Hi. This is Joe from "Joe Goes." I make man-on-the-street comedy videos at events and in cities in different countries that are not North Korea.

YouTube page: http://www.YouTube.com/JoeGoes

Joe Goes playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEEC5C055DCC425BE

Just finished putting out videos from a trip to Rome, Prague, Munich, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen and Reykjavík. I traveled alone, hiring local camera operators in each city. Raised about half the money to do it on Indiegogo. I did the fundraiser last May, planned the trip from May through September, shot the videos in September & October, and edited them from October through now. So it's been a year of work. OH GOD I'VE WASTED MY LIFE. Oh well. :D

EDIT - All right, thanks everyone! This was fun. Really appreciate the support, and hope you enjoy the videos. :)

Proof: https://twitter.com/BadgeofShame/status/857342321083404289 https://www.facebook.com/badgeofshame/photos/a.298686350171220.81697.171188979587625/1499921990047644/?type=3&theater

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BlutigeBaumwolle100 karma

I love your channel! It has actually inspired me to be more confident when meeting strangers, thank you for that!

How often do interviews go horribly wrong and don't end up making it into the final video or the deleted scenes? How often do you botch a freestyle rap? I'd imagine there are a lot of moments even more awkward than what we see in the videos.

Joe Goes to Berlin was my favourite video of your europe trip. Which city in europe was your favourite to visit?

BadgeofShame142 karma

Thanks for watching. I'm confident meeting strangers, as long as I have a microphone and someone running camera. It's important to have both. With just a microphone, I look like a crazy person.

Usually I can get at least one good moment from every interview. Once in a while, we'll get an interview with nothing usable, but it's not because anything went horribly wrong, it's just that person agreed to the interview but didn't really want to do an interview and answered in one word responses and gave me nothing to work with. It's all their fault! Not mine! I'm perfect!

Freestyle raps, they range in quality. I've done it so much it's never a complete fail, these days. I do several, and put the best ones in each video, but not too many, so it doesn't get redundant. The B and C raps go on Patreon, or are used for torture on prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.

Berlin was an awesome city, and I would love to go back again, just to hang, and not shoot anything. It's one of my all-time favorite episodes too. My favorite places were Berlin and Iceland.

UnnecessaryQuoteness74 karma

I love Badge of Shame. I should come and look it at it.

Anyway, what are you going to do now that you've announced your intention to quit weekly videos? Does that mean you are quitting YouTube altogether or are you planning to put out stuff infrequently?

Other than that, thanks for the hours of entertainment. I tossed you a few $$ on the fundraisers, hope it helped!

BadgeofShame105 karma

Thanks for the support! It all went to crystal meth.

I will be quitting making weekly videos on May 31, but not quitting making videos forever.

"Joe Goes" is pretty time consuming to make, and not sustainable for weekly content. Also, my main demographic is 60-70-year old drunks.

It's all good, though. Making stupid videos is a hobby. My true passion is making Unicorn Frappuccinos at Starbucks.

ikeajetpack59 karma

have you ever given more than interviews to Tanya Tate?

BadgeofShame194 karma

I give her fashion advice all the time, but it turns out, she's not a big fan of clothes.

majesticducky49 karma

Hey Joe! Who is your favorite youtuber (apart from yourself), and why?

BadgeofShame83 karma

On YouTube, I watch Seth Meyers, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Conan, The Daily Show, Honest Trailers and H3H3. Oh, and Jenny Nicholson's funny.

Yeah I'm a late night comedy nerd. Always have been. I don't watch a ton of YouTubers b/c I spend so much time making videos, when I have some free time I'd rather watch TV shows. Right now I'm rewatching classic MST3K, and finishing up Blue Planet & Black Mirror.

BakedBuffalo17 karma

Ever check out the Hodge Twins?

Those guys and Sean Evans with First We Feast are the best.

Thanks for helping me get through so many boring days at work, love your videos.

