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Tits or Ass?

Ben_Scoop69 karma

Both. Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

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Okay I'm gonna just come out and ask, is that stereotype about the navy true?

Ben_Scoop2 karma

Which stereotype?

aleister940 karma

You know the one about all man on man shenanigans

Ben_Scoop1 karma

It's about as true as Marines eating crayons.

aleister941 karma

so you never started a campfire? if you know what I mean

Ben_Scoop2 karma

Haha! Haven't heard that one before. What people do in their spare time doesn't concern me.

Jungletouch7 karma

So during the sit ups... how many farts came out?

Ben_Scoop21 karma

Zero. Pre-workouts back in the day would clear out your bowels for 24 hours. I also didn't want to have an negligent discharge on my buddy that was standing on my feet. 812 reps without one squeak...Wow, I should be more proud of that achievement.

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standing on my feet


Ben_Scoop3 karma

Thanks bot!

SPC_Ray_Elwood1 karma

Zero. Pre-workouts back in the day would clear out your bowels for 24 hours.

What kind of pre-workouts were these?

Ben_Scoop1 karma

The original jacked formula. Their manufacturer, USPlabs was being investigate by the FDA for causing liver problems, so I stopped taking their products. https://www.fda.gov/food/recallsoutbreaksemergencies/outbreaks/ucm370849.htm

SPC_Ray_Elwood1 karma

Yeah, I remember that stuff. What'd you do in Naval Special Warfare? Did you go to BUD/S?

Ben_Scoop1 karma

I was a Navy Cryptologic Technician. No, I was not a SEAL.

Ben_Scoop1 karma

I was a Navy Cryptologic Technician. No, I was not a SEAL.

Ben_Scoop1 karma

I was a Navy Cryptologic Technician Collector (CTR). No, I was not a SEAL.

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if you were challenged to a duel, what is your weapon of choice?

Ben_Scoop18 karma

Who picks first, my opponent or me? Can we agree on the same weapon? I'd rather just agree to a unarmed fist fight personally, see who's better, and shake after.

baitshopboy7 karma

so, fist fight to the death. id choose battle axes. what's your favorite cheese?

Ben_Scoop12 karma

But what if you have to fight Gimli? "AND MY AXE!"

I like my cheese like I like my bounty hunters...Fet(a)

AngryVegetables95 karma

In the unlikely event that the United States government becomes tyranical, do you think that any of your fellow soldiers would carry out the malicious deeds of the government, or would majority go rogue and safeguard the citizens of the country? Sorry for the weird question, I've been reading some crazy conspiracies lately.

Ben_Scoop11 karma

It's very unlikely. I've been surrounded and served with men and women from all walks of life, and one thing they have in common is the general respect for life, and integrity. Sure there are a few bad eggs, but I was also a little skeptic pre-military, and I'm extremely confident citizens would be protected.


Not OP, but serving in the military currently. You have nothing to worry about. About 95% of people I've met in the military would not turn on the American people. Hell, many of the guys I know are conspiracy theorists themselves. We all swore an oath when we enlisted, swearing to protect the country and its people from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The domestic part of it is there for this exact purpose.

A lot of conspiracy theories focus on seeing military vehicles and such on public roads, or soldiers doing riot control training and such, thinking that martial law is about to happen. In reality, that's usually just your state's National Guard either going to/from a training site, or training for riots because, you know, that's what we do in cases like the L.A. Riots and such where the police can't handle it alone.

My point is, conspiracy theories are usually just that, conspiracy theories. We're not brainwashed in basic training, we don't swear allegiance to God-Emperor Trump/Obama/Evil Overlord of the Year, and generally don't wanna shoot at our own people and families. You have nothing to worry about.

That being said, I do strongly encourage being prepared for emergency scenarios. Maybe not "crazy tinfoil hat prepper with a bunker in the woods" kinda prepared, but having some extra non-perishables and weapons/ammo in case of a natural disaster or major riots or something is not a bad thing.

Ben_Scoop5 karma

^ I second all of that. Well put.

chittychop5 karma

What would it take for you to refuse an order?

Ben_Scoop10 karma

Grave bodily harm to those who rely on my expertise or leadership, or innocents. Fortunately, I had some of the best leaders you could imagine. My job was to provide the best information possible, and they would ultimately decide the best course of action.

coryrenton3 karma

what are the biggest legal and food-safety threats in setting up a supplement company, and how do you mitigate them?

