I'm an actress, online content creator, and cat lady! You can see me on Netflix's You Get Me, the 3rd season of Freeform's Stitchers and Comedy Central's Corporate.

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WyldeBolt32 karma

Hi Anna, will you be interested in doing an AMA with /r/asianamerican sometime in the future?

Anna_Akana30 karma


okaykayleee28 karma

What was it like being in the movie Antman?

Anna_Akana82 karma

It was... weird. I was instructed to do my own hair and make up for the scene and sent to the bathroom 3 separate times to have my bra stuffed. Definitely felt weird about the whole experience, but had a good time regardless.

RedRobotCake27 karma

Hi, Anna! I've been watching you for years now and just wanted to say I am proud of you for all of the progress and hard work you have done. You have been very inspirational to me and always send out an empowering message for women.

I was wondering if you'd be able to answer how your sister's passing affected you and your life? If so, how were you able to move forward and push yourself to keep succeeding?

Anna_Akana43 karma

Kris dying is like the before and after moment of my life. It gave me an entirely new purpose. I was able to move forward because it forced me to confront my mortality at a young age.

aaama0827 karma

Without getting too personal, what happened to you and Brad? He just seemed to disappear from your videos?

Big fan too :)

Anna_Akana47 karma

We broke up, but are still amicable

mickupo3322 karma

Hey Anna!

1.) I know you've teased the idea of playing Silk someday; if you could cast yourself in any comic project, what other heroes or villains would you love to play?

2.) Is there any chance we might see a full-length stand-up special from you soon?

Anna_Akana25 karma

  1. I would absolutely love to continue to be in the MCU and play Silk. I'd also love to be Mulan.

  2. I'm in no rush. Stand up is something I've always done as more of a therapeutic way for me to face my fears and feel alive. It's never been a calling in terms of my purpose. My relationship to the stage is more of a salvation if that makes sense.

hasiea21 karma

Who is someone you would really like to work with in the future, either in film or YouTube or another project? Love all your work xx

Anna_Akana55 karma

I'd love to collaborate with Natalie Tran, Seth Rogen and Bo Burnham.

PsyrusNation20 karma

When did you get your first cat? Just want to add I've worked with you a handful of times and you are as nice and kind as you are talented. You are one of the people. Wish you nothing but continued success!

Anna_Akana46 karma

My first cat was Phoebe. I adopted her a few months after my sister's suicide because I knew my father wouldn't have the heart to make me return her.

celluxjen19 karma

Anna, throughout your 20s, what was the most challenging obstacle for you?

Anna_Akana32 karma

I'm still in my 20s, but I'd say balance. I spent a lot of my early twenties hustling and working hard and not really enjoying my life. I'd like to go into my 30s with more of a focus on balance.

celluxjen16 karma

what exactly do you love so much about cats?

Anna_Akana68 karma

I DON'T KNOW. I just look at them and my heart explodes.

khacff15 karma

Hi Anna! Gotta say I really love your videos! Also I made a reddit account just for you.

So, for my question. My boyfriend, with whom I live with, and I broke up yesterday and tonight is my first night alone. How do I get through it? I feel so alone and just wanna cry my eyes off and then call him and beg him to come back. How do you get through breakups?

Anna_Akana35 karma

Time time time time time. Lean on your friends. Cry as much as you need to. Be a good friend to yourself. Take care of yourself. Exercise. Get enough sleep. Pet some cats (or dogs). Take walks.

unkle15 karma

Being an AAPI actor, has anything surprised you about being in the entertainment industry?

Anna_Akana45 karma

I was surprised by the racism, believe it or not. I grew up all over the world and racism was something I'd never really encountered till I was 17 and living in California.

There's this weird double standard with Asian roles. They'll say you HAVE to be Chinese to play this role, or HAVE to be Korean to play that role. I never experienced that with Caucasian roles. No one was ever like "You MUST be Irish to play this character!" So that's been a continuous source of surprise and annoyance

ohshitfuck9314 karma

Hi Anna! Love your videos! I never used to actually subscribe to channels on YouTube until I watched yours! I just wanted say thank you for being an awesome representative for young Asian Americans in film and media. You are a huge inspiration and I hope you realize how much you've done for our community already. On that note, my question is:

What advice do you have for asian american youth that want to break into the more creative industries, but don't really know where to start?

