I star in the surreal dark "office comedy" series from Adult Swim, Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell, as Gary, an associate demon, attempting to capture souls on earth in order to climb the corporate ladder of the underworld. Yes we did get Iggy Pop's approval for use of the title of the song. I am bad at it because I am very very stupid.



Proof: https://twitter.com/HenryLovesYou/status/860682159840935936 https://twitter.com/HenryLovesYou/status/861282092113461248/photo/1

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DrFantasty691 karma

Yo fuckers, I am alive and ready to answer your questions. Let me start by saying I will never reveal the locations of the bodies all men are innocent until proven guilty.

eatthestates347 karma

LPOTL is my favorite podcast. I am constantly trying to get friends to jump on the band wagon. You are hilarious. Also, you were the best part of the D Train. Keep doing you. Would love to hear more Hong Kong HZ.

DrFantasty296 karma

hail satan!!

TheBigVitus601 karma

Shit, I've been waiting for this and now I'm stumped as for what to say.

Henry, I love LPOTL. The way you and Markus keep coming back to piss off Ben with reminders of his Grandpa's past gets me every time.

You guys are the best, I don't think any other podcast even comes close. I hope you never stop!

Any chance you might ever come to Sweden? That's Sweden, not Switzerland. Which are not the same thing.

DrFantasty471 karma

I AM TRYING TO UNDERSTAND EUROPE, yes please bring us to your nordic country

Owlingday493 karma

Hey Henry. What do you bring to the friendship?

DrFantasty791 karma

i cook, i joke around, i will take you to the emergency room

ElaineThreepwoody322 karma

Hey man, you fuckin'?

DrFantasty317 karma

oooooh yeeeahhh

monstermash-up242 karma

You guys kicked ass at the St. Louis show. Last Podcast keeps me sane! As a horror fan, I'm constantly having fucked up dreams and think about the most morbid stuff through-out the day (like if I just walked past a murderer or how I could die right now), freaking out my family and coworkers. What you do you think about CONSTANTLY and what is the craziest dream you've had?


DrFantasty458 karma

Hail Satan man! The alien shit gets to me the most. I have many dreams about being abducted. But are they dreams? Are dreams another reality? Smoke yourself a fat one and answer that to yourself my friend. I am being abducted.

monstermash-up111 karma

Awesome. YES. Alien "dreams" get me the most fucked up. I tried to smoke and watch Black Mirror once. That did not go so well. I have to keep my pot usage and horror separate now.

Being a lady, I think it's fabulous you assumed otherwise because...we are on Reddit of course. But, uh, bitches LOVE satan. Hail YOU. Hail me.

DrFantasty138 karma

hail YOU and then i hail me

DrFantasty232 karma

Thank you guys for your questions! I'm out of here now. Hail Satan and see all of you soon! Real soon.

vintovkamosina195 karma

Henry, for the love of our dark lord, will you boys ever consider covering the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker case on LPOTL? There's so much weird scary shit there plus the piece of shit in question has a baby dick! A BABY DICK!

Anyways, what has been the grossest experience during filming of Pretty Face? Great show btw.

DrFantasty183 karma


the grossest thing i ever had to do was touch that goat's penis in the hammerhand episode, mostly because it kept fighting. also the peanut butter from season 2 is still always in my mind. so much nut

vintovkamosina53 karma

Hail! What's your favorite strain of Satan's salad in states where such things are legal?

DrFantasty132 karma

i like a calm down weed, so i like that sweeeet indicaa legalliiize it

DoctorStacy158 karma

Magustalations from a lady-listener to LPOTL! Your horrible, filthy, despicable comedy keeps me going, and Now I giggle at the word "moLESte"- thanks.

What's the worst (most offside) thing you ever said as a joke?

DrFantasty193 karma

who fucking knows, i talk publically for three hours a week i don't know what comes out of my hole

Hippie_Of_Death118 karma

Hey Henry! I love hearing talk about chaos magick and how you use it. Your two parter about it is what piqued my interest in it.

My questions: How did you come to practice it and what would you recommend to an inexperienced chaote like myself?

How would you describe your methods?