BadgeofShame28 karma

I like First We Feast!

valnaz48 karma

Hey Joe! Have you ever been genuinely worried for your/the camera operator's safety?

BadgeofShame94 karma

They can go to hell. All I care about is the camera and its precious footage!

No, I don't shoot in dangerous locations, b/c I don't have a VICE crew backing me up. So every shoot is pretty safe.

If we're at a big drinking event, I mostly worry about drunk people or obnoxious people fucking up my camera and / or microphone.

Anna_Hendrix27 karma

I was worried you'd drop your mic in the hot tub at Iceland, you were like 2 inches of space from the water.

Glad to see nothing broke, love Ya joe, mayor of Fosston.

BadgeofShame29 karma

haha that was a concern! I mentioned it. I think it's in the deleted scenes

ravenrcft45 karma

Hi Joe,

I still have a hooker's (possibly Tanya Tate's) high heels in a box that you set me and an used sock that I think you picked up off a highway underpass. I've been watering it daily to keep whatever live-culture lives inside it alive. And, I've taken out the drawing and placed it over one of the many holes in my walls.

But I was wondering since you're starting to become a multi-dollar youtube revenuer, would you be willing to sign the box for me? It's really starting to get ripe. The sooner you could sign it -- the better.

Thanks, Raven.

BadgeofShame56 karma

Haha, wow! What was this, eight years ago? When I did that "Questions and Stupid Prizes" video? Awesome you're still watching, Raven. That was not Tanya Tate's high heel, but it was mine, and I am a hooker, so you are correct in that respect. The used sock was used for unmentionable things. Let's just say, you might be growing a kid in there. I'm glad the drawing is covering the hole in your wall. I was using it for a roof, and I've been soaking in the rain, for the past eight years. Unfortunately, I am not a multi-dollar youtube revenuer, just a dollar youtube revenuer, but I'm still down to sign your box. Or hey, join the club for my last month of http://www.Patreon.com/JoeGoes - get in on the last Google Hangout. It will be just as disappointing.

Neverlife40 karma

Hey Joe! I first found you many years ago when I was watching Beauty and the Geek with my mother. Then years later I found out you had this youtube channel that I've been following ever since.

I don't really have a question, I just wanted to say thanks for doing all you do. I think you're a real cool dude.

Edit: /r/IAMA wants a question sooooo. Would "Beauty and the Geek" era Joe be proud of current Joe?

BadgeofShame32 karma

Pssshh, I don't care what that cuck thinks! :D

Thanks for watching! That show was twelve years ago. We're old, so very old. I want a scooter.

AlternativeX39 karma

When are you coming to Portugal? Our women might wear facial hair but atleast we aren't Spain.

BadgeofShame57 karma

You had me at "might wear facial hair."

rubenrutten36 karma

Will you be back in Sweden anytime soon?

BadgeofShame62 karma

You think I'm allowed back after last time? I'm not allowed within 100 feet of surströmming, or blond girls in red dresses. No, I'd love to go back to Sweden someday. I probably wouldn't make another episode in Stockholm, but it would be fun to do another meetup, and just hang out, and not be shooting anything. I was thinking about going back to Sweden to Finland on this last European trip, but then I got excited about going to all these new places, and ran out of money. But some Swedish people showed up at the Copenhagen meetup, which was pretty sweet!

Stevekool6329 karma

Some people have trouble seeing themselves on video or hearing their own voice. Do you ever cringe at/regret some of the things you film or situations you have put yourself in?

BadgeofShame57 karma

No. Well, I learned I can't work drunk. I made an episode last summer at We Fest, the biggest country music festival in America. We went to one of the party campgrounds, with the college kids, and they gave me all these shots and mystery drinks, and I got black-out drunk and still kept doing interviews and none of the footage after that was usable. I was cringing the most, watching that footage. I was zombie drunk, which is bad for interviews, but I probably would have nailed an audition for a part on The Walking Dead.

fbestn29 karma

Hey Joe

Will you ever bring back Joe-Date? Is there a Joe-Date deleted scenes video coming?

