Edit: Thanks you this has been fun! Thanks for your support for Conan Exiles!

Hello, Reddit!

We are the Norwegian game developer Funcom, creators of Anarchy Online, The Longest Journey, Age of Conan, The Secret World and The Park.

On Monday we released our latest game, Conan Exiles, an open world survival game set in the universe of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian. Creative director Joel Bylos will be answering whatever questions you may have about the game and its development.

We'll begin at 5pm CET, in about 30 minutes or so.

We pre-seeded this AMA on our official Facebook page and spoke to mod /u/pussgurka about this thread earlier today.

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Themilfdestroyer2821 karma

Who's idea was it to customise dicks?

Official_Funcom3813 karma

We discussed nudity early on and decided that for the lore and setting, nudity was something we wanted to go with. The slider was a natural evolution of that, especially seeing we had a similar slider for breasts. Equality and all that.

DataPhreak912 karma

What examples can you give us of Magic you have planned? Will it be mana based?

Official_Funcom1306 karma

Sorcery and necromancy. Will require corruption. Will not be anything like Skyrim etc.

mlalssid900 karma

I think it is a little unfair that people can spam foundations around the map and claim as much land as they want. Do you have plans to tweak this so people don't abuse the building permissions? I really appreciate the hard work since the release! Keep it up with the patches and this game can be great.

Official_Funcom1136 karma

We agree and we wanted to add a decay system before launch, we just never got there. Our decay system will be based on the building size - the larger the building size, the slower it decays. So random foundations will decay very quickly. We're also making it such that small placeable objects don't claim land but still respect land claim rules.

buminthealley522 karma

Age of Conan's melee combat had huge potential with combo chains, blocking, dodging, etc. Will you try a similar approach to combat in Conan Exiles?

Official_Funcom549 karma

No, Age of Conan had a very different combat system and doesn't apply well to what we are doing with Exiles.

Though everything you mentioned can be applied to Exiles on some level. We have chaining, blocking and dodging. We don't have specific combos yet.

orionox522 karma

how do you plan on re-balancing raiding once the trebuchet is released?

Official_Funcom663 karma

Trebuchets are self balanced, to a certain extent. You'll need to build one for yourself to truly understand, but it isn't going to be something you just throw out in the world. You need to place it, then figure out range of throws based on the weight of the counter balance. And you need to defend it while you are doing so. It's not going to be a smash and grab mechanic for raiding.

Official_Funcom409 karma

Thanks for your questions everyone, but I need to get back to work. Hope I answered some burning questions and sorry for the ones I didn't get to. Thanks for your support of Conan Exiles so far!

Rabical256 karma

With the decision to cut ties to pingperfect, does that mean all progress on official servers will be lost? or will it be transfered

Please upvote guys, this effects alot of us

Edit: their answer... We will be copying databases over, so people should have all progress preserved, unless there is unforseen problems.

Official_Funcom188 karma

As mentioned above, no. We will be copying the database across to the new servers once they are available, and your progress should be there.

haste57250 karma

A few questions:

  1. With all of the 'Boss' NPC's being in the world, do you plan on adding more later or making them random at any point?

  2. How many maps will there be total (assuming there will be more than one) and will you combine them and what time do you think that would happen?

  3. What do you guys plan on doing with the combat system? I know in one of the Dev streams you guys said you didn't get it to where you wanted it; so what do you think it will end up being like in the future? Will it be more skill based and how so?

Official_Funcom274 karma

  1. We will be adding more and improving what they drop. We probably won't make them random as they usually have a reason for being where they are.
  2. We will see how many we end up with total. We are working on the highlands/mountain biome next and we will determine our direction beyond that. The plan is to have them be combined, either as a single giant map, or as maps that are right beside each other with a zoning line.
  3. We have a lot of plans. Right now we are improving the control feel of combat, a bunch of small things that lift the experience that we just didn't have time to get to before Early Access launch. We're also looking at how bows and crossbows work. Beyond that we are planning to separate light and heavy attack buttons which gives us greater flexibility. Oh and dodge, we need to take a pass on dodge. So yeah, we will keep working on combat for the foreseeable future.

