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Do you think the widely reported story that roman fled because he was not going to be given a fair trial was true or just an excuse? What would you like to see happen to him at this point if it were up to you?

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How do your parents feel about the situation now? Do they regret keeping you off the grid or do they now feel like what the government is doing by taking their kids away more like a "see I told you so" the government just wants to control us perspective.

Also have they been checked for mental illness?

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I dont think they are learning anything they didnt know already. ie: this isnt actually a vending machine, if it were that would be better but theres no way to fit that into a car without taking up a valuable seating area.

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I feel like they got this idea because drivers were doing exactly that. They’d offer water bottles, mints, gum etc for free which I’m sure drives up tips. These guys were like hey wait you gotta charge for that stuff. For me as a passenger seeing that I now have to pay for those little niceties is a big turn off.

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lol you're vaping across the nation!? /u/h3h3productions