I'm a full time driver for Go Fas Racing within the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series here to answer any of your questions about racing, NASCAR, or really anything.

Also, if you would like to help design a reddit themed RaceCar for Charlotte Motor Speedway feel free to check out my post here,


Proof: https://twitter.com/mattdracing/status/861690949663117313

OK Reddit, Ask Me Anything.


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Melmab583 karma

I've always wondered, when you are taking a turn at speed - do you relax and let the belts hold you in place or do you use your core muscle group to try and fight the centripetal force?

MattDiBenedetto737 karma

Interesting question: honestly you are so strapped in and supported by the seat and belts that you don't hardly move at all. It all keeps you perfectly in place through the G forces!

MattDiBenedetto458 karma

I am getting sleepy...I've been responding as fast as I could for an hour and 45 minutes straight. Thank you all so much and I am so sorry for any that I missed! I didn't expect so many questions and comments but that is a great thing! And again, thank you all for the continued votes for getting me into the All Star Race. It seriously means a lot

DutchHannigan270 karma

Thanks for doing this Mr. Burrito.

If you could put one track on the schedule that isn't currently on the Cup schedule, which track would it be?

MattDiBenedetto271 karma

Rockingham and Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course!

legacy057259 karma

Hey Matt,

Have you sent your resume to Rick Hendrick yet? I hear they may have a job opening next year.

MattDiBenedetto428 karma

You bet I have!! We should get everyone on Reddit to flood Hendrick with mail requesting me to take over the 88 haha

Magnaflux230 karma

Hey DiBuritto! Love it when you stop by /r/NASCAR.

A few years ago in 2015 during a rain delay at Bristol you said you wish you could "marry" Bristol Motor Speedway; as you were having a good race that night. And then a year later at Bristol in 2016, you had an even better race got a career best finish of 6th. Sparking an emotional post-race interview, the creation of your reddit presence, a TON of fan support (especially over on /r/NASCAR), recognition from everyone around the NASCAR garage, and now in 2017 you're with a new team to which you scored a top 10 in the Daytona 500! So my question is a simple one; do you still want to marry Bristol? It seems like the track has done a lot for you in the past few years.

I wish you the best of luck in following in the footsteps of /u/dogedriver in representing Reddit as best as you can in the All-Star race!

Fan vote portal for those who want to vote for Matt or your favorite fan vote eligible driver.

MattDiBenedetto188 karma

Thank you! It has been overwhelming to see how much my fan base has grown and all the folks on Reddit are so dedicated!

And yes, I would still like to marry Bristol! It has been great to me over the years and helps us small teams run better than normal!

dwarfcorgi214 karma


Do you like the Cars series by Disney • Pixar?

Thx, Ryan

MattDiBenedetto250 karma

Absolutely! I watch it with my nephews

MattDiBenedetto167 karma

Thank you so much everyone! I'm still replying to any questions I missed but just wanted to thank everyone for voting for me into the All Star Race. You guys are awesome! http://www.nascar.com/fanvote

Camsy34142 karma

What is a moment you remember where you felt most out of control?

MattDiBenedetto294 karma

When Austin Dillon's engine and transmission almost came through my windshield at Daytona last year! Haha

propjoe89122 karma

The 32 car definitely has improved this season with you behind the wheel. I know there is some partnership with RPM. Are the cars you are running this season RPM #44 cars from last season? Keep up the good work!

MattDiBenedetto115 karma

Yea we did purchase some used cars from RPM which have helped some but we have a good group of people who are all trying to make a lot out of a small team!

Liveinhermit119 karma

Thanks for the AMA Matt!

2 questions for you:

  1. If you weren't a race car driver, what occupation would you have?

  2. With so many people cord cutting and moving toward streaming services, would NASCAR benefit from moving to dedicated independent live streams, or a dedicated service such as what the WWE does with their live network?

