Hey Reddit, we’re Game Attack, one of those Rooster Teeth brands. We launched our YouTube channel in October after splitting away from ScrewAttack.

At Game Attack we release new original videos every day on our YouTube channel. We play a lot of party games like Mario Party and Gang Beasts, have some fun with our Let’s Plays, have a random ass podcast called the Try Hard Podcast and even play the occasionally crappy mobile game. At the end of the day, we’re a bunch of dudes who enjoy turning our love for video games into entertainment for you.

Game Attack's Reddit Page - https://www.reddit.com/r/GameAttack/

Craig Skistimas - Dude who runs things /user/CraigSkitz/

Shaun Bolen - Master Mutha Suck /user/ShaunMcLane

Bryan Baker - Beard Man /user/Bryan_GameAttack

Proof: https://i.redd.it/lbd5gds9ks7y.jpg

UPDATE - This is been SUPER fun but we have to get back to work. We'll come back later to answer some more questions but in the meantime, if you're new make sure to sub to our channel (https://www.youtube.com/GameAttack) for new videos daily at 8am CT. Remember that #DEATHWEEK is next week! We appreciate your guys for allowing us to do what we love!

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NenReaper131 karma

Hey Guys,

RT's broadcast department misses you. When are you gonna come visit again so we can test some new crazy fun wild effects?

P.S. We promise not to give Gavin anything else that might permanently blind Bolen while you are here.

-RT Broadcast Michael

CraigSkitz62 karma

Dear Michael,

We love you guys too. We'll be there soon. When we do return, we will party.

Love, Craig

Rebel_Peyton103 karma

Y'all eat ass??? I'm genuinely curious...

CraigSkitz83 karma

this must be Sam's alt account..

MNome56 karma

when will you get pc's for more multiplayer games?

CraigSkitz46 karma

ha! you gotta ask our bosses about that.

trueunknown00754 karma

Did Shaun give Craig the $10 he lost on the bet?

CraigSkitz58 karma

what a cheap bastard.

Tigressaurus41 karma

What is Shaun's favorite gum? Sorry, I know this is a sensitive subject for many.

CraigSkitz60 karma


CapnSavy40 karma

Can you do a series where Bolen discovers things (Like Reddit)? His enjoyment in the discovery of Reddit in that Try Hard Podcast brought me back to this platform that I had left for dead months ago.

Maybe something like RTLife.

CraigSkitz20 karma

oh we certainly want to do some RT Life style shows. We used to do them on SA a LONG time ago. With GA I think we have the ability to do things like that more frequently for sure.

epicsadfacegaming34 karma

this has confused me for a little while, Whats the difference between Game Attack and Screw Attack?

CraigSkitz77 karma

We're 2 totally separate things - Game Attack is where you'll find us making gaming related videos. ScrewAttack you'll find DEATH BATTLE and other scripted "info-tainment" shows. We operate as two separate entities that just so happen to work out of the same office. Think of the GA/SA split as the RT/AH split a while back. Two different things in the same company.

Ivanator229446 karma

Game Attack has a space in the middle, ScrewAttack doesn't.


CraigSkitz40 karma

Ivanator gets it.

smoke10832 karma

How far ahead do you usually record before things launch?

CraigSkitz35 karma

Right now we're about two weeks ahead from a shooting standpoint. We generally have things ready to go way ahead of time which is amazing and a stark contrast to when we were at SA.

DarkWorld9731 karma

I've been watching ScrewAttack since I was in the 3rd grade (Clip of the Week was the best!), so I was wondering what incentivized you guys from splitting from ScrewAttack? The audience is pretty huge there, so it seemed kinda risky.

Great content btw. I look forward to each upload!

CraigSkitz50 karma

I saw the audience had changed and we wanted a new challenge. I see GA as a return to form of the content that I'd personally like to be producing.

pencildude224 karma

What're your favorite shows to record?

CraigSkitz63 karma

Anything that takes longer than 90 seconds for Bolen to talk about his wiener.

Col9017 karma

Will you guys be covering the Nintendo Switch reveal like the teaser trailer video? Also you guys are awesome!

CraigSkitz26 karma

Yeah, we're planning on doing a live stream during the press conference on Thursday. CAN'T WAIT!

echonomix9214 karma

If you were a soup, what kind of soup would you be?

CraigSkitz20 karma

one with a really complex base for it's broth that will hit you with some enhanced flavors as you suck it down... or vegetable beef barley.

ggoldman4311 karma

How do you guys see the channel growing withing the next few years, can we ever expect any scripted based shows like ScrewAttack used to do?