Anna_Akana20 karma

Depending on where you want to go, I'd say starting is simply the best place. Immerse yourself in whatever industry you're going after. Research the hell out of what you can. Read books. Dive in. The more you focus on action the better off you'll be.

celluxjen12 karma

anna, how long does it take you to create 1 youtube video? all the way from writing the script, to filming it, to editing, and finally posting. how many crew members are involved?

Anna_Akana26 karma

It varies. When I first started, it would take me 3-4 days to script, film, edit, etc.

Now that I have a crew, it takes me a day to script/film, and my editor 4-5 hours to edit, then my GFX lady 3 business days to add all the animated elements.

On an average day, I have: Cinematographer (also edits) Producer Grip Gaffer Sound GFX artist

scswindale11 karma

Hi, Anna! First, I wanted to say that I wrote about you in one of my Stanford essays ("What matters to you and why?") and I want to thank you for everything (ps, I got in!).

I'm also curious -- what books were very transformative to you? What are things you would tell any incoming college freshman to do?

Anna_Akana15 karma

"Does The Center Hold?" is a philosophy book that shaped how I view the world when I was in a few semesters of community college. I fell in love with the various perspectives people had on life and what it meant to them.

betch11 karma

How long did it take you to be able to be open about your sister's suicide? As someone who lost 12 year old child in my family to suicide, the first few years I didn't talk to anyone about it other than a therapist. I would love to know your journey to where you are now, writing a book for her.

Anna_Akana12 karma

Took me 7 years to be able to joke about it

Anna_Akana7 karma

It took me 7 years to even make a joke about it.

amiriteC9 karma

Hey Anna! I remember about a year or two ago you made a bunch of short films and uploaded them to your youtube channel as a sort of year-long project (if I'm correct) and I absolutely loved them! I was wondering which one of them was your favourite? I really liked Hallucination and Emergency Call. Thanks so much!

Anna_Akana19 karma

My favorite is by far PREGNAPOCALYPSE. That was such a fun one to film, and because I forgot my dress that day, we had to somehow make it work that my friend yanked off my pants to give birth to the baby alien.

celluxjen9 karma

hi anna! how were you able to get your role from Ant-Man?

Anna_Akana35 karma

I auditioned. The process entailed being able to lip sync with Michael Pena's monologue, and since that's an odd gift I have, I was able to follow along pretty easily.

celluxjen9 karma

hi anna! what is your favorite youtube collaboration that you've done thus far?

Anna_Akana34 karma

Loved working with Danielle Radcliffe. What a class act.

lilhighness8 karma

Hi Anna!

First of all girl you are so gorgeous, and I'm always impressed with your lean physique! My question is how do you stay motivated to keep fit?

Anna_Akana25 karma

Half of it is genetics. The other half is because I'm a vain actor who needs to stay in shape. Exercise also helps me with my depression.

chrisppy018 karma

What made you want to become an actress? Also, do you need a film scorer for any potential short films coming up? I make music!

Anna_Akana17 karma

I've wanted to act since I was 5. I was the little red hen for a school puppet play and was hooked ever since. The fact that that's puppetry and not acting never dawned on me.

writerac8 karma

how do you feel about the fact that Asian-Americans are so often the butt of the joke in American comedy? What advice to you have to aspiring Asian-American writers to combat these stereotypes?

Anna_Akana20 karma

I feel very disheartened by the fact that we're often perceived as harmless and therefore easy targets. That said, I know I could have it much worse, so I try to combat it in the ways that I can: by taking the power away from these jokes, by refusing to acknowledge them as true, by calling out racism when I see it, and by not being afraid to tell people when they're being dumbasses.

norwegiayeah8 karma

Hi, Anna! You have given me countless laughs, and I thank you for it. What is the best writing advice anyone has given you?

Anna_Akana16 karma

Write about what hurts - Hemingway

nyawne8 karma

Hi Anna, thank you for your content. It's really inspiring to see how hard you work and how well thought out your work is. I was wondering if you had any more tips about dealing with depression and pacing yourself?

