Folks, I have to sign off now. I'm about to do an interview. If you want to see me in person and you're in Chicago, come to the Music Box theater this evening, where I'll be reading from the book, doing an interview and signing books and taking pics. Thanks, Reddit!

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Frajer1793 karma

Did you ever anticipate how devoted a fanbase Super Troopers would have?

JayChandrasekhar2735 karma

We didn't think anyone would even want to see the film. We didn't think we'd get into a festival. We didn't see the fandom coming. Not by a long shot.

JayChandrasekhar644 karma

Hard to believe how devoted people are to this film.

The_bad_guy_3121128 karma

What's a ZJ?

JayChandrasekhar3162 karma

You can't afford it, big man.

mdfounta1099 karma

Super Troopers allowed for high visibility of young upstarts such as Geoffrey Arend. Do you feel you're personally responsible for his success and subsequent marriage to Christina Hendricks?

JayChandrasekhar1649 karma

I would say that's true, yes.

damiankw1061 karma

What was it like working with that dick Farva?

JayChandrasekhar2510 karma

I cast him as Farva because he's a dick in real life. So it was the same as real life.

Crotalus_Horridus976 karma

Have you had many people in law enforcement approach you and offer any words of praise? If not, let me just say that we staties consider Super Troopers to be a holy work on par with the Sistine Chapel or the Hagia Sophia.

JayChandrasekhar1281 karma

Thanks for the high praise. yes, we are approached by cops all of time and let out of tickets as well. We have a very good relationship with cops, which is nice. Kevin once got a high speed escort from a cop down to San Diego Padres stadium.

Mercennarius947 karma

As a director do you make more profit from the sale of a Blu Ray or a movie ticket?

JayChandrasekhar1318 karma

Blu Ray

frehsprints944 karma

So you know that one goofy looking dude from Super Troopers who ate all the drugs? Can you believe he married Emma Stone Christina Hendricks? Did you happen to notice he was packing a monster rod or something?

JayChandrasekhar1615 karma

He has a forked tongue.

goedegeit740 karma

Was there ever a point in time you worried that Super Troopers was a massive target for scat porn parody artists who'd call it Super Poopers?

JayChandrasekhar1545 karma

Burt Reynolds once screamed at me, "I SAW YOUR MOVIE! SUPER DOOPERS POOPER SCOOPERS!" I tell the story of that in my book.

Shreddy_Orpheus685 karma

hey man how long until a Super Troopers 2 trailer surfaces?

JayChandrasekhar1153 karma

My guess is 2 months.

TheTeamCubed667 karma

If Broken Lizard was trapped in a blizzard on the Oregon Trail in 1846, who would you kill and eat second (Kevin Heffernan's gotta be first, right?)?

JayChandrasekhar1247 karma

I like a mix of fat and meat, so yeah we'd eat Heffernan first. We've discussed this and he knows it's coming.

Mercennarius650 karma

What have you enjoyed most about filming Super Troopers 2?

JayChandrasekhar1619 karma

Working with Rob Lowe and Will Sasso. That was good fun. It was also fun to grow the mustache again. It's twice as big as in the first film. Yeah!

CBLingo622 karma

What are your fondest memories of working with the great Bill Paxton?

JayChandrasekhar2055 karma

Hanging with Bill in Mexico while we made Club Dread was a dream. the guy had the best show business stories, about working with Schwarzenegger and James Cameron. We went to Palm Springs to show Jimmy Buffet the film. On the way back to LA in the airport, Bill and I were walking through the airport and an endless stream of fans kept stopping Bill. For each fan, he peeled off a $20 bill, handed it them and said, "Thanks, man!" Then he told me to always carry a roll of twenties because those people are going to go see you movie and they'll take a date and you'll end up making out well. Loved Bill.

PehlaNasha561 karma

It's such a great honor to be able to finally talk to you Mr. Chandrasekhar, you've been one of my greatest heroes ever since I saw Super Troopers. The fact that an Indian American like me could achieve such a great success as you did, being a famous movie director (And the very first Indian American highway patrolman) is really inspiring.

I'm really curious as to how your roots affected your line of work, since I know firsthand both the joys and restrictions that our culture entails in regards to schooling and professions. What challenges did you face while breaking free from the norm and becoming a pioneer in the American film industry?