CraigSkitz16 karma

I don't expect any scripted shows in our immediate future. I think we're having too much fun making the kind of videos we currently are BUT never say never. As for growth, that really depends on you guys. If you spread the word then we'll grow quickly. If you don't watch us then we'll be out of a job by the end of this AMA.

tristanl0l10 karma

Which main AH member would each of you make out with if you had the choice?

CraigSkitz11 karma

umm... Matt Bragg.

CoolAsACutePenumbra8 karma

GameAttack were one of my highlights in last year's Extra Life stream. How do you think you can top the japanese gameshows this year and have you started planning anything crazy?

CraigSkitz8 karma

When people think of GA we want them to think of fun. We do our best to bring it every time we have the opportunity, whether that's in video or live at an event. We do our best to be creative and think outside of what others do. As for Extra Life 2017, our first focus in RTX 2017 and kicking that ass.

none45348 karma

Why is chad such a podcast slut?

CraigSkitz10 karma

dude... i know.

JaredIsKripke8 karma

I am an independent professional wrestler in the Midwest, would any of you, Funhaus, Or AH accept a challenge to face me in the squared circle?

CraigSkitz6 karma


PNDLivewire7 karma

I know Craig and Bryan/Chad (even Sam and Bolen as well) have been around long enough to see a number of changes in the whole online communities thing since Screwattack itself was founded all the way back in 2006.

Are there things that you feel should be more important with web based things that aren't these days anymore, things you dislike being around, or that you wish would come back? Like smaller disconnects between the "on screen talent" (for lack of a better term and the community, people being afraid to try/do their own thing instead of going with what worked for other people, etc. And did they sort of contribute to your visions of what you wanted Game Attack to be/want it to be say 5 years ago?

Apologies for the long, convoluted question, and hopefully it's well worded enough to make sense. Game Attack's doing awesome so far, keep up the good work!

CraigSkitz7 karma

It's MUCH easier for people to have a voice now and days compared to a decade ago. Previously the only way to connect was through email or forums. Now there's so much more. I love having the ability to connect so quickly.

Footinthecrease6 karma

Craig, do you see yourself leaving GameAttack to start your own restaurant where all you do is chop things? no cooking... no seasoning... maybe not even any serving... just chop chop chop

CraigSkitz11 karma

As long as the other guys don't try to follow me and f things up, I could see that happening.

sodawsome6 karma

What would it take to pursue a career with gameattack?

CraigSkitz20 karma

send us your videos and we'll take a look. We're all about hiring from the community. We want some hard working fools to join us and grow this bad boy.

NeonGusta5 karma

What are your thoughts on the Cow Chop boys?

CraigSkitz4 karma

Seem like good dudes. Only really spoke with them a couple guys but would love to shoot some stuff with them.

Untitledprject5 karma

Having been a follower of Screwattack since '06 its refreshing to see you guys go back to your roots and make content that you find enjoyable.

Y'all have had an internet presence for a LONG time now. Whether it be your forums and blogs (v3 represent) to your recent YouTube ventures as well as personal channels., its undeniable the effect y'all have had on the gaming internet with shows like Top 10, Video Game Vault and Hard News.

With all this being said, your biggest thing back in the day IMO was the acquisition of g1/user created content and hosting it on your platform for more people to see, whether it be shows like Nametags, Jew Wario, and famously, AVGN. Will we ever see a return of hosting user made content on your platform? With YouTube being your main focus how can you guys reach out and be more community involved with g1s, similar to how active y'all were on the forums and blogs with Screwattack.

Also will we ever see a return of more scripted content like Clip of the Week and Metal Gear Ben?

(Ps will there ever be another eating challenge)

CraigSkitz7 karma

Thanks for the kind words. I do agree: SA has had a real positive impact on the internet and gaming community. It's something I'm very proud of.

All the things you mentioned were staples of SA back in the day so we'll leave it to them to continue that tradition. We want to forge new trails at GA.

res30stupid5 karma

So, is SGC still on?

CraigSkitz5 karma

RTX is on and we'll be there so whether it's "SGC" in name, the SGC spirit will be there.

daemonfrost5 karma

Did you guys have a back up plan if GameAttack didnt get a huge response like it did? And do you guys have any advice for someone wanting to start their own channel?