Anna_Akana12 karma

I think of depression like a roller coaster. Sometimes it's manageable, other times it completely takes you by surprise. The best you can do is try to manage it by taking care of yourself and staying as healthy as possible.

the_ocean_is_mine7 karma

First off I would like to say i love you, your cats and how talented you are. How do you manage all your workload like producing shows like Miss 2059, YouTube, voice acting, etc.?

Anna_Akana9 karma

I'm naturally gifted at time management. I'm able to schedule myself down to fifteen minute intervals and get quite a bit done in a day.

Prexeon7 karma

Hey, Anna! What about Riley Rewind? Is there going to be anything new about any when soon?

Anna_Akana20 karma

Unfortunately I do not have the rights to Riley. I'd love to make a second season but it's out of my control.

celluxjen7 karma

hi anna!! do you remember all the short films you've created in 2014? they were awesome btw. do u plan on producing and releasing anymore short films in the future?

Anna_Akana11 karma

Though I'd love to do more short films, they are not financially viable from a business standpoint. I'd love to do a few more passion projects but right now I'm focusing on longer form!

Arguss7 karma

First off, you gotta do the classic IAMA question: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses and or 1 horse-sized duck?

Also, I really loved your video about sexual norms and trying to come up with a framework for being sex-positive. In line with that, my question would be: what do you think is the biggest issue holding us as a society back from becoming more open about sex and sexuality? Related: Do you ever think that elements within the feminist movement end up ironically acting to restrict sexuality?

Anna_Akana20 karma

I'd love to fight a horse-sized duck so I could potentially ride him like a griffin.

Sexuality is an odd thing in America. In trying to find financing for a short film dealing with explicitly sexual content, a ton of brands were off put by the idea. Yet on the opposite spectrum, I had NO problem finding funding for my short film Loose Ends, which deals with mental illness, violence, and (spoilers) murder. I find it odd that our country simultaneously exploits sex for capitalistic gains while shunning sexuality at the same time. I have no idea why this is or how to solve it.

vedder446 karma

what 5 things would u try to experience if u could be the opposite sex for a day?

Anna_Akana18 karma

Probably just masturbating? What's that like? Crazyyyyy

craigrobert236 karma

What would you say to someone struggling with the stress of school and final exams?

Anna_Akana11 karma

You're gonna be just fine

JammyPillows6 karma

Would you rather never watch a movie again or never listen to music again? (Penguins are great!)

Anna_Akana9 karma

I'd say never listen to music again. I'm not as obsessed with music as most people are. Movies I couldn't live without.

ZoxxMan6 karma

What happened to your book club channel? It's been inactive for a while now.

Anna_Akana12 karma

Hahaha I stopped doing it because I am the worst at on-the-spot camera talking

Lelia2226 karma

What was the hardest thing for you to deal with this year and what is your advice for dealing with a similar issue?

Anna_Akana17 karma

The hardest thing this year was having a lot of my life fall apart. My relationship ended, a lot of my previous friendships ended, a few movies I was a part of fell apart and lost their funding. It felt like an entirely new chapter of my life was starting and I wasn't ready for it.

But I am used to change, and normally embrace it, so just sticking it out and knowing that things aren't permanent always helps me

danthedinoman5 karma

Hey Anna! Huge fan of your videos. Is it easy coming up with various topics for these videos at all, or do you have to dig deep?

Anna_Akana15 karma

Hahaha every week I think I'm going to run out of new topics to talk about. I try to keep a meticulous journal so that on particularly dry days I can hunt down a topic or two that resonates with me.

But I think as long as I'm living with reckless abandon, I'll find SOMETHING to talk about

takemeawayyyyy5 karma

Hi Anna! What do you see yourself doing in the next 10 years?

Anna_Akana16 karma

Having a career that I'm proud of. Being married to a man I adore. Having a few kids.

Kiir05 karma

Hey Anna, will there be international shipping for your book? Big fan here since 2012. Looking forward to it.

Anna_Akana7 karma

Yes! You can pre-order on Amazon and they ship err where

iwas99x5 karma

Anna, how often are you on Reddit and what are your favorite subreddits?

Anna_Akana10 karma

I'm on reddit every so often. Love looking at the dating subreddits hahaha

whosdamike5 karma

Are you going to be at New York Comic-Con this year? If so, would you be interested in being on the Super Asian America panel?

Anna_Akana6 karma

Unfortunately not!

angelamelanierego5 karma


Anna_Akana7 karma

Be prepared - so much of production is preparation and I'm constantly surprised by how little people prepare.

