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Has there been any attempts made towards making the rooms into gyroscopes, basically so the room always tries to stay level while the ship around it moves?

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Makes sense, wasnt sure if it would be possible even, but its the navy and they have some crazy smart people working for them, so if its possible the navy could do it.

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When undercover did you ever partake in substances? Kind of a "do a line with me to proove you're legit" kind of thing? Also while undercover did you live at home and keep a regular life during the times, what would you say if things like occupation, hobbies, usuall small talk bullshit would come up? If i met you in a pub while undercover would your behavior and mannerisms be the same as if i met you in a pub today, or did you have to make personallity changes while working, and if so have any of those changes stuck with you today?

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Was this "destined to happen", meaning was it a genetic trait that caused it or was it just something tweeked when you went to get up on the board?

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All that dexterity and limb control ad you cant juggle????? What!!!!!!!!!!