DrFantasty141 karma

it's an everyday behavior, it's about thinking about life magically giving things symbolic purpose. a good thing to look up is DO EASY which was a system that burroughs used for a long time with heroin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoOUBETTyMI

Hippie_Of_Death30 karma

Wow, that was an experience.

I think I may have been practicing that method without knowing it for years, I just thought I was a lazy fuck trying to be efficient!

Thank you very much, will definitely look to incorporating more of it in my daily life!


DrFantasty30 karma

hailll himmm

drabelincoln97 karma

Serious question here...which is more disgusting Ben's clot filled legs or Marcus's teeth?

Hail ME!

DrFantasty148 karma

i am just concerned for both of them, you are hailed

bound2fade82 karma

You can go to dinner with three heavy hitters that the gang has covered on LPOTL. Who do you choose? It can either be together or one-on-one.

DrFantasty201 karma

serial killers are bad at dinner. they aren't fun. i would rather go out with shoko asahara from aum shinrikyo

waterbuffaloes69 karma

Would you end up drunk enough that Shoko would be able to convince you to drink his dirty bath water? This is all I'm now able to see in my mind and I'm not too happy with myself for it.

DrFantasty98 karma

i'd try it

notfairenough71 karma

In The Characters on Netflix, you are mistaken for Jim Gaffigan. Was that idea inspired by true events and has this happened to you in real life? Hail Satan!

DrFantasty126 karma

it used to happen to me CONSTANTLY, i've signed head shots of his at least three times

Wetstew_50 karma

Did you sign it under his name? Or yours?

DrFantasty91 karma

his name!

deadlikeisaac67 karma

Hi Henry! I love you guys on LPOTL. I can never get over how your funny voices end up being pretty realistic for the crazies you cover. What is your favorite voice/character you've played? Hail yourself and megustalations!

DrFantasty185 karma

It's weird how maniacs and losers sound like maniacs and losers right?? Currently my favorite is Carlos Allende from the newest Philadelphia Experiment ep https://soundcloud.com/lastpodcastontheleft/episode-268-the-philadelphia-experiment

but my alltime favorite will be Charles Ng, he is in my heart always and it'll be great when he's dead

ScaryDebbie61 karma

Will there ever be a Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell home game? I'm picturing one like Candyland except instead of Ice Cream Sea there is Diarrhea Lake.

DrFantasty73 karma

oh my satan you should make it and put it out

thisandthatdmv60 karma

Big plans for 2017? What about Kissel running for office, still threatening him with a few particular sound clips?

DrFantasty94 karma

i am for his election and support him! let's take down the office of bk borough president from the inside!

drratbag59 karma

Hey Henry I'm a med student so I spend a lot of time in dissection. It's pretty brutal, lots of bone saws etc, and I'm always surprised at the number of bodies we have I'm totally convinced the labs are haunted because pillars keep moving behind me, so my question is: if you'd donated your body to medical science, would you haunt the labs? If you would, what sort of stuff would you do? Hail Satan Madeleine

DrFantasty97 karma

i would LOVE to haunt a lab. i think i would wait for the tiniest microscope work being done and then scream "GET OUT" just to make them start over

Fern9256 karma

Hail Henry!

First off, I'm a huge fan of LPOTL! I discovered it back in November and binged it like crazy starting from episode 1 until I was finally caught up. Took like 4 months.

In the hours upon hours upon HOURS of research you guys put in on all of the topics, has there ever been any bit of info on a certain topic or maybe even an entire topic all together that was just too much for you? Too horrifying or whatever to share on the podcast?

DrFantasty113 karma

we couldn't go fully in depth in the children of god episodes about the child rearing manual the story of davidito. that is straight fucked and i hope to never look at it again

black_flag_4ever52 karma


DrFantasty91 karma

yes! i support them

FAC_7352 karma

Hail You Sir!

Two questions... How did you meet Marcus and Ben? How do you get the red bodypaint off? If you need makeup remover recommendations, let me know :-)

DrFantasty83 karma

i met ben through holden mcneely from roundtable because they lived together and we were comedians at the same time. marcus profiled me for a show on breakthrough radio about comedians and it all happened pretty naturally. there was no lou perlman.

i clean myself with brauner's soap and 90% alcohol, old school baby

TheNamesRyder51 karma

Megustalations Henry!

