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"On that quiet Friday, Billy Jensen was on reddit, ready to answer questions about his upcoming HISTORY special, 'DB Cooper: Case Closed?'"

"When asked by /u/Sockdad whether the special would be an hour of voiceovers and recaps asking 'Did DB Cooper do it?', Billy remained silent. Was his silence warranted? Or was there some other mystery involved?"

"Recently new facts had come to light; /u/ConstableGrey found reference to an obscure law called 'Betteridges Law'. The law calls in to question the title of Jensen's show, stating that any title ending in a question mark can be answered with 'No'".

"/u/ConstableGrey had turned up the heat. During the confrontation, Billy replied to both /u/Sockdad and /u/ConstableGrey. He claimed to have evidence that he wasn't responsible for the question mark in the title. The comment chain came to a grinding halt."

"While the comments grew cold, one question remained unanswered: 'did Billy Jensen's answer satisfy /u/Sockdad?'"...

..."/u/Lebowskis_Sweater was a part time reddit user with an interest in AMAs, and... Billy Jensen..."

"After reviewing the AMA transcripts, /u/Lebowskis_Sweater noticed that a question may have been left open."

"Re-ignited by a desire to learn the truth, /u/Lebowskis_Sweater asked if Jensen knowingly avoided /u/Sockdads question?'".

"/u/Lebowskis_Sweater had opened up a new unanswered question. Could the answer to this question be the response /u/Sockdad needed? Was /u/Lebowskis_Sweater on to something? Was /u/ConstableGrey's assertion correct? Did Billy Jensen answer the question?"

"Coming up after the break, we learn the truth about /u/Sockdads's comment: was it rhetorical, or was he entitled to a response; as we piece together the shocking truth about the Case Closed AMA, and, Billy Jensen..."

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Edit: removed my sarcastic comment.

Scrolling OPs history. He's a teenager trying to make a mark. This AMA needs down votes not a roasting.

OP, sorry for my comment. If I may offer unsolicited advice: perhaps just don't try to rush things. Sort your shit out and enjoy yourself. When you've found something you really enjoy, give it time - work hard develop skills and seek a level of mastery. Then come back and do another AMA.

I truly wish you the best.

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It was a bit harsh. See my revised comment here:


It really was a shitty AMA because you hadn't earned the respect of others YET. You're trying too hard to rush and make a mark on the world. Relax, take your time. You'll be fine.

You seem like a genuine guy. But you're trying too hard. Don't get upset. Sometimes you need to fall and skin you knees to make you stop and re-evaluate - consider this AMA attempt a bruise to your ego and a bloody lip.

Check back to this AMA in a few years time and have a bit of a cringe and a good laugh. You need a sense of humour to look back on your teen years - we all do. We've all been there!

All the best!

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Better than the last one!


Edit: well, on par at least.

Edit: Sorry for my sarcastic comment. It's a train wreck of an AMA because you haven't earned the level of mastery expected for your claims. But still I wish you the best: