them. I mean the more your not supposed to the more you want to. If porn can be your outlet for that fantasies then I will happily enjoy and do it!

archaicOregano2737 karma

What have your interactions with fans been like in the past?

camsoda_com4156 karma

I am super talkative and love random makeup sessions. So either I am kissing you or talking your ear off! :)

throatpiefan2292 karma

How did you learn to get so good at deepthroating? Was it a natural talent, or did you put in some work?

camsoda_com4382 karma

I defiantly worked at it1 Its mental. Know you can take the D and you can. Brain power can help you do anything.

JAYDEA2147 karma

What is the one topping that would ruin a pizza for you?

camsoda_com5977 karma

Honestly cum. I love food and sex, I love both together but for some reason pizza full of cum freaks me out. I tried it and hated it. Also dairy cheese... I am vegan!

AGCRACK2135 karma

What are some of the ways the industry can improve to encourage longevity and quality of life for performers?

camsoda_com5358 karma

Possibly give girls royalties, So we can earn more instead of companies being able to pay a one time fee and make money recompelating it a million times. Its an emotional job so there will always be girls coming and going. also age restrictions! Make girls be 21 not 18.

TheInitialGod2649 karma

so there will always be girls coming and going.


camsoda_com1986 karma

yes, Its the nature of sex work.

DrJawn1942 karma

What's the percentage of the time you're enjoying the sex versus the percentage you're pretending to enjoy the sex so we can enjoy watching the sex?

camsoda_com3127 karma

I always enjoy the sex. There has only been two shoots I "struggled" with. Which was only because I was sore! Even then I enjoyed most of it. But the day I have to pretend is the day I start a new career.

Randywolf69922 karma

Follow up: Do you fear that that would ever happen? Would that then ruin it in your personal life too after you retired?

camsoda_com1678 karma

yes, I have had months where I wasn't as horny and that stressed me out. Luckly with woman its normally mental and I was able to figure out the reason behind it!

alVIn02291911 karma

Has there ever been a time where you were working with another performer (male or female) & they just did something that made you either stop the scene or made you want to leave the set?

camsoda_com2381 karma

hmm. These are the things that never happen to me. I am a vary strong willed person. So if something starts going a way I don't wish I normally take back control and Dom the talent. Also sex is about pushing buttons so uncomfortable can be a good thing. Its real.

CalzonePillow1648 karma

How does ass to mouth really work in porn? Seems like girls do it without a second thought in the videos? Does it taste/smell like shit or is the bunghole enema'd to be clean, shiny, & new before a scene?

camsoda_com2498 karma

We always clean before a shoot but sometimes things get messy. It depends on the person. While I don't like a dirty ass or cock if I am turned on I am not really thinking. I am just responding so I think thats why were do it so fast. lol

Aghhhshit1643 karma

Good morning! What's the best reaction you've ever had when you told someone what you do for a living?

camsoda_com3151 karma

Hmmm... recently I met someone who told me I look like a big pornstar and wouldn't believe me when I said, " yes, I know, its really Adriana" I think he was drunk....

ass_fungus1500 karma

are there such thing as porn acting classes? like i know in NYC and LA a lot of comedians take acting classes to up their emotive game. i've always thought porn stars could really benefit from something like this. bad acting can really ruin a scene. conversely, some girls are so natural and know exactly the right things to say that it is uncanny.

camsoda_com2251 karma

Why can't we take normal acting classes. Also mainstream has a few superstars because you have to have talent to act so I think porn should stop hiring shitty actors and performers because you should have talent.

Coyz9111461 karma

Have you ever gotten so in character to the point where you ignored stage direction and just enjoyed what was happening?

camsoda_com2668 karma

Hahaha two days ago.. Recently got into a car accident and needed to feel better so when I started the scene I just did what felt good. Also a good director will let you have your fun. then you go back and get the right shots. But personally I think more people need to show up to set thinking this way, because most people show up and act like they don't even want to fuck! Me personally I'm already got my mouth on you before you even started to undress for the camera.

Granthree1455 karma

Do you have a plan for when you stop doing porn? New line of work, going back to school etc?

camsoda_com3249 karma

Yes, I will become a dermatologist and attend school as much as I can. The smartest people are the ones still learning.

bozobozo1412 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

camsoda_com3926 karma

Littlefoot!! :)

SirLenzalot1363 karma

Has anyone looked at you like they recognize you but not quite sure about why you look so familiar?

camsoda_com1879 karma

All the time. Mostly I get a tweet or something after the fact. But I can normally see who was staring at me weird or stopping me out. I think its hard for people to come up to me because I look so normal or ''girl next door" off camera.

jesuswithoutabeard1056 karma

If you could be any element in the period table, which element would you be and hwhy?

camsoda_com4634 karma

Iridium, its not effected by most other chemicals and is believed to be comprised by the meteorite that took out the dinosaurs... What is yours?