Huge fan of yours! Goin to the Friday show in Houston. Figuratively speaking, if one were to bring a blunt to the show, would you partake in the consumption of said blunt?

I'll take my answer on air.


DrFantasty82 karma

i love weed and if it gets to my lips i put it in the lips, tips to lips

hellcamino50 karma

Saw your live show at Colorado Springs on 4/20 and had a blast!

If BK wins the BK, will that effect the show at all? Will Ben have to censor himself?

DrFantasty208 karma

i think he'll be just fine! our president openly sexually assaulted many people i think kissel is fine cursing on a podcast

personalitychampion41 karma

Henry I fucking love you and lpotl and just wow. You made so many of my days and nights better with your wonderful fucked up humor and talent. Anyways. Would you shave your back hair off and sell it to me so I can knit something out of it and use it for chaos magick?!

If you had to have a three way with any one serial killer and any one celebrity who would it be and how involved would you get?

Hail Satan!

DrFantasty72 karma

i won't shave my back hair because it's too itchy also it's where my power is. i don't want to fuck a serial killer because they all suck in bed unless you are screaming and bleeding so i think i'd just go for charlize theron and huma abedin

ScaryDebbie38 karma

Have you ever been to the Winchester Mystery House? Do you want to go on a tour with me?

DrFantasty57 karma

we went last year on our vacation and it's so fucking creepy. the vault story gave me chills

LifeUhhhFindsAWay36 karma

Hi Henry! I'm a huge fan of last podcast on the left. You guys often bring up your favorite horror movies, but what are some of your favorite sci fi movies? Hail Satan and megustalations.

DrFantasty86 karma

The original Solaris, Dune, 2001, Alien, Moon, Stalker, i would go ahead and call The Holy Mountain sci fi. Hail Satan!

Selkanator36 karma

Are hot dogs a sandwich?

Also you, Ben and Marcus need to make your way to Pittsburgh for a live show, we love yinz here.

DrFantasty91 karma

we are on our way to steel city! hot dogs are a sandwich if you break down the idea of sandwich to the point where it's all existential parts. a sandwich is about feeling, gestalt

switch_guy35 karma

Magustalations! Are there any heavy hitters that you would like to redo? Have you found new or different information after covering one and had a "Ah! If only I knew!!" moment?

DrFantasty124 karma

we gotta redo ted bundy at some point, we could do that much more in depth since our research has gotten much better

buggiebitch34 karma

Hi Henry! Have you ever read up on Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo? They're a really interesting case and it would be super interesting to hear you and the guys talk about them. Hail Satan!

DrFantasty45 karma

it's in the pipeline!!

bound2fade34 karma

Hail Yourself! Any pointers/advice for someone looking to start their own podcast?

DrFantasty171 karma

hail satan! do it every week same day, never skip keep doing it, it will not be good for many years and then years later you will realize it's still not good but you have an audience

blackoak36532 karma


What topics do you have the most fun with? True crime, paranormal or conspiracy?

Hail Satan!

DrFantasty38 karma


Kitanax32 karma

Any plans to come up and do a show for us in Vancouver sometime? Some of us Canadians are jonesing for an LPOTL fix and I've got a sweet Jefferson's Finger with your name on it!

Your voices crack me up! Charles Manson, Charles Ng and David Berg are masterpieces and I listen to them more than any reasonable person should! Keep up the good work and Hail Satan!

Edit: I saw someone suggest Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka as a subject and they are a couple of righteous pieces of shit. Someone else you should look at is Robert Picton! A pig farmer with a score of 49 prostitutes!

DrFantasty50 karma

i love me some robert pickton, and i also wondered why the bacon in canada was so thick and sloppy and i think it's because of all the girls your pigs have been eating

maxblur0731 karma

Holy shit! Henry you guys have been such a huge help to me over the past six+ months. Listening to the CCR podcasts all the time were a huge part of how I got through my divorce. You're hilarious and I can't wait to see you guys in Milwaukee this summer. Are you currently working on anything other than CCR and adult swim? Hail Satan!

