Brann Dailor from Mastodon here. Our new album 'Emperor of Sand' is out today! Be sure to check out our music video for "Show Yourself" and pick up our new album. Ask me anything!


Thanks everyone! Sorry if I didn't get to your question, I really have to sit and think about all the Manowar stuff, and obviously take a long hard look in the mirror. I love all of you guys, hope to see you soon! Judas Priest is the greatest heavy metal band of all time. Bye bye

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Dandailor1478 karma

Hey Brann, personal question, who is your favorite cousin and why is it Dan?

mastodonrocks1176 karma

Dan Dailor is the greatest of all time, that's why

Chicken_Wing876 karma

How does it feel to be the center of my world?

mastodonrocks1282 karma

It feels amazing Chicken wing

Dragovic649 karma

I have a couple very important questions for you.

  1. What's your favorite MANOWAR album?

  2. What are the other members favorite MANOWAR albums?

  3. If the answer to any of the previous two questions was that you/they don't listen to MANOWAR, why are you/they afraid of yourself/themselves? You/those motherfuckers, why are you/they afraid of MANOWAR?

  4. Any MANOWAR related stories?

  5. If MANOWAR called you up tomorrow and asked you to leave Mastodon to join MANOWAR, do you feel you are worthy enough to join them or not. If so, what do you think qualifies you to be a king of metal?

  6. What are your thoughts on the differences between the legends of MANOWAR and the legends of THOR? Do you feel THOR's embodiment of the mythical dead and deified warrior or MANOWAR's embodiment of the more grounded living legend is the better approach to this style of over the top metal?

  7. Since you were coming of age when they were both at their peaks, do you think they accurately reflect what was popular at the time and they were just a product of their time or do you think they'd reach the same level of success regardless of when they started?

Edit: It's very clear that mastodonrocks is afraid since every question around my post has been answered and I'm not going to get those five minutes back and someone is going to answer these questions. /u/ScamSchoolBrian, /u/ChrisHardwick, or most importantly /u/GovSchwarzenegger, would you answer these very important questions?

mastodonrocks561 karma

I'm deathly afraid of all jellyfish

JavierLoustaunau566 karma

Loved hearing you guys live with Ghost and Opeth a few years ago in Boston.

What would you say are your biggest metal and non metal musical influences?

mastodonrocks790 karma

Judas Priest and Stevie Wonder

EggplantCider490 karma

Is Josh Homme a cool dude?

mastodonrocks781 karma

He is the coolest dude with a great attitude. That rhymed

ImUncreativeAndLame467 karma

You have a very unique style of drumming, but once in a while I'll hear a passage that sounds very distinctly influenced by another drummer. For example, there is a part near the end of "Halloween" that makes me immediately think of Neil Peart.

My question is, which drummers had the biggest influence on your playing style?

mastodonrocks648 karma

Neil is definitely one of them. I love Billy Cobham, Elvin Jones, Phil Collins, Mickey Dee and Dave Witte, too many to name really, so many talented players out there past and present

GannddaN359 karma

Can you flickedy flam those drums better than anyone else?

mastodonrocks411 karma


HookedByRoadhog275 karma

Hey Brann, favorite RUSH album?

mastodonrocks533 karma

This is a bit pedestrian but 2112

thegreattober275 karma

Hey Brann, I love your music and have been listening to Emperor of Sand non-stop! Awesome stuff as usual!

I've got 3 questions:

  • What's your personal favorite Mastodon song? And personal favorite off Emperor of Sand?

  • If I brought this box to the meet and greet before the show, will you guys sign the inside?

  • And I've been wondering for a while... how come you've got that cool silver tooth? Is it for a medical reason or just because it's cool looking?

Thanks for doing this AMA, keep up the awesome fucking music! You're the best! \m/

mastodonrocks526 karma

I love all of our songs for different reasons, but if I had to pick one it'd be The last baron. Favorite from EOS is Roots remain. We will try to sign anything we can for you. I was hit in the face with a metal pipe and it broke my tooth, silver seemed to be the best option as I can always tell when someone has a porcelain tooth up front, I don't want to lie to people like that.

awasteofgoodatoms256 karma

Hey Brann, I've been a huge fan of Mastodon and your music for a while now and just had a question: what made you decide to start singing as well as drumming? Also is it difficult to do live with how complex your drumming is?

mastodonrocks810 karma

The guys in my band liked how my voice sounded when I sang on Oblivion, so that's when I opened that can of worms. It's challenging, like singing on an exercise machine, I do ok, I'm getting better at it, I practice all the time. I don't want to disappoint anyone, especially myself.

oroborus97250 karma

Why have you guys not played Asleep in the Deep live ?