BadgeofShame56 karma

No, I'm bored of the series, it's ran its course. The deleted scenes aren't good enough to release. But the sex tapes, on the other hand! Coming soon!

tbone_the_dog27 karma

Are there any other strange conventions that you have plans on attending? Also do you think you will ever run out of interesting ones?

BadgeofShame38 karma

I'll be at Mud Fest this weekend in Louisiana!

F1George21 karma

Hey Joe! Love the show.

When are you and Tanya Tate going to do a trip together? Would be hilarious.

BadgeofShame23 karma

That might be a good idea. I really liked making the "Road Trip" episode in Iceland. Maybe that's a new format.

chrischob21 karma

On average how much footage do you usually end up shooting for events (like a comic con)?

Keep up the good work

BadgeofShame26 karma

It varies.

For a typical episode, like shooting for one day at a an event, we get about two hours of footage.

For the travel episodes in other countries, we had 6-9 hours of footage per city. Shooting for 3-4 days in each place.

Last year at Comic-Con, we shot for three days. I think, total, we had six hours of footage.

I just logged the footage for Mardi Gras today. I didn't think we had that much. We shot for a day, and then a couple half-days. But it turns out I have 5 1/2 hours of footage. Anyone want to edit for free? :)

Twign20 karma

Hey Joe! Big fan, my friend showed me you and then I watched nothing but Joe Goes for 2 days. Genuine question here, albeit maybe personal: Has anything happened between you and anyone during the history of this show? Like that one girl at the topless parade? Or legitimately Tanya Tate? Also, have you thought of doing a PNW tour in the US sometime? :)

BadgeofShame51 karma

What is PNW?

For the rest of your answers, you'll have to buy my new app, coming soon. When you download it, you just point your phone at someone, and it scans them, and lets you know if I fucked them.

DemyxTheCax17 karma

Everybody asks what's your favourite episode of joe goes or gets you did, but what's your least favourite episode you've done and why?

I love the show and have been watching since your hawaii trip.

BadgeofShame34 karma

My least favorite episodes are Bronies and Gaming (MLG), b/c they were ones I didn't want to do. I did them because people were requesting them in the comments, and that, alone, isn't a good reason to make a video. I think if you don't want to make it, it shows.

Hawaii was fun though! My least favorite part of that, was I couldn't go to snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. They closed it, because of the jellyfish. Fuck you, jellyfish!

Imnotahipsterdammit17 karma

Hey Joe, what are your favorite pizza toppings?

BadgeofShame43 karma

Hákarl, surströmming and vegemite.

mightynifty_214 karma

Hey Joe, love the channel. Do you have any funny stories of things that had to get edited out? Violence/info/etc. Also, of all the exhibits at the penis museum, which was the hardest to fit in the mouth? Asking for a friend.

BadgeofShame20 karma

Never had any issues with violence. Except at AssaultCon. Everybody there seemed to have a real stick up their ass.

I fit every exhibit into my mouth perfectly. I'm part snake.

damsterick14 karma

Hi Joe! I love your sense of humor and watch me some BadgeOfShame videos. Keep up the videos! Two questions:

(Serious) 1.

What do you do for a job to earn yourself a living?

(Not serious) 2.

Have you considered some more rap battles? I re-watch the Juggalos rap battle like every month, because it is genius in every way. It helps that the guy you won against was also really cringey.

BadgeofShame21 karma

  1. Nanny for Jay Z & Beyoncé's kids.

  2. I've played in a lot of comedy rap battles in LA, they just haven't been recorded. I don't really enjoy serious rap battles. But yeah, Juggalos was fun. If you liked that, you should check out "Joe Goes To Berlin" - I freestyle rap over "Baby Got Back" to a huge crowd, the biggest ever I've rapped in front of!

Mike_Mojito14 karma

Are you going to do more videos in Minnesota? Tons of events to cover in your home state!