DrFantasty50 karma

i got a bunch of things hopefully to come out in the next year. but a lot of my energy goes into CCR and pretty face. i am the luckiest motherfucker in the world because i get to work with like minded people on things that I truly love. thank you for saying that and good luck with alimony

kungfooweetie31 karma

Hi Henry!

If you were in my city and I was like "hey, come back to my place with my friends and I so we can take drugs and play board games" which board game would you want to play?


DrFantasty51 karma

i love that battlestar galactica table top game for some reason, holden mcneely from roundtable made me play it and i fucking loved it

Wetstew_20 karma

Ohh that game is awesome, my girlfriend and I use to play it all the time.

Geata and Roslin 4 lyf.

DrFantasty43 karma

i ended up being the cylon and i killed everybody

TheHeatles1330 karma

Hey Henry! HUGE fan of yours and LPOTL! Any way I could meet you in LA one of these days?! Let's hangout and visit the Museum of Death!


DrFantasty89 karma

i am constantly around but difficult to find because i dress as an old lady. just keep grabbing old ladies in the street and see if it's me in a costume

xhundredthx29 karma

Who would win in a fight between The Zodiac Killer and Ted Bundy? Prison rules, of course

DrFantasty58 karma

ted bundy, he was up close and personal

BaroqueSampson29 karma

I know exactly nothing about Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell. CONVINCE ME.

Is there a heavy hitter the LPOTL crew have disagreed about covering?

DrFantasty92 karma

Based on the same-titled best-seller by Liane Moriarty, "Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell" weaves a darkly comedic tale of murder and mischief in the tranquil beachfront town of Hell, Hell. Amidst doting moms, successful husbands, beautiful children, and stunning homes exists a community fueled by rumors and divided into haves and have-nots, exposing fractured relationships between husbands and wives, parents and children, and friends and neighbors. Told through the eyes of three mothers -- Gary, Claude and Satan -- the series' narrative explores society's myths regarding perfection and its romanticization of marriage, sex, parenting and friendship. Henry Zebrowski, Craig Rowin and Matt Servitto star as the three prominent "mothers of Monterey."

rayrayraybies27 karma

Hey Henry! Huge fan of LPOTL!! Taking this moment to link a comic of me & the bf that I tweeted at you a few weeks ago, because seriously, LP has gotten waaay too intertwined with my sex life.

Q: If you could get high with a cult leader, who would you choose?

Hail satan!!

DrFantasty26 karma

that's fucking great!! i want to meet shoko asahara so bad

luciferno26 karma

Do you think you'd be a good cult leader?

DrFantasty73 karma

of course give me your money

dollar_slices25 karma

Hey Henry!

I’m a big Murderfist fan, you guys were a big influence on me and my sketch group. We’re based at the PIT! Is Murderfist doing any shows coming up? And if you had to wear someone's skin suit around for a day, who's would it be?


DrFantasty36 karma

Yoooo thank you for saying that. We were sure that the world would explode never knowing Murderfist's name. We will never stop being a group but we have taken a pause on doing live shows. If I were to wear a human's skin all day it would have to be Padma Lakshmi cause I would want to see what it's like popping boners instantaneously everytime I walk into a room. Hail Satan!

ScaryDebbie22 karma

Have you ever received hate mail from religious groups?

DrFantasty31 karma

no but i wish!

jfnb22 karma

Hey Henry! Big Lpontheleft fan just got done re listening to the episodes about the Franklin cover up. Why isn't there any more coverage on this?! Is there anyone still investigating this?

DrFantasty34 karma

it's been "debunked" which means officially shut down. the new doc who took johnny does great work opening the story back up

Chtorrr20 karma

What is the very best cheese?

DrFantasty45 karma

smoked gouda from this spot on lorimer street in bk in williamsburg

Spooky_Jones1319 karma

Hey Henry, you've mentioned a few times on LPOTL that you play D&D, what kind of character do you play? Hail yourself!

DrFantasty45 karma

the last character i was playing was a minotaur christian paladin who fought for the love of christ, it was a blast

borntolose5318 karma

How much money would it take for you to have sex with your father?


switch_guy9 karma

How much you got?

