Edit: I think I may have worded the title in a strange way. Sorry about the confusion! I had a double mastectomy because of dangerous tumors called Phyllodes tumors in both of my breasts. I posted in GoneErotic to show other women that they can still be sexy even if they've gone through a procedure that has gotten rid of their breasts. I also wanted to show men that it may be possible to find women like this attractive possibly. I wasn't trying to say that people have to find this attractive. I apologize for any confusion.

http://imgur.com/uokwMe1 <----The picture. :)

From original post (https://www.reddit.com/r/GoneErotic/comments/6jnawj/trying_to_feel_sexy_after_a_double_mastectomy_at/): "So ever since I first found out that I needed to have a double mastectomy at 23, I've been searching the internet for any kind of porn or something that includes women who have had a double mastectomy. I was about to find one picture. One. There are plenty of pictures of strong women looking powerful and brave but I wanted something that would prove to me that I can still be sexy after the surgery. I'm not trying to say that being sexualized is a good thing but there's something about seeing your body type represented in porn that makes you feel a little bit accepted. Well, I decided that taking "nudes" of myself might be a way to help make myself feel better. I started taking these kinds of pictures as recently as two weeks after the surgery! While it helped me to take these pictures, I realized that I couldn't change anything about society by keeping them to myself so I thought about it long and hard and discussed it with my boyfriend/the love of my life and finally decided to post it on here. I've posted this picture here to inspire any woman to feel sexy. I've posted it here to feel sexy myself. And I'm hoping that posting this picture here will start to change how people look at women after a double mastectomy. Thank you for looking at my picture and thank you for listening to what I have to say. I'd love to hear any thoughts on this. :)"

I'll be sure to get back to everyone! :) Also, I'm working on getting verified, sorry about any inconvenience!! Proof: http://imgur.com/CsT2RJZ

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f4676177 karma

Are you allowed to post topless photos on Instagram and Facebook now since you don't have nipples?

Edit: Also, have you worn any new types of clothing since you don't have to worry about your nipples being seen through your outfits (that is, if it was something that bothered you before). No more having to wear the bra liners in swimsuits?

KeepItClassyyy4963 karma

You know, I actually have no idea!! I'd love to know the answer to this question myself!! Maybe I'll make an account to try this on! I'm not sure if I'm ready to show all of my friends my lady lumps. XD

Yes, I have gone braless A LOT more! It's wonderful to not have to worry about nipples showing! Although I do miss the sensation of my nipples getting hard because of getting cold, as strange as that sounds. :P

Thank you for your question!! :)

PlayaHatinIG-881335 karma

I hope you don't take offense to this. I clicked because I was curious as to what something like a double mastectomy would look like. It doesn't really look like I expected, just like normal only minus the nipple. Thank you for sharing. For what it's worth, they still look quite nice. (Please don't hate me for that, it's supposed to be a compliment and I'm awkward and not sure how to best say it.)

chasmo-OH-NO774 karma

I think you did good, playa.

PlayaHatinIG-88575 karma

Thanks. She should be able to feel just as beautiful as everyone else. I'm glad she shared. That killed my curiosity and her fear in one fell swoop. She should be proud of herself.

KeepItClassyyy453 karma

Thank you so much!! What a wonderful comment!! :)

bguy74284 karma

They all look different because the breasts are different to begin with and the surgical needs are also different. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-t-adtjw8Jd4/UHBzQkqt7fI/AAAAAAAACuA/Oy6-O141RMM/s1600/3.+5+days+after+surgery+sept+4+cropped.jpg

PlayaHatinIG-88154 karma

Right? I figured that it had a lot to do with the size of the breast, as well as quite a few other factors. It's quite fascinating really. Also, breasts don't make the woman. But I'm truly happy to see that she isn't letting it slow her roll. I'm quite proud of her even though I don't know her.

KeepItClassyyy128 karma

Thank you so much!! :) I have to admit, it has slowed me down at points but I keep going forward and trying to raise awareness to help support other women and to show men so it's not such a mystery. :)

KeepItClassyyy122 karma

Wow! What a warrior! I'm LOVING her tube hider vest!! Also, great point!! :) THank you for commenting!! :)

KeepItClassyyy84 karma

Thank you so much!! :) I really glad that you have gotten to see what a double mastectomy looks like. So many women are having to go through one nowadays. Now if you ever meet someone who is worried about how it will look, you can tell them that you've seen what it looks like! :) Thank you very much for your compliment!! :) I don't think you sounded awkward at all! :)

Crackmacs466 karma

You don't need to make an account that your friends know about, just something random for the science.

Is there such thing as fake nipples? Or can they make new ones? Not knowledgeable with this stuff whatsoever.