BadgeofShame30 karma

Haha I don't know. Eelpout Festival and We Fest were on my bucket list, and I did them last year. Also made a video in the Twin Cities. What else is there in Minnesota? LutefiskFest? WhitePeopleCon?

fbestn13 karma

Hey Joe

What was it like meeting Ghostface Killah?

BadgeofShame22 karma

It was great. He said I can be in the Wu-Tang Clan. The other guys aren't too thrilled, but they'll learn to live with it.

GonzaloF9412 karma

Joe, are you planning on coming to South America? That would be really cool. Big fan, since badge of shame.

BadgeofShame14 karma

Thanks for watching. Yeah, if I do another fundraiser, it would probably for South America. If you could pick three cities to make episodes at, what would you pick?

Maybe Rio de Janeiro for Carnival? And somewhere in Peru to do ayahuasca? Screw the videos, this trip will be mostly about ayahuasca.


Big fan of your channel. Trump rally video was my favorite.

Any more plans to do videos about politics? Man-on-the-street interviews with people that feel very passionately about their position but are not articulate or well informed enough to make a convincing argument: those are my favorite.

BadgeofShame13 karma

I'm down to do more political events, but they don't happen that often. Trump came here once for a rally in '16, and hasn't been back. But hey, we'll see.

AllGreatAllTheTime12 karma

Do you think you will come in Quebec sometime !? You should come and look it at it.

BadgeofShame16 karma

Already been to Montreal, and Heavy Montreal! Why weren't you at the meetup? My heart is broken.

rapunkill4 karma

Trying weird food was kind of a theme in the Nordic countries. I think you tried poutine but I don't remember you trying beaver tails, maple taffy or pork rinds. Should make a come back and try going to a sugar shack.

BadgeofShame7 karma

Beaver tails is a thing?!

gandaIfthegay9 karma

Can we share a can of fermented herring when you come back to Sweden? <3

BadgeofShame11 karma


fbestn8 karma

Why didn't you eat the sheep eyeball?

BadgeofShame27 karma

YouTube ad revenue isn't at eye eating level at the moment.

DroneLapse8 karma

Recent fan here. Besides the Wu-Tang Clan bringin' the mothafuckin' ruckus, what have you been listening to lately? Any suggestions for us with whale-sized mothers?

BadgeofShame19 karma

I've been listening to: Kendrick Lamar "Damn" Run The Jewels 3 Drake "More Love" Joey Badass - "All Amerikkkan Badass" Freddie Gibbs - "You Only Live 2wice" Migos - "Culture"

Looking forward to the new Big Boi. The new Raekwon album was cool, but I wanted more Wu features.

Goo5e8 karma

What episodes have you have the most fun making? I'd imagine most of the classics (do they count?) have been really fun because you talked to a lot of people very passionate about in their workplaces and such.

Also, I just wanted to thank you for the years of great content you have put up. I've been watching since the Amsterdam episode (~5 years) and pledged to most of your fundraisers and the content rarely disappointed me!

BadgeofShame13 karma

The most fun: Comic-Con 2016, Iceland, Berlin, Melbourne - all the travel videos, really - Edwardian Ball, AVN Expo.

Thanks for watching! Since Amsterdam! Really appreciate the support. My camera operator for Prague and Rome is from The Netherlands and is trying to convince me to make some more episodes there.

b2038 karma

Would you consider doing "how it's made" styled videos, where you would visit companies to explain kind of what their doing? But in a more ludicrous way? Or maybe another good idea would be you trying out EVERY single sport together with a profesional?

BadgeofShame14 karma

Hmm, maybe. I'd love to annoy people at companies, and show Ronda Rousey who the REAL Ultimate Fighter is.

laomo7 karma

Is there a place you traveled that you wouldn't like to visit again?

BadgeofShame13 karma

No, I oved every city I visited. There are some events I'm done with, though. Like, I will probably never go to BlizzCon again, b/c I have nothing left to say about it.

