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Mr. Shepherd, thank you for doing this AMA! I'm a big fan of your work and of the genre you've done so much for. I can't imagine how incredible it must be for you to have seen so much history in your lifetime. You've seen everything from hand crank Victrolas to the digital world we live in today - and everything in between. Top that off with playing with the likes of Cab Calloway and Artie Shaw... you are quite an amazing man.

I'm sure you get asked this almost daily, but what piece of advice would you offer to anyone who would like to live to be 100 one day?

Thank you again.. wishing you many more years of happiness and great music!

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I remember this! I think at one point he jammed the knife though the lid because you didn't tell him to take it off the jar first.

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I once saw that farmers used to have to put red-tinted glasses on their chickens to stop them from pecking each other at the sight of blood. Are they still around? If not, how is that prevented today?

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Hey Joe!

How did you become such a big Shakespeare fan? And if I wanted to get into him, what would be a good play to start with?

Keep up the great work man! Love your videos

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Hi Malcom. First off, huge fan of Revisionist History. Every episode, regardless of the topic, is absolutely fascinating, and I'll find myself thinking about each subject for the next few days. What are some topics or stories that you've covered that have stayed with you, or affected you the most?

Thank you again for your work, and I'm looking forward to checking out the new book.