DrFantasty23 karma

quite a bit but we all have a price hail satan

snake-tits17 karma

This is probably the most obscure question you're going to get, but it was the thing that first introduced me to your work: Was Bear Stearns Bravo 3 ever planned, or was it just a joke ending?

Hail Satan!

DrFantasty19 karma

that's a really good question. and with every good question comes an even better answer: i will never tellllll yooouuuu. man bear stearns bravo was so fucking fun, i wish more people got into it

weberster17 karma

Hey Henry!

I love LPOTL and Pretty Face, and because of your characters, my husband accepts that I listen to a serial killer podcast. Shout out to you, Marcus, and Ben for making my commute seem shorter, and my morbid mind normal.

Question: I wrote you guys an email before your St. Louis show with local eatery suggestions, and I'm wondering if you took me up on any of the restaurants I told you guys to try. Where'd you guys eat?

Come back soon! You're great!

DrFantasty20 karma

we checked out joe's in the gas station that shit was LEGITTT

KingKongTaxiCompany16 karma

Hey Henry, big fan! If you could have three people over for dinner, who would you pick?

Hail Satan!

DrFantasty35 karma

Dr. Demento, Elon Musk and Traci Lords

panchobot16 karma

Hi Henry! Huge fan of Last Podcast on the Left, just watched your episode of The Characters last night night and loved it. Wanted to know, that song at the intro sounds like Elliott Smith, but I can't find it on any app like Shazam or Soundhound. Can you put my mind to rest and tell me what song that is? PS, HAIL YOU!

DrFantasty19 karma

it is a made up song for the special by the musical genius Beardyman

DickIz16 karma

Hey Henry huge last podcast and your pretty face fan here! One of my favorite topics discussed on lpotl is alien conspiracy! So my question is what do you think of Tom DeLonge and his claims of working with government officials and knowledge of government secrets?


DrFantasty22 karma

i think he is doing great work. if i had enough money i would retire and do the same exact thing. celebrities with weird followings are perfect to be tools to help expose what the real stories are behind the government cover up of UFO research. hail satan!

darkowlblues16 karma

Hail Henry! Love LPOTL and so happy YPFIGTH is on Hulu bc I'm planing on getting hammered and binging that tonight once my fiancé is asleep. Det. Popcorn is the best creation of the podcast, of course, but my favorite is the Kaczynski "I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE! " Shameless but true ass kissing aside: if given the chance and with a proper script and director to work with, could you see yourself playing Gacy in a biopic? Because I have no doubt you'd CRUSH that and I would just love to see everyone's favorite Satanist win an Oscar. Thank you and megustalations!

DrFantasty19 karma

hail satan! i would want it to be gary busey

_Synth_15 karma

STL show attendee here, ya'll killed it here! Anyway, my favorite series you guys do are the ones on cults, I'm constantly floored at how they ramp up into lunacy without members batting an eye, do ya have an idea which will be the next one ya cover?


DrFantasty16 karma

hail satan!! i want to do the source family because they were actually very sexy, THAT would have been a good cult to be in

Nopd15 karma

You're a big proponent of things being totally metal. What is the most metal song you like?

DrFantasty44 karma

HUGE fan of maiden, manowar, slayer, kind diamond, death

let's kill these motherfuckers by lair of the minotaur has been on repeat on my phone

ghostly_treats14 karma

  1. You clearly like alien topics the best. How did young Henry get into this stuff? Was it Weekly World News and Unsolved Mysteries, like the rest of us, or did you get molested like an "abductee"?

  2. In the vein of UFOs and conspiracy, any plans for lpotl to cover Terrence Mckenna or William Cooper?! I'd love to hear you, Dog Meat, and Kissel's take on those topics.

Edit: Hail Me! (and you too)

DrFantasty21 karma

1) i wish i was abducted. i've just always been fascinated, it started when I was a little kid, i would go to the occult section of the library and sit there for hours. unsolved mysteries definitely sparked it 2) I LOVE william cooper, i think that could be a great topic for the future

snazzysmazzy14 karma

Hi Henry! Big fan of LPOTL here! How did you and Natalie meet? HAIL SATAN

DrFantasty69 karma

she became friends with my group of friends while i was in toronto and my sister was like "you should date natalie" and i was like "HOW??" and then it happened. chaos magicke

jack_inthebox1214 karma

Hey Henry! Love the voices you do on LPOTL. You've worked with a wide range of people over your TV/film career, is there any dirt you have on some of your famous co-stars you're willing to share? Fake names are acceptable.

