I play guitar, drum set, and sing at the same time. The guy from the Tom Sawyer and War Pigs Videos!!: Enter stuff here

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Why no harmonica?

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It's hard!

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It's hardmonica!

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Dude, you just leveled up music. Now I won't be impressed again until I see someone playing that fantomas drum kit with a keytar and a bass while singing with a harmonica up his ass.

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Look up Bob Log III

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Dig Bob.

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Let me know when you see that!

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This is high quality.

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You need gold, sorry I'm broke

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Though I appreciate the sentiment.

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For the lazy... The aforementioned video

DickyMcDoodle32 karma

Impressive, but who is playing the second guitar part and the bass?

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Bass comes from a Boss oc3 Super Octave Pedal. Splits guitar signal to a sub octave.

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Boss Super Octave pedal is next on my want list after a Crybaby wah pedal

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It's a sweet pedal!

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I'm the guy who put your video on /r/videos!

My only question is around what age did you start to drum and play guitar at the same time?

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Hey man!! Thank you so much for sharing the video!! Much appreciated! It's been many years since I first started maybe when I was like 12. I never really did it in front of people or on gigs until about 4 years ago. I'd do a tune here and there. In July 2015 I did the War Pigs thing. It got a lot of attention so I started to think about doing it more. I switched my website over and began the project seriously about a year ago!

Sepoohroth58 karma

I play drums a bit and guitar too but I could never imagine trying both like that, crazy to me. Mad respect dude. Thanks for answering!

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I remember see a 311 concert where the stage goes dark while their drummer goes into a sick solo. Lights come on and they've rolled 4 more drum sets out and the whole group starts tearing it up. It was awesome!

But yeah if they were also playing the guitar at the same time I'da broke my jaw that'd been so cool

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That sounds awesome!

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Electricity running through us all, it feels good

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Right on, man! Play on!! And give it try! See how it goes. Thank you for sharing !!

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A one man band? Was juggling not enough? Did you want to get weirder with it?

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Ah, can't juggle. Had to figure up somethin else.

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All that dexterity and limb control ad you cant juggle????? What!!!!!!!!!!

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I know, right. Dang.

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Do you slappa da bass?

dawfragman64 karma

Indeed, I have.

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Did this all start because you watched that Simpsons where Groundskeeper Willie is a one man wonder band singing "I'm a mainiac" and you thought, yeah that's the way to live?

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Fo sho! Willie knows what up.

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Why are you the way that you are?

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Because I don't know how to be another way.

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So, umm what's up?..

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All kindsa stuff!!

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Thanks Man. Back at you.

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Favorite Rush song? Also damn dude, that was sick

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Yo! Thanks man! I appreciate you support and positivity. I dig YYZ but of course they have a lot of great stuff!

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Lots of respect for you, what kind of music do you listen to?

dawfragman91 karma

I know it will sound cliche but as much as I can! I love Beethoven and Stravinsky. I can't get enough Thelonious Monk and Charlie Parker. I still jam to Led Zeppelin and Soundgarden. More recent bands include Royal Blood, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Lissie, Chon, The Lemon Twigs, Kimbra, Tune-Yards . . . on an on!!

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chon is awesome

dawfragman25 karma

chon IS awesome!

LilacPlains4 karma

I am a huge Beethoven Fan!

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Oh nice! Check it out: a few years back I dig a classical drum set series! I did two Beethoven Pieces. Piano Sonata No. 14, Mov. III https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X4o8Sht5Ww And String Quartet No 12, Mov. III https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ywZfH0edEQ

LilacPlains2 karma

Awesome, definitely going to go check these out

dawfragman7 karma

Right on! Let me know how it goes!

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The Lemon Twigs are absolutely killing it!

dawfragman3 karma

YES. Dig em!

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Respect, my friend

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And, to you as well.

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There was obviously a lot going on that you weren't actually doing in the video. How many backing tracks did you have and would you consider posting a video without them?

dawfragman87 karma

Hey! Thanks for watching! There is only one track that is not being played live and simultaneous in Tom Sawyer. A guitar track where I play exactly what I played live. Only for a little fuller sound. There are several videos on my Facebook and Youtube account that are live with no tracks. War Pigs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiXLIwr7xxg Moby Dick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOxpDSoVGm0 Originals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SJ68-lkdK0 Improvisation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9C2uB8c3n8o Hope you dig them!

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Dude that war pigs was dope as fuck. Look forward to more from you

dawfragman2 karma

Thanks man! I have more covers and originals coming soon. Next cover should post next week!

