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Sjeaurs3 karma

In which program did you write your book? Just casual Microsoft Word?

calamityjameson10 karma

more casual than that.. openoffice :)

ImJenkins3 karma

Can I get a link to the book on Amazon? I've been looking for a new sci-fi book.

calamityjameson10 karma

I'm not sure what the rules are on that front. It's easily searchable by title and author name on amazon, either on kindle, paperback or audiobook. :)

DTwitz6 karma

Who narrated the audiobook?

calamityjameson6 karma

goetzjam2 karma

Is there any particular tool or software that you use for writing?

calamityjameson5 karma

only openoffice

Muffinmurdurer2 karma

How does it feel to have all of this fame and fortune just thrust upon you?

calamityjameson4 karma

Reddit front page? Scary as hell. :)

Landoperk1 karma

So is it only available digitally? No paperback?

calamityjameson3 karma

Paperback came out on Amazon a month ago :)

zasabi71 karma

Honest question: do you do time travel well? I have a big gripe about time travel. It tends to ruin most things for me when it shows up.

calamityjameson2 karma

I think I managed a couple of things that I've never seen done with time travel. When you get to the bit about the old man in the hut and the boy.. that's one of them.

DJTanner11 karma

Will you quit your job if you get famous/make enough money? Or Do you like programming too much? DON'T LET THE POWER CORRUPT YOU

calamityjameson3 karma

Whatever feeds my family the most while giving me more time to be with them instead of working. :)

sensically_common1 karma

Do you brag while looking at yourself in the mirror too?

calamityjameson1 karma

Only when the whole of Reddit are standing behind me, shaving their beards.

Allergytablet1 karma

The Stephen King book you knocked from first place was published in 1978. Wasn't it just going to happen anyway?

calamityjameson3 karma

Release a book on Amazon and then see how long it takes to "just happen anyway" climb past any old book by Stephen King from any where. ;) Seriously though, no, otherwise it would be a daily occurrence, and it wasn't. :)