I am AlpraKing. I am a Canadian. Between June 2014 and May 2016, using several different aliases, I sold a total of over 15 million xanax bars, mainly exported to the USA, racking in over 7m canadian dollars in personnal profits. I have stopped selling in May 2016, almost a year ago, after receiving priviledged Intel that the Canadian LE was working with the DEA on stopping the "plague" my xanax was causing to the USA. I have passed the torch to others, trained many apprentices who have filled my seat and am now retired. In my retirement, I operate my own subreddit /r/thexanaxcartel, designed to help the Xanax reselling community review vendors and discuss the game in order to maximize information sharing and minimize scamming attempts. I was never caught. :)




Enough raw alprazolam to make millions of pills

Drug lab, Stash, Money

Thats me, How you doin'

More money and my signature. and a Joint.

A customer bust in the USA

My china plug's alprazolam lab

Video of my rotary press pumping out deez dollas.

Ask Me almost Anything

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A1Product62 karma

Why do you flex so much?

AlpraKing44 karma

Why not?

Chapos_plug10 karma

How many wife's do you have and with the most lavish thing you bought them?

AlpraKing12 karma

I bought my girlfriend flowers, once.

gewtman45 karma

Did/do you feel any responsibility towards the users of your product?

AlpraKing117 karma

Users are going to use regardless, at least with me they're getting a legit, high quality product.

Xanaxdabs62 karma

At least your customers were never getting fentanyl.

AlpraKing26 karma


llIllIIlllIIlIIlllII31 karma

You stole this line from Gayle on Breaking Bad.

AlpraKing61 karma


soberasfuck45 karma

How do you find people that you trust enough to bring in as employees?

AlpraKing58 karma

I don't, I have a small core network of people who have a lot of human ressources at their disposal. I trust their judgement on who to hire. I do not ever meet them.

benzo_messiah31 karma

Have you ever personally smelled Tranq's bars?

AlpraKing25 karma

No, but have received very detailed reports.

monaquaregia28 karma

How did you start?

AlpraKing59 karma

I pressed steroids and sold them locally, but I soon realised Xanax was much easier to manufacture, appealed to a much broader audience via the darknet, and was not much worse in term of risk, being only a schedule 4 drug in Canada.

My business really kicked off with I discovered the dark net.

monaquaregia9 karma

Hand press or was it a rotary as well?

AlpraKing22 karma

It was on a hand press back then.

chillhardbro7 karma

Which one?

EDIT: Although it's slow AF, were you still able to achieve pretty good quality?

AlpraKing9 karma

Yes, i was doing fine

pnchdrnk25 karma

How long did it take to go from filling caps to getting a press?

AlpraKing23 karma

A few months, an automatic press is like 2,000 USD investment, its fairly easy to get one. As soon as the volume was high enough I bought a press.

suchafool4u21 karma

  1. How was your opsec in the very beginning? It's a learning process, and you must have made mistakes.

  2. If you made mistakes, are you afraid of it coming to light as LE becomes more competent and the technology they use to uncover you becomes better?

  3. Where do you tumble your coins? Helix?

  4. Have you paid taxes on what you've laundered or do you keep it hidden away?

AlpraKing49 karma

  1. bad, very

  2. Thats why I'm retired. Too many doubts for the future.

  3. Cant answer

  4. By definition, if it is laundered, taxes are paid.

llIllIIlllIIlIIlllII21 karma

Why are you proud of peddling misery? So what if people "are gonna do it anyway"? People are also gonna kill each other and molest kids anyway. Doesn't mean it's right to enable it.

AlpraKing57 karma

Im not proud of peddling misery, I'm proud of running a business that people actually paid me to get a quality product they were looking for.

postalinspectorlloyd20 karma

How much money have you laundered so far?

AlpraKing36 karma

Can't answer that accurately unfortunately. but north of 6 figues.

Icool2218 karma

Where you ever tempted to ingest the product you produced? Or are drugs not your thing?

AlpraKing41 karma

I use it to ease sleep sometime

wt0r17 karma

one of your favorite memory from the whole adventure?

AlpraKing42 karma

Back in 2014 when we were working a single punch tablet press. I had left my two buddies to work on the machine while i was gathering groceries. When I came back home several hours later, they were sleeping on the couch with the machine still pressing pills, obviously they passed out from the machine's emanations. I was unable to wake one of them to get back to work. It was funny as hell!

chillhardbro15 karma

Emanations? Xanax doesn't get absorbed through the skin, does it?

AlpraKing47 karma

you can breath the powdered mix

Ffffqqq7 karma

Those two buddies? Dr Xanax.

Baseless speculation but the image is funny in my mind

AlpraKing6 karma

Nah it was before the DrXanax era.

DrXanax kids are the ones laughing "dolla dolla dolla" in my youtube video.

evGTA16 karma

What's something you regret?

AlpraKing40 karma

Hiring some people that ended up being way more trouble than contribution to the business.

evGTA9 karma

Thanks for replying! Would it be okay if you gave an instance?

AlpraKing35 karma

Shared information with people who eventually used it against me after becoming competitors of mine.


What kind of music and tv shows do you like?