Bryan_GameAttack16 karma

Back up plan? Hustle hard. Then keep hustling til we make it succeed.

Advice for starting your own channel? Do it in a way that you truly enjoy. Don't let the praise go to your head, and don't let the hate go to your heart.

CraigSkitz9 karma

that's deep Bryan.

CraigSkitz11 karma

We just went all in on it my man. I think we all believe in GA so much non of us are thinking of contingency plans. We like where we're at.

Advice for your own channel? Be yourself and bust your ass.

bkimball19935 karma

Has Shaun given Craig $10 for the bet on Amazing Frog yet?

CraigSkitz3 karma


lPTGl5 karma

Any collab plans with other RT channels you can give us any hints about?

CraigSkitz17 karma

We're going to collab with anything who wants to collab with us regardless of if they're with RT. We love everyone... most of the time.

Ursinity5 karma

Any plans to do potentially do full play throughs (Lets Watch style) of games?

CraigSkitz17 karma

We actually are doing an extended playthrough of Dark Souls starting next week! We're calling it "Death Week" and I'll be playing with Bolen serving as my captain. I've never played Dark Souls so it should be pretty interesting.

With that said, Death Week is a big test for us, so if it's successful we'll certainly look at doing things like it more frequently. If it's not you'll never see anything like it again... ever. EVER!

mrwatkins835 karma

Craig! I've been enjoying your YouTube channel recently. What are your thoughts on retro gamers using emulators like RetroPie to get their old school game on?

CraigSkitz6 karma

That's a toughie. I think it's one of those things that as long as it's not hurting the developer or publisher of the game and the game isn't readily available on the market I don't have any issue with it.

SilentHero31424 karma

Hey guys. Do you have any plans in the works for RTX Austin, maybe something along the line of Game Attack vs. the g1s?

CraigSkitz3 karma

As soon as we're privy to RTX meetings we'll let you know. We have ideas right now but that's about all it's at right now. I love me some live events and doing stuff on stage with you guys.

cjfrey964 karma

So when are you guys gonna make a Party Up show?

CraigSkitz5 karma

Man, can you believe Geoff pulling that shit??

rh_543214 karma

Hello Game Attack! I've been a huge fan of Craig and crew ever since ScrewAttack's version 2 days. I've been loving what you all have been doing at Game Attack and I look forward to seeing what's next to come.

Are there any plans for Game Attack to do any table-top content like D&D or Warhammer, or even TCGs like Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh? I would love to see that even if it's just as a one-off.

CraigSkitz3 karma

yeah we've kicked it around. Definitely a possibility.

luckyday134 karma

Who do you feel has the most skill at games and why is it Sam?

CraigSkitz6 karma

Sam get off your alt account.

FuckMyTightDogPussy3 karma

Will you be at RTX? If so will you sign my chest?

CraigSkitz4 karma

yes and... maybe?

Techdecker2833 karma

Do you guys have any guests you want to try to look into doing videos with?

CraigSkitz6 karma

Well work with anyone and everyone as long as they're not dicks.

bluesarge3 karma

I've been a FIRST member for a while, and I watch on YT too, but I was wondering which place to watch is more beneficial for you guys?

CraigSkitz6 karma

for us, our YT channel but it's GREAT that you're a FIRST member

TestZero3 karma

Any plans for another My Vids Don't Suck contest?

CraigSkitz10 karma

nope! that's a SA thing. If they want to do it they're more than welcome to.

DarkWorld973 karma

Any plans on working with James (AVGN) in the future? I would love to see him in a Four Play.

CraigSkitz6 karma

I'd love to work with James. Getting him out of Philly is pretty tough these days though.

Abraham4683 karma

What is your favorite game that has been released in the last five years? For the sake of keeping it interesting, remasters and retro game bundles don't count.

Love the channel!

CraigSkitz3 karma

Mario Maker.

HappyTimeHollis3 karma

Will we ever see Game Attack play some Bubble Bobble or Rainbow Islands?

Also, I tweeted Craig about where I could find a Slamball jersey with his name on it. Would the RoosterTeeth merch department consider doing a Game Attack jersey in that style? I notice the Bandits and Game Attack share a similar colour scheme?

CraigSkitz8 karma

Bubble Bobble or Rainbow Islands... why those games in particular? ha ha

I doubt RT would be interested in selling a SlamBall style jersey. After all, SlamBall hasn't been relevant in 12 or 13 years.

As for the color scheme, it's just a coincidence.