MattDiBenedetto118 karma

1) that is a great question! I would probably do something on TV because I love interacting with folks and I enjoy public speaking

2) I haven't thought of that but I think that is a direction that would be beneficial!

woody1351117 karma

If I put DiBeneditto on my fusions windshield does it help my chances? http://imgur.com/vpQwdqc I can't put J. Earnhardt because I drive to fast. If you don't run this for the all star race I'll be at Chicago and Indy. If you had the chance to run the Indy 500 would you? Have you ever been approached to run a different series?

MattDiBenedetto103 karma

Haha yes put my name on the windshield!!

And yea I would definitely run the Indy 500 if it was ever a possibility!

GoldenIvan92 karma

Hi Matt. I thought you had a pretty good race yesterday, you looked racey. I like to see small teams like yours mix it up with the big teams, good on ya!! Well done.

My favorite driver as a kid was Bobby Allison. Remember when he brought that crazy Pontiac to Daytona?

Who was your favorite NASCAR driver as a kid?

Have a safe season mate, best of luck to you and your team.

MattDiBenedetto128 karma

Thank you!!

My favorite driver as a kid was Jeff Burton. I loved his 99 Exide car

Johnathon7888 karma

Assuming you have to poop while in a race, and this poop is coming - no stopping it - what are your options?

MattDiBenedetto184 karma

To answer your question...I'm definitely not pulling off the racetrack or slowing down if that ever happens! Haha

canes_racing82 karma

Do you and your PR girl Ryan ever have competitions/debates over who is the better driver?

Also I love the Jeffrey Earnhardt sticker on your Chevy. 10/10

MattDiBenedetto87 karma

Haha yea Ryan always makes fun of himself and says he sucks at driving and I do the same to myself so I'm not sure! Lol

nose_blanket76 karma

What is your first memory that involves racing?

Also, what's you favorite movie?

MattDiBenedetto211 karma

I remember my dad passing by NASCAR on TV and I made him go back to it and watch the whole race when I was five years old and nobody in my family had ever watched it in their lives

Ieyedude71 karma


What is your absolute favorite part of any race weekend? Meeting fans, Talking to other drivers, etc?

Another thing is, do you actually enjoy racing on restrictior plate tracks, or do you worry for your car whenever you're in the pack?


MattDiBenedetto111 karma

My favorite part is pumping up the fans when I walk out at driver intros and also high fiving and interacting with as many fans as possible!

Superspeedways: I like them because we can run well but I dread them at the same time haha

gamedemon2456 karma

Hey Matt, here from /r/NASCAR. Also here to promote my nomination for your Reddit scheme at Charlotte.

How did you first hear about Reddit's spontaneous adoption of you as its favorite driver? It was definitely around the time of your 6th place last year at Bristol, but when did you first catch wind of the phenomenon?

Thanks for doing the AMA :)

MattDiBenedetto66 karma

It was when I was wearing the Reddit/dogecoin shirt and I posted a picture on twitter. Some friends on Reddit told me that everyone loved it and I couldn't believe the response it got! And then after Bristol it was overwhelming how much everyone embraced an underdog driving for a small team like me!

gamedemon2418 karma

Thanks for taking the time to answer!

MattDiBenedetto30 karma

Of course! Thank you for hopping in here!

Travisparks2455 karma

Burrito can you make sure whoever is in charge of this stuff at GoFas knows we need #32 Reddit T Shirts and hats? Please Get them online and in the Fanatics tent and all that we'd be all over those!

MattDiBenedetto55 karma

That would be very cool! Maybe we can work on that...I actually have an idea now that you said that. I will get to work!

ClarksonianPause38 karma

Hey Matt! I have your signed car displayed proudly in my office, thanks again!

Here's my question - you get to create an exhibition race. What track do you select, and what era of cars would you compete in?

MattDiBenedetto48 karma

Current dirt late models at Eldora!

And thank you for having my signed car!

LeSpookSpook38 karma

What car is on your bucket list to drive one day?

MattDiBenedetto70 karma

Superlite SL-C. Look them up...it's a custom car that I want badly!!

lucmwis32 karma

I did go pro work on one of these at a 1/2 mile land speed event in GA. Beautiful.

