I am Lynn Ruth Miller – Currently the oldest performing stand up female comedian on both sides of the Atlantic; anyone older cannot stand up. Nothing is off limits anymore. I am too old to care. You saw me on Britain's Got Talent, and First Dates. and in front of countless audiences in theatres, bars and toilets telling jokes.

Dubbed the new Joan Rivers of Fringe Comedy at The Edinburgh International Fringe.

Come laugh with me, I'll be performing around the UK and Ireland. Tour dates on my site





Proof: https://twitter.com/lynnruth/status/870265807145758721


That's all for now. I loved sharing my truth with all of you. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook to keep in touch.

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Sentinel13M258 karma

What do you think the key is to a happy life?

lynnruth1159 karma


lupulingarou171 karma


I'm a big fan of stand up comedy but have always been too nervous to consider trying a set at an open mic. When you were first starting, how did you get over the jitters? Or are you just a natural performer?


lynnruth334 karma

I just bit the bullet and did it. I kept telling myself these are people just like me and they too put their knickers on one leg at a time. I am not a natural performer. I learned how to do it by doing it.

Stambro1118 karma

What is the worst you have ever bombed at Stand-Up?

lynnruth410 karma

I was doing comedy for a stag party of Stanford graduate students and had included a strip in the routine and my clothes got caught in the wire of the microphone. There I was, 75 years old, drooping as we old people do, half naked and my audience was sleeping.

bigoldgeek115 karma

How do you know when you're old?

lynnruth573 karma

You never think you are, darling until you get on a bus and everyone stands up in unison to give you a seat.

BlurEntertainment103 karma

If you could tell yourself of 50 years ago one thing, what would it be?

lynnruth306 karma


Jpeg_artifacthunter93 karma

What drew you to stand-up and what keeps you doing it? Also, what's the best piece of advice you've gotten along the way?

lynnruth199 karma

I told a joke as part of a comedy course I was covering for a magazine and when everyone laughed ; I decided to try it again...and again...and again. I keep doing it because I am addicted to laughter like some people are addicted to alcohol. The best piece of advice I ever got was that because I am out of the box, I need to create my own shows.

HunnyBunnah89 karma

Hey Lynn! Its Hunny Bunny! How are you?

lynnruth136 karma

I live in London and I am having more fun than I ever have. The eighties are the best

Alpha-Pig84 karma

what are the key elements to a worthwhile story?

lynnruth210 karma

Sex. Surprise. Credibility

Alpha-Pig58 karma

when you say credibility, do you mean like, believability or attention to detail? And thank you!

lynnruth184 karma

Your listeners have to think what you are saying is true. It never is of course. They also have to WANT to believe it is true.

Hydrok60 karma

Have you ever performed with Garrison Keillor?

lynnruth146 karma

He is too old for me. I would not risk a hip for him.

DenimMan1348 karma

His hip or yours?

lynnruth193 karma

Not sure he still has his.

foreverbenjamin57 karma

Well, can you tell me a story?

lynnruth262 karma

Once upon a time there was a little old lady who told a joke. Everyone laughed but she was too deaf to hear them. She did not live long enough to live happily ever after. That is not autobiographical.

wait4apocalypse53 karma

Any regrets in life? Is there anything you would do differently knowing what you know now?

lynnruth196 karma

No because at the time I knew no better

blueblaez18 karma

I genuinely love this answer :-)

DeadNotSleepingWI8 karma

What if you knew better every single fucking time?

lynnruth51 karma

But you never do. Hindsight is the only thing that's 20/20.

Surf4earth52 karma

What's your opinion on Bo Burnham?

lynnruth87 karma

I have never heard him. but I am sure he is very funny.

dogpoopandbees51 karma

How come your Instagram is empty? Can we get some pics in skimpy little outfits?

lynnruth86 karma

Go to You Tube and type in my name Plenty of skimpy little outfits there

dogpoopandbees14 karma

You and zipster08 should do a collaboration 😁

lynnruth37 karma


He's too old for me.

winwinchickendindin40 karma

How old were you when you started? I've always loved performing and comedy but the confidence isn't where it used to be. (aged 29 if that matters)

lynnruth183 karma

I was 71 years old When I was 29 I was totally defeated and went to Stanford to get a masters in Journalism. I never did figure out what my passion was until I started comedy. I always thought it was men.

Newnewhuman37 karma

how to tell a vivid story? every time I tell people things they lose interest half of the way and another person would cut me off.

lynnruth117 karma

Paint a picture with your words. Show do not tell. In other words describe the day do not say it is beautiful. Your listener will make that judgement.

30yroldheart35 karma

Is there a line you won't cross or a subject you won't touch when doing stand up? Or is every subject up for grabs?

lynnruth108 karma

I SAY every subject is up for grabs but I do not keep to that. I refuse to say anything cruel to another or to create a disgusting image. I stay away from scatological humour because I find it is often disgusting. But that is my own personal bias. If someone wants to talk about anything at all, they should. If people take offence, it is their problem not the comedian's He has a right to his opinion.