Tabulicious7 karma

Hey Joe, big fan of your videos, you have truly inspired me to go travelling and see more of the world! although mostly I know I have to visit the penis museum..

In your videos you always excel at putting yourself and those you are interviewing in uncomfortable/awkward situations - has this ever ended badly for you? What was the worst response you have received to one of your interviews?

BadgeofShame10 karma

Cool, see as much as you can! Nope - no bad responses.

IrvineFTW7 karma

Best thing that happened off camera that you wished you could have filmed?

BadgeofShame15 karma

Would have been nice if the camera was recording when I hooked up with Olivia Wilde after the Tron: Legacy press junket.

No, it's a good question, I'm trying to think of something. There have been a few times where we've had technical problems and lost interviews. Like, at the Cannabis Cup, I interviewed a Bernie Sanders supporter, who was doing outreach, at the Cannabis Cup, and that would have been something funny to include. We lost a night of interviews at Eelpout Festival, that had some good moments. But those were still technically on-camera. Off-camera...I'd have to say, in the Philippines, when we went to the Banaue Rice Terraces we did these crazy hikes, in the mud, balancing on these rice paddies, and I wish we could have recorded it. It wasn't hilarious or anything, but it was a cool part of the experience and we weren't running camera because we were so concerned about not falling off the edge of the paddy or dropping the equipment. But I wish we would have recorded it. Have been trying to run the camera since then, to get more 'natural' stuff, when it happens.

atteros8067 karma

What is your dream job? Patreon for a year this month btw! :)

BadgeofShame12 karma

My dream job would be to make Joe Goes as a TV show but have people helping me make it. Or to write or produce a TV show that I really like and think is good. Thanks for the support on Patreon!

thiagolooney7 karma

When will you come to Brazil? Please, come to Brazil!

BadgeofShame15 karma

Can I sleep in your bed? With you? (If not, it's a dealbreaker)

taavad6 karma

Hey Joe, I love your videos. Is there any chance of you coming to India?

BadgeofShame13 karma

Hmmm maybe one day. My Berlin camera operator, Ben, went to India, and sent me some messages, telling me I should go. And he included a pic of him with a bunch of people and he was the only white dude. So I know I'd fit right in.

Zolden6 karma

Do you fall in love with some of the girls you interview?

BadgeofShame18 karma

No, just the guys

whousesredditanyways6 karma

Hey Joe.

What would you say was the best experience you had on the last trip?

BadgeofShame22 karma

Well, every city was awesome in their own way.

Rome - the food, the history, the nightlife Prague - the beer, the architecture, the food Oktoberfest In Munich - the beer, the craziness, the people Brussels - the beer, the food (waffles! fries! chocolate!), the people, the humor (Mannekin Pis) Paris - the nightlife, the food, the craziness of the Techno Parade, the people (I thought they'd be rude but everyone was pretty cool) Copenhagen - the people (we had the same sense of humor), Christiania, the architecture Berlin - the clubbing, the people, the art, the spirit Iceland - the road trip, the ridiculous natural beauty, the people (again, same sense of humor), the food (there was good stuff not just gross stuff!)

I'd most like to revisit Berlin & Iceland.

But the highlight of every city was hanging out with everyone from the fan meetups, after the meetups. And by that I mean, we had orgies. Massive, massive orgies.

redleaderryan5 karma

Do you miss living in Chicago?

BadgeofShame9 karma

I love LA but I do miss some people in Chicago. Specifically, Oprah Winfrey and Kanye West.

SenseiLeeR5 karma

Have you ever been offered a job in TV or the media business? You'd be great for it!

BadgeofShame22 karma

I worked for Current TV for three years - that's where all the classics come from. I also wrote for a bunch of clip shows on TruTV. Also, I wrote every episode of Game of Thrones, The Wire, Breaking Bad and The Simpsons.

danbronson5 karma

Joe, love your channel! I met my ex-girlfriend on Tinder after ripping off your opening line "congratulations, I've decided to sleep with you." Thanks for that!

