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Dragovic649 karma

I have a couple very important questions for you.

  1. What's your favorite MANOWAR album?

  2. What are the other members favorite MANOWAR albums?

  3. If the answer to any of the previous two questions was that you/they don't listen to MANOWAR, why are you/they afraid of yourself/themselves? You/those motherfuckers, why are you/they afraid of MANOWAR?

  4. Any MANOWAR related stories?

  5. If MANOWAR called you up tomorrow and asked you to leave Mastodon to join MANOWAR, do you feel you are worthy enough to join them or not. If so, what do you think qualifies you to be a king of metal?

  6. What are your thoughts on the differences between the legends of MANOWAR and the legends of THOR? Do you feel THOR's embodiment of the mythical dead and deified warrior or MANOWAR's embodiment of the more grounded living legend is the better approach to this style of over the top metal?

  7. Since you were coming of age when they were both at their peaks, do you think they accurately reflect what was popular at the time and they were just a product of their time or do you think they'd reach the same level of success regardless of when they started?

Edit: It's very clear that mastodonrocks is afraid since every question around my post has been answered and I'm not going to get those five minutes back and someone is going to answer these questions. /u/ScamSchoolBrian, /u/ChrisHardwick, or most importantly /u/GovSchwarzenegger, would you answer these very important questions?

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That's just the proper way to spell MANOWAR. It's spelled how it's said, like a manly shout from very depth of your heart of steel.

Dragovic79 karma

If he doesn't answer then we know for a fact that Mastodon are wimps and posers that are afraid of themselves. Of MANOWAR! Of THOR!

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I feel indifferent to you.