Your_Favorite_Poster33 karma

I'm reading The Kid Stays in the Picture (memoirs of Robert Evans) - didn't know much going in despite loving film, but it's been a great read so far. Since he's had sex with every other woman your age, just wanted to ask: how was it?

lynnruth83 karma

I can't remember.

danzigismycopilot19 karma

pretty good burn

lynnruth122 karma

I don't think it burned. I use lube.

Wicck30 karma

What do you think your parents would think about your occupation?

lynnruth86 karma

They would kill themselves if they knew.

iwas99x24 karma

Ms. Miller, Do you tell jokes from things your children and grandchildren do in their lives and behavior?

lynnruth197 karma

I have no children or grandchildren I would never do that to my vagina

Edril23 karma

Hi! I remember seeing you in San Francisco (Oakland technically) as part of a Hubba Hubba Revue show at the Uptown a few years back. You were amazing, and so funny.

What drove you to get into and continue comedy so late in life? How do you keep up your energy?

lynnruth80 karma

I am driven by fear. What if I die tomorrow and I don't get it all done? Every success drives me to try to get another.

Pau_Zotoh_Zhaan19 karma

Very excited to see you in Ireland! What book, to you, is the most important or insightful?

lynnruth51 karma

In Comedy? Steve Allen wrote a lovely one about his career . In ordinary life, God of Small Things is the best book ever.

CarpeMofo16 karma

Most people I meet at your age seem mentally dull, slow. You on the other hand seem sharper and more quick witted than I've ever been. What's your secret? What keeps you so awesome 83 years in?

lynnruth53 karma

The only that's slow about me is my bowels. My secret is caring. And a lot of prunes.

ItsTheMooseMan14 karma

I'm 17 now, what do you think are the most significant changes in the world since you were my age?

lynnruth52 karma

The internet. We live in one world now.

ULTRA_Lenin14 karma

How was Arundel on Friday after I left? I was sad to miss your set, seemed a fun crowd.

lynnruth18 karma

It was magnificent I so wish you had stayed.

eclectricalizm13 karma

What is your creative process to come up with new material? In other words, How do you write jokes?

lynnruth23 karma

I write until I get something good.

JeneeInTheCloset11 karma

I've just started doing standup comedy ( here's my first, awkward, try at it) and I've realized that it's not just about humor- it's about being able to talk about the things I can't talk about politely or write about. It's about talking about the most embarrassing, fucked up, and really sad things but making them into a punchline- so, is that why you joke so much about age? Because it's the most fucked up thing that happens to all of us and laughing about it makes it easier?

There is also a huge bias against women in the industry when we get older, but you're still going strong and vivaciously doing you- can you give any insight into how you accomplish that?

lynnruth18 karma

There'll be biases in everything you do. But if you're good at what you're doing (and that takes work, time, and repetition) people will only remember how good you are.


What's often overlooked when telling a story? How do you get their attention and keep it? I imagine those aren't necessarily the same skills.

lynnruth30 karma

The plot. It is important to weed out any words that do not lead to the conclusion and equally important not to digress and lose the thread of the story.

thisisthinprivilege8 karma

Do you actually make a living wage doing this?

lynnruth59 karma

No, but I make a beautiful life.

iwas99x7 karma

Ms. Miller, What are your favorite new technologies from this decade?

lynnruth114 karma

E mail. I can keep in touch with people and use my writing skills

Tinder isn't a bad second.

RowdyWrongdoer7 karma

Would you like to parlay you stand up into sitcom/movies or would that get in the way of your stage performances?

lynnruth38 karma

I am not interested in TV or movies. I like the interaction I get with small audiences That is what drives me.

gethighonartsupplies6 karma

Hi Lynn! This is your favorite stage manager from Hubba Hubba Revue. How has your particular brand of storytelling translated across the Atlantic? Do you feel that San Francisco and London audiences are entertained differently by your comedy?

We miss you in the Bay Area!

lynnruth10 karma

I love Jim Sweeney. Good entertainment is good entertainment on both sides of the ocean.

The_Iceman22886 karma

What's your response when people say women aren't funny?

lynnruth28 karma

Have they heard me?

greenmildude6 karma

Yo Granny, you on Tinder or nah?

lynnruth24 karma

I don't need to be.

doses_of_mimosas6 karma

Would you ever host snl? You would be amazing at it

lynnruth37 karma

If they asked me, I'd do it in a heartbeat (not that I have that many left).

BrowncoatDoctor5 karma

As someone with a growing interest I professional storytelling, I'd like to know your opinion on the storytelling scene today?

lynnruth19 karma

I think it is a shame people do not tell their own stories instead of others that someone else wrote. I also find in London and San Francisco that the art is not properly respected. You cannot earn a living from original storytelling; only if you are parroting someone else's tale.

LifeWin5 karma

Comedians live on the edge of acceptable and unacceptable, and walk a fine line.

What's your take on politically correctness, and all this talk lately of 'triggers' and identity (gender, sexuality, racial identity, etc.)?

lynnruth38 karma

In comedy, NOTHING is off limits. It is the only way we little people can show how ridiculous the establishment is, how artificial, how materialistic, how cruel. Furthermore no matter what you say, if it is meaningful it will offend someone. If it offends no one, it isn't saying anything at all.

