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throwawaycape41 karma

What kind of huffy do you ride?

Johnmtb-16 karma

XDS Scout 40, yeah I know, it's not so good but I ride for fun and for the adrenaline, not competitive.

NextWeeksGroom39 karma

1- How much more extreme does Redbull make you versus Mountain Dew?

2- Have you seen the most recent Point Break? Was it based on you life as an XTREME "athlete"?

3- Do babes flock to your luscious hair?

4- How big is the biggest dick you've sucked?

5- Is Paul Walkers character from the Fast and Furious franchise your spirit animal?

6- Do you even realize how big of a douche you are?

Edit: Lmao, you only have 3 videos up? WTF? Bro-ski, 3 vids is like, uber lame.

Johnmtb-26 karma

If you read the PROOF section, you would have noticed that I wrote that my videos not so good and my channel to, this link is just a PROOF

FrostedDohNut30 karma

How do you fund these kind of activities?

Johnmtb-49 karma

Just go outside and do what I wanna do...

Spensierato28 karma

Fund, not find. How to you pay for the activities. Do you have a job? Are you sponsored?

Johnmtb-18 karma

No, not really, I have a friend who has a camera, like a GoPro but kind of fake, and we just go where we decide to go and where we know would be very interesting, without sponsors or even money... (And sorry for before, I'm not very good at English...)

nighties19 karma

Parkour? I am sorry but that is some trash parkour. "Adrenaline Junkie" is a bit much of a term for that.

But here's one of my parkour videos

Edit: You jumped over a 2 foot high fence and rolled out of it... lmao

Johnmtb-22 karma

Yeah my parkour kind of sucks, but if you think yours is better, wow, you are really wrong dude. All you do is flips, you don't even know how to run. And sorry if I offended you, really, I am really serious about what I said...

system360114 karma

Was there ever an adventure you thought you might not return from?

Johnmtb0 karma

Yes, some... when I explored abandoned houses and climbed on very high roofs that I could've fell from

NicooNii7 karma

What's the closest you've came to death?

Johnmtb1 karma

I almost fell from a roof. fortunatly, I was never attacked by someone...

Zybn6 karma

What activity would you say has given you the most adrenaline?

Johnmtb-3 karma

Exploring abandoned houses

DoctorMemePHD5 karma

What's the creepiest abandoned place you've explored and why was it so creepy?

Johnmtb-27 karma

I explored once 2 houses, villas, and it was with a lot of rooms, graffiti and drugs, I was scared as hell...

1dj3r8g2 karma

When did you actually get into becoming an adrenaline junkie? What's your favourite experience out of them all?

Johnmtb-3 karma

When I was 6, I remember myself climbing high trees and trying to perform parkour moves

Johnmtb-6 karma

Why all the hate, can you please stop it!? Please? I just wanted to share something, write an AMA, and all you do is offend me, why? Did I do something to you? And if you think this is funny, please reconsider it, I'm really offended and all I want from you now is stop writing hate comments, PLEASE!😞

OutbreakMonkey54 karma

It was a bit harsh. See my revised comment here:


It really was a shitty AMA because you hadn't earned the respect of others YET. You're trying too hard to rush and make a mark on the world. Relax, take your time. You'll be fine.

You seem like a genuine guy. But you're trying too hard. Don't get upset. Sometimes you need to fall and skin you knees to make you stop and re-evaluate - consider this AMA attempt a bruise to your ego and a bloody lip.

Check back to this AMA in a few years time and have a bit of a cringe and a good laugh. You need a sense of humour to look back on your teen years - we all do. We've all been there!

All the best!

Johnmtb9 karma

Thank you! really.