Chancey_Chance1035 karma

First of all, Thanks so much for the company on the lonely nights in college.

Is there anything you haven't tried? What sexual fantasies have you yet to fulfill?

camsoda_com893 karma

This I can't answer because my fantasies are always changing. I also keep some stuff as a secret for myself. I have plenty I have not tried and will most likely do them ! :) keep an eye out!

BetweenMeAndI909 karma

Hey. I heard you mention in an interview you used to strip in the Philadelphia area. Any specific clubs you remember? Did you have a favorite? Did anything ever go beyond just dancing?

camsoda_com986 karma

I just danced... I was at risqué and Delilahs! also Oasis

the__zohan884 karma

Hi Adriana. What person did you especially enjoy to work with?

camsoda_com1677 karma

Male talent would be Marcus Dupree. He loves what he does and I like him ore for it. Female talent would be Carter Cruise, she's like the cool kid in high school and has a really amazing sex appeal.

AdVerbera688 karma

What's your worst experience so far?

Thanks for doing an AMA!

camsoda_com1192 karma

hmm.... The time I was injured during a shoot. I pushed myself so far and my body just gave out. I was so upset because I couldn't finish the shoot. For me I hate leaving things unfinished. To this day the scene is still not done.

jimthesoundman600 karma

Crossword Puzzle or Sudoku?

camsoda_com962 karma

ooo Sudoku...

SappyDebator521 karma

Hey Adriana! First of all thanks for doing the AMA. My question is have you ever dated someone in the industry if so how'd you meet?

camsoda_com816 karma

No never. I have always been a strong supporter of keeping romance and work separate. Also knowing to much about somebody can take the sex appeal away. I like to keep the mysterious factor in touch as well as keep drama to a minimal.

am_305487 karma

HUGE FAN! 💦 quick question - What position makes you orgasm the most?

camsoda_com912 karma

It depends on the person but normally flat doggies where I am laying on my belly!

focfer77340 karma

Hello Adriana, I'm a fan of your work and fun on camera.

I was wondering, how much sexual experience did you have before starring in Adult Films?

Also, do you feature dance around the country?

camsoda_com483 karma

I do ft. dance. if you stay up to date on my social media you'll see where I head to next. Also before porn I didn't have more than one guy in my bed however I was eager to learn.

bigern305289 karma

Hi Adriana, huge fan! Can you tell me about the first time you squirted?

Did this happen to you early on or only as you have become more experienced?

How does squirting relate to your orgasms? is it only on more intense one's or doesn't have to be related at all?

You are a goddess and I love everything you do!

camsoda_com447 karma

The first time I squirted I was actually shooting for New Sensation. With Mr. Pete... not sure what the pretty dirty it is but its on that DVD release! It was something you learn from experience. for me squirting is a way more intense orgasms, but its still different. I feel like I have three types. Clitoral, anal, and squirting, and I love them all!

Mutt1223249 karma

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

camsoda_com441 karma

I am vegan but before when I craved that type of thing defiantly strawberry! :)

sideoftheham43 karma

Hey Adriana! What's something that I can do for my girlfriend to make her feel better? She's been stressed with exams and tomorrow is her last one until the following week. Any suggestion?

Also, you were the first pornstar that my gf saw online! She thinks you're very pretty (as we all do)!

camsoda_com171 karma

Why don't you give her a none sexual foot rub the wash and brush her hair! thats one of the kindest things a man can do for me. Plus someone else getting you ready for bed at night will destress her. Less for her to think about. Also kiss her where she's not touched often, the back of her knees, elbows,and forehead then tuck her in.

Callmecrazymaybe36 karma

If you could fuck one person,dead or alive, who would it be and why?

camsoda_com109 karma

Omg Lana Del Ray. Once I looked her in the eye and was so overwhelmed I couldn't even meet her! I just cried like a baby.

itsmuks32 karma

Hi Adriana,

Love from India!

Question is, how many boyfriends have you had till now and who is your most favorite female pornstar?

camsoda_com58 karma

I have had two boyfriends. Also I have always loved Asaand Dana Vespoli

Rolling_on_the_river4 karma

What are the odds of you replying to this? Also, never seen you befor e. You're good looking and pretty funny (the comment on twitter about buying your holes)

camsoda_com15 karma

Vary high! lol hope your day is well and you smile a lot!!

Mr-Zero-Fucks2 karma

Salami or Pepperoni?

camsoda_com27 karma

Im vegan!!! lol none!

Evilone99-5 karma

Goooood Morning! You've done some of my all time favorite gangbang scenes. Would you be interested go to germany for some large creampie gangbang parties like for the niche sites sperma-studio or gb01? ( normally they have 20-50 participants that are all tested, im sure if you go to one you'll get record breaking crowed trying to attend)

camsoda_com7 karma

My biggest turn on is gang bangs and cream pies so yes, however not sure if I would want it recorded. Some things I like to save for myself and that would be one of them.