Don't be an asshole - treat everyone with respect, and respect their time.

rainbowsauce15 karma

will you be going on tour to do book signings and meetups when your book comes out?

Anna_Akana11 karma

I'm going to attempt to do a very small book tour. Unfortunately schedules aren't aligning right now. My book comes out right when I begin production on back to back projects so don't think I'll be able to do much touring! :(

paigecollison5 karma

Hey Anna, what advice would you give a vegan turned vegetarian (like myself) who is starting to think that for the sake of health reasons should probably eat some meat every now and then? You once said in a video that "the healthier you are the happier we can be be" ... but conflicting feelings such as as guilt and fear are just getting in the way

Anna_Akana15 karma

I was a vegan for 4 years. I am not a mostly-vegetarian who occasionally consumes meat. I think everyone has to find what works for them. I kept getting sick when I was vegan (due to the level of activity I was involved in) and decided that once in awhile I would have to make a compromise but do the best I can with the circumstances I was given.

mdfrankaudio4 karma

Hey Anna! Discovered your channel recently and binge watched all your videos!

When you first started out (with NO career whatsoever), what resources (books?) did you refer to in order to know "what to do" for those very first steps that eventually got you to where you are today?

Anna_Akana7 karma

I don't recall specific books I read, but they were all various ones that I found at the library in regards to breaking into the industry, rules of the industry, etc. I'd say get your hands on whatever you can and consume as much material as possible.

moongal8504 karma

How do you feel you have grown as a content creator? Have you ever re-watched some of your older content? Would you consider making a video of your own reactions to re-watching your older content, like a review/critique/react video?

Anna_Akana14 karma

God, I've grown so much. I saw some of my older content yesterday and screamed out loud. Never want to do a reaction video because I'll probably shrivel up and die.

BaffourA3 karma

What's the most challenging thing about being a content creator, that you never would have guessed before you started?

Anna_Akana10 karma

The frustrated feeling that you want to do bigger and better content, but that you're limited based on what you can accomplish within a week.

Youtube is an odd game, and on occasion I'm tempted to step away from my once-a-week self imposed deadline to tackle longer form narrative projects. But those aren't a sustainable business model, and ultimately I do this gig because it helps me continue to pursue my passions with more of a selective power stance.

SidewalkCynic3 karma

Really enjoy your YouTube work suggesting quirks in our psycho-social system. Haven't seen any recent postings for your stand-up appearances - how is that going?

Anna_Akana12 karma

I'm taking a break from stand up to focus on other projects! I just wrote a book that comes out 6/13 so have been heavily focused on that.

gohankudasai3 karma

Hi Anna! How should I convince my friends to watch You get me when it's out on Netflix? Will there be cats?

Anna_Akana7 karma

There's no cats unfortunately, but maybe tell them that it's a fun thriller!

celluxjen3 karma

hi anna! lately, who has been your inspiration?

Anna_Akana9 karma

Lately I've been very inspired by George Watsky. I've known of his work since 2014 but recently got reacquainted with it and was impressed with how far his art has come in terms of message, skill, etc. He's also got an admirable artistic integrity when it comes to how his art is received, which I find rare.

SevenNateNine3 karma

If you decided to have kids, what would you do if your kids didn't like your cats?

Anna_Akana29 karma

get rid of the kids

celluxjen3 karma

hi anna! how often do u travel for your own leisure purposes?

Anna_Akana11 karma

I try to visit a new country every year. I grew up in a military family so I'm used to moving every 2-3 years, and so I get the travel bug quite often.

Jonec76013 karma

Hi Anna! Long time fan! I was wondering if you could send me a link or whatever to one of your old runaway thoughts podcast. The reason being is this June I'm starting a podcast of similar style with some friends this June, and Im not entirely sure of the setup.I just remember watching what you did and I really enjoyed the format and generally everything about it. So pleeeeeeease could you send me some guidance? If not that's okay but that would really help me out! Thanks!

Anna_Akana5 karma

Unfortunately I do not have access to those!

TeddyMonsta3 karma

What is the most important trait that you'd want your significant other to have?

Also, have you ever been a target of racism? If so, what happened and how did you react?