I'm definitely going to buy your book, "Moustache Shenanigans", and I'll be first to the midnight premier of Super Troopers 2!

JayChandrasekhar919 karma

Being Indian in show business at the time was challenging because there were no Indians on screen except for Ben Kingsley. So I decided to make my own way. I learned how to write and direct, so that I could write scripts, direct the movie and cast myself in a lead role. It was the only way I saw that could work. Today, there are a lot more Indians on American TV, which is great.

tropicalstrain465 karma

Will there ever be a POTFEST?!

PM_Me_YourLargeTits294 karma

Also will Doug Benson be in it?

JayChandrasekhar1114 karma

If we make Pot Fest, Doug will be in it. We've discussed this. So will Willie Nelson, Snoop, Cheech and Chong.

ki10_butt460 karma

Hi Jay, huge fan here! Out of all the Broken Lizard movies you've made, what's been the most fun you've had on set?

JayChandrasekhar1656 karma

Club Dread by far. We were all single, at a 6 star resort in Mexico for 4 months. And there was grass, Mexican beer and beautiful women everywhere.

dlowerythomas419 karma

Can you please wait until I get back to finish that story? (Slammin Salmon is the greatest service industry movie EVER!)

JayChandrasekhar540 karma

That movie was based on Steve Lemme, Erik Stolhanske and I all working in the same restaurant as waiters. It was Busby's on the upper east side. Good fun.

idkyeither385 karma

I love super troopers!!! When is super troopers 2 coming out?

JayChandrasekhar896 karma

Number 2 is coming out sometime in the next 6 months. Hopefully on the sooner end.

Not_my_good_pants310 karma

Is it true you were in talks at some point to play Groucho Marx?

I'd like to see you play Groucho. I think you'd be great!

JayChandrasekhar434 karma

Hilarious question. I do have the eyebrows.

mashupbabylon260 karma

Does the group of you Broken Lizards get along in real life as well as you seem too in the movies?

JayChandrasekhar635 karma

We became friends when we were 18, before we had ambition. So, yeah, we're all actual real friends. It's nice to work with people who you're real friends with.


I always wanted to know. Do the Snozzberries really taste like Snozzberries?

JayChandrasekhar367 karma

They do. They really do.

Hokumu237 karma

Hey man, big fan. You've directed a lot of episodes of some of my favourite shows and it always makes me smile when i see your name come up in the credits randomly. On to the question my dude.

What was it like working on Chuck?

Chuck vs the Suburbs is one of my favourite episodes of the entire series. Thanks.

JayChandrasekhar284 karma

Chuck vs. The Suburbs was a really good one, I agree. And thanks. That show was fun because it was a mix of comedy and action. Real action.

QueenFartGoblin231 karma

Would you ever consider doing a Super Trooper/Reno 911 cross over? Because, I'm pretty sure it would be amazing.

JayChandrasekhar442 karma

I wouldn't hold your breath on that one. I have some issues that their uniforms were almost identical.

BEERpressure14228 karma

Jay! Love you dude, love everything you guys have made (yes, even Puddle Cruiser!). I just got one question: who's soapy?

Can't wait for ST2! Best of luck to you brother.

JayChandrasekhar604 karma

Our NY roommate was a guy named, Eric Soderlund. We looked him up in the phone book and saw that the only Soderlund in New York City was a guy named, Soapy Soderlund. So we started calling our friend, "Soapy." He hated the nickname, so we decided to make the nickname famous by putting into all of our films.

Potentialrobot181 karma

Who is the person that you have enjoyed working with the most on a tv show/movie? Excluding the rest of the Broken Lizard guys. And Willie Nelson.

JayChandrasekhar566 karma

I loved working with Rob Lowe. The guy is an assassin of comedy. He's a comic trapped in a leading man's body.

jrmehle157 karma

How will the Bears survive without Jay Cutler?

JayChandrasekhar266 karma

We're all turning the page.

fredfenster154 karma

Were you ever approached to be a supporting cast member in a P90X video?

JayChandrasekhar297 karma

They iced me on that. They wanted one legged comics only.

dward85147 karma

do you think there will ever be a beerfest 2?