mastodonrocks305 karma

Working on it

cheatdayrecipes127 karma

how does the set list selection process go with the new album out and many awesome new songs? How do you guys decide how to mix the new and old stuff when playing live?

mastodonrocks304 karma

It's really one of the toughest jobs, especially when you have 8 albums to pick from, we try to pick a couple from each album and play a bunch of new stuff as that's usually what we are currently into, but we realize everyone might not be into the new stuff so we try to mix it up, it's tough. I'll sit and agonize over it for hours sometimes

cheatdayrecipes118 karma

Do you have any backstage rituals before performing? Vocal warm ups drum,warm ups etc? When and why did the clown obsession develop?

mastodonrocks328 karma

I warm up for an hour for drums and a half hour for voice, then I eat an entire wheel of cheese right before I go on stage. My clown obsession started when I was very small, my grandfather is a Shriner and we had backstage access to the clowns at the circus, got to see them putting on their makeup, I was hooked ever since. I also like the fact that they make people uncomfortable, I guess I'm a bit of a sadist, just a tiny bit though

EntJits118 karma

Did you guys predict the Atlanta I-85 fire with your lyrics in Jaguar God?

"Terrestrial fire, ascending from underground"

mastodonrocks159 karma

I sure hope not, I think our billboard on 85S had something to do with it though

DomerLimpson117 karma

Hey Brann, what's your favorite Queens of the Stone Age song?

mastodonrocks330 karma

I appear missing

yukki43110 karma

Hey, Brann!

What do you think about your band nowadays? Do you get what you expect from the public?

What you think about Gone is Gone with Troy Sanders?

Where do you get the artists for your covers? wish i could design one of them too one day..

If you could be an animal between a lion and a scorpion, which would you be?

Love your music! Waiting for see you guys in Lisbon!

mastodonrocks203 karma

I love my band, I love jamming with my friends and seeing what we can come up with and I love playing for people. I don't expect anything from the fans, I just hope they dig the music we're creating. I'd be a lorpion.

racingschoolguy102 karma

Brann, in listening to Emperor of Sand, I noticed heavy use of tambourine. What inspired that?

Also, in Ancient Kingdom the chimes during the chorus are BEAUTIFUL. I love hearing them. I think they're impactful. And really I love all the percussive elements on the album. I think you did great.

mastodonrocks343 karma

Brendan has a giant box of percussion instruments handy at all times, I love getting in there and providing as much boogie as possible because I heart dancing

zektiv96 karma

Been listening to the new album all day. Love it!

Any plans or considerations to tour with Deftones again at some point in the future?

mastodonrocks149 karma

Always a consideration as they're some our best rock n roll friends, it's an all out love fest when we're together

GopalSangra259389 karma

Do you have any personal favourites and any regrets when it comes to Mastodon and your music?

mastodonrocks235 karma

Playing Wembley Stadium with Metallica! No Regerts!

DudesterMcgrudester73 karma

Hey Brann! I fuckin love your music man! Keep on keeping on!

If you have one piece of advice for an aspiring musician, what would it be?

Edit: I shot you an inbox too, it would be great it you read it

mastodonrocks288 karma

Play because you love it, play whatever you want, don't worry about what other people think. If you're honest with your art, the right people will fall in love with it, but you have to love it first

Testnamedontupvote70 karma

Hey Brann, HUGE fan of yours! Seeing your final show on tour in Austin at ACL and I’m SUPER excited.

Anyway, what was the greatest concert experience for you? On stage or in the crowd?

mastodonrocks268 karma

There have been so many it's hard to choose one, but I'd have to say the first time we opened for Iron Maiden, that was a real personal highlight for me, Eddie was on the side of the stage watching us, Eddie is real

andres59465 karma

Brann, I'm a huge fan and the new album sounds terrific. I have several questions, which song was the toughest to complete for you? And what's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

mastodonrocks152 karma

I practice like crazy before I enter the studio so I'm more than prepared to play the songs, but I'd say Jaguar god was kind of a challenge as it came together last minute and I didn't have as much time with it. Haagen daas pineapple coconut

heini9265 karma

Is it true that Jaguar God was supposed to be on a Brent Hinds solo album? Also, how was it working with Brendan O'Brien again?

mastodonrocks86 karma

No that's not true, Brent does not have a solo album coming out to my knowledge, we collaborated on a bunch of songs together so they are Mastodon songs, he wrote the guitar parts and some of the vocals.

Oatmealmeat57 karma

Hi Brann!

Firstly, after only a couple listens through of "Emporer of Sand", I just want to thank you and the other guys from Mastodon for releasing a true masterpiece. I have to say that "Strambreather" is an instant favorite. Secondly, I love the direction the band has taken. I would have never gotten into you guys if it weren't for albums like "The Hunter" and "Once More Around the Sun". My question is actually related to your music videos as an aspiring video editor.