AlpraKing37 karma

Police shows obviously :P

yodahk14 karma

was there a time you came real close to getting busted? or a time you were saved by a little luck?

AlpraKing23 karma

I don't think I was, raids always occured far from me.

slutnigger42014 karma

Why do you think you're inclined to lead a criminal life? Do you think you're just a thrill-seeker or was there a series of events leading up to your big show that put your life on that road?

AlpraKing16 karma

events just lead me on that road.

cards_dot_dll14 karma

Did you have a wonderful time?

AlpraKing27 karma

If I was given the choice, I would probably do it again. It was fun times. Life seems so boring now, even for a multimillionaire.

cards_dot_dll10 karma

Did you throw parties with cake and pop?

AlpraKing31 karma

No, I flexed a lot in the online world (as I am right now), but in the real world I avoided attracting any attention to me.

cards_dot_dll8 karma

Did u play Cookie Clicker?

AlpraKing16 karma

Not sure I understand this one pal. What is cookie clicker?

TwoplanksJR13 karma

Why do People from Quebec suck at driving?

AlpraKing42 karma

Probably xanax

Capta1nN3m013 karma

What is the exact type of rotary press you used up until 2016? Did you ever change?

AlpraKing13 karma

Those pictures are ZP10 models. Its light and reliable.

Ffffqqq13 karma

How much of your money is in bitcoin vs cash/other assets? Not talking exacts figures obviously but ballpark ratio?

AlpraKing26 karma

A ltitle bit than half is still in bitcoin. I expect it to take value over the next years.

traponthereal12 karma

This isn't so much of a question as much as a request, could you list some of the most amusing conspiracies/stories that users have said about you? I've heard a few but I think the thread would find it funny.

AlpraKing31 karma

I'm not really a canadian and I operate remotely from Belize or a similar country.

Or I'm a FED.

Thats my favorite one.

Xanaxdabs8 karma

What's with darknet people and Belize?It's not like it's a non-extradition country.

AlpraKing36 karma

its an inside joke. When they busted Ross, they found a "dead man switch" plan which was kinda "burn house and move to Belize" and it has since become meme-level

yogurtyogurtyogurt12 karma

How did you first discover the darknet? I imagine that you were once just a user and had just started vending? Did you ever think that you would become this big?

AlpraKing20 karma

I complained about distribution limitations to a friend and he introduced me to silkroad back in 2014.

DontDoAcidKids11 karma

Why Xans ?

AlpraKing30 karma

Low dosage, low volume of importation, high margins, high popularity, and low risk

SysTomBrady11 karma

How much pussy do you get?

AlpraKing31 karma

I tend to stay away from gold diggers. My girlfriend (and some of her friends with her approval) is all I get, and all I need.

Kaymoar12 karma

Does your gf know about who you are and what you've done?

AlpraKing40 karma

No one knows the full extent.

SysTomBrady10 karma

How you know she isn't a golddigger ?

AlpraKing30 karma

She was my girlfriend years before I made any money.

SysTomBrady8 karma

ARe you going to marry her or are you a rent don't buy guy?

AlpraKing22 karma

I'd go for the latter. Marriage simply isn't an option.

Gooch04203 karma

does she know how much money youve made?

AlpraKing10 karma

Not exactly

warlordezs9910 karma

Did you know in some places like Philadelphia the abuse of these drugs are currently making people who actually need them have to jump through hoops just to relive their symptoms? Nothing against you personally cause I know either way people are going to get the product I was just curious

AlpraKing10 karma

Probably happening out of philadelphia as well.

wonderfulworldofweed10 karma

Visit the sub a lot, did you press your own pills? How hard is it to get a pill press up and running?

AlpraKing12 karma

Very easy actually. Many businesses sell them in canada. They are perfectly legal and un-monitored. Law enforcement tends to monitor them anyway by placing GPS bugs on them when they arrive in the country from china, but they are easily jammed.

wonderfulworldofweed6 karma

That's good but I meant more like literally operate it haha. Like it's obvious you need some skill because they're are a bunch of shitty presses and very few perfect or near perfect ones. That sounds pretty suspect too placing bugs on things legal to buy

AlpraKing13 karma

It only requires an hour of maintenance every 5-6 hours of pressing, about 100k pills. Its something one can learn to do in a single day of training.

wonderfulworldofweed4 karma

So what's up with people and garbage presses, they just don't give as I guess? Also would you recommend someone try to do the same?

AlpraKing10 karma

People with garbage presses either don't have the correct recipe or are dumb. Thats why buying drugs in the street can be dangerous, some people have no idea what they are doing.

1millionblunts6 karma

hey dad can tdp-0's be bugged? does the bug rely on electricity? who places the bug? is it a rogue seller? edit: nevermind i see what you said earlier. but first question

AlpraKing2 karma

I doubt it.

xPrimer139 karma

How did you learn all the right procedures to run your operation. Did you know your workers beforehand? If not how did you recruit them? How did you connect with your Chinese plug?

AlpraKing9 karma

Alibaba.com connected me to my first china plug.

It has a lot evolved, much was learned by myself prior to transmitting it.