OzRoy413 karma

Hey big fan,

1.)What was were some of the biggest challenges about splitting yourself from screwattack ?

2.) Most and less rewarding thing about your job?

3.) Do any of you ever have a hard time explaining to to other people your job. With it be for something important or just someone who doesnt use youtube etc?

CraigSkitz2 karma

1- Stepping away from something I started. 2 - Being able to be as creative as we want to be and have fun, literally, every single day. 3 - I just say "I work on YouTube"

ram0nafl0wersx3 karma

What are your current top 3 albums? Or if you can't choose, who are some of your favorite artists/bands? x

CraigSkitz3 karma

Scatman John, Ace of Base and chumbawamba

SkyquakeLive3 karma

Hi guys! Fairly new to Game Attack. Could you explain the 94%/6% that is always mentioned? Thanks for doing this and I can't wait to watch more of your videos!!

CraigSkitz5 karma

Our analytics show that 94% of our audience is dudes and 6% is women.

EscapedfromMirkwood3 karma

Hey yall! I had an awesome time meeting Craig at rtx sydney last year, can we get any hints as to whether Game Attack is gonna be coming down this year? :)

CraigSkitz6 karma

Nope. As much as we'd like to we didn't get the invite. We'd love to do but until people bombard @RTXSydney with requests for us I don't know if we'll return. Hopefully that changes next year - i LOVED Sydney. Seriously. LOVED it.

KikiFlowers3 karma

Who would in a fight? Sam or Michael?

Bonus round: Screwattack or Funhaus? Who would win?

CraigSkitz4 karma

Michael would pummel Sam's ass mainly because Michael works out. Sam's a lover, not a fighter.

ltpirate3 karma

Why are you guys much more deserving of /u/madmattbt and /u/fh_elyse as team members than Funhaus?

CraigSkitz5 karma

Purple is the color of royalty. They deserve purple.

D-the-blacknerd3 karma

Hey guys, been a fan of the Screwattack/Game Attack community for about three years now, I was wondering if you plan on doing any fighting game lps? maybe call it Salty Runback?

CraigSkitz6 karma

Sam and Bolen suck too bad at fighting games and Chad takes it too seriously. I'm just average nowanddays.

roostershooster3 karma

Craig, what are some of your all time favorite videos you've filmed over the last 10 years on Screwattack and/or Game Attack?

CraigSkitz10 karma

I love the old Clips we did. I came up with this show called "Reboot or Retro" that I handed off to Jared which never really took off either. I love the idea but it just didn't hit for whatever reason.

GA is a totally different beast. It feels very much like when SA started. Every day is different and exciting and we all genuinely enjoy shooting with each other. My personal favorite video at GA we've made is also probably one of our least: the Tap That App about the Kim Kardashian game. The original cut was apparently so offensive seven members of SA who watched it left the room because they didn't want to watch it anymore. I laughed my ass off when I heard that.

Brandito11182 karma

Who is the best member of Game Attack?

CraigSkitz7 karma

Pepe Le Feugo.

ImSamathy2 karma

What do you look for in an intern (especially one interested in working with Game Attack over SA)? I just submitted my application and I would love any tips!

CraigSkitz3 karma

good people who work hard. It also has to be the right time. Right now we're not looking for interns. This summer that will probably change.

MABGB2 karma

Love the channel, it's quickly become one of my favourites.

But...when is frog climbers part 2?

CraigSkitz3 karma

viewcount and watch time. They're important!

Chibichangas2 karma

What are your thoughts on the other Let's Play affiliates like Kinda Funny, Cow Chop, and The Creatures? I'd like to see you guys collab with them some day.

CraigSkitz3 karma

Yeah we'll certainly work with all them at some point. We've already shot some stuff with KF and plan to do more moving ahead. We're still getting to know Cow Chop and The Creatures but would love to do some stuff with them in the future for sure.

namoo122 karma

Hi guys! Love your content! I was just wondering what your top 5 movies are?

CraigSkitz3 karma

Might Ducks 2. Quack.

Estonia20122 karma


1) If you could remaster/remake a game, what game would it be?

2) What are Game Attack goals this year?

3) Which Let's Play group are you most excited to collab with?

4) Who is your dream guest to be on the podcast?

ShaunMcLane8 karma

1) NFL Street Vol. 2 2) 500k subs 3) Elyse & Peake, and no one else. 4) The Rock

CraigSkitz3 karma

What Bolen said. All the games I wanted remade and remastered have already been done.