Also, peep my Artist Page on Facebook. I post videos there quite frequently: https://www.facebook.com/dominicfragman/

haberstachery23 karma

When and where did you come up with the idea and then take it to a respectable level? I love how you strum and drum!

dawfragman32 karma

Yo! Thanks man! I was pretty young when I started doing it. I just started with the guitar and the feet. As that came together I thought I could go for more. I started doing it in public about 3-4 years ago. But I really didn't develop it until with in the last year. My favorite thing to get into with it is improvisation. It's always fun to fall down a worm hole going at it on both instruments!

InkRebel114 karma

Bassist here that has recently started tapping my feet while playing. I also slap anything and everything all the time when I don't have an instrument in my hands. MAD RESPECT TO YOU. I can't imagine doing all that at once. I think the thing that stood out the most to me is your voice though. Did you ever receive any formal training for singing? You kill it dude!

dawfragman11 karma

Right on man! Play on and thank you! Not so much formal training. Just a lot of yelling behind the kit for many years!!

MrDrumline20 karma

How do you go about practicing something like this? Obviously learn the individual parts, but do you chunk two at a time and add on the third later, or do you just roll through slowly with all the voices?

dawfragman24 karma

Mostly, I think of it all as one thing. Depending on the tune, I can usually pull off all parts pretty quickly. Of course there are things I break down. In that case it is usually the guitar and some logistics. All in all the practice approach is basically the same as learning a single instrument. Do it a lot. Do it SLOW. Do it fast. Do it a lot!

-c0de-4 karma

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Practice perfect and perfection will happen.

Watching these videos have been the highlight of my day so far.

dawfragman6 karma

Many Thanks!!

Awesome_Baker14 karma

Did you learn by yourself, or with teacher(s)?

dawfragman32 karma

Hi! I learn to do this by myself. Though I have had a mentor for drumming, composition, and general musicing. His name is Paul F. Murphy. He is amazing!

NearlyPerfect12 karma

Are you any good at that video game Rock Band? Can you do multiple instruments there too?

dawfragman17 karma

Awful at it. Awful at pretty much all video games!

Jacob_Dovahkiin11 karma

Have you ever heard of Bob log?

dawfragman9 karma

Yeah man!! He's rad. And the helmet!

ninja_at_law9 karma

How did you start doing this? Did the band break up?

dawfragman7 karma

Looking to play all the time! When everyone else is spent, I still want to music.

YolandiVissarsBF6 karma

Can you cover Avril Lavigne, complicated?

dawfragman7 karma

I certainly could!

magicpaul244 karma

What gear did you use to get that killer guitar tone in the Tom Sawyer video?

dawfragman7 karma

The guitar is a project guitar a buddy built. The amp was a PRS rig (belonged to the studio - Annapolis Audio Lab--Awesome place!!). I use a Boss OC3 Super Octave pedal which splits the guitar signal and tracks a sub octave to make the bass line. That's it!

Solar-Salor4 karma

What was the first instrument you learned?

What was the last?

dawfragman14 karma

Hmm first instrument I started playing was drum set. Singing was the last. Still working on ALL!! I am primarily a drummer. That's been 95% of my gigs for the past 10 years!

Dirtysavage14 karma

Have you ever heard of shakey graves?

Edit: first AMA ive ever commented on. OP delivers!

If you're interested

dawfragman2 karma

Yup. Sounds right fine.

Drdminto3 karma

Wow, your videos are very impressive. Do you have any tips for new musicians?

dawfragman3 karma

Thanks! Sure. You can not avoid progress if you practice!

LudiusDyrius3 karma

Hi, just watched the video posted on /r/videos and it was brilliant, your singing reminded me of someone, whilst I think on that answer me these.Please

How did you learn to do this? What gave you the idea of doing this? and was there any inspiration behind the style of playing/singing?

dawfragman8 karma

Hi! Thanks for watching and for reaching out. I taught myself to do it over time. Guitar and drums with my feet initially. Them expanded from there. I started when I was young and the idea just came from wanting to playing all the time. As for inspiration, I draw inspiration from all things. When I play and sing I just go for it. I don't necessarily try to sound like any one thing. Though for the Tom Sawyer video I wanted to be in the ball park but still sound natural to myself. Does that make sense? Ha!

geewhillikers73 karma

That was rad. I loved it, my dad (lifelong Rush fan) loved it.

I play many-an-instrument too, just not at the same time. My question:

When you set out to learn a track in this way, what's the process like? Obviously learn each separately, but how does it all get glued together? How long does it take?

dawfragman3 karma

Right on! Thanks man! The process varies. Often I can basically pull off everything together pretty quickly. But If I have to break it down the practice concept is the same as learning for a single instrument. Analyze the movements and sounds slowly. Increase speed. Do it a lot. This tune took a little bit but I was playing on gigs here and there for about 6-8 months before I decided to record it. I just started doing this seriously about a year ago so I am experiencing somewhat rapid growth right now. Which is great!