JayChandrasekhar592 karma

Maybe. We're going to probably make Super Troopers 3, Winter Soldiers first.

Myrdoc139 karma

Jay! Huge fan! My question is, who's the nicest famous person you've ever met? Who's the assholiest?

JayChandrasekhar349 karma

Nicest one was Wiliie Nelson. He and I are good buds, now. I sing back up for him whenever I'm at his show.

I have a story in my book about Burt Reynolds, who I love. But we did fight a lot on the set of Dukes of Hazzard.

QuaintOpulence126 karma

Definitely one of my favorite movie makers!

What was the most fun scene to play in Super Troopers?

What was the most fun scene to direct in Dukes of Hazzard?

Also, do you guys do anything to mess with each other off camera to get laughs? Stuff I guess like what the guys would do to each other in the Jackass movies?

JayChandrasekhar404 karma

The most fun scene to play in Super Troopers was the scene where I walk down the hall with my wife, Bobbi and then walk in on the German Swingers. I enjoyed that day.

In Dukes, my favorite scene to shoot was the car chase in Atlanta. epic.

Johnny Knoxville constantly punches your balls when you work with him, so you have to walk around all of the time with your hands covering your nuts. If you don't, he'll strike.

late4workagain120 karma

Is a Beerfest sequel something you guys are considering?

JayChandrasekhar317 karma

Thinking about it. We might make Super Troopers 2, Winter Soldiers first, though.

CzarNicoloff117 karma

Can you or anyone from Broken Lizard do a show in Santa Barbara!? I would love to see you guys and perhaps have a beer!!

JayChandrasekhar167 karma

What's the place to do a show there? A theater, maybe? Love to do that.

CrustyRichardCheese105 karma

Hi! What's the worst part about hollywood? Ever thought about directing a porno?

JayChandrasekhar236 karma

You know the level of acting and lighting in porn is often bad, so sure I've thought about it. I have a lot of ideas about how to make it better, but no one has made an offer yet. Still waiting...

steeb2er99 karma

I just wanted to commend your work ethic, as it relates to your directing. You must be hustling year-round, because it feels like I'm constantly seeing your name in the opening credits of shows. Good work.

How difficult is it to acclimate to different shows, crews, casts, etc. on a regular basis?

JayChandrasekhar140 karma

I work on a lot of shows. The first time is more challenging because they don't yet know my style. But when I come back for another episode, we're all used to each other, so it's great.

chuckberry31469 karma

big fan here. why do you think that your other movies haven't been as successful as super troopers? what lessons have you learned from those others that you applied to super troopers 2?

JayChandrasekhar269 karma

Well, Dukes of Hazzard and Beerfest were quite successful. But the others, like Club Dread probably didn't do well because of the mix of genres, horror and comedy. Our fans just wanted us to make a comedy and didn't love all of that blood.

The lesson we learned with Super Troopers 2 was to write shorter scripts so that we can improvise and keep more jokes.

Capthowdy102756 karma

Hi Jay! I can't wait for Super Troopers 2!

What's your favorite episode of The Simpsons?

JayChandrasekhar253 karma

Wow. That one where Homer gets drunk in the bar.

TornadoApe48 karma

What are some of the best tourist spots in PiƱa Coladaburg?

JayChandrasekhar79 karma

Pineapple Gulch is great.

Saussen44 karma

Loved the Amazon Show. Any new word on that?

JayChandrasekhar90 karma

They didn't pick it up, sadly. Real bummer. I'll make a new version of it with someone else, though. I'm determined.

kisforkate39 karma

How fun was the shoot for the on-camera commentary for the Super Troopers Blu Ray DVD, especially when the girl in charge had a seizure?

JayChandrasekhar99 karma

It was until the seizure. Lots of fun... until the seizure.

justdevin39 karma

Is there a release plan for SUPER TROOPERS 2? Also, is there a chance for a release party outside of the ones from the Indiegogo campaign, say in a town that LOVES the BL lads like Dallas?