My question: how did Joe Gets start and how many episodes were there? Were these ever aired previously on tv or online?

BadgeofShame7 karma

lol wow, I should use my own lines.

There are 50 episodes of Joe Gets. There's a playlist on my YT channel. 49 of them are up. The last one, I'll release in a couple weeks.

majesticducky5 karma

So Joe, what happened to your collabs with Julian Smith? Did he give up on youtube or something?

BadgeofShame8 karma

I still hang with Julian. But he's busy raising a family. What a loser!

tamyahuNe25 karma

I laff badge of shame! You should come and look .. it .. at it

Do you plan to visit other post-Soviet countries apart from Prague?

BadgeofShame13 karma

Just the USA.

fbestn5 karma

Hey Joe

Are you going to WrestleCon next year?

BadgeofShame8 karma

That's a thing?!

I look forward to taking the Hardcore Belt from Cactus Jack.

ChecksUsernames4 karma

What is your favorite topping on waffles?

BadgeofShame25 karma


HmmmmNiceBike4 karma

Why haven't you done Joe Goes To Mexico yet? Are there plans to do it?

BadgeofShame4 karma

I don't know. Conan already made a pretty great episode there.

barackogandhi4 karma

What inspired you to make this kind of videos? How did you come up with the idea?

BadgeofShame5 karma

Conan & Letterman's field pieces

yoloslav4 karma

Hi Joe! Just wanted to tell you, that Badge of Shame was the first YouTube channel I ever subscribed to. Not sure why this is relevant though. Any chance of visiting the Balkans?

BadgeofShame7 karma

Any chance of you paying for my flight? :D

Barcafan244853 karma

Hey Joe!! I can't wait for the Mardi Gras episode, I was at the fan meet up! I do have a minor request about my interview, I'll PM that to you.

I think you should come to Albuquerque, NM next year for the Fiery Food Show, where we watch you eat various inferno peppers!!! Some pretty good and painful interviews!!

Anyways, will you be doing another NOLA meet up or general hangout when you come down for MudFest???

BadgeofShame5 karma

Not sure if I'll make it to NM, but yeah, Mardi Gras was fun! I did a pepper-eating contest once - in "Joe Gets Fed," and I ate barely any jalapenos b/c yuck. No plans for a meetup, b/c I'm not sure anyone in that area watches my channel.

bassagent3 karma

Visit Estonia dude. Also what has been your favourite interaction with a fan?

BadgeofShame19 karma

Stop making up countries.

My favorite interaction with a fan was when I met Barack Obama. He said, "Joe, you inspired me to do everything. Without you, I'd be nothing. NOTHING!" Then he started crying I just sorta backed away.

lastnameiswhalepenis3 karma

Hey Joe. What is your favorite drawing you did for your show? My favorite has to be Jesus riding the pterodactyl. I really enjoyed the penis museum episode, very informative. Thanks for all the great content.

BadgeofShame2 karma

Haha the Jesus one is a good one! My favorite might be a "Breaking Bad" one. I drew it for someone as a perk, for I think the Sweden & Finland trip, years ago. But I still have the physical copy, and it's like a four panel comic stip. Doesnt' really read on camera but it was fun to do. That, or the "Sweden" or "Finland" ones that you can see in the "50,000 subs video." Bill Watterson wishes he had my talent.

Oviraptor3 karma

Hey, Joe! Public transport is something that's always fascinated me. Which of the cities you visited has the best pubic transit? I visited Prague recently and I thought that was pretty good, but how does it compare?

BadgeofShame4 karma

Public transit everywhere was good. But in Prague, we mostly walked around, it's a pretty walkable city. Same with Reykjavik.

samthefireball3 karma

Women only!

Hey joe.

1) 3 favorite bands??

2) are you gonna come to NorCal anytime?

BadgeofShame3 karma

1) Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, Outkast

2) Where?

rizdiz3 karma

Bino White! When is the collab with Wu-Tang dropping?

