My short bio: Rob Paulsen, middle-aged white guy, voice of your childhood.

My Proof:

Hey everybody! I am done for the night, but I will very likely be back soon, maybe with guests too! Thank you so much!

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uniq_username344 karma

What was it like getting shot in the back of the head in the movie fight club?

YakkoPinky316 karma

I see what you're doing!

"His name is Robert Paulsen".

I have definitely gotten a few cross-eyes when flashing my drivers license.

I do love the movie! I heard David Fincher is doing a sequel and its all about my character!

Frajer131 karma

Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

YakkoPinky196 karma

You know, Frajer, I was, about 11 minutes ago. But it turned out, it was just gas. Maybe the indian food I ate.

jdllama60 karma

Now we know what NARF means!

Aligned (mentally);

YakkoPinky48 karma

Too right!

YakkoPinky64 karma

Everybody, this has been SO fun, and thank you all for coming! I think this was a lot of fun, I wish I could have gotten to all your questions, but I have to work tomorrow. I promise to be back, and please feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. I love interacting with you guys and there's some amazing stuff coming up this year! Love you all, and this podcast will be available next week on iTunes!

Be sure to check out CARtoons and Table for Toons when they debut!

Ayalatyler11258 karma

Hello Mr.Paulsen i have a question for ya.

I am a person on the autism spectrum and trying into the voice acting world do you happen to have any pointers that might be beneficial to know?

YakkoPinky112 karma

Bless your heart Ayala! Thank you for being so honest and upfront.

First of all, you're already a very courageous person, because you have embraced your identity unabashedly and unashamedly and thats very important. You're willing to tell people online that you're somewhere on the spectrum. Great, guess what,Ive got gray hair. So congratulations to you!

I would tell you the same thing I told any actor, work on your acting chops. If you live somewhere that has community or local theatre, explore what opportunities might be out there for you locally.

My friend James is involved with a local theatre called Conejo Players Theatre, and he and many other participate in many productions there throughout the year to test those skills.

If you have a way to get involved with improv, those skills will always help you, public speaking, being able to think on your feet, all helpful to you!

Good luck to you kiddo!

musicman11841 karma

When you finish your book, will the audiobook include appearances by the characters you voice(d)?


YakkoPinky65 karma

Probably. Thank you for asking!! I think I will be very comfortable doing an audio book (for obvious reasons), if for whatever reason my various characters made an appearance... I think that would make it very interesting.

I can't image a publisher who might want to do a book deal with me, wouldn't want me to take the time and have some of my characters show up.

Speaking of that, this book writing has been a remarkable experience. I have an awful lot of stuff to go through because I am like an old shoe, a lot of things to cover.

liamquane22 karma

Hi Mr. Paulsen! Me and my family have been a huge fan of yours forever! Literally, one of my first memories was watching you play Mighty Max! what was it like working on Mighty Max, if I may ask? Thank you! (P.S. Could you say hi to Lee Quane, he got everyone started on the show lol.)

Thank you! :~)

Too sycophantic???

YakkoPinky39 karma

Great show by the way! Thank you!

Hellllloooo Lee Quane!

Might Max is great, talk about underrated. There are two shows I felt were missed by the public, Might Max, Tasmania, and Time Squad.

MM was GREAT fun, the late great Tony Jay, great voice. Tim Curry, who's doing much better, boy what an actor and a delightful sweet man. Kath Soucie, myself, so many people! Gary Harlow one of the creators, Rob Hudnaught, Mark Z, hired me on that show and boy was it good.

It was probably my son's favorite show to watch, such interesting animation.

I've posted pictures a few times from recordings during those days. OH! And Richard Moll, who could forget him? Bull on Night Court.

But the other two... TazMania, another amazing cast, John Astin (Sean's dad), Debi Derryberry who went on to be my best friend Jimmy Neutron.

I've had the fortune to be on some VERY good shows over the years.

Good bye Lee Quane!

Historychick52019 karma

Hi Rob!! I'm a huge fan of all your work. My husband and I both play "Find Rob" when watching cartoons. I usually catch your voice before he does. We've recently been watching Histeria! and Animaniacs so it's like a voice acting Where's Waldo.

My questions for you are:

1) At what point did you realize that you wanted to voice act? Like was making up silly voices part of your childhood?

2) Any chance Animaniacs Live will be doing a tour?!