MattDiBenedetto42 karma

That is awesome!! My PR person Ryan is best friends with the owner of Superlite. Their cars are amazing!

improbable_humanoid38 karma

What do you feel is the difference between a regular person who is reasonably fast at track days and a professional racing driver?

What's the best way to fill that gap?

Bonus: If you could drive in any other series, what is it, and why is it Aussie V8 Supercars?

MattDiBenedetto76 karma

Big difference unfortunately. At a professional level it's just so difficult. It's like the difference in someone who is good at flag football with the neighbors vs going against the NE Patriots haha

MattDiBenedetto44 karma

I would love to drive a V8 Supercar!!

AirplaneBottleOfBour35 karma

Declining viewership/attendance is a reality for NASCAR. I think one of the major problems that a lot of us over on /r/nascar ignore is the high learning curve that exists before the average person can actually enjoy a race (points, tire ware, teams, short track vs superspeedway, tight vs. loose, stages…). What should NASCAR do to make a racing more approachable to a new viewer?

MattDiBenedetto44 karma

That's a good question! I think they are doing a good job of trying to bring the younger generation to NASCAR and Monster is definitely helping to bring their knowledge

EugeneNotEuginer34 karma

Probably an odd question, but asking anyway: Some people would consider you an expert in managing fear. Based on what you've learned about that very issue, what advice would you have for those of us that don't drive NASCAR (!), to manage our own day-to-day fears?

MattDiBenedetto65 karma

Honestly, I think is racers are just complete adrenaline junkies and we are borderline insane when we put a helmet on! In normal life situations I'm not that way haha

ziento2733 karma

Which is your opinion about the debut of Fernando Alonso in Indy?

MattDiBenedetto32 karma

I think it is very cool!

Zac_Campbell_Driver28 karma

Thanks for the AMA Matt!

What is the most scared you've ever been behind the wheel?

MattDiBenedetto56 karma

No problem thank you! Most scared: when Austin Dillon's engine and transmission almost came through my windshield at Daytona I think in 2015

lucmwis27 karma

Other than r/NASCAR, what is your go-to subreddit? Any you are slightly ashamed to admit to?

MattDiBenedetto45 karma

Anything involving car mods haha cars and the gym pretty much sum up my life

NoonecanknowMiner23 karma

What did you think of Reddit before you joined? Had you heard of it?

MattDiBenedetto42 karma

I had heard of it and I always wanted to check it out because all my friends that were on it would tell me how knowledgeable everyone is on here and clever. I am so glad I joined because I have never come across a more dedicated/loyal community!

JeremyMethfield23 karma

If you had to vote for any one for the All Star Race, who would it be?


MattDiBenedetto29 karma

It better be me! I hope we can make it, it would mean so much to our team and I am lucky to have such loyal fans

SmithSenpaiTV23 karma

Thanks for doing this Matt!

When you were spinning at Watkins Glen last year, what was going through your head, and how did you feel afterwards?

Was it a lucky save, or are you just that good? ;D

MattDiBenedetto52 karma

Funny you ask that...I actually was driving the car backwards and spun it back the right way intentionally haha so I was proud of that save!

pinkysugarfree22 karma

Hey Matt! Of course we love seeing you on /r/NASCAR, but it's awesome to see you all over Reddit too!

I have a couple questions for you:

  1. What do you think we as fans of the sport can do to get non fans to take the chance and come to a race?

  2. Do you think the presence of Monster as the primary sponsor is bringing new eyes to NASCAR?

  3. Would you ever do reality television?

MattDiBenedetto18 karma

1) that's a great question...I have been meeting so many new fans lately attending their first ever races and they all say they are surprised at how fun and family friendly the races are which is the word we need to continue to spread!

2) I think Monster is a huge help for bringing in the younger generation and we are lucky to have them

3) absolutely! I love doing anything TV related

EddyJawbreaker19 karma

How are you still married to Taylor with that air horn and Jeffrey Earnhardt window sticker?