BadgeofShame6 karma

It's already been recorded, but only Martin Shkreli has it.

iwas99x3 karma

Joe, what are your favorite TV shows?

BadgeofShame6 karma

Right now, Veep, Black Mirror, Better Call Saul & It's Always Sunny.

opaltears3 karma

Hey Joe, what did you think of your time in Glasgow? Would love to see an updated video. Plz come back.

Also can you do a freestyle about this AMA?

BadgeofShame11 karma

Here's a freestyle about the AMA / If people ask the wrong thing, then I'll make 'em pay / Just kidding, you can way what you want, for credit / My videos only blow up because of Reddit

AdmiralSnackBar693 karma

A lot of the times I'll have a channel kind of on my radar for a few years but never watch any videos, and then end up finally 'discovering' them far later than I should've/ This happened with your channel and I really wish I'd have started watching you earlier because this is some of the funniest stuff I've ever seen. I'm a new viewer so forgive me if any of the answers to the questions I ask are comon knowledge.

Do you have any thoughts on the current state of youtube, as far as advertisers and the effects they have on the quality of less financially stable channels.

Where do you see your channel in 10 years time, if youtube's still around?

How did you get into doing the type of videos you do?

If you could go anwhere to film an episode, where would it be and what would you do there?

I'm not sure if its against the rules to ask this many questions but thank for your time if you read this and I wish you the best of luck.

BadgeofShame10 karma

Hey. Better late than never. Yeah, I don't really follow that stuff, so can't speak that much about it. But I will say, most people seem to have the impression that making YouTube videos takes no work, and makes a ton of money, and in my experience, it is the exact opposite.

My channel will exist in 10 years but will be rarely updated. Either I will have moved on to something better, or I will be helping you find the Playstation 6's at Target.

I was inspired to make videos from watching Conan & Letterman's field pieces.

I've crossed a lot of stuff off my bucket list, and been very lucky, to fund four international trips. If I do another one, it'll be for South America (Rio for Carnivale, Peru and __). And if I do one after that, it'll be for GamesCom in Germany, Norway, Spain and _.

Sorry to break it to you, but you broke the rules for asking too many questions and now the only subreddit you can post on is The Donald.

Bawpsherep3 karma

Your recent output has absolutely been some of your best work to date – Oktoberfest, Berlin and Copenhagen were all exemplary! Thank you! Two questions: 1. Did anything else happen with the guy at the Trump Rally who kept pressing you on who you were going to vote for? Has anyone else ever gotten as hostile with you? 2. Also, any chance of a return visit to Ireland again soon?

BadgeofShame5 karma

Thanks! I feel the same way. :)

No, all the footage with Captain Interrupter is in the main episode. Nothing left even for deleted scenes. I wouldn't call him hostile, he was just really annoying. Like one of those who guys who runs up the mic and says, "Fuck her right in the pussy!" and leaves. Except he didn't leave.

No plans to return to Ireland as of now, but maybe in the future. Those bastards should let leprechauns like me fly for free.

McFlyyouBojo3 karma

Hey Joe! With all of the demonetizing going on, I feel like Youtube is severely limiting creativity among its creators. Where do you stand on all of this? or are you just staying out of it?

BadgeofShame9 karma

I stand on the street, going broke, but I never really profited that much from it in the first place, it isn't that a big a change. I wish YouTube treated content creators better.

boomerangblom3 karma

Joe I just brought a drone, and I was wondering, would you ever consider filming a Joe Date entirely in birds eye view? My goal is for you and your date have to be staring directly up at the drone for the entire time.