I absolutely adore your podcast, and I'm so happy to hear that you're doing well!! You share such positive messages in your podcast, and it really brightens my day whenever I listen to an episode! Your podcast is the best cure for a long commute or a bad day.

That's really all I have to share. Keep being awesome!!!

YakkoPinky20 karma

Thank you!

It was great fun and a huge part of my childhood. Loved Peter Sellers, Red Skelton, Carol Burnett.

I always wanted to be a singer and actor, not specifically a voice actor per se. I did it because it made me laugh and others laugh, purely a passion driven circumstance. I came to LA to be an actor/performer, the VO opportunities presented themselves to me and I took advantage of the opportunity.

The first ones I booked were Transformers and GI Joe, didn't take my long to realize how much I enjoyed it, because I wasn't limited by my physicality. As I get older, nobody cares what I look like, and I was hired to be a turtle 25 years later...again!

It was never a conscious choice, but following my passion lead me there.

TOUR? Yes! We have another 2 shows booked, and half a dozen in the pipeline. We sold our first show OUT, and that's a HUGE selling point to other venues, so we are in pretty good standing. More details will be released soon.

thank you for listening and TOONing in!

Servo199113 karma

Is there anything in animation/voice acting that you haven't done yet that you would love to do?

YakkoPinky24 karma

Oh my goodness. Id love to be on the Simpsons. That will probably never happen, they have a core group of actors and they're amazing at what they do.

Mostly they only really need celebrity clients to come on and do their famous characters or faces.

Nancy Cartwright is a great friend, and I adore her.

Who knows though!

I would LOVE a role in a PIXAR movie. I love what those guys do over there, I have worked on many features, but not the meatiest juiciest parts, would love something to sink my teeth into. Perhaps one day!

Maybe if I become really famous visually, Ill get those chances, would love to have opportunities like that.

sushiandtacos13 karma

Hey Rob! This may be the most common question in the history of common questions for you but what's advice for those aspiring to be voice actors?

YakkoPinky26 karma

Well, it is small v, large A. voice ACTORS. The whole landscape has changed a bit, virtually everyone who are contemporary's of mine who came out to LA at the same time as me (70s80s), have a live performance background, mine was musical and theater.

For me, I would become an actor and really work on your chops as an actor. however, there are many people because of the ubiquity of things requiring voice actors, there are many opportunities for them now.

It will never hurt you to learn how to perform LIVE, to learn the ability to improv and create characters.

There are some great podcasts that you can hear from people who you've grown up listening to, tell their story. And I think theres very valuable info in there. Talkin Toons was designed for that reason, and Billy West's podcast is great as well.

small v, BIG A.

nlingford12 karma

Hi Rob! How are you? (You probably get that a lot right now) So glad you are doing better! I have read some rumors that the new TMNT will finish after the 5th season; is that true? What new projects do you have coming up? Your work is amazing and you make me smile! Have an awesome day!

Oh! And I really wanted to thank you for Pinky. He holds a special place in my heart for the episode regarding how he thinks. I relate to his way of thinking but throw in some dyslexia on my end.

YakkoPinky11 karma

I am very good thank you! Thanks to the support I have received from you fans.

As to the rumor? Probably? Just my gut feeling.

I have a few, but I can't really talk about them! But stay TOON'd and I will let you know!

You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter to hear more about the projects as they happen.

And of course, Animaniacs LIVE! which opens in La Mirada on April 15th. Already SOLD OUT. Phew. More dates to be announced soon.

Twitter @yakkopinky Insta Rob_paulsen

PM_Me_Boob_Vids12 karma

I'm a huge fan of yours! You're my favorite voice actor. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent watching comic con voice actor panels with you and a bunch of other voices!

If your significant other asked you to talk dirty in one of your voices, which voice would you choose to best get the job done?

YakkoPinky18 karma

Clearly a person of impeccable boobs, and taste!

What kind of job are you speaking of? My significant other would be my wife Parrish, who would be rolling her eyes at me right now. I did Biker Mice From Mars, and she kind of thought that Clint Eastwood-esque voice might have gotten the job done...20 years ago.

But, a lot of girls LOVE Carl Wheezer... so you never know?

jonseitz11411 karma

Hello Rob, it's great to get to talk to you again. I was wondering, which one of your characters is the closest to your own personality?

YakkoPinky15 karma

Mentioned earlier, but these things move so fast!

Probably Yakko/Raph. They're smartasses, of which I am too.