MattDiBenedetto28 karma

I have no good answer lol

MattDiBenedetto25 karma

Hahahahahaha that is a great question!!!

CuCl218 karma

Who is your favorite driver out there, not including yourself of course?

MattDiBenedetto50 karma

Hmmm...AJ Allmendinger is hilarious, Jeffrey is my buddy, David Ragan and I give each other the "number 1" out the window to each other a lot as a joke haha...so there are quite a few that I like!

CuCl216 karma

That's awesome! Thanks for taking the time to answer my question! You have quickly became one of my favorite drivers. Good luck getting into the all-star race!

MattDiBenedetto22 karma

Thank you very much! I hope to be in a top ride one day and winning races for you soon!

CuCl215 karma

You seem like such a wholesome guy. Don't let that big money contract go to your head when you get it!

MattDiBenedetto21 karma

I definitely will never become like that! I have had to work the old school way to get here and I wouldn't be where I am without the fans and I will never forget that. I honestly have fun meeting all the fans and interacting with them at the races and on social media!

NoFunHere18 karma

Great to see the improvement in the 32 car behind the wheel. I have two questions, one from me and one from my wife.

What was your first impression when you heard about stage racing and how has that changed since you have raced a few races?

Is Kyle Larson as hot in person and on TV and can you get him to do an AMA?

Thanks for the AMA. You are great.

MattDiBenedetto29 karma

I thought the stage racing was a good idea and I enjoy how it makes everyone race hard all day!

And Kyle Larson is wonderful...I have actually known him since he was 6 years old haha

Rcy412215 karma

Hi Matt! Checking in as an f1 fan and current karting driver:

Do you have any interest in kart racing during the off season? Also, are you going to the gopro motorplex little 600?

MattDiBenedetto20 karma

I do love kart racing...I think it keeps our skills sharp in our off time!

And I am glad you mentioned the little 600 because I meant to check on that because I would like to go if my schedule allows!

Konner4215 karma

Hey Matt, shouting from /r/NASCAR.

I've always been very skeptical of you and your talent, but you have totally proven me wrong. You are elevating a single-car team that struggled to finish races last year with impressive top-20 finishes. So, I ask, if given the right opportunity with a top tier team, how far do you think you could get? Playoffs? Playoff contender? Final Four contender?

MattDiBenedetto29 karma

Thank you it means a lot! If given a ride with a powerhouse team I know I can win races and compete for championships one day. But for now I'm climbing the ladder the old school way!

DoctorWho--1114 karma

If you were in control of NASCAR for one day, what would you change? You are awesome! Thank you for answering our questions!

MattDiBenedetto28 karma

Thank you!

I would make it easier for the small teams to compete somehow. It stinks having the same few powerhouse teams winning all the races! But unfortunately that's not an easy fix and I don't have the solution haha

mouse_fitzgerald22214 karma

What's a food that most would consider weird that you enjoy?

What's the weirdest sandwich you have ever made?

MattDiBenedetto32 karma

Omg I love all food...this is a hard question.

People think it's weird when I can eat an entire angel food cake to myself haha I LOVE it.

Weirdest sandwich.... my wife wins this one not me. She always eats a banana sandwich with mayo on it. So disgusting!!!

ChadGnarly31 karma

banana sandwich with mayo

Sounds like she took a page out of Dale Jr's cookbook

MattDiBenedetto20 karma

No kidding! Lol

mouse_fitzgerald2226 karma

Haha. Thanks for doing this AMA! Just put my vote in for you!

MattDiBenedetto8 karma

Thank you! I appreciate the vote. I hope we can make it in!

Water_Cooler_Dale13 karma

Tacos or burritos?

MattDiBenedetto37 karma


iwas99x13 karma

Matthew, do you ever talk with any of the Monster Energy Promo Ladies at the racetrack?