Ben_Scoop4 karma

Determining who your suppliers are. You could have all the best intention with your product, but if your supplier does not maintain the same level of integrity or quality, your product is tainted.

We've mitigated a lot of our risks by allowing users to create their own supplements. They get to choose each and every ingredient, and dosage they put in their body. Of course all of these are limited to protect the customer. So if they take 15 scoops that's their fault, they should never exceeded our maximum allowances.

With little FDA oversight the Supplement Industry got away with a lot of shady stuff. That's why we are offering a solution.

coryrenton3 karma

how do you vet suppliers? 3rd party testing? which ones would you say are underrated/overrated?

Ben_Scoop5 karma

Good suppliers provide batch testing with each shipment. 3rd party testing is also key. I absolutely believe Chinese manufacturers can be truthful, honest and less expensive, but it also takes time to visit the facilities. We source ours from a very reputable company in the United States, if quality was ever a concern it's a quick flight away. We also combine all of the ingredients that customers order locally to maintain the highest level of quality.

I would prefer not to bash our indirect competition, but most of them are overrated, and the health concerns in the Supplement Industry over the past decade speaks more loudly then I ever could.

coryrenton2 karma

are there any insurance policies that cover mishaps or do you have a portion of budget set aside for covering damages as a result of lapse in quality? a company like chipotle where problems keep happening likely has developed a response script, but how does a new company figure stuff out beforehand?

Ben_Scoop6 karma

All companies need an insurance policy to cover accidental issues. But clear and defined processes and policies on our end can mitigate 99.9% of the risk.

Unlike the FDA which could take months to bring a supplement product off the shelves at big box retailers, we fill every bottle individually, meaning no two bottles are identical. The incident would be limited to just one bottle in our case. Provided our supplier is giving us 100% pure ingredients (they are).

coryrenton1 karma

if the fault is traced back to the supplier, what kind of recourse would you have? would it be cost-effective to have multiple suppliers to spread the risk around?

Ben_Scoop3 karma

I would seek retribution for whichever customer was injured from their tainted supply. Luckily, do to my research I'm confident that is very very unlikely. Researching multiple suppliers, and maintaining oversight over them may actually spread me too thin and I may miss a red flag. It's like investing, you've read the annual reports, crunched the ROIC, P/E and like their management, you feel safe and confident, and they have your full attention so you can see any warning signs before they happen.

coryrenton2 karma

any tips for spotting red flags (or any that you've already seen in researching suppliers)?

Ben_Scoop3 karma

True authenticity and honesty are hard for a supplier/salesmen to fake, trust your instincts. Of course there is the classic rule, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Ashleysdad1233 karma

Thanks for your military service. What kind of nutrition science background do you have, other than working out and taking supplements?

Ben_Scoop5 karma

You're welcome. I'm just thankful for those members that still "man the wall" while I enjoy being a civilian.

I don't have any education in nutritional science, and that's why our company is not try to sell a "formula" to anyone. However, I think our product is revolutionary because it allows anyone to create their own. We encourage people to read medical journals, debunk supplement myths, and create a product they feel is safe and effective for their body. We will have an entire learning section with links to peer reviewed medical articles to help people formulate their own blend. Examine.com is full of useful information based on science that people can begin learning from.

SeeonX3 karma

How does an amazing navy destroyer get hit by one of the worlds largest ships at 2am?

Ben_Scoop2 karma

I was never underway on a Navy ship, so your guess is as good as mine. I would assume many little mistakes + Murphy's law equated to this terrible and unfortunate loss of life.

Cadams062 karma

Hi, My son joined the AF. My biggest fear was that one of my 6 boys would join the military. (Awful huh) After he ditched collage (Dentist) and joined w/o telling me, my anger took over and I just don't want to ask him these questions or am convinced he will lie to me. He has been to the country of Georgia and now is stationed in England. He is a head crew chief mechanic for Ospreys. My question for you is 1. Since he is a mechanic, won't he be sent to front lines to attend to broken helicopters? I know he has gone to other military branches to work on these things in the U.S., have you seen AF mixed with Navy, Marines or Army as support services in your deployment? 2. How do all these airmen get killed if they are not seemingly, a front line service? Really, I am not as worried for him as I am for my 16yo coming up who wants to join. He has his mind set on fighter pilot and maintains straight A's in HS to stand out in his application. Do you think his chances of flying are easier with the Navy or AF? He has a very high IQ and I know he will need to apply to some type of service collage but what extra things can he do to spice up his application? A few ppl told me ROTC is not worth it as it runs the same time as his advanced classes. He will have to choose one or the other. I would ask a recuiter but my other son's recruiter was such a little rude arrogant prick that I refuse to deal with them. Wish my kids weren't so deadset on this but they have to grow up and lead their own lives. I just wish they would wait and go to collage first, grow up a bit, ya know? I want to thank you for your service. Im very proud of you....make sure you let your fam know often that you love what you do....