BadgeofShame7 karma

Haha. Last month we shot an episode at South by Southwest, and we did a meetup in Austin, and someone where brought a drone, so we actually got a "stare shot" from a drone in that episode. So that happened, and that episode's coming up. When I was in Australia (Alice Springs), my camera guy had a drone, and we tried to do it, but the drone was malfunctioning. (This is in the Alice Springs Deleted Scenes)

alexontheweb3 karma

Hi Joe! How is it going with the girls? Do you have lots of fangirls, or groupies, or still holding out for Tanya? :) One must assume you've gathered enough courage to ask out a girl for real after so many forced interactions with them. At least it was going pretty well for you when you got the directions in your ear :)

BadgeofShame10 karma

I have eight kids from eight different women and I'm not giving them shit. Fuck y'all! Get a job!

LittleDrumminBoy3 karma

Hey Joe!

How did you become such a big Shakespeare fan? And if I wanted to get into him, what would be a good play to start with?

Keep up the great work man! Love your videos

BadgeofShame6 karma

50 Shades Of Grey is a good one.

henryssy2 karma

@Joe, love watching your videos! They give me a good sense of where I'd like to travel to and which festivals to attend.

Any plans on visiting more US states / festivals? -- WE Fest was awesome!

BadgeofShame3 karma

Yeah, I have two episodes shot, at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. Those are going to be great episodes. And then this weekend I'm going back to Louisiana for Mud Fest, which should be pretty crazy.

jesperbj2 karma

What was your favorite place from all your Europe trip, this time around?

Very sad I didn't get to meet you when you hit Copenhagen. See you next time!

BadgeofShame4 karma

Iceland or Berlin, maybe? I loved every place though. Would love to go back to Copenhagen. Sorry I missed ya. Smoke some hash in Christiania for me.

killerbeeman2 karma

I love some of the classic JoeGoes. Any chance you plan on making new "JoeGets" episodes?

BadgeofShame3 karma

Nope, it ran its course. Just one classic left, coming out the week after next probably. But hey, never say never. I might do something similar to that again, but not use the "Joe Gets" name.


Hey Joe! Ive been watching for years! Out of your experiance what is the best place youve visited?! And what is the weirdest thing thats happened off camera while visiting for a trip? Also come to Dallas and we will love you long time

BadgeofShame5 karma

Iceland is amazing - the natural beauty, the unique people, the hot Icelandic girls. :D I also really liked Berlin - cool hipster city, with great clubs.

Was in Austin for SXSW! That episode is coming soon. Loved Austin. I was too weird for them, though. Had to tone it down.

antiDesiDesi2 karma

Hey Joe! I've loved your stuff for some time now! When a night hanging out with friends draws to a close, I still show the Juggalos video which leads to us binging some of my other favorite episodes for a good hour or two.

My question is: now that you won't be doing weekly videos, what will you be doing instead? Are you going to try and make it in LA? What's the future like for Joe?

And a bonus question/thought: have you thought of doing updated Joe gets? Like going back to the folks who do magic, drag, dominatrix, etc. Or even trying new Joe gets, where you go and try new things that you've never done?

BadgeofShame4 karma

Thanks for watching. I will be going back to my true passion, fry cook at Arby's. I'm not too interested in doing the same things again, but I'll still make videos in some form.

OmegaNaughtEquals12 karma

You're talking to strangers on the internet? For weird!

I've been watching since the Badge of Shame days... must find question to ask... How was kissing an eel pout?

BadgeofShame3 karma




cacahuatez2 karma

Hey Joe! Have you ever received hate mail or death threats because one of your shows? BTW Come down to Costa Rica you'll have fun in the jungle full of monkeys I promise :O

BadgeofShame4 karma

Just from Donald Trump.

I can't wait to dress up the monkeys like the cast of Donkey Kong 64.

_Ishmael2 karma

Hey Joe, big fan. Just wondering if any of the conventions you've been to have changed any perceptions you may have had prior to going, in either a good or bad way? Props on that Trump rally video. I seriously thought that guy was gonna smack you. Then you'd have had to destroy him with your superior might.

BadgeofShame4 karma

I think I left the Gathering of the Juggalos with a more positive perception of Juggalos.

And I left the Trump Rally with exactly the same perception of Trump supporters.