MattDiBenedetto17 karma

Yea I do! Mostly at driver intros. They are all very nice and well spoken

iwas99x13 karma

Matthew, how often do people mispell and mispronounce your name and what are the most bizarre misspellings and mispronunciations'?

MattDiBenedetto18 karma

ALL THE TIME. The most bizarre is when they say it like "DIE-BENNN-EEEEETO"

team_extreme12 karma

I watch a lot of F1 and V8 supercars that race on circuits (street and road courses) and i dont understand the difficulty of racing on an oval, as an outsider looking in i assumed it would be relatively easy for a driver to transition to racing on ovals however every driver that seems to go from road courses to ovals seems to struggle. Can you please explain the challenges and difficulties of racing on an oval?..thanks

MattDiBenedetto20 karma

Great question! The ovals take a lot of smooth calculated driving and searching around for the fastest lines. It's just such a different style of driving and you are right on the edge at all times and it is tough. Best example of a huge difference: running 2" from the wall packing air up against it trying to make speed at tracks like California, Darlington, etc. this is a bad description but oval racing is tougher than it appears haha

DemonKitty24311 karma

What is you're favorite kind of track to race on, Short tracks, restrictor plates, mile and a half, or road courses?

Thanks for doing an AMA!

MattDiBenedetto18 karma

Short tracks and road courses for sure!

No problem at all thank you!

lightsisqueen11 karma

Are there any other drivers who use Reddit and but don't let it be known?

MattDiBenedetto17 karma

Not too many that I know of to be honest. I have seen my buddy Garrett Smithley on here some who races xfinity. More of them should be on here!

Dasmt5510 karma

(Besides yourself of course!) Who in your opinion is the most underrated and most talented driver in NASCAR?

MattDiBenedetto20 karma

Cole Whitt or Landon Cassill. They could also win if given rides in top equipment

iwas99x10 karma

Matthew, what cool free perks and swag have you gotten from your sponsors?

MattDiBenedetto23 karma

Can-Am just gave me a new Maverick x3 side by side!!! I grew up riding dirt bikes and four wheelers so that was literally the best present in the world. Many videos to come! I just picked it up last week

iwas99x9 karma

Matthew, in the future would you like to race in a famous non NASCAR race like the Indy 500, 24 Hours of Lemans, 12 Hours of Sebring, Baja 1000 or some other big race?

MattDiBenedetto14 karma

Absolutely...honestly I would like to race in all that you listed! Especially the 24 hours of Lemans

meliwazhere8 karma

Dear Matt, why do you like scaring your wife with the air horn?

Thanks for taking a picture with me at Fontana btw.

MattDiBenedetto13 karma

Haha she is so fun to annoy!

fireinvestigator1138 karma

What is your favorite movie series?

MattDiBenedetto25 karma

Movie series might have to be Star Wars

Favorite movies in general are The Shawshank Redemption and Forrest Gump

JBurlison928 karma

How hard is it to naturally let go of a steering wheel as you are wrecking? I see it on in car cameras quite often and feel like you would naturally want to keep steering and trying to save it so you aren't going for a crazy ride.

MattDiBenedetto17 karma

Yea I am bad at letting go of the wheel honestly!

ridleyrp8 karma

Hey Matt!

If you got lost on the road somewhere in the country, which one of your competitors would you most like to have in the car with you helping you navigate?

MattDiBenedetto14 karma

I would choose AJ Allmendinger because he is hilarious and entertains me just hearing him talk haha

iwas99x8 karma

Matthew, how often are you on Reddit and what are your favorite subreddits? How often do you browse r/NASCAR? Do people on the Go Fas race team browse Reddit and r/NASCAR?

MattDiBenedetto13 karma

I am browsing r/NASCAR every day honestly and I always randomly pop in and comment on stuff. My favorite is on Monday mornings seeing what fun stuff is on there about the race the previous day.

And I have now gotten some of our guys on Reddit and informed them of what it's all about. Of course my PR guy Ryan is on here all the time haha

XerevoFaris767 karma

Hi, Matt. Which driver do you get along with the best off the track?