Edit: got it, tattoos and 3d nips

dan5138685 karma

Some googley eyes and double sided tape shpuld work just fine

KeepItClassyyy605 karma

Challenge accepted.

spicyfreckles376 karma

She can get tattooed nipples too if they can't construct fake ones via plastic surgery or something. :)

Crackmacs527 karma

Oh duh, lol

Could get rad cool ones as tats. Like with dragons. Or Captain America shields. I don't know.

TxDuctTape127 karma

Coworker's wife had daises tattooed post-op. He thought it was hilarious.

KeepItClassyyy85 karma

That sounds adorable!!! <3

KeepItClassyyy93 karma

Dragons?!? I think you're on to something here..... :D

Me_loveyoushorttime361 karma

Actually I recently worked with a company that is doing some extraordinary things! The company is called Novothelium if I'm spelling that correctly and they take a sample of YOUR cells and are able to completely regrow your nipples! Intended of course for people who have undergone a mastectomy much like yourself. OP if you are interested or know anybody else who is interested in this kind of thing or someone that simply feels self conscious after a undergoing a mastectomy and you think this kind of thing could help, please feel free to contact me. In the meantime, I'm going to try to find that business card!

Edit: So I got into contact with her (one of the founders) and touched base on how the work was going. She said the group is still working incredibly hard and they should be doing trials by the end of this year. She even said that if you were interested in hearing more about their incredible project that you can talk to her yourself! If you are in fact in learning more about this, or are just curious about some of the other projects going on, feel free to contact me and I can get you in touch!

All of you are beautiful and, OP, I think it's amazing that you made this post! I'm sure it took some courage.

Cosmic-Engine63 karma

Upvoted in case /u/KeepItClassyyy hasn't seen, they may be interested - let us know if you see this OP.

KeepItClassyyy82 karma

Thank you very much! I would have missed this completely! :)

KeepItClassyyy10 karma

Wow!! This sound incredible! I'll send you a PM! :)

TrepanationBy4529 karma

I'm pretty sure they make inserts or "pasties" to simulate pokeys.

KeepItClassyyy39 karma

They have stick on ones that stick out a bit! :)

MicahLacroix4577 karma

Since this is Reddit I have to ask. Have you considered adding googly eyes?

KeepItClassyyy2532 karma

I will search for some googly eyes tomorrow. I will make this happen. This I promise you.

DopeyLabrador363 karma

KeepItClassyyy147 karma

Bahahahaha!! This is too much!!

I will make my own, I promise!

KeepItClassyyy82 karma

This is wonderful! Hahaha!

ThisIsTheMilos2610 karma

I'm not sure how to ask this without coming across like a jerk, other than to say I mean it in earnest, but how are you changing societies definition of sexy? It seems like you got implants to align with our current view of sexy as only a handful of select people in real life will see that you don't have nipples.

*no reply from OP, which is fine, but the consensus I'm seeing seems to be that putting this photo out there and getting a positive response will help others feel okay despite having one of their main sexual body parts modified by surgery. Makes sense to me and answers my question. Thanks to all who gave answers and to all who had respectful comments. A big 'you are welcome' to those who thanked me for asking a question they couldn't. And to anyone who has to go through something like this: you will get through it and you will still be sexy without nipples or breasts because at the very least: beating cancer is sexy.

Con_Clavi_Con_Dio23 karma

I'm going to start by saying that you put your question across respectfully which should have been a good example to others. Sadly others who have the same question of you have been utter dicks in expressing it.

My mother had breast cancer and firstly as a sufferer you have to deal with the fact that you have a very tough road ahead, even in the best case scenario. My mother was lucky because her cancer was caught early but she was left with scarring from a partial mastectomy.

Now imagine the worst thing that's ever happened to you and imagine being reminded of it every time you take your clothes off. It's not easy to deal with. What makes it worse is that it's so directly connected to a part of your body that defines your femininity and it makes you feel like less of a woman.

That may sound strange and logically can be argued against but feelings aren't logical. I'm presuming that you're a guy, so imagine having your testicles removed - would you still feel manly without them?

What OP is pointing out is that many women who go through mastectomies don't feel fully feminine any more let alone sexy. Apart from awareness pictures of survivors and medical pictures there are no images of post mastectomy women, specifically post surgery women aren't portrayed as being sexy. Ever seen a post mastectomy woman in Playboy, Hustler or a Vivid video? It's never happened which reinforces to women who undergo the procedure that they are no longer attractive.

Yes OP has had implants, she didn't set out to be a crusader for a cause, she had the procedure then noticed that there isn't porn etc of women post mastectomy whether they've had implants or not.