SachinBahal2811 karma

Hi Rob, it was great meeting you at Fan Expo Canada back in September, I love the voice work you've done over the years.

My question(s) are:

  • What is the best part about being a voice actor and what's the worst part?
  • What are your top 5 voices that you've done over the years?

YakkoPinky18 karma

Best part, I get paid to do what used to get me in trouble in high school.

Worst part, I can't just snap my fingers and have a job. Its sometimes a drag when theres no work to be had! But hey, I made my choices, and I wouldn't change them.

Raph Don Yakko Pinky Carl

Those are the top 5 most people know. I can't give you MY top 5, because I just love to work and love to meet people who have their own ideas about the favorite voices are for them. I am constantly blown away by the extent to which people pay attention to my work. Very flattering.

hawaiicanal8910 karma

You are the voice of my childhood! (Well, you and J.R. from WWF)

Which voice is closest to your regular speaking voice? On the flipside, which voice is the most different from your regular speaking voice?

YakkoPinky17 karma

Most like my regular voice would be Raph, and now Donatello (a little nerdier), Arthur from The Tick. Those are probably the most like me.

Most different? Carl Wheezer is pretty different from my speaking voice. Pinky is not really like me at all... I don't think.

Yakko is just me on helium and Vodka.

cartoonlover979 karma

Hi Rob, I am one of your hugest fans and have a really unique question. I know from your podcast you are a huge rock n roll fan. I was wondering which rock and roll song best reflects or describes the following characters: Pinky, Yakko and Carl?

YakkoPinky13 karma

Not that huge, I am about 5'9 and a half ;)

I did an episode of Talkin Toons when I had those characters SINGING rock n roll songs. I had Carl singing Pink Floyd, and Yakko singing Elton John, and Pinky singing Led Zeppelin.

That'll make you wanna take drugs.

_The_Dork_Knight9 karma

Rob, thank you for doing this AMA, and more importantly, thank you for bringing me joy throughout my entire life. You are truly a gift to this world.

  1. What is your approach to creating a voice for a new character?

  2. Did you audition with other voices for Raphael before settling on one that's close to your normal speaking voice?

Thanks! Greg (@GregGonsky)

YakkoPinky10 karma

  1. Please listen to this very verbose answer on the podcast I am recording while responding!

  2. I don't really remember, it was about 30 years ago and I don't remember the audition specifically. I remember getting the call to read for TMNT, because Townsend and I were both working on Fraggle Rock and Stu Rosen, came in and said we were auditioning for TMNT. Sadly, I don't remember the audition itself, and I've had a LOT of recording sessions since (thankfully!)

But thank you for listening and these questions!

8tlq8 karma

hi rob I love your voices you're a great guy and I love your stuff

This is a predictable, boring question but I'll ask anyway

out of all your voice acting roles, which are/were your favorite to do?

YakkoPinky17 karma

The ones where the check cleared?

Its not a boring question at all! Logical question!

Its hard, its like your children. I love them all, for many reasons. If I had to pick ONE voice to do the rest of my life? Id probably pick Pinky. Because there is something very endearing about Pinky, and my relationship with Maurice LaMarche as the Brain is wonderful and long lasting. I won an Emmy for that part which was a great deal for my family and very humbling.

So, I love them all, Im getting paid to do something that I would do for free, but Pinky has a special place in my heart.

But so does Yakko.....

POCK3TBOOKrocks8 karma

Hey, Rob! I’m a HUUUUGE fan! I was wondering, what got you into voice acting in the first place? Have you ever done any live-action stuff? And if so, how does live-action acting differ from voice acting? Would you say it’s better or worse? And do you think voice acting is underappreciated compared to regular live-action acting?

YakkoPinky18 karma

how huge? 6'8? 7'5?

Thank you very much, what got me in? I was a singer who became an actor. The thing that got me into all that, is passion.

I love what I do. I love making myself or other people laugh, think, be entertained.

I have done some live action "stuff". Its stuff, because i don't know that any of it is particularly good. If people pay me, I am not going to complain about it.

How does it differ? Its live, with voice acting, I don't have to worry about LOOKING like Carl Wheezer. Of course, if I did I might have got more chicks (baby chickens, you understand).

I am just a component of a cartoon character, many people write them, design them, color them.

Whereas with live action I am limited in what I could be considered to do, and in voice acting I can play many parts!