PureFingClass5 karma

I saw you perform at the Tomorrow Show a few years back. You were quite funny. How's things?

EDIT: added a question.

lynnruth36 karma

Magnificent I am in London now making the English laugh and believe me that isn't easy.

Fogo525 karma

Coming from Ireland where he have a long history of storytelling I have always been fascinated with the art and would love to know if you differentiate storytelling from comedy. Do you have many engagements solely as a story teller? Do they even exist anymore? Also welcome to Dublin, I hope you enjoy it. The international is a great spot.

lynnruth41 karma

Comedy is twisted reality and surprise. Storytelling is validating the human experience. It is deeper and far more meaningful. I rarely get a chance to do stories and that is sad. I LOVE The International and I love Dublin. All the pipes in the old buildings leak and so do I

ItsKashed4 karma

Have you ever thought of doing a Cabaret show in Thailand?

lynnruth15 karma

I am doing comedy in Thailand in January I would love to do a cabaret show there It is the best combination of what talent I have . Who do you know?

salvagebanana3 karma

Did you ever smoke weed in your youth? If you did, have you smoked it lately? I'm not trying to fit into the silly burnout stereotype; I genuinely think that, as a storyteller, it is a fun segment of society to learn about. I apologize that I am unfamiliar with your work, thanks for reading.

lynnruth15 karma

No. I don't like to lose control of reality; I like the life I'm living too much.

NVSK3 karma

who do you think are the funniest people alive today?

lynnruth12 karma

We all have our moments.

BigSamProductions3 karma

What joke or video of yours do you personally think is the funniest thing you have produced?

iwas99x3 karma

Ms. Miller outside of telling jokes what are your hobbies?

lynnruth19 karma

Painting. And sex, I think.

I_love_Matty_B2 karma

What was the revoltutionary war like?

lynnruth28 karma


doctorclese6 karma

This. This was the laugh i needed today. And with one dumb word, you gained a fan. I hope i can find you in texas soon.

lynnruth7 karma

I lived in Wimberley and I found my people.


You seem delightful! Is that your dog in your twitter photo? What's your favorite pet story?

lynnruth10 karma

No, that dog is a pedigree, mine was a mutt. His name was David and he gave me a reason to live.

iwas99x2 karma

Ms. Miller, what are your comedy career goals?

lynnruth4 karma

I want to do more and be more and never stop.

dregsofpluto2 karma

Lynn, do you write material or do you perform with your material just in your head? I'm interested in doing stand up, but i'm not a great comedy writer just yet. Any tips?

lynnruth5 karma

I write all my own material but I never bring up notes, which means I forget a lot.

TheIronCaterpillar2 karma

Hi! Loved you on Britain's got talent!

How do I gain confidence and skill to talk to people and not shit my pants? (How do I plan to start doing stand-up?) Thanks!

lynnruth9 karma

Just do it, and wear diapers.

vonnegutgal2 karma

I am writing a television pilot about San Francisco in 1973, particularly about the Tenderloin/Castro districts. Did you ever happen to run into Magnolia Thunderpussy when you lived there?

lynnruth3 karma

I did not live there until 1980.

iwas99x2 karma

Ms. Miller, Which British Celebrities have you met?

lynnruth17 karma

To me everyone is a celebrity.

Man_eatah2 karma

Hi Lynn! I would like to be a storyteller. What are some of your favorites?

lynnruth5 karma

Flannery O'Connor.

pabafromearth1 karma

What's the key to good storytelling?

lynnruth2 karma

A good story is very human.

Luggalux1 karma

Do you ever have to improvise? If so, is there ant way to do it effectively?

lynnruth8 karma

I often improvise, and the secret is to be honest. The big mistake that people make is that they try to be clever.

04NeverForget1 karma

How many tinder dates do you go on on average? 😘

lynnruth3 karma

No one has sent me a picture exciting enough yet.

Edit: Meet the love of my life.

simouseu1 karma

What is the worst you have ever bombed a show?

lynnruth9 karma

pvvikas1 karma

How do you distinguish between good jokes and poor jokes?

Also, certain audience/people have certain tastes and its not possible to cater to all tastes. How do you approach this issue?

lynnruth2 karma

When people laugh it's a good joke. The art of comedy is to make a bunch of strangers come to the same conclusion. The conclusion that I want is, "that's funny".

GaryBuseyLawnChair1 karma

Are you single?

lynnruth3 karma

I have many, many loves. I live alone but I'm not single.

Mzilikazi811 karma

When you "work blue" is it because you've stopped breathing?

lynnruth7 karma

I don't think anything human is blue. Except Beyoncé's baby.

Xu_Lin1 karma

What's your funniest joke?

lynnruth4 karma

"The good thing about dating at my age is that you don't have to meet their parents."

chillyGDD1 karma

So, ummm... when... do you think youre gonna die?

lynnruth3 karma

When I'm done.

Joshdaily88-34 karma

Do you know where your soul will spend eternity? Have you invited Jesus into your heart ? What is the state of your salvation ?

lynnruth75 karma

I am fucked

dogpoopandbees3 karma

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

lynnruth6 karma

That is one helluva hair cut