How much of the music video idea comes from the members of Mastodon and what is the creative process behind coming up with these crazy ideas? (Yes I'm talking about cat puppets, LARPing, twerking, and lumberjacks)

mastodonrocks66 karma

Thanks for the kindness. I usually work closely with whoever the director is on the treatment, they usually start out like any idea, it just pops up there and I write it all down. Then whoever is at the helm, makes the rest happen. For the life of me I can't think of a " serious" video treatment, so I apologize for the silliness.

BosstheRoss5455 karma

Can you please answer the Manowar questions from earlier?

mastodonrocks109 karma

I want to, but I would be here all night.

SonofBlashyrkh46 karma

What's your latest addition to your felt art collection?

Have you listened to Skáphe before? Excellent chaotic black metal.

Enjoying Emperor of Sand so far

mastodonrocks56 karma

Two pigs kissing I bought from my friend Marty the plumber

PL4SM4W0LF46 karma

I recall Skinner saying at one point that he painted in his colorful, psychedelic style out of love for it and to keep the style alive. Do you feel the same way about your prog-rock style drumming?

mastodonrocks77 karma

Not really, I just play what feels right regardless of what style it is. I try to go by feel.

vulture9938 karma

Two questions:

1) Do you guys already have an idea for album 9? 2) Favorite chorus on EoS?

mastodonrocks82 karma

Always have plenty of ideas floating around. Favorite chorus is Troys part in Ancient Kingdom, gives me goosebumps every time

ClubShrimp36 karma

  1. Did Brent contribute anything to EoS other than solos?
  2. Did Brent actually vote for Trump?
  3. How come Bill had nothing to say about Brent in Brent's EoS video?
  4. Are y'all Tim & Eric fans?

mastodonrocks88 karma

Yes Jaguar God and he played on everything and always adds something magical to all the riffs Brent didn't vote for Trump I don't think the videographer asked Bill about myself or Brent, it was an accidental oversight Yuge Tim and Eric fans, Yuge!!

-APB-34 karma

Which Wegmans is your favorite to visit when in Rochester?

mastodonrocks55 karma

Mt. Read blvd

GAmerGhazzawi34 karma

Hey Brann! Just wanted you to know that Mastodon is one of my favorite bands ever and you are my favorite Drummer ever! You guys mean a lot to me. A couple of questions:

1) Blood Mountain is my favorite record of all time, and one of the reasons I love it so much is the lyrics and the story, but I was never completely clear about what the story is about. What does the story mean, and more importantly what does to mean to you?

2) Bill said you come up with the names for the records. What is that process? Why does "Leviathan" or "Blood Mountain" or "Once More 'Round the Sun" sound right to you?

3) Which song in Emperor of Sand did you play your Grandma's bass in? It must've been special!

4) what is the most personal Mastodon song for you?

Thank you! I've been loving Emperor of Sand, can't wait to get it on vinyl!

mastodonrocks47 karma

It's just a taste thing, I just know when I've found the right title, it just fits. The beginning of Jaguar God Crack The Skye

NapalmStef34 karma

Hey Brann,

I was wondering how you guys first started working with Scott Kelly and when was it decided that he would appear on all of your records? Thanks!

mastodonrocks78 karma

We have been friends with Scott since our old band Today is the day toured with Neurosis in 98', when we were touring our way out to Seattle to record Leviathan with the band Clutch, we had the idea to ask Neil to sing the part of Ahab on Blood n Thunder, after he said yes, it gave us the confidence to ask Scott, ever since then we've always looked for ways to include him, we love building a tradition like that as Neurosis is one of the pillars of influence for our band.

Greyy38531 karma

Who was your biggest drumming inspiration growing up and learning to drum? Who's your biggest drumming inspiration now? (if you have one)

mastodonrocks72 karma

My biggest inspiration was my Uncle Marc, he played drums for my Grandfathers band "cinnamon road" other than him, Phil Collins and Mickey Dee

Sparkiye27 karma

Hello, did you know I love you?

Which of the other members of Mastodon is your favorite/most tolerable? Who would you prefer to be stranded on an island with?

mastodonrocks105 karma

I can't pick just one due to political and legal reasons. Troy

ShyPirateCrew27 karma

As a connoisseur of good taste in music, beer, would you describe the aroma and taste of a dirty B-Hinds' fart when aboard the fart box?

mastodonrocks48 karma

We used to be like, " Dude!!! You need to see a doctor "!!