I don't think VO is under appreciated compared to on camera. Hollywood runs off of celebrity, I am not bent out of shape about the fact that people are famous, or that people respond to them because they are famous. My job is to be the best actor that I can be.

To the extent that I could be famous because I am recognizable, that would be great. And I am working on a few things to help me do that. But am I under appreciated? No. people pay me and pay me well, and YOU GUYS show me and my coworkers such love, you show me all the appreciation I could need.

Tmnt2012_Fangirl7 karma

Hi Mr. Rob Paulsen, I'm so glad that you are doing so well and I was so happy that I got to meet you at Stan Lee's Comic con and you just made my day. Anyway, I have two questions to ask you about. 1.What is your favorite episode of The Mask:Animated Series? 2. In Animaniacs, how do you memorize the words of this song called "The Nations of the World"?

Thanks Laura ( @lauraguerrer061 )

YakkoPinky10 karma

Thank you sweetie!

I'm so sorry re: The Mask, but I just don't remember them well enough to say which was my favorite. I have been blessed to work so much since then its very hard to remember. Such a great cast though!

I memorized the song because Ive done it so many times, and the magic of that song is the way Randy Rogel wrote and constructed it. he's the genius in that circumstance. It's a remarkable piece of music, and the cartoon that goes with it is a great piece of entertainment.

Randy has updated it for the new countries of the world since 1992, and we will be singing it at Animaniacs LIVE! So yay, new Yakko's World!

Harmony697 karma

Hey Rob! What do you think you would be doing if you weren't a voice actor?

YakkoPinky10 karma

Making license plates in some prison?

No.... hmm... if I weren't a voice actor? The only other thing thats driven me passion wise was hockey.

I played back home for many years and on a team with other actors out here in LA. If I had not been fortunate to make my way in acting, I probably would have attempted to make a living in the hockey business.

I may have gone back to school in business or marketing and get involved in the NHL, I certainly didn't have any business PLAYING hockey.

I would say maybe cars, because I love them, but not crazy about selling them.

Probably corporate NHL! Thank goodness we'll never know, because i am lucky enough to be doing this.

FullmentalFiction6 karma

Hi Rob, I'm a longtime fan of a ton of shows you voice characters in, so glad you kicked cancer out and stuck around! I've been following your twitter and see a lot of mention of Animaniacs Live. Any chance of that coming to Florida?

YakkoPinky5 karma

Boy me too!

Absolutely! Demand it!

Theres a HUGE chance of us coming to Florida, we just today got some inquiries about Tampa/St. Pete and we're working on that

Follow me where you can follow me and I'll be sure to let you know. We SOLD OUT our first show 3 months in advance and we just added a second show last week. We KNOW theres an audience out there and we can't wait to get in front of you all!

Social Media for Animaniacs LIVE! will be coming out soon as well.

liamquane6 karma

What would you like to see in a Mighty Max movie? I'm a screenwriter and director and I'm unofficially writing a spec script for it!

YakkoPinky9 karma

How very unofficial of you!

You know what, Im an actor, not a writer. You write what comes to mind! If I am lucky to work on it, I'll be honored!

FKRMunkiBoi5 karma

Rob! I recently encountered Mr Spielberg here in LA a few months back, and couldn't help but mention to him that I'd love to see him revive Animaniacs!

My question is: Is there anything else we the fans can do to get an Animaniacs revival, and would you be up for doing more episodes?

YakkoPinky3 karma

What did he SAY!?

God bless you Monkey Boy. Would I be up for it? HELL. YES.

Randy and I were talking about it today, Tress the other day. Honest to God, I don't know if anything would be more fun (maybe going back to my son being a little guy), getting to work with those people again every day, singing Randy's song. Yes, absolutely I would be up for it.

All the other actor's would be too.

I hope your interaction with Mr. Spielberg takes hold!

rosecoloredspectacle5 karma

What is your favorite Animaniacs song to perform live (besides "Yakko's World")? You're an amazing singer by the way.

YakkoPinky4 karma

Well thank you very much. You have impeccable taste in Animaniacs ;)

I really love the song Randy wrote about time. "When you're traveling through Nantucket, from Chicago to St. Paul...." I love the lyrics, so clever, the cadence of it. They're all so good. Randy is SO good.

Cody-B5 karma

Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

YakkoPinky5 karma

Yes. Naturally.

RiskOverReward5 karma

Hi, I am a huge fan of your work. What was your MOST fun role?