Ben_Scoop3 karma

As a mechanic in the AF your son is very safe and surrounded by multiple layers of protection.

Most Airmen that are killed in recent conflicts are part of special units attached to Army, Navy and Marines. The Airforce has robust special operations integration. They direct air traffic and also act as casualty recovery in hostile locations.

If your son wants to be a pilot, he should start looking at service academies. That would be the highest probability of flying, as service academy graduates get the highest number of flight billets.

The military was a great experience and would undoubtedly set your youngest up for success if he works hard. Your encouragement to be the best student he can be will likely propel him towards his goal of being a pilot.

Thank you.

Xornial2 karma

What is your daily schedule / routine. I've heard many stories of military men with strict routines and was wondering what yours is? What makes you productive?

Ben_Scoop11 karma

Early out of bed makes me incredibly more productive. I'm prefer to roll out of bed, take my supplements and head to the gym. The endorphins (and the caffeine) help wake me up and keep my energized. Other than that, it's keeping on task throughout the day. I get distracted very easily, so keeping a check list makes it manageable!

leclittoris3 karma

Thought about waking earlier for gym time (also in the military). Does early gym time actually help you through the day? I always think that i'll crash mid morning due to the caffeine/workouts.

Additionally, do you go to bed early at night

Ben_Scoop5 karma

I highly recommend trying it. I followed the morning workout routine my entire time in the military, and even now in civilian life. I personally experience "brain fog" if I wait until the evening to workout. Working out in the morning jacks up my metabolism so I can have a big breakfast, and eat smaller meals throughout the day leading up to a small dinner. There are a lot of reasons, but those are just a few.

If you're getting a crash, maybe there are other factors like poor energy sources or bad stimulants.

carlosvives2 karma

What supplements and breakfast (if any) do you take before the gym? Also what's your workout regimen? (I.e. Isolated muscle groups or simple push/pull days, how many days a week, how much cardio,etc)

Ben_Scoop5 karma

I usually take a pre-workout on an empty stomach prior to working out. Immediately following my workout, I drink about 25g of protein, 5-10g of creatine and have about 3 cups of oatmeal with walnuts and frozen blueberries. My reasoning behind eating post workout is that when you sleep at night you're "fasting" when you workout on an empty stomach and no carbs are readily available your body uses a little more fat for energy.

I usually alternate between:

Arms/abs day

Bench / Chest and back day

Squat and leg day

I run about 2-3 miles every other evening mostly for the calories.

amokrane_t2 karma

How does your workout supplements work ? What do you mean by customizable ?

Ben_Scoop4 karma

We have an easy to use web interface, that upon launch, you can read descriptions of every ingredient, add it to your bottle, pick the dose that is right for your goals, and buy it just like that! We fill the bottle and ship it directly to you with the supplements and doses you want.

You can learn more by looking at our Kickstarter or watching our video on social media- Our company name is Scoop.

amokrane_t2 karma

You had a great idea. A lot of people just pour some proteins in their bottle thinking it's ok

Ben_Scoop3 karma

Thank you! I wish people knew how much garbage they are paying top dollar for.

Tiddilion2 karma

What kind of supplements are you selling now?

Ben_Scoop3 karma

Whatever people create with our supplement builder tool.

We're not "selling" anything. We hope people will create supplements specifically for their goals. A body builders shouldn't take the same supplements as an Olympic lifter, and he should not have to pay for ingredients he doesn't want.

Feel free to learn more here- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1391650579/scoop-create-share-and-monetize-workout-supplement

poopiks172 karma

So you did 812 reps. How long did it take you to accomplish this? Were you allowed like a small break or was it just a continuous 812? (That's fucking nuts to think about, I do like 10 and I'm dying.)