Anna_Akana11 karma

The most important trait for a significant other would be friendship. Once the honeymoon phase is over and we're old and too tired to have sex, we'd rely on being good friends to keep us going. So I'd want someone who can make me laugh, be a good companion, and be willing to stick shit out with me.

And yes, I've definitely been the target of racism. Normally I laugh it off because it's so ridiculous to me.

evilwitch4523 karma

What are your plans for the future?

Anna_Akana12 karma

I'd love to write/direct a feature film, be a series regular on a show that I find amazing, get married to someone I absolutely adore, have kids.

iwas99x3 karma

Anna, do you play videogames? If so which ones and on a scale of 1 through 100, how good of a gamer are you?

Anna_Akana5 karma

I used to be addicted to video games so I try to avoid them. I currently have a vive but I restrict my VR usage because I'll get nothing done.

iwas99x3 karma

Anna, do you play any sports? If so which ones? Do you watch any sports? If so which ones and which teams do you support?

Anna_Akana5 karma

I do a lot of aerial arts - trapeze, silks, pole. I used to play soccer and dodgeball.

I don't really watch sports, though I have a feeling I'll be dragged to some baseball games soon.

iwas99x3 karma

Anna, what types of music do you listen to?

Anna_Akana7 karma

I love hip hop and pop

sandwichsparrow3 karma

Hi Anna! Love your videos (especially the ones with your cats reviewing things!)

Two questions!

1) What are some dumb ways your cats have gotten themselves stuck/into trouble recently?

2) Is there a chance we'll be seeing any longer projects from you like Loose Ends?

Anna_Akana6 karma

  1. Congress is just riddled with health problems. That poor dude.

  2. I'd love to do more longer projects that I don't have to self-fund. I'm currently working on the second season of Miss 2059 (out on go90 when it comes out) and a YT Red series

anicecupoflipton3 karma

Hi Anna!

When it comes to acting, what types of roles do you really -really- want to play? The serious badass character or the lovable goofball?

Thanks for the feedback and I'm a huge fan of the youtube vids!

Anna_Akana7 karma

I love the idea of being a comedic badass. Stunts are some of my favorite technical things to do on set, and I'd love to have fighting sequences combined with some hilarious unexpected twists. The perfect example is Ryan Gosling's character in Nice Guys - when he punches through the glass window and just bleeds all over the place

snackfucker3 karma

How many cats do you have?

Anna_Akana23 karma

I have 6 of my own, 6 that I'm fostering (a mom and her 5 kittens), and my roommate's cat. So we have 13 in my house haha

lightsoutlightson13 karma

Do you have any idea what sort of feature you want to write (drama, comedy, etc.) or when?

Anna_Akana3 karma

I'd love to tackle a thriller/horror

30-xv2 karma

What is your opinion on the case of Pluto ?

Anna_Akana11 karma


iwas99x2 karma

Anna, I'm a 33 year old single dude from Georgia USA , I've never see "Stichers" or "Corporate", why should I watch these TV shows?

Anna_Akana4 karma

I think you'd really enjoy Corporate. It's written/created by two of my friends (Jake Weisman and Matt Ingebretson) who are BRILLIANT fucking comedians. It's a dark black comedy about the meaninglessness of life accentuated by the bland every day life of working in an office. Highly recommend.

HealerSenpai2 karma

Are you bisexual?

Anna_Akana16 karma

I don't think so. I find women attractive, but since I've never done anything beyond making out, I don't believe I have earned that title. Nor do I want to misrepresent anyone from that community.

guardiasndown2 karma

Hi Anna, long time fan, what's would you say is the worst bit of advice that you've ever been given? Also what's your favourite ad you've done at the end of a video?

Anna_Akana2 karma

The worst advice I was ever given was to always say yes. There is way more power in saying no and being selective.

My favorite ad is the Squarespace one I did with Mike Diva, where I was a cat doing an EDM song

chaitogetoolong2 karma

Hey, Anna! Have you had a moment or (like me) longish period in time where you felt stagnant, personally, professionally, or creatively? If so, how did you power through it? I'm currently trying to drag myself out of a long creative slump and could use some advice!

Anna_Akana5 karma

I feel stagnant all the time. What I try to do is watch inspiring art to help me get off my ass and make something amazing.

celluxjen2 karma

10 years from now, what do you plan on achieving? adopting 10 more cats?