YakkoPinky10 karma

The NEXT one. How's that? :)

It's so much fun doing them all, Animaniacs is great great fun (so much I am doing Animaniacs LIVE starting in April). I just got to hang with Randy Rogel today, and the ability to sing his songs for the show was just incredible fun.

I find that I enjoyed that the most! I really love to sings, they're all so fun!

burningcrash4 karma

Hey, Mr. Paulsen. Have you met any of the voice actors from other TMNT projects you weren't apart of? What was your opinion of these projects and these actors?

YakkoPinky3 karma

Yeah! I know Sam Riegel, he's directed me a few times and a very nice fellow. I know Robbie Rist very well, I got to know Corey Feldman form working on the NEW TMNT.

My opinion of these actors? They're all very nice guys! The turtle family is a pretty nice one!

In terms of other projects? I haven't really had time to watch the other ones, I am so fortunate to be very busy recording materials, that I don't have time to watch projects I have done and haven't done.

I have a few I like to watch like Simpsons, American Dad, etc, but I don't get to tune in a lot.

I did see TMNT 2007 with Nolan North, and that was very excellent. He was very good as Raph in that movie. We had a podcast episode with myself, Nolan, and Sean... fun to have 3 Raphs sitting around.

The franchise can spawn this many versions and stay "evergreen" 35 years later, is just amazing. Kevin Eastman is so wonderful and its always fun to talk to him about how wonderful this ride has been.

AstroGSWPhantom4 karma

Hi Rob! Thank you for answering all these questions! I have two for you, courtesy of the Danny Phantom Wiki:

  1. What was your favorite (or one of your favorite) scenes to record during Danny Phantom?

  2. What was your favorite Danny Phantom episode?

YakkoPinky12 karma

  1. All of them. With all due respect Astro, thats very sweet to ask, but its been many years and I don't have a specific scene. Any time I got to do a scene as The Box Ghost, was a lot of fun. Sorry man, can't answer that

  2. Sorry, again, I have had such good fortune in my career, I have trouble remembering all the things Ive been lucky enough to work on. Definitely the ones where the check cleared were good though! When you're lucky enough to work that much, its pretty difficult to pin a specific episode down.

Scrw_loose4 karma

Heya Rob! thanks for doing this my question is will you pick up your awesome podcast again?

YakkoPinky8 karma

We're doing it right now! We just did a solo one a week or two ago just me chatting, and I am recording this evening as a podcast too, so make sure to tune in for more robust answers.

I was diagnosed with cancer a year ago (I'm over it, wahoo!), and that put a damper on things in 2016. But now I am back and better than ever thanks to the genius people that took care of me, and I am ready to kick ass in 2017.

We have 24 guests lined up for this year, we are expanding on the content we are putting out there too. New shows on my YouTube channel are coming, and thats VERY exciting for ME. (hopefully for you too).

TurtleAnimaniac4 karma

What is your favorite color?

YakkoPinky5 karma

Orange and grey.

thekfish3 karma

Hi Rob! Firstly, great to hear you're back in action. Huge win.

For my question: I have been out here in LA for over two years trying to get into voice acting. I've done classes with Pat Fraley, Pat Brady, and Bill Farmer. Bill and Fraley even recorded my demos. All that being said, I cannot get an agent's attention for the life of me. Do you have any quick Do's and Don't's for getting a voice agent?

YakkoPinky4 karma

Writing a check for a couple hundred large will help yah.

Sorry, not trying to make light. It IS hard.

There is no one right way, or wrong way to do it. In my case, when I came here, in 1978. I went through the Variety and Dramalogue, and looked for non union productions hiring people. I got a job on a cable show called Shake A Leg, awful show. But I met someone, who introduced me to someone, who introduced me to an agent. I then wrote letters for a year until I finally got a meeting.

I know two years can seem interminable. We are all rooting for each other and in this together. You've already proven your courageousness by going after this. You just have to keep at it.

I had no plan B, I was after this full hog. You keep working until the day the phone rings. I buried myself in the fact that I was doing what I loved to do. As often as I got frustrated about not having an agent or not booking a job, I was still so excited I was living my dream and pursuing the career.

Passion will keep you going and pursuing. Just keep pushing thekfish!

Bigfoot23893 karma

Hello Mr. Paulsen, my family is a big fan of your work. For our son's birthday we thought we would let him ask you a question. Can he push the big red shinny button? And what would you say was the most fun you had on a set?