JayChandrasekhar95 karma

Outside of the Indiegogo campaign, no. We are doing an Indiegogo campaign in Dallas. And we'll come to Dallas to promote the film, so maybe Fox will have a screening there. I love Texas. Release is going to be sometime in the next 6 moths.

fugazithehax38 karma

Hi Jay,

How do you feel about the state of standup comedy overall in 2017? It seems like a lot more comedians are getting comedy specials due to big pushes from companies like Netflix. Yet to me, the overall quality of performances seems unchanged from 5-15 years ago. Also, will syrup be replaced with Siracha in Super Troopers 2? Thanks!

JayChandrasekhar87 karma

There's a lot of stand up now, you're right. They've got to fill those "content" pipes. There are probably too many, but they're all my friends, so please watch. And I love Sriracha.

thamoore31 karma

Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or a 100 duck sized horses?

JayChandrasekhar63 karma

Good question. I'm deathly afraid of birds, so I'll go with the duck sized horses.

The_Chanc3llor30 karma

Yo Jay, ordered your book awhile back and it's currently on it's way, super stoked to get into it. What is your favorite chapter?

JayChandrasekhar77 karma

The chapter on Club Dread is my favorite.

bigdumplings26 karma

How do you feel about the white washing of Asian roles adapted to the screen?

JayChandrasekhar84 karma

Hmm, it's not going to go on much longer, I don't think. There's too much media downside to it. The problem is that there aren't enough established Asian stars who can open movies in America. And so producers are afraid to put a lot of money into a movie without an established star. Chicken and egg. That said the business is changing and in a good way. Watch the next few years....

Claptrrap1124 karma

Hi Jay, Personally, Club Dread is my favourite entry into the horror genre, despite it's blend with the comedy genrre. I feel the two blend perfectly, and the film is very entertaining.

As a 17 year old Irish student, I am also an aspiring comedy performer and actor, and I have always drawn inspiration from your shows and films ever since i saw Super Troopers in 2012. My question is, was Club Dread fun to film? And how was it blending the horror and comedy genres together during writing and filming. Thank you, Adam

JayChandrasekhar60 karma

I loved making Club Dread. It was the most fun of all of our films to shoot. Fear and laughter are linked. And in our movie, a scare often was followed by a laugh. So blending them together felt very natural.

scb0319 karma

Hi Jay! Who is your favorite member of Broken Lizard?

JayChandrasekhar68 karma

My favorite member of Broken Lizard is Steve Lemme because he stays up the latest (after me).

kongmasterflash17 karma

Hi Jay, I'm a huge fan of everything Broken Lizard, Club Dread being my favorite movie. Just wanted to know will we be seeing a Beerfest 2 in the near future?

JayChandrasekhar37 karma

We're probably going to make Super Troopers 3, Winter Soldiers first.

DexterM177614 karma

I bought the red carpet tickets in hollyweird what am I in for and when do I get to see the damn movie? I can't wait.

JayChandrasekhar42 karma

You'll see it in the next 6 months. We'll get up to it pretty good in Hollyweird. That's our current home town after all.

Jokerxero12 karma

Hi Jay. I have always wondered and maybe you could help me out.. If you have sex with a hermaphrodite does it make you straight or gay?

JayChandrasekhar20 karma


veasel799 karma

Ever consider making a farva stand alone movie?

JayChandrasekhar29 karma

That might be too much Farva, don't you think? There's plenty in Super Troopers 2, trust me.

h0td1sh5 karma

What's a ZJ?

JayChandrasekhar13 karma

You can't afford it, big man.

quantum_guy2 karma

Jay -- what's your process for writing comedy? How much of it is real-life inspiration versus getting creative in your own mind?

Additionally: Can you teach me how to swing?

JayChandrasekhar6 karma

All of the raw ideas come from real life. When we do the detail work, that comes from conversations with each other and from deep inside our minds. Yes, I can teach you how to swing.

Weirdlookingdong1 karma

When was the last time you were back at Colgate? Have you seen the dump of a hospital across the street? Was that there when you went there? That has to be put in a movie someway with all white trash workers taking care of you.

JayChandrasekhar3 karma

The hospital was there.

cujocon1 karma

Hey Jay, Will you be coming back to Western MA at all to finish ST2? Did you like it here?

JayChandrasekhar4 karma

Loved shooting ST2 in Western Mass. We finished the film closer to Boston, though. So there's no more shooting to do.