MattDiBenedetto10 karma

Probably Jeffrey Earnhardt!

insertnamehere9877 karma

What do you think of Cup or NXS ever going to Eldora?

MattDiBenedetto11 karma

I would be all for it! That would be so fun haha I love dirt racing

clebiskool7 karma

Matt, Do you have any raceday rituals or a usual routine that you do to get prepared and focused for the race?

MattDiBenedetto11 karma

I don't...other than eating right after the drivers meeting haha

iwas99x6 karma

Matthew, are you friends with any of the drivers you race against?

MattDiBenedetto19 karma

Yea! Jeffrey Earnhardt, AJ Allmendinger, David Ragan, Landon Cassill, Cole Whitt, etc.

I also send Dale Jr all the snapchats of torturing my wife with fake snakes, the air horn and all that haha. He has become a friend as well

iwas99x6 karma

Fake snakes? Haha. She is going to get you back for that in some funny way.

MattDiBenedetto13 karma

Follow me on Snapchat: mattdracing You will see haha

iwas99x6 karma

Matthew, what are your favorite pizza toppings, your favorite candy bar and favorite beer?

MattDiBenedetto10 karma

Pizza toppings: sausage and pepperoni Candy bar: butterfinger and Hershey's! Beer: NONE 😂

iwas99x6 karma

Matthew, what does FAS stand for? And can you tell us a little something about the Go Fas Racing team owners?

MattDiBenedetto13 karma

Correct ^ he answered for me haha. But Archie St. Hilaire is the owner of the team. He lives up in Maine and his son Mason is our general manager. It's a small family team and they truly love racing which is what makes it all that much more satisfying when we outrun some of the big teams! We only have 15 employees total and they are such great people

ZappaOMatic6 karma

Hi there, Matt!

Let's say NASCAR has decided to host a 24-hour endurance race. At what track would you want this to happen and who would you want to share the car with?

MattDiBenedetto7 karma

I would choose Mid Ohio Sports Car Course and my teammate would be Allmendinger!

zach2016 karma

What kind of engine is in your car and how much power does it make?

MattDiBenedetto11 karma

We run Roush Yates engines and they won't tell us the power haha. Somewhere close to 800 I believe

zach2012 karma

Can NASCARs be forced induction, or do they have to be naturally aspirated?

MattDiBenedetto8 karma

They must be a 358 cu in naturally aspirated engine

iwas99x6 karma

Matthew, if you were on America Got Talent, what talent would you show off to the judges?

MattDiBenedetto9 karma

My lip syncing abilities haha

iwas99x6 karma

Matthew, does your mom get nervous about you racing or is she used to and relaxed about it?

MattDiBenedetto8 karma

She gets insanely nervous

RedditMember10000006 karma

Do you think Landon Cassill can build a castle?

MattDiBenedetto25 karma

He better be able to or else he is a fraud

Madhairman126 karma

Hey Matt what was the most rewarding experience you've ever had in the car?

P.S thanks for retweeting one of my tweets

MattDiBenedetto10 karma

Honestly I think finishing 6th at Bristol was one of the coolest because of how much of a win it was for a small team like I was driving for

MattDiBenedetto9 karma

And no problem!!

ChadGnarly5 karma

Hey Matt, thanks for doing this! I got a chance to hang around with some of the crew at Daytona but didn't get a chance to say hey. My question is if offered a top Xfinity ride, would you consider taking it? And if so, would you try to run double duty or pick and choose which races youd want to run in both Cup and Xfinity?

MattDiBenedetto9 karma

I will always choose being full time in cup but I would definitely be ok with pulling double duty sometimes!

iwas99x5 karma

Matthew, what are your NASCAR career goals?

MattDiBenedetto9 karma

To be winning races and a championship one day

johnnyracer245 karma

Matt, do you believe more fan interaction is needed by fans and who do you believe (outside of you) is the best at this?