Ben_Scoop2 karma

The rules were as follows- You must maintain movement at all times, no resting even in the "up" position, and you may have someone hold or stand on your feet. Counting stops when you stop motion. So it took 33 minutes to complete all 812 reps. By the last couple minutes I was in a pool of my own sweat. I could have kept going, but my right hamstring cramped and my whole leg shot straight out. I kicked my friend who was holding my feet. I'd recommend mobile hydration next time, like a long straw into my mouth.

WaterMelonE00012 karma

What kind of hobbies do you like to do during your down time? Any shows? Games? Or just relax?

Ben_Scoop7 karma

Working out takes up a lot of my free time, but I still have a gaming PC that I built (PCMR). I've been playing PC games since I was 7.

Each year, I most look forward to Silicon Valley (the show) and Game of Thrones.

WaterMelonE00013 karma

I was so hoping you would say Game of Thrones. I've never seen Silicon Valley, it seems interesting and funny. Excited for the new season?

Ben_Scoop4 karma

Haha, I'm a huge GoT fan. I actually adopted an Alaskan Malamute because he looked so much like a dire wolf. He's now about 135 lbs. I'm pumped for the new season. I feel like the past few seasons have been leading up to this "perfect storm."

WaterMelonE00013 karma

Couldn't agree more! Sounds like a healthy dog, What's his name? You should post a picture of him sometime. Its nice to know that all types of people enjoy GoT. And I didn't mention before, but thank you for your services, good sir!

Ben_Scoop4 karma

His name is Argos, named after Odysseus' dog companion in the Odyssey. His sister (a black and white cat) is named Penelope after Odysseus' wife.

Dog Tax Inbound!: http://imgur.com/a/5wWWr

WaterMelonE00013 karma

Wow, he does look like a dire wolf. What a handsome dog :) haha. Great name choices.

Ben_Scoop3 karma

Thank you!

AsasinKa0s1 karma

You ever played Star Wars: The Old Republic? It's an MMO by Bioware that's currently using a free-to-play & subscription model. If you're in it for the story (which I'm betting you are) you might like it.

Ben_Scoop1 karma

Absolutely. I remember when the game first came out. Great story.

coryrenton2 karma

what do you think would be the biggest threat or competition to military recruitment (for example more scholarship and career opportunities to join different non-military agencies)?

Ben_Scoop14 karma

I think some students leaving High School are looking for a different change of pace, and want to get directly into the work field, and not necessary wanting to commit to another 4 years of school right away. I think more opportunities for "on-the-job" training with college credits built in along the way would be outstanding. Learning and working do not need to be mutually exclusive.

Samlikesham271 karma

Do you think it would be possible for someone with Irritable bowel syndrome to join the navy. What food did you get while in basic? What would happen if you had to take a dump at some random time?

Ben_Scoop1 karma

I think that may be disqualifying. If you're actually interested, I would ask a recruiter.

Food wasn't bad, it just wasn't great. Every meal was a protein, a veggie and some form of potato or rice. Can't complain.

You'd get yelled at...a lot.

justthesameoldthing1 karma

What was your scariest moment in Afghanistan? How high was the pucker factor?

Ben_Scoop7 karma

Our FOB was hit by multiple VBIEDs (Car bombs) about 30meters from where I was walking. At that time all I had was my sidearm on me. The integrity of the base was maintained by SEALs, and JTACs controlling the A-10.

justthesameoldthing2 karma

Didn't think the Taliban were brave enough to make a push like that. Hopefully everyone came back O.K. and got to show love for the BRRRRRRT.

Ben_Scoop6 karma

There were a few casualties, but no friendly deaths. BRRRRRT showed no mercy.

justthesameoldthing1 karma

Good to know. How did you like working with the Afghans?

Ben_Scoop3 karma

Most of them were kind, friendly and honestly wanted their country to be stable. Our cultures are so different, it's difficult to have the same values. Militarily, it was like watching middle schoolers with airsoft guns.

justthesameoldthing1 karma

If its anything like watching the Iraqis trying to do jumping jacks( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbK76okexVk ) it couldn't have been good. Mind elaborating a little on how the values are different?

Ben_Scoop3 karma

It's exactly like that video. (I share that quite often). It's also be equated to "herding kittens."