JamesNeww8 karma

What would be your best tips to not get caught when you are doing fraudulent activities in the darknet ?

AlpraKing34 karma

Use tails, and keep it updated. Also, your offline opsec is tenfold more important than your online opsec. You are much more likely to be busted from leaving a fingerprint on a package than by improperly tumbling your coins.

JamesNeww5 karma

Cool ! Is there any good ways of learning in-depth Tails ? And my question will sound veru absurd, but... if you buy BTC with cash, on a ATM... why is it very important to tumble the bitcoins ?

AlpraKing13 karma

Best is just download, run, and explore.

rikoded4 karma

What are your hobbies? Do you work out? Read? Hockey fan?

Movie fanatic? What shows are you into?

AlpraKing13 karma

Travelling has become my favorite hobby. Other than that I just follow the news and hang out around in bars.

rikoded6 karma

Into the music scene at all?

AlpraKing21 karma

We investigated large techno shows as a proper way to launder funds, actually.

rikoded9 karma

I feel that would be rather easy. Book an artist.. Sell 200 tickets, claim you sold 2500? Something like that?

Thanks for your answers man. Great to see someone get out when their ahead. Have a good weekend

AlpraKing11 karma

yeah, thats pretty much the way.

SuperNiglet7 karma

What makes you think you're above "the law" (best term I could think of) when it comes to "balling out" on the internet, as you have? I'm not saying it's bad, I'm just curious if you know from a software or hardware perspective that none of this will get you caught (or do you know it will and don't care?)

AlpraKing12 karma

None of this can be tracked back to me and all pills and associated evidence have been long sold.

BigFatCat_DNM6 karma

What's the weirdest sexual thing you have ever done, AK? Having a long term girlfriend and all, surely you have done some weird shit.

also your joint rolling blows lol

AlpraKing9 karma

Thats a strange question m8.

d850help14 karma

Answer it

AlpraKing11 karma

I had a threesome with one of my [M] friends and my girlfriend. Was kinda awkward. We didn't repeat the experience.

And no, I didn't touch his dick.

GetAFake5 karma

Have you ever hired a hit?

AlpraKing16 karma

Yes I have, but the conflict was resolved before the hit was carried out so I cancelled it. Also re-considered it on moral grounds. Lost my deposit too :(

Niburuorwhat3 karma

Do you feel guilty over the lives you have ruined?

AlpraKing10 karma

Have you ever seen a xanax bar left on a table ruin someone's life?

There's your answer

riche_god3 karma

How did you ship it without getting caught?

AlpraKing4 karma

we rotated personnel regularly.

lumpyheadedbunny2 karma

Are you afraid of being found/charged for manufacture/distribution/or trafficking? I'd imagine you wouldn't be posting any of this information online if you were. How can you be confident that this won't lead to your arrest?

AlpraKing2 karma

Thats a possibility, but I think if they didn't have the evidence to charge me last year, they are not likely to get it now.

taiwannumber22 karma

What protections do you use hide your identity while continually operating under the same pseudonym and what methods did you use to learn about them or entrust in their safety?


No fears towards to law enforcement or organized crime? I certainly would have no pictures of my place of business or product if I dealt drugs?


How much do you lift?

AlpraKing2 karma

I dont even lift bro

givemeoil4202 karma

1) thanks..... I've feed the family and paid the rent. you opened a market for bulk sales when the American domestic market was closed off ...

now questions any new plans? since the summer ive been mind set on playing in the gray area of herbal tablets... in the relaxation and sleep category ... i see the dick and party pills of all kinds in every American gas station and smoke shop....

AlpraKing3 karma

I'm going to watch as the canadian xanax game dies. Then I will probably take a small offshore vacation

rojopantelones2 karma

Have you donated to any charities?

AlpraKing12 karma

yes, i've donated to DNM avengers in order to fund drug testing.

g3n32 karma

How many threesomes have you had?

AlpraKing2 karma

three. Good memories.

EatTheRainbow2 karma

What filler is used in the bars?

AlpraKing6 karma

mostly cellulose.

poncho_escobar2 karma

How paranoid are you about LE ever catching you, and how many years do you think you would be facing if you were caught?

AlpraKing3 karma

If I was arrested and convicted in canada I could get 3 years. If extradited to the usa I could get 5 years. If convicted in the USA over the kingpin act I could get life.

aorshahar2 karma

Say I wanted to get into this. Any recommendations?

AlpraKing4 karma

research research and research

Razzal0 karma

Why are you not ashamed of yourself for your atleast partial responsibility in ruining people's lives?

I know you are going to cop out and say users are going to use but that is just a poor line of reasoning you use to make yourself feel better. Just because something may or may not happen without your intervention does not indemnify you against what does happen from your actions. You are no better than someone slanging crack rocks on the street.

AlpraKing4 karma

Its not my responsibility, its theirs.

Theodotious-2 karma

One of my friends got into xans last year. Fucked him up. He's not the only one whose life was damaged,by this drug, not by a long shot. I think you're a terrible person and I hope your industry dies.

Do you know anyone who ruined their life with this shit?

AlpraKing11 karma

no I don't, Sorry about your friend.