GriWard3 karma

I'm a musician, but I can't get the coordination to play the drums... It's not like I have bad rhythm, I just haven't been able to translate it to my hands. And outside of just strumming chords, singing whilst playing guitar is also difficult, sometimes you have to play your accompaniment on classical guitar. My question is... Did you practise all the instruments separately, or together? How long for each if both?

dawfragman3 karma

Great! Keep working at it! In general, I do practice all the instruments separately. But mostly to facilitate ability on them separately. For this configuration, I find that it is best to conceptualize it as one thing. One sound, one instrument. I have been playing both instruments for many years but am primarily a drummer. I spent many years in practice for 10+ hours a day. I do not yet have that relationship with the guitar. Depending on the allotted practice time I would share the time evenly: 6 hours - 2 hours drums, 2 hours guitar, 2 hours together.

nofilterguy2 karma

U ever come to Canada?

dawfragman2 karma

I have not. But I would love to!

sanictaels2 karma

So how much can you lift?

dawfragman5 karma

Not much. I mostly don't lift haha. Variations of calisthenics, controlled movement, and meditation!

Morjor2 karma

Do you play anything else? Can you do do simultaneous playing with other instruments? I'm super impressed with what I've already seen, and am just curious.

dawfragman5 karma

Thank you! I dabble on several other instruments. The only others I have played simultaneously are keys with drums. There are many drummers who do this and do it well so I didn't go too far in that direction. Kenwood Dennard and Josh Dion do it very well. Nate Wood plays drums, bass, and keys simultaneously and it is amazing! I'm am mostly just exploring guitar, drums, and vocals at the same time.

MrPuffer2 karma

Will you ever learn to juggle?

dawfragman3 karma

Not opposed!

SureNick2 karma

How many instruments can you play while simultaneously answering questions on reddit?

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i_is_rainman2 karma

Are you looking to add another instrument?

dawfragman3 karma

Yes, I assembling a band that I will front as the Solo Trio (me on Guitar, drums, and vocals). Right now I would like to have a guitarist and bassist who both sing and play keys as well as a stand up auxiliary drummer who sings and plays keys.

SolarFlame2 karma

Do you have any other hobbies? And Whats dream car?

dawfragman5 karma

I dont guess I do really. I just love to play! Never really thought too much about a dream car. Mostly just into stuff that runs well and holds all the gear!

GirlswithbigTips1 karma

What kind of guitars do you own?

dawfragman1 karma

I currently do not own a guitar. Though the guitar I use was made by a friend. A no name, if you will.

XMTheS1 karma

Can you do it in rock band? I'm sure r/rockband would enjoy that

dawfragman2 karma

Can't do much of anything in the Rockband.

Dheak1 karma

Do you use some sort of setup on your drums similar to what Rick Allen of Def Leppard uses to make up for the missing arm with more to do with his feet? If not it's hard to wrap my mind around how you do it. Very impressive however it is you do it.

dawfragman3 karma

Nope no set up. Just some drums and a guitar.

Homestuck_and_games1 karma

When did you first REALLY listing to music?

dawfragman2 karma

As early as I can remember!

ListenToGeorgeCarlin1 karma

Any suggestions for someone like me who's just starting to learn guitar?

dawfragman3 karma

Play a whole bunch! And make sounds you like!

Troopx1 karma

Bob Log?

dawfragman1 karma


non-squitr1 karma


dawfragman2 karma

it'll be spensive.

foxjk1 karma

Can you do syncopation?

I want to play guitar and sing at the same time, and I find it really hard to sing when the melody rhythm doesn't match the strumming pattern. For example, a not so complicated song, Demon by Imagine Dragon, I can sing and play guitar separately, but not at the same time. Any advice?

dawfragman2 karma

Sure. I can do syncopation. Best thing to do is do it a real whole lot!

MicaLovesKPOP1 karma

Should I have heard of you before? :P

I missed the simultaneously part at first and I was like "uh, so?" haha

dawfragman4 karma

Haha. You SHOULD have heard of me. But I don't know if you did!

chopsuey81 karma

If you are to add one more instrument that you'll play to that Rush - Tom Sawyer vid, what would it be? And are you up for the challenge?

dawfragman1 karma

I guess it would be keys because it is the only thing I can imagine a way to do. At this point I am working on many things and would not be interested to go down that path. At this point!

Dare89d871 karma

Andrew wk?

dawfragman1 karma

I like.

dirtstyle0 karma

My only question is where is the real proof?

dawfragman1 karma

Who knows.

fuck_SJWs_and_BLM-6 karma


dawfragman16 karma

Why not.

Jspiral-14 karma

I wasn't that impressed. How do you feel about that?

dawfragman18 karma

Don't mind it all. Thanks for watching!

Jspiral-1 karma

Awesome voice though!

dawfragman4 karma

Thank you kindly!