Oh and megustalations

DrFantasty24 karma

Matt Servitto killed a hotel maid in St. Louis, MO

srslytoomuch14 karma

Is it in your contract to always be shirtless?

Also do you have a PO box to send you stuff and maybe send a couple things to get signed??

DrFantasty18 karma

no they desperately want me to wear clothes

send it to the creek! 10-93 Jackson Ave LIC, NY

KungFuGenius13 karma

What are the best and worst books you've had to read for research for LPotL?

PS. Hail Satan

DrFantasty23 karma

best is hard because there are so many great books about the occult. recently it was reading FROM HELL for the jack the ripper episodes, what a killer graphic novel. the book journey to serpo was really fucking dumb

pretty-little-angel13 karma

Hi Henry

Any plans to bring Last Podcast to Australia at all? Would love to see you guys out here!

Also, years ago you guys mentioned the possibility of doing an episode about Martin Bryant, is that in the pipeline for the future or was that said just to get my hopes up?

DrFantasty18 karma

yes pleeeease you guys gotta bring us there


How do you really feel about Alex Jones?

DrFantasty21 karma

i am conflicted, he is the best performance artist of all time

TheonGreyboat13 karma

Henry you need to be on Round Table more often. You and Jackie are money together on the mic.

Any plans to do the original Black Widow Belle Gunness?

DrFantasty10 karma

i;'ll be back in town soon!

Sydneytrulson12 karma

Hi Henry. Love cave comedy. Ive heard every lpotl episode. Huge fan of your work.

Would you ever consider covering the baseline killers from arizona? My brother is a supermax prison guard and could probably get me an update on them.

DrFantasty16 karma

fuck yeah! that sounds great

Vap-n-ape12 karma

Hey henry, you goofy bastard. A few questions for you.

What was it like winning the webby? how high did you get during your denver 4/20 show? Are there any topics you, ben, and marcus REFUSE to cover? Who would win a deathmatch between isaac asimov and philip k dick? Have you really sold your soul?

HAIL SATAN & Megustalations <3

DrFantasty27 karma

you can't sell your soul who would buy farts besides a brazilian diplomat? i loved winning the webby but now we have a mandate and we will use it to change things around here you bet your ass. i can't get high before a show because i want to be entertaining, weed is for chilling out my brain and making me a normal person. PKD would whip THE SHIT out of asimov

usually_mediocre11 karma

Hi Henry! Thanks for making me laugh when I desperately needed it. What's the most important piece of relationship advice you can give? General advice?

Thanks! Megustalations!

DrFantasty30 karma

try to practice empathy and understand your partner has a legit perspective as well

rig_baby11 karma

First of all, my favorite thing in the world is when you guest host on Page 7. You and Jackie together is pure, comedic gold. Also, you inspire me everyday to embrace my big, hairy self. Thank you.

What's the topic you are most looking forward to covering on LPOTL?

DrFantasty22 karma

Oklahoma city bombing is going to be HUGE. also we got one coming up this week that I am excited to get into, let's just say don't get into a relationship with someone who opening wants you to be murdered

avatar_kay10 karma

Hey Henry! Thank you for all the laughs since I discovered LPOTL!

I'm actually going to be at the June show in Indianapolis. Do you guys do a meet and greet after the show or anything like that? If so, are hugs/gifts appropriate?

DrFantasty15 karma

we always hang out! that crime con is gonna be really interesting

ScaryDebbie10 karma

Will there ever be a non-Cthulhu Lovecraftian episode of Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell?

DrFantasty13 karma

i don't know! dave and caspar like the show to exist outside of pop culture so maybe not

Worm_Harvester10 karma

Are you guys planning to cover more of the Elisa Lam case with LPOTL? I know you briefly mentioned the story in one of your eps already but would love for you guys to go deeper into the theories.

