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EntJits118 karma

Did you guys predict the Atlanta I-85 fire with your lyrics in Jaguar God?

"Terrestrial fire, ascending from underground"

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Greetings Simon. Thank you for a great new album and a whole career of great music!

Few questions:

  1. You've influenced modern trance music in many ways that most listeners probably don't realize. What's your opinion on the current genre of trance and psy-trance?

  2. Who are your biggest philosophical heroes/idols? (Besides Terence McKenna, of course)

  3. What do you see as the future of Shpongle and the future of Simon Posford? More big live shows at festivals? DJ sets? Something completely new?

Thank you Simon for all of the hard work you've done for us, the fans!

EntJits6 karma

Does that also mean no more Tranquilty Base?

EntJits3 karma

Will there be any Iyengar classes in the near future?