__WomboCombo__229 karma

I'm a big fan of the survival game genre, and exiles has been filling the void that Reign of Kings left. From which survival games, if any, were you influenced by?

Official_Funcom415 karma

All of them. We've been playing since Minecraft and DayZ really kicked this genre off and we have tried almost everything along the way. Obviously we have great respect for how much Ark expanded this genre. We owe a debt of gratitude to them all and we borrowed some of their good ideas even as we came up with our own.

MrX101206 karma

Can you please add a separate key for dodge?

it being stuck to shift+direction is awful, and i can't rebind it TT

I keep accidently dashing when i want to change direction, thus wasting stamina.

Also on stamina, I feel like stamina needs to be reworked, you're too vulnerable with an empty stamina bar, dodging takes a huge chunk of stamina which makes the combat feel slower and less action based, also we simply run out of stamina too quickly atm, and putting points into stamina doesn't actually give much, takes like 30 points to double our stamina bar? which is sorta nuts.

Official_Funcom416 karma

Yeah, dodge needs an overhaul. We are going to be digging into it soon.

Morander13171 karma

Can you give more information/details about your vision for the human sacrifice mechanic?

Official_Funcom581 karma

Similar to the way in which you capture thralls, we would like you to be able to drag players back to your altars and sacrifice them for a massive boost. We might also add specific killing equipment such as iron maidens etc. In addition we really want you to be able to harvest the heads of your foes and stick them on spikes outside and around your bases. Maybe even at some point...castration.

gdp0101163 karma


What is the overall vision you have for this game? How would you compare it to your competitors and what will be the niche spot in relation to gameplay, mechanics, and content?

P.S. Will we ever have beards?

Official_Funcom427 karma

Our vision for the game is to find the line between Skyrim and Minecraft. We want to have a game where NPCs inhabit a living, breathing world, but where players make a real impact on the environment and become a part of that world. Through the thrall system we hope to introduce complex behaviours that allow you to build your own cities and towns and as we add features such as the Purge, we are going to be trying to create a dynamic world that challenges your right to survive. That's the niche we are aiming for :) But it is a big vision and we hope you guys can help us along the way.

spartanlemur89 karma

Are there any plans to expand upon interactions with non-thrall NPCs in the future? I.e. persuading them to become followers, or join a settlement to perform jobs willingly? Surrendering to NPCs if they are stronger than the player?

Official_Funcom177 karma

Yes we want to expand upon the world to the point that we have working scheduling mechanics for NPCs and they will be capable of remembering their relationships with players. If you've visited the relic hunter city in the north, you can see our first early ideas around how to build these kind of locations. Expect this to expand. On the thrall side of things, we will be adding a rescue mechanic, so if you find slavery distasteful you can rescue people from camps and bring them back to your base to work for you as mercenaries.

Screamh2o74 karma

Will you guys have boss monster like types that require large amounts of high tier gear people?

Will you guys have find able gear that is legendary but hard to obtain?

Official_Funcom86 karma

Yes, though currently some servers have low frames which allows people to exploit the AI. We already have at least one of these bosses.

Yes we already have some of this gear, but we will expand upon it during Early Access.

NyxOW69 karma

Hey Funcom! I'd like to know 2 things:

1. When will Linux servers be available? By Crom!

2. Do you plan on improving server performance and therefore lower server requirements?

As a big Funcom fan since Age of Conan I'd like to launch my own server on Conan Exiles but windows server licence is overpriced and Ping Perfect is pretty much a scam, even with the 25% from the barbaric edition...

EDIT: Oh I just saw that the partnership with ping perfect has ended, Farewell :D

Official_Funcom58 karma

  • No idea, sorry.
  • Yes

Fair enough, though you don't need a windows server license. Just any PC running windows can be a dedicated server. See dedicated server hardware requirements in the technical manual.