MattDiBenedetto9 karma

I couldn't agree more!! We need more engagement directly with fans from drivers. I'm not sure who else does it a lot, Carl Edwards was one of the best to his fans at track. Also...Brad Keselowski is very good about interacting with his fans and he is extremely respectful to them. He is a great guy

Minutes2Midnight5 karma

Hey DiBurrito! Congrats on the top 20 at Dega.

Have you been to the GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville? It'd be awesome to see you there. You should try to make it out to the Little 600 on May 23rd!

I race karts with the dream of driving professionally. Do you have any tips for someone trying to break into the world of professional motorsports?

Thanks for the AMA! Good luck with your Reddit sponsorship, that'll be so cool to see. It's been awesome following your career so far, keep it up!

MattDiBenedetto7 karma

I am checking my schedule because I would like to come out to the little 600!

Stick to go karts if you are wanting to be a driver...anything above that is too expensive!! Haha

AnonRaceFan4 karma

Hey Matt! I've got a question!!

What is your Favorite Memory in NASCAR or Racing in general?

Thank You!!

MattDiBenedetto12 karma

Finishing 6th at Bristol!

iwas99x4 karma

Matthew, after the Dayton 500, what is the race you most want to win on the NASCAR schedule and why?

MattDiBenedetto12 karma

Bristol night race for sure. That track is just special to me and everyone knows how tough that track is. Close to that would also be the Southern 500 at Darlington

willashman3 karma

How psyched are you for Cars 3, and what's the dumbest thing any driver or Ryan has ever said to you?

MattDiBenedetto6 karma

I can't wait for Cars 3! And don't get me started on Ryan haha I wouldn't know where to start lol

iwas99x3 karma

Matthew, do you wish you could listen to music, while driving your race car? And if you were allowed to listen to listen to music while racing, what bands and artists would you listen to?

MattDiBenedetto8 karma

No because I need all the concentration I can get haha. If I had to listen to any bands it would be Eminem: Lose Yourself, Aerosmith, Nirvana, etc

richwallace2473 karma

First car?

MattDiBenedetto17 karma

2006 Ford Mustang!

Legacy_6003 karma

Thanks for coming Matt!

My question for you is: If you could get any musician or band (live or dead) to perform live for your driver intro at Bristol, who would you pick?

Edit: Also, how hard was it to get Reddit's permission for this contest?

MattDiBenedetto9 karma


jamesno263 karma

Hey DiBurrito! Here's a question: How can one become a part of a NASCAR team? My biggest dream when I was a kid was to be a NASCAR driver, and while that probably isn't gonna happen, I still want to be part of NASCAR.

Followup question: what's your favorite pizza topping?

MattDiBenedetto8 karma

Tough question because there are so many ways! Best way is volunteering with a local race team to get some experience and get started

Favorite pizza is pepperoni and sausage haha

PaulStuart3 karma

Would you like to take part in any other types of motorsport other than NASCAR? If so, what?

Also, do you follow any other racing series?

MattDiBenedetto6 karma

Honestly I love dirt racing like sprint cars and late models. But my heart is with NASCAR

FullmentalFiction3 karma

Hello #DiBurrito! Good luck with the new sponsorship, I can't believe this actually happened! Seems like it was nothing but a joke and a dream a while back, but it actually happened! Now let's get you that All Star vote, huh?

Anyway, my question to you: if you could have one track added to the nascar schedule, road course or oval, current or historic, and in any location in the world, what would it be and why?

MattDiBenedetto4 karma

Thank you for voting!

Any track added to the schedule: Mid Ohio Sports Car Course. I loved that track!

Unapologetic_Patriot2 karma

What is your favorite car to drive on the street and why is it the Corvette?

MattDiBenedetto7 karma

Haha you know me too well! I love modifying my cars. I love driving my vette because it is loud and obnoxious. I hope Ford will hook me up on a vehicle soon so I can represent them!

22Fusion2 karma

Besides "shake it off" whats your favorite Taylor Swift song?

MattDiBenedetto11 karma

Love Story probably 😂