DrFantasty15 karma

it's a cool story but it's too short to do an entire episode on, it makes hotels creepier that's for sure

ACKerman19968 karma

Hiya! If you could sit down and have a real in depth conversation with any of the heavy hitters and really get to the bottom of their motivations, who would you choose? Love LPOTL, I am OBSESSED <3

DrFantasty21 karma

hail satan!! i want to meet the real zodiac but that won't happen. i'd love to hang out with manson for an hour. he seems like an actual good hang

jcast7478 karma

Love YPF man, so thanks for that.

Were you a ever a barker like you portrayed on Crashing? Any interesting stories?

Is the red makeup really that bad?

DrFantasty10 karma

i barked one time and stopped immediately, i just dumped the fliers in a trashcan. i have many friends that barked for years it's definitely a way to get stage time if you are new to a city.

you forget that you're wearing it, it's just hard coming off because a lot of the chemicals that strip it can irritate your skin. the other part is eating or drinking because it comes off and you have to constantly reapply. but i love pain so now it's a part of my life

simpleGREENZ8 karma

Hi Dad! Do you guys have any more Alien episodes cooking for LPotL? Or has the well run dry after twohundredandeightyshitload of episodes? Hail Servitto! BTW your talents were totally under-utilized on Crashing.

DrFantasty23 karma

thank you for saying that about crashing, hopefully i get to do more when they come back. alien episodes can continue on for years, i have two getting ready in the pipeline, which is my asshole

CalumDuff8 karma

Not sure if you're here still but, as an Adult Swim watcher who has never seen your show, why should I watch it? I'm always looking for new shows to stop me doing things with my spare time, what makes your show the one to watch?

DrFantasty14 karma

it's funny that's really all i can say, i think it;s funny as fuck and it's only 12 minutes long

2000somethingorother8 karma

Hey Henry! Instagram sent me. I'm a huge fan of pretty face and LPOTL (it's kind of hard to tell people what my hobbies are when all I do is lie in my bed and stare up at the ceiling while I listen to the podcast...).

LPOTL makes me laugh out loud pretty much every episode. Do you write/think up the jokes before you start recording or do they just come to you in the moment?

DrFantasty23 karma

i came up with some before we go, marcus and i normally talk about the topic for a couple of hours and do bits as he is writing the outline, i try to keep it 50/50 preplanned/spontaneous

hail satan! i love that hobby

Personguy137 karma

Are you planning on doing another celebrity episode on Last Podcast on the Left like you did with David Bowie?

DrFantasty12 karma

if there's another good wizard celeb!

Greel897 karma

Hey Henry! Over the years I've heard you talk about weight loss here and there... any advice on the matter? I was able to lose 60 lbs over a year or so but I had a rough couple of years and... what can I say when I'm sad I love to stuff my face! So I put a lot of it back on. Would appreciate your input, hail satan.

DrFantasty11 karma

i just try to be active everyday, i try not to eat at night and do everything in moderation. i eat whatever i want but i try to only eat a quarter of it. hail satan!

GhostwiththaMost7 karma

Hi Henry, I'm a huge fan of LPOTL and have gotten a few people into including my mom! We went and saw your SF show and it kicked butt. Thank you for always bringing the chaos. If you could be any cryptid for a day, which one would you be?

DrFantasty16 karma

i'd like to be bigfoot only because it would be nice to be tall for a day

LordMoranis7 karma

Hello Henry! One year ago today I got to meet you Ben and Marcus in Chicago for the first time, and I just bought tickets to the show in Milwaukee. Just wanted to know if you ever heard of the hangman tours? They have a dahmer tour that is a hour and half walk around where he picked up victims. https://www.hangmantours.com/tours

DrFantasty13 karma

that's aweeesomme i have to check that out when i am there for longer than 18 hours

SpookyFingers6 karma

Any chance we could get a series of podcast episodes about Jonestown? Also, what does Jackie smell like?

Hail Satan!

DrFantasty13 karma

she smells fine....i don't know she is my sister, we will probably come back and do jonestown again

Wetstew_4 karma

What were your comedy influences growing up?