Hey FunCom! Loving the game so far, it's got so much potential. Will you guys be publishing a Product Roadmap or production schedule? It's fine to leave off dates, but knowing about feature delivery in the pipeline would be fantastic.

Official_Funcom86 karma

We'll probably provide more detail once we get past the initial launch rush. For now we have a "what's next?" post on conanexiles.com

oeseben59 karma

Survival games have a terrible reputation of becoming stale. What is your plan to stop that from happening without breaking the core game concepts and adding stuff like guns?

Official_Funcom63 karma

We'll add sorcery. And see above for our vision for where we want to take the game. Hopefully it won't get too stale!

Rimotrian54 karma

Will you further build upon the clan system? I heard details of dye coming out to help distinguish your clan members from enemies, but are there any other plans coming? Can you elaborate or share a few if so?

Official_Funcom57 karma

Yes we will continue to work on the clan system throughout Early Access. Currently we have plans to improve the permission system, and eventually we want to offer full clan dyeing customizations that can be shard with clan members. And yes, the name targeting is something we will improve across the board, not just for clans.

Jarvan_v53 karma


Official_Funcom77 karma

As mentioned above, yes this is the plan.

spartanlemur51 karma

When are you planning on releasing modding tools?

Official_Funcom112 karma

We have made a dev kit for the game and sent it off to Epic for approval. Once it is approved, they will add it to the Unreal 4 launcher. So currently it is out of our hands!

darkjyn34 karma

Hello! Will you be looking into improving the chat system? For example, remembering the last type of chat selected when pressing "Enter" so we don't always need to select "-" to enter Clan chat. Love the updates so far thank you for keeping the game great!

Official_Funcom42 karma

Yes we will be looking at improving the chat experience. Improving usability and adding chat bubbles etc.

WizardGuy11232 karma

You guys said the release of Conan exiles was way more then ya'll anticipated. What exactly were y'all hoping the number of players to be when it first released? Also did the dev team experienced any issues the community is currently having issues before release? If yes then why release it and not delay it to fix it?

Official_Funcom77 karma

We outlined our expectations in the company quarterly reports, but we didn't expect the demand we have received. Can't comment on specific numbers due to public company rules etc.

We stress tested the game with 70 plus people on external (not our own) hardware multiple times. We never dropped below 10 server frames which we deemed acceptable performance for a full load server. We did not see the issues that the official servers were seeing.

We have, however, launched multiplayer games before so we know that when you go to scale, things can go wrong. See Diablo 3 for an example of a very well prepared company that still got caught unawares by demand. That was also a part of our decision to do early access, so we can have a more understanding audience who will work with us to improve any issues we have.

Jagmas31 karma

Will you be bringing back additional options to server owners who want to adjust settings such as the ability to set durability on crafted items like shields, etc? Seems it was removed in the last patch and was very useful to be able to experiment with while in game.

Official_Funcom40 karma

The ones we removed were not functioning. We will continue to add new options and we welcome feedback from server admins as to the commands they would like prioritized.

badnewsbaron30 karma

How will the game differentiate itself from similar existing titles such as Ark and Rust? In the current build, there is little existing difference in core gameplay other than the theme. I would love to learn more about what features will set the game apart in the future, and how Exiles plans to innovate.

Official_Funcom84 karma

Close quarters melee, sorcery, fatalities, lore, thralls, religion and avatars etc.

Plus the Conan world is an interesting place, above and beyond just being a random map.

ShinMetsu27 karma

With the change of the Offical server hosting service, will all offcial servers' progress be wiped or will all the data be carried over to the new servers? Thank you for working hard on fixing these issues, keep up the good work.

Official_Funcom36 karma

We will be copying databases over, so people should have all progress preserved, unless there is unforseen problems.

DeliCreep23 karma

What are your plans to improve the combat system? Is parrying going to be added?