We want a safe and secure country with democracy, and expensive gadgets. They are content. It's difficult to ask content people to turn in their best friends who happens to be an insurgents. I am however no expert on anthropology and cultures, just my two cents.

justthesameoldthing1 karma

Hmm... I can see how it can be that way. No different from Colombia to a degree. Well I appreciate you answering my questions and signing on that dotted line. Wish you the best of luck with your company.

Ben_Scoop1 karma

Thank you for the intelligent questions!

Disciple_Of_Khorne1 karma

How do you pronounce naan bread?

Ben_Scoop4 karma

"nahn" is how I pronounce it. I'm not the authority on proper pronunciation however. We had an interpreter go out in town when were in Afghanistan and bring back some of the local flat bread. 10/10 would eat again.

__Musicality__1 karma

Just became a veteran two weeks ago from the US Navy. Looking to start my own "business" (With the rise of esports and online gaming, an esports cafe/lounge.), how would you recommend doing this?

Ben_Scoop2 karma

Welcome to the civilian world brother. First off, I'd recommend keeping busy, and keeping your discipline, it slips away quickly. This is a great podcast snippet from Jocko Willink (Navy Veteran). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mF2lUnKRo0g

Finding a niche in that market is the key. What's going to make you unique among the hundreds of thousands streaming on twitch.tv every day. Once you find your "special sauce", market the shit out of it. If you have a good concept and execute it to the best of your ability, you should grow, if not, reevaluate your "uniqueness."

Mountain_Finn1 karma

Did you enjoy your time in the military?

Ben_Scoop6 karma

Absolutely, I would go back and do it again. My experiences made me the person I am today. When I was leaving high school I was uncertain what my future held, and the Navy was a certainty. It gave me valuable skills and gave me options to attend college for free after I was out.

orgazination-2 karma

Would your dead comrades say the same?

Ben_Scoop2 karma

I can't speak for them. Their valor and sacrifice is something I have not experienced.

TheTimelessTraveler1 karma

Can you play any instruments?

Ben_Scoop2 karma

I can't :/ The last time I played an instrument it was the recorder in 5th grade. I can however beat-box at an above average skill level. I'm also decent at Drums on RockBand (the game).

TheTimelessTraveler1 karma

That's alright haha. I'm more of a guitar hero fan myself. What was the moment that you think defined you in the navy? Thanks for this AMA and your service by the way!

Ben_Scoop2 karma

Guitar Hero is fun too. I think most people remember where they were the first time they played "Killing in the Name" by Rage Against The Machine- Medium Difficulty- on the older Guitar Hero. (At least I do.)

It was actually before I went to boot camp that I had that moment like "This is for me." I was doing a PST (physical screening test) with other pre-buds, SWCC, and Diver candidates, we all just got along so well it was like being on a sports team. We were all pushing each other to our physical limits, and it felt like a brotherhood. I knew I wanted to be part of that "brotherhood."

TheTimelessTraveler1 karma

That's awesome man! Well thanks for answering my questions if I think of any more I'll post em before ur AMA is done :p

Ben_Scoop1 karma

Haha, good questions. I'll be around all evening.

report-zyther641 karma

What is your favourite dinosaur?

Ben_Scoop1 karma

Shastasaurus. I'd like to think they were the ultimate predators in the ocean along side the Megalodon.

StormTrooper_18G81 karma

So how much hell was it on that battle field?

Ben_Scoop1 karma

I served as an intelligence analyst and never left our bases. Occasionally, our friendly units would get into trouble with the local Taliban, and we would leverage our aerial assets to quickly remove the threats.


How do you think the American government or military treats its veterans after service? What do you honestly think needs to be done to improve life after service.

Ben_Scoop1 karma

Generally, I think it can still be improved. We need to consolidate all of our government and private sector assistance to veterans. Right now it's just too complex navigating from one "help" to another. One foundation www.vetted.org is attempting to start that initiative of simplicity in Texas.

I think we need to maintain a small community of veterans in every city that can provide knowledge and motivation to pursue dreams. The void that forms after you leave the military needs to be filled with positive energy.

reddtrader1 karma

What was your rate?

Ben_Scoop2 karma


screwdawork-4 karma

How much did you pay Reddit for this ad space?

Ben_Scoop5 karma

Nothing. I hope Redditors feel free to steer this AMA any direction they'd like.