If OP had posted pre reconstruction pictures then it may have put people off reading the thread as it can be a harsh sight. However, OP's body has allowed a lot of people to be eased into the reality of a breast cancer survivor's life post surgery.

Your suggestion that no one will see her missing nipples misses the point that there's a picture at the top of the page which has been seen by tens of thousands of people today alone. That image and the primarily overwhelmingly positive replies is probably very reassuring to other women that they won't necessarily be treated as a freak by future sexual partners, that they aren't deformed or seen negatively but yet are still seen as sexy and attractive. It also shows young men the reality of breast cancer and prepares them to be more supportive and understanding should they have relations with a survivor.

OP doesn't have to change society's opinions on mastectomies, breasts and objectification all in one stroke, even if just one woman feels better from OP's post then she's made a significant difference.

It's easy to nitpick and naysay from the sidelines, it's much more difficult to try and inspire people.

KeepItClassyyy13 karma

Thank you very much for this comment. You have helped put my intentions and thoughts into words. Thank you for taking the time to write out such a well written comment. I am very touched by your words. :,)

MudButt20001469 karma

Did they just remove the nipple? Cause I clearly see a boob.

KeepItClassyyy2035 karma

Nope! I'm sure it looks a little confusing but that's because I've had reconstruction which means I have only implants under my chest muscle. No more breast tissue. Thanks for your comment! :)

MudButt2000363 karma

Gotcha. Looks good.

KeepItClassyyy226 karma

Thank you!! :)

[deleted]-17 karma


roryt935 karma

It does look good.

KeepItClassyyy9 karma

Thanks!! :)

ArcticRakun609 karma

You look great imo. My question is, if you went topless on TV, would they have to censor you? I'm genuinely curious

KeepItClassyyy689 karma

You know, I don't think they could censor me! I can't image what they would actually censor! I think that says something about why nipples are censored. If nippleless breasts can be sexy, why censor nipples?

Thank you for your question! :)

DoesntUnderstandJoke297 karma

Are you going as a Barbie Doll for this Halloween?

KeepItClassyyy183 karma

Well, now I want to!!! XD

LendarioSonhador251 karma

Have you had any sex after this and what was your partner's reaction to it? Also is it possible to make a "fake nipple" through surgery, and if yes, why did you decide not to?

KeepItClassyyy274 karma

I've had sex with two different men since my surgery and the reaction from both of the men have been very supportive surprisingly! I'm in a relationship with one of them and he still loves my lady lumps!! Motorboating is a regular occurrence! XD

Yup! There are ways to create the appearance of a nipple through surgery and also through tattoos and stick ons. :) I decided to not get the nipple reconstruction yet because I had had back to back surgeries for months and I really just needed a break. After a while I just thought it would be worth waiting to have them reconstructed. I think I had a thousand different reasons for not getting it done, now that I'm thinking about it. I just think I wasn't quite ready. THank you for your comment!! :)

Yass_Bitch102 karma

I want to thank you for posting this. I had a double mastectomy when I was 17 and I hate my body, but seeing you makes me hope that I can be beautiful even with my scarred and lumpy chest. I envy your unblemished skin and well-reconstructed breasts, and just seeing it and the huge positive reaction here is such a confidence boost.

KeepItClassyyy48 karma

17? Wow. I'm so sorry to hear what you've gone through. I can't even imagine what that must have been like for you and what you must go through everyday. I'm SO glad this post has been able to help you in some way! This is one of the reasons I wanted to post this! Please read through the comments on the GoneErotic post as well. Those will boost your confidence for sure!! :) Btw, if you ever need to talk about anything, please PM me. I'm here for you. :)

Rhymnoceros54 karma


KeepItClassyyy62 karma

No. I haven't been tested for that yet. My mother has had breast cancer and so has my grandmother and my grandfather had testicular cancer. I imagine I have a good chance of having the gene. Good to see you know your genes! :)

hightude-129 karma

Why would you remove your boobs ? Aren't they part of your feminity ? Unless it's a medical reason ? Because there are less extreme ways to redefine sexy

Edit : wow, the down votes. I legit wanted to know why, I didn't think about cancer. Calm your tits, feminist all around the world

Edit 2 : people don't realize how crazy some people can be. Yes, mutilation to redefine sexy is a thing. Go out a bit. Read a book

KeepItClassyyy49 karma

I had dangerous tumors called phyllodes tumors in both of my breasts. Unfortunately, I didn't have much of a choice. :/ Luckily they were able to get all of the bad stuff out me! :) I DID word my title in a funky way. Thanks for the question though!

Also, "calm your tits"? Very appropriate for this post! XD