YakkoPinky4 karma

Yes of course, if its ok with you that he pushes the button, its ok with me!

The most fun I had on a live action I had on a set, was on a film I did many moons ago called Stewardess School. Spent 2.5 months working with Donnie Most, Brent Cullen, Wendie Jo Sperber, really great group of people and we had a BLAST.

Working in voice? Being in the studio? Its pretty tough to beat the Animaniacs/Pinky and the Brain 10 year run at WB. The core group was just so damn fun. Jess, Tress, Frank W, Tom R, Andrea Romano.

Any time your in a room with Maurice LaMarche, you can't help but enjoy yourself.

We have SO MUCH FUN in any session though. So many I can't even keep up.

kinyutaka3 karma

What was it like to be part of Project Mayhem?

But seriously, which of your characters was most like the real you?

YakkoPinky5 karma

Honestly, probably Raphael. Or Yakko. Because I am kind of a smart ass by nature. Those of you who have listened to my podcast probably know that by now. I enjoy sardonic/sarcastic humor so those two are right in my wheel house.

kinyutaka1 karma

Podcast? It's so hard to find a good one.

YakkoPinky3 karma

Talkin Toons with Rob Paulsen on iTunes!

Julie1273 karma

When are you going to join tumblr? The second annual Apritello Day is happening Feb 14th.

YakkoPinky3 karma

I don't know, should I?

Tell me more about Apritello Day?

So many things to keep up with, a despite paying James exorbitant sums of money, he doesn't keep me up to date on these things ;)

Im so lucky that I am working every day, and so much to do! New shows on YouTube coming, and Animaniacs LIVE keeps me very busy!

JessMadsen2 karma

Pepsi or Coke?

YakkoPinky3 karma

I'm more of a Coke guy myself, not big on soft drinks though!

POCK3TBOOKrocks2 karma

Are you ever going to come to Thunder Bay, Ontario? I'd die to meet you!

YakkoPinky3 karma

I played hockey there! I don't know, I have no particular reason to come there despite its beauty, but you never know! I am sure Ill come to Southern Ontario at some point!

Thank you for fanning! And you can always connect with me online!

Julie1272 karma

So glad to hear you are doing well. Now that you have a clean bill of health, will Donatello have more "screen time" in Season 5?

YakkoPinky2 karma

I don't know, did he not have as much screen time in season 4? I don't know.

You know what, I am not really sure. We don't get to see a whole lot when we record, they draw and render the pictures to fit what WE do in the booth, so I don't really get to quantify "how much" I am doing.

Maybe Shatner would know how much screen time he had if he was Donnie? :)

SaburoDaimando2 karma

Rob, it's been a long time since the Animaniacs Live panel at Comic-Con(I'm the guy who did those drawings for you, Jess and Tress). As I enjoyed that panel, any chance we'll see Animaniacs Live in San Diego outside of Comic-Con, just so I can bring my entire family to watch it?

YakkoPinky2 karma

Absolutely! We don't have dates locked up, we're working on it as best we can.

We have the La Mirada shows on April 15th, which isn't too far away from San Diego! But we will probably come closer to you as well!

Look forward to seeing you and your family!

damonika902 karma

Hey Rob! Are they're any more dates coming for Animaniacs Live?

YakkoPinky3 karma

We have a couple near confirmed, but no ink on the paper yet. So we'll let you know soon!

Check my socials and stay tuned!

WDM12622 karma

Hey Rob it's Wesley. Glad you're back. Can you give us any more info about the format changes for Talkin Toons or at least a date we can expect an update?

YakkoPinky4 karma

Thank you!

This very one will be a podcast shortly, so more in depth answers.

But upcoming for the traditional podcast we have Christian Lanz, Kath Soucie, Todd Habberkorn, Kaitlin Glass, and......uhm....who else, Im a little old and tired. I don't have them written in front of me, but quite a few.

We have two LIVE shows coming to my YouTube channel, one is called CARtoons... in which yours truly, will feature some of my famous characters reviewing various high performance and unique automobiles...which I think is going to be a lot of fun! We have talked about having a Pinky and the Brain episode with Moe as well.

We are also going to be debuting a show called Table for Toons, in which members both cast and crew will be featured over a nice meal, discussing their production experiences. We have a pretty exciting first episode we're about to shoot and I think people are going to be really blown away by them.