Anna_Akana2 karma

10 years from now I hope to have more balance in my life. I'm very career focused, and I'd like to give myself 5 more years of selfish ambition and travel and adventure before getting married & having kids.

takemeawayyyyy2 karma

Hi Anna! How do you feel about being an Asian American actress? Do you have any particular feelings regarding feminism as an Asian American?

Anna_Akana8 karma

I love being an Asian American woman. So much of who I am derives from these labels. My work ethic, my perspective on life and family, etc. Though I am afraid it's going to limit the career I can have, it's something that I struggle with accepting.

celluxjen2 karma

Hi Anna, what projects are you currently working on? (that you can tell us about?)

Anna_Akana7 karma

I have quite a few coming out in June: You Get Me (Netflix movie), 3rd season of Stitchers on Freeform, and a recurring role in Comedy Central's Corporate.

I've also got the 2nd season of Miss 2059 that I'm working on (go90), and my own YT Red series.

takemeawayyyyy1 karma

Anna, cake or pie?

Anna_Akana4 karma

cake mothafuckaaaaaa

i-awesomesauce-you1 karma

Hi Anna!

I first found your channel through your "How to put on your face" video, which caused me to do a complete 180 in my life and focus on self-care as well as bringing up other girls, rather than tearing them down. While I've seen countless videos of yours, that still really holds up as one of my favorites (along with the "My cats review stuff" series). What is your favorite video on your own channel and why, and also, what is your favorite video on another YouTube channel?

Thanks for doing this AMA (:

Anna_Akana4 karma

Aw thanks so much!

My favorite video is Loose Ends. I love directing, and I think that project holds a special place in my heart because we had an all female crew.

My favorite video on another Youtube channel is everything Natalie Tran makes

iwas99x1 karma

Anna, what is the best thing about cats?

Anna_Akana3 karma

dey cuddle

ZoxxMan1 karma

Hey Anna. What are your bigges turn ons/offs when dating a guy?

Anna_Akana3 karma

Turn ons - funny, talented, ambitious, kind Turn offs - materialistic, insecure, mean

Bob_Bobinson1 karma

Are you planning on continuing to increase your political activism (I personally wish you would)?

Anna_Akana5 karma

Absolutely. I am all about using my voice for causes I am passionate about.

Maetallica1 karma

Hello Anna! I have two questions:

What inspires you?

What are your top 3 books, movies and animes?

Anna_Akana9 karma

I'm constantly inspired by good art.

My favorite movies fluctuate but right now are are Kill Bill and Arrival.

Anime wise I love Attack on Titan and Death Note.

Books - Name of the Wind trilogy is killing me right now!

iwas99x1 karma

Anna, what is your favorite beer and mixed liquor drink?

Anna_Akana4 karma

I love IPA. In terms of a mixed drink, I go through phases. I used to love the Moscow Mule, then it was a Lemon Drop, and now I'm at Vodka/Cran/OJ

cumulonimbuscat1 karma

Hey Anna! I've been a huge fan of yours for a very long time now. I know you made a brief reappearance a while back, but what happened to Boner Book Club? I recall you saying something about you no longer having as much time to read as you did before, but I'm sad to see it go. That channel introduced me to a whole new set of books that genuinely inform my reading tastes today. Without Boner Book Club I never would have discovered some of my current favourites like Mysterious Skin or Mr. Nobody. (Side question: Have you read Fresh Off The Boat? Highly recommend.)

Anna_Akana4 karma

I still read, but not as much as I would love to! Boner Book Club got annoying to do because I would just hit record, talk about the book, and upload it. I'm not very eloquent off the top of my head (versus the polished version of myself you see in regular videos) and I cringed while watching it.

aakakka12121 karma

Do you have any fetishes?

Anna_Akana7 karma

I think I'm pretty normal. I like tall lanky dudes with beards? Guess that's my type?

leatherwatch1 karma

How do you do your perfect cat eye? What liner or tips and tricks do you have? Thanks!

Anna_Akana3 karma

4 years of meticulous practice

Lelia2221 karma

What's something about you we don't know?

Anna_Akana5 karma

I'm horrible on the spot. I sound very eloquent and put together online but that's after drafts of what I'm going to say being polished and honed.