Official_Funcom46 karma

Parry frames on sluggish servers are a nightmare (as anyone who has played a poor connection in Dark Souls can attest). See above for a list of immediate combat improvements - beyond that we will be adding a large amount of mechanics that give you a sandbox combat system - a bunch of tools for various situations. We can talk about parry if the community pushes hard for it, but from a practical perspective it is pretty difficult to get right in a server driven game (or it is very forgiving and thus unbalanced).

xaelus22 karma

Do you foresee yourself implementing any ideas/concepts from Age of Conan into Exiles? I was a founder in AoC and loved it for a long time. I miss it from time to time but jumped on Exiles for the universe. Also where do you see future development going on this game?

Official_Funcom17 karma

We already take great inspiration from AoC and you can expect to see more of the ideas from there in Exiles. For future dev, I think I have answered a fair amount of this above.

Nerdyblitz22 karma

Funcom seems to be the biggest company working on a Early Access Survival game atm and you guys had lots of experience with Conan already. What are your plans to further expand into the amazing lore created by Robert Howard ? Also, can we expect more tools for us roleplayers ?

Official_Funcom19 karma

We're going to keep building on our world and expanding the story of the Exiled Lands. We try very hard to be true to Howard as we work on the world and we want to bring as many elements as possible in from his work. Also more stuff for roleplayers. Yep, we are on it.

ThornyYT18 karma

Do you guys ever plan on adding a message announcer for server owners? If so when do you plan on releasing it because it's hard for server owners to advertise their community discord, and websites on their own servers.

Official_Funcom22 karma

We have it on our list and hope to get it in soon.

g4m312_45515 karma

I need an arrow hallway trap in my life... Are there any plans to add such traps? Also, the bow/crossbow shoots too slow and has ridiculous arrow drop. The melee combat feels good but the bows are lackluster. Are y'all looking into improving combat in any way?

Official_Funcom35 karma

Yes, we are adding traps AND we are improving bows.

ElvenNeko13 karma


1) Do you test game on Legacy AMD drivers? They have their final version that isn't going to be updated at all, but those video cards are still good.

2) How would you rate current performance of the game? Can we expect big changes about it in near future? Addin more map regions, that you planned, will not make performance even worse?

3) Will we be able to create hidden stashes?

4) Are avatars currently the only counter to mountain bases? How about adding grapling hooks?

5) People saying that you using outdated version of ue, that causing major fps drop for multi-processors. Is that true? If yes, will you switch to newer ue soon?

Official_Funcom21 karma

1) Not personally, but our QA team does. 2) Hard to say. I think in single player it runs pretty well for where it is in Early Access, but obviously we have some work to do on the server side. We are working hard on improving this. We will assess the impact of new maps, but our streaming tech should handle this. 3) I don't really understand the context. I think you can easily do this now. 4) We'll add more mechanics for climbing in a later patch

DarioSkydragon6 karma

I know you guys read Reddit, but can you guys read all the topics? Or only the most upvoted ones?

And, how the process works? The CM reads the posts and them what? Do you have daily contact with the development staff?

Official_Funcom16 karma

CM sends me reports constantly. Like he comes and annoys me at my desk. It's actually kind of irritating. I want to hire someone to keep him away from me while he screams "just think of the players"... Jokes aside, we are all in the same office. We have daily reports, a dedicated slack channel and a whole lot of interaction. We've also gone through every steam review and compiled a list of the most common complaints from there. We aim to do our best for everyone, even people who didn't like the game when they first tried it.

Sir_Illo6 karma

Were you aware of the typo in the title when you submitted it?

Official_Funcom11 karma

It's a mystery...

Rabical4 karma

Can you describe your plans for the end game competitive aspects? Are we to look forward to clan wars or boss npcs?

Also, is there anything in the works that will allow us to get back on our home server easier?

Official_Funcom5 karma

We're working on the Purge system and boss npcs for endgame. We are adding more dungeons and locations to explore. Eventually we want full on sieges to take place between clans.

We're planning to add a filter of servers where you have characters in the server browser. For a workaround, you can also favorite servers in the steam server browser for quick access.

RarestPepe_3 karma

Is this game coming to ps4? I've heard a lot of conflicting info.