DrFantasty5 karma

chris farley obviously, don rickles, i liked old british dudes the goon show, monty python, the young ones, jam, mr show showed me that i could do sketch comedy. that's what started my sketch group murderfist

SanJ9224 karma

Hey Henry! Big LPOTL and YPFIGH fan, you Ben and Marcus got me interested in Ufology. What's your favorite UFO story that hasn't been covered on the podcast yet? Also, what were you doing in that fountain? Hail Satan & Gein, and a big megustations!

DrFantasty10 karma

i don't want to tell because it'll ruin episodes! but there are manyyyyy

ScaryDebbie4 karma

If you were an ice cream flavor, what would the name be? What would it taste like?

DrFantasty18 karma

Nugglacalypse, dark chocolate covered pretzels in raspberry ice cream

smokinpea2 karma

how was working with Lloyd Kaufman?

he's going to do an AMA in a few days. if he didn't know it was you asking, what question would you ask him?

DrFantasty2 karma

i love him, i wish i was in his family. ask him if he'll do a live last podcast on the left one day

bulldog02562 karma

Hey Henry! Is Jackie actually just you doing another character?

DrFantasty7 karma

she is real and she is much cooler than me, she is the funniest one

thusthus2 karma

I just really need to know why Kitty Henry Zebrowski hates his wife. Please?

Edit: my fiance and I would also like to adopt you if you're willing pls&tyhailsatan

DrFantasty4 karma

because she stopped the rubbin!

Katieb9992 karma

Hey Henry! Happy belated birthday! Saw you in LA and having it at the Hollywood cemetery was genius. Are you starting to like LA a little more now? Or do you still hate us? Either way, I still love you guys! Hail Satan and megustalations!

DrFantasty3 karma

i am fucking loving LA these days, it's weird but you get into it

wemightbelieve1 karma

Megustalations Henry, Hail you! My wife got me into the podcast about a year ago. I flipped cause I know you from Your Pretty Face. How does it feel to inspire people to be creative, because of a podcast you guys do? You guys planning on doing a live show in weird ole Florida?

DrFantasty3 karma

that's really cool of you to say. we'll be coming to florida soon it looks like and that should be all sort of fucked up. i think it's insane that we all have gotten this far, i just hope it shows that if you work your ass off you can start getting some form of success all it takes is to not quit

pretty-little-angel1 karma

What is your favourite sandwich?

DrFantasty3 karma

i love a BLT also love me a big old sloppy philly cheesesteak

upromisedbuttstuff1 karma

Love Pretty Face and LPOTL. Also your hilarious sister Jackie. Two questions....

Will there be more Pretty Face after this season?

And would you rather meet an alien but have absolutely no proof, or meet a cryptid and have proof and star on a hit sitcom with it?

Edit: heil satan

DrFantasty2 karma

there should be! i can't say yet but there really should be....

the real answer is meet the alien and can't tell anybody but it would be a fucking amazing time being in the show "dover and out!" with the dover demon

FuckBox11 karma

Hi Henry! Why are you the funniest?

DrFantasty3 karma

because i was not the handsomest

storytellermich1 karma

Yo, I am a big fan of the podcast. Haven't gotten to watching Pretty Face yet, but I liked all clips I've came across. Anyways....what got you into true crime and conspiracies? What case popped your true crime and conspiracy cherry?

DrFantasty2 karma

my whole life did. i think what started me was unsolved mysteries

EngineNoNine1 karma

Will chaos magic make my dick bigger?

DrFantasty7 karma

just keep tugging on it

senor-scholls1 karma

You talked about doing a Wayne Williams episode in the black serial killers episode. Any chance of that happening?

DrFantasty2 karma

ooooh you betcha

mightymichael1 karma

Hey man! Love LPOTL! The subject matter is great but honestly my favorite part is when you guys talk about working and acting in New York, what's your favorite thing about living in the city? Ever consider making a permanent move to LA?

DrFantasty2 karma

i am back and forth a lot, i have found my peace in la, the best part of nyc is the energy, but it's a hard and expensive place to live especially now

drratbag1 karma

Did you guys check out Peter Tobin and Peter Manuel when you were in Glasgow? Pure savage, very recommended Hail Satan

DrFantasty5 karma

oh we'll be getting to UK serial killers don't you worry about that