TheDancingBearGrills26 karma

Y'all's album rocks, firstly, like seriously amazing. 2 questions -1.) What does Troy's beard feel like? -2.) What are your favorite cities to tour in?

mastodonrocks93 karma

Troys beard is wooly mammoth hair stolen from the Smithsonian, it is very brittle

Foulisy25 karma

Brann, can I please have 10% of your ability?

mastodonrocks65 karma


hackeup4bbq24 karma

How often do you get to practice and what's the ideal amount of time a week you should?

mastodonrocks75 karma

I practice 5 days a week for about 2-4 hrs at a time. I know!! I should be way better!!

Micro_fin24 karma

With every album comes a whole new spectrum of potential Masto-merch. What sort of items are on the drawing board for Emperor of Sand?

mastodonrocks137 karma

Frisbee's, sock garters, furry handcuffs and fruit roll ups

mossman8522 karma

What albums have you been listening to lately?

mastodonrocks53 karma

My wife's band Tiger! Tiger! Just made a new album, it'll be out in a few months, sounds great, garage rock with a modern twist

jorgerr9621 karma

What's the one venue you want to play at?

mastodonrocks51 karma

The Acropolis

purpleholsterz17 karma

How'd you come up with all the cool percussion stuff on Emperor of Sand? The album's sick btw

mastodonrocks70 karma

Whatever gets your ass shaking

horcrux_17 karma

Sup Brann! What are your top 3 Mastodon songs to play live? Can I play iron tusk with you whenever you're in Holland? <3

mastodonrocks52 karma

Hearts alive Ember City Blood and Thunder Yes you may

EmperorTigerstar17 karma

Was there a certain song you really struggled with when you started drumming but loved to play/practice regardless?

mastodonrocks61 karma

Wipeout!! When I was 6 years old my Uncle told me " you're not a good drummer unless you can play Wipeout" I'm still working on it

YogiFiretower17 karma

Favorite cut of meat?

mastodonrocks49 karma

Bone in aged Ribeye

ProudHommesexual16 karma

Emperor of Sand takes place in the desert - were you tempted to get Josh Homme to guest again? Or will you ever work with him again in future?

mastodonrocks31 karma

Josh is one of my favorite humans, we have a very similar sense of humor, so I find it easy to be funny around him, it's always a really nice volley of non stop comedy. We are always up for working with Josh, but daggum if everybody ain't so dang busy all the time

cheatdayrecipes15 karma

What is your favorite thing to do when on tour and off tour?

mastodonrocks59 karma

On tour, I like to try to take advantage of whatever city we're in, ya know, check out the sights, art museums, local record stores, beer stores, things like that. At home I love to cook, on tour you're not always in charge of what you eat, I like to chop vegetables, it's my happy place

madmanofencino11 karma

What made you get more involved in the vocals of the group? Not a bad thing but your voice drastically changes the sound of Mastodon.

mastodonrocks40 karma

I write a lot of the lyrics and come up with vocal patterns so I'll go in there and sing it and if everyone digs it in the room and I feel like I can pull it off live, then it stays. I sometimes wish I had a rougher voice, but I just don't. I like the Ozzy approach, he's one of my biggest vocal influences along with king Diamond and David Bowie

dsavage6669 karma

Hey Brann, huge fan of your guy's work, the new album is phenomenal.

How much fun was the drum off with danny carey?

mastodonrocks24 karma

It was really fun, but I couldn't hear a damn thing!!! I was just hanging on for dear life as I wasn't super familiar with the tunes. Danny is one of my favorite people and greatest drummers of our generation I love him!

Rabelshaw9 karma

Do you still have Twinkle Toes? If not, what's your fun ride these days?

mastodonrocks55 karma

Twinkletoes is in the shop sad face. I have an 86' Silverado with a bad ass paint job that I like to drive, but I mostly drive a 2007 Prius, pretty bad ass huh? You're welcome earth!!!

ReZidentlethal8 karma

You guys are one of the few progressive bands I find interesting these days, but I was wondering which of the old prog bands do you still find interesting and maybe even take influence from today? Any Gentle Giant? Jethro Tull?

mastodonrocks11 karma

Yeah both of those artists for sure. I feel like Genesis up until Duke is an inexhaustible well of inspiration, so much incredible music, I adore all of it

starman952 karma

If you could do a collaboration with any band/artist outside of the metal genre, who would it be and why?

Also, I can't wait to see you guys in Pittsburgh in May. Somehow, it will be my first metal show!

mastodonrocks3 karma

I would love to collaborate with Bon Iver, I think that would be wonderful

NLG992 karma

What do you think of the current state of metal music? How does it feel to be in one of the best bands of the millenium?

mastodonrocks5 karma

I love the current state of metal, I think it has some of the most talented and forward thinking players in music in general and often gets overlooked by the mainstream as it always has.