Official_Funcom7 karma

Yes, eventually. Our focus is PC, then Xbox Game Preview to launch in spring and then PS4 sometime afterwards

irishdrunkass3 karma

Is the purpose of summoning the Gods/Avatars to decimate another player/clan's base, or does it serve a Pve purpose for high level content?

Official_Funcom5 karma

It will serve as Purge protection in PvE.

Myles283 karma

Can we get a better way to see clan members in game/on the map. Also maybe a grid on the map so it's easier to find/tell your clan members where to go?

Official_Funcom8 karma

We actually have a new version of the map that didn't reach Early Access. Will patch it in soon.

noso21433 karma

any hints to what the 1st major feature update will bring to the game?

Official_Funcom10 karma

I could give you a hint and then someone would punch me in the face, and then I would punch them back and then a bench would get thrown and then... well you know how it goes. It would be a mess.

SteamNiels2 karma

Is there going to be any permanent fix to the black screens, infinite loading screen, half-loaded world, main menu during loading, not being able to connect through steam browser, etc?

I noticed you guys already released several patches, but it would appear that while one patch fixes the issue, another one breaks it again.

I understand you guys are working very hard on this game, but for me personally it's been pretty much headaches all the time trying to get into a server.

I've got 18 hours in this game at this moment, of which 6 or 7 are probably me trying to get into the server or browsing reddit/google to find a possible fix to get the loading screen to actually work.

Official_Funcom2 karma

Hey I am sorry to hear about your issues. We have several potential fixes for them in the next patch. But we'll keep hammering at the problem until we fix it and I can only say I am sorry that you have had to experience this.

ArElement2 karma

At the moment it seems nearly impossible to get the needed recipes as a solo player, Is there any feature in mind that would help with this? Maybe a thrall to teach us recipes or recipes we could somehow learn through npcs?

Official_Funcom2 karma

We already have the ability to teach recipes through NPCs. However, as I recommended to someone above, I'd also suggest adjusting XP gains and so forth through the server setting pane. And find a server that has progression that works for you.

Seldain2 karma

Is there any part of the lore / Conan world that you really wanted to implement, but weren't able to for some reason?

Official_Funcom16 karma

That will depend how the game does. I imagine I can add whatever lore I want to if we sell 10 million copies.

Scroober922 karma

Do you have any recommended stress relief exercises for me to perform when i die due to disconnects and have to spend an hour getting back the stuff i lost?

Official_Funcom6 karma

Yes. Screenshot whoever or whatever killed you. Put it on your wall. Hate it. Really feel the hate! When you get back in the game, hunt them down and kill them like the dogs they are.

And I do apologize for the disconnects, we are working on fixing these issues at full speed.

nickhite1232 karma

Are there any ideas of future higher levels of weapons / armor / building structures and customized weapons?

Official_Funcom5 karma

We have at least one more tier of weapons and armor we want to add (apart from more legendary and named items). We want to revamp crafting at some point to allow a much greater customization of weapons. Buildings will get visual upgrades, but we will probably maintain the tiers that we have and expand instead upon the pieces we have.

I_Wheel_I_Deal1 karma

Are there going to be more servers in the future? The lowest servers I can find are 90 ping, which isn't horrible but could definitely be better. Love the game by the way.

Official_Funcom2 karma

We're adding more, but see our announcement today. We have some work to do on this end.

Gravelock-1 karma

The leveling system is terrible, do you plan to change it? Any ideas at the moment? The problem I currently have is as you go through the game you don't level at a pace with what you're crafting/doing. Instead you're forced to go farm animals for a couple of hours to reach the next stage of progression.

Official_Funcom8 karma

We've included sliders so you can adjust the experience as you please on your own server or playing single-player. Every XP gain has its own rate slider - killing, crafting, harvesting etc. Some servers will have this set up already. Don't get caught up in playing this game "as the developers intended" because our honest intention is that people will adjust the game to fit their needs and playstyle. However, we will be monitoring progression and making changes based on how we see people playing. Right now though, it is early days.