CARtoons will debut THIS month, and Table for Toons will be soon thereafter.

jdllama2 karma

Uuuugh, I hate questions like this, but I might as well ask.

  • What tips would you have for someone looking to get into voice acting?
  • What about tips based on age, such as a teen wanting to get into it, versus someone in their 20's, 30's, and later?
  • Not a question, so sorry, but I'm ecstatic to hear that your fight with cancer is going well. I wish you the best of luck with your fight in it!

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us!

YakkoPinky6 karma

Its about acting, not a funny voice, or a great voice. Its about acting. Phil Lamar, a guest on my podcast and a fine fine actor, made a great remark. He said "One of my favorite actors is Bugs Bunny". What he meant was, that CHARACTER was SO fleshed out and clear, you believed Bugs was real. You could suspend your disbelief and you feel like you're watching a 22 minute chunk of his life. Thats because Mel Blanc made him SUCH a believable character.

When you're in your teens thats when you learn and play, doing theater. I didn't move out to Hollywood until I was in my 20s, and didn't get my first cartoons until my 30s. It doesn't really matter WHEN you get into it, just that you put the work in to be a great performer.

Thank you, ALL CLEAR! Going Friday for another pet scan and I presume it won't find anything!

Thank you very much for your questions!

liamquane2 karma

As an actor, what is the best thing a director can do for you in the booth or on set? Thanks! :~)

YakkoPinky2 karma

I love a positive direction. Do this, try that. I can certainly take a punch, I've had directors say "that was no good, don't do that". But we're already off on a negative foot.

Gordon Hunt, Andrea Romano, Charlie Adler, they tend to couch things in a POSITIVE way. Which is very helpful.

mom2mrnick2 karma

Hi Rob! When will you be back at the Improv? Love you! xox

YakkoPinky2 karma

HI Linda! Hi Nick!

Love you too sweetie!

Probably not in the near future, nothing to do with the Improv. We love those people! But our initial reason for doing it there was to get it in some way live on tv, and I think the audience is very big out there who want to see it.

Not to say I don't love doing it there, its a fantastic ego stroke, but I am really hoping to get out to more people and we are trying some new things online on YouTube, and who knows there may be some one-off events at the Improv this year.

Such a joy to be there though!

POCK3TBOOKrocks1 karma

Who’s your favorite other voice actor or voice actors you’ve worked with? Is it Jess/Tress? Is it Seth/Sean/Greg? Is it Debi/Jeff? Who did you have the most fun voicing with?

YakkoPinky2 karma

All of them, it's an embarrassment of riches. I enjoy working with all of them! I get to work with THE most gifted actors, in my view, in Hollywood. They're my personal friends. It's such a treat, what's not to like? :)

Think of something thats the most fun you ever had in your life, and think about getting paid for that, thats what I get to do. And I love sharing it with YOU all!

Spongeman321 karma

Is it true that the Yakko's World song in Animaniacs was all done in one take? How did u guys pull that off?

YakkoPinky2 karma

Yes, I did it in one take, we recorded two. The one everyone's heard was the first take. I pulled it off because the song is a beautiful song. I live in Hollywood and there are a million great singers who could do the job. The genius is the song, thats the hard part, writing it. I got to have the words in front of me. Randy wrote it and put the genius into it. Boom. Sounds impressive, but its really about Mr. Rogel writing the song. And I NEVER get tired of singing it!

ashesper1 karma

Hey Rob! So great to have you back! Do you have any fond memories or stories from working on the Addams Family animated series?

YakkoPinky2 karma

Hi beautiful girl!

Yes, I do have great memories, working with John Astin, Sean's dad, as Gomez. I also got to work with Carol Channing as Grandma, unbelievable woman and talented. Rip Taylor as Uncle Fester, Jim Cummings as Lurch, Pat Fraley as Cousin It, Debi Derrberry as Wednesday.

And I played Norman Normanmeyer, and my wife was Edie McClurg, from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. So fun.

Hope things are great in Chicago!

bfloblizzard1 karma

Who is your favorite current hockey player? Is this the year the Red Wings end up on the golf course instead of in the playoffs?

YakkoPinky2 karma

Yes, unfortunately I think this year you're right. I don't think they're going to make the playoffs.

There's so many great players, its such a fast game now. I really like Sidney Crosby, great on and off the ice and Alex L. I don't know man, there's so many great players.