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Parkour? I am sorry but that is some trash parkour. "Adrenaline Junkie" is a bit much of a term for that.

But here's one of my parkour videos

Edit: You jumped over a 2 foot high fence and rolled out of it... lmao

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I don't only do flips

But even you admitted it yourself my man, why would you do an AMA if you yourself admitted you suck at parkour?

You didn't offend me lol, it was just kinda funny

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From the start it was just basic vaults and what not for a few years at a young age. Over time I started to get a little bit more advanced and I think after all of the time I would train it just got easier and easier and my body got used to the landings and what not. Also, a lot of it is technique, like landing on the balls of your feet, letting your calves absorb the landing, using your momentum, rolling out of things, etc, to make the landings easier.

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Yeah you're right. I do mainly free running and tumbling but still try to implement a few parkour things.