What up Reddit?

Depressed and disillusioned with graduate school I decided to start a gag dildo shipping website because I had massive dreams of being an overnight entrepreaneurial success. You can read/see more of how that started here

Basically, I ran with the drunken idea that people would love to ship their friends/enemies dildos as a joke.

Seeing dollar bills and vaugely phallic shaped stars, I ordered 500 dildos using Alibaba, made my website and dropped out of grad school! I had read of the sucess of other gag shipping websites and I figured there was no way I could possibly fail! :D

Since then I've been self-employed running my website for about 4 months now selling an atronomical number of dildos!13 I definitely don't have exactly 487 imitation penii chilling in my room! Ask Me Absolutely Anything espescially about my next level entrepreaneurial instinct, amazing decision making and 89th dimensional marketing skills!

Proof: http://imgur.com/a/N0zBC

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CHWK20 karma

What percentage of your orders are from your mom?

wuroh741 karma

42.5%! The other 57.5% came from a customer named Mrs. CHWK. She actually sent us an email where she said, "Your dildos saved my sex-life after my husband's ED"

tenel_ka2715 karma

What is your definition of horrible? I'd say life turned out pretty great!

wuroh728 karma

Horrible as in my earning potential and actual bank accounts are both a lot lower now.

But on the plus side I'm much, much happier than I was in graduate school and iit entertains my friends when they can introduce me as "the dildo guy I told you about" so I've got that going for me which is nice!

n3rdtown21 karma

You're MORE broke then when you were in grad school?!

wuroh725 karma

Yeah! I'm a rare breed!

MeltedCheeseFantasy15 karma

How do you advertise your website?

wuroh716 karma

At first I made a couple of Reddit posts, but they never really went anywhere and mods (understandably) removed them for spamming.

After that I've used SEO mostly, but finding good key words was difficult.

Oddly the sales I have made actually came from people on Twitter and Facebook posting about the website.

MarchingTrombonist5 karma


You're a moderator.

wuroh75 karma

Thanks so much for making the subreddit!

dabenpb10 karma

What was your degree program in grad school that promoted you to abandon it and market penii?

wuroh712 karma

Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

I didn't have a realistic understanding of what the field actually encompassed and unfortunately my interests did not align at all.

op_is_asshole3 karma

I'm going for clinical (starting next month). What made you decide on Industrial/Organizational Psychology?

wuroh74 karma

Congrats! Clinical is a very competitive field to get into!

I had basically finished my psych degree and knew clinical wouldn't be a good fit for my personality. I wanted to find something business related, and i/o was the closest. It was way too much HR for me though

SirRupert8 karma

I have to assume you are making zero dollars from this. Where do you see this "business" in five years five months?

wuroh716 karma

Oh I've 100% lost money on this! In five months I see myself either having sold the website to a competent business person (just because the name is slightly amusing) or probably shut down!

rossmosh856 karma

How many sales have you made since you started this AMA?

wuroh76 karma

A grand total of 0!

Glitchdx15 karma

get ready to make that a 1


And ordered. This is going to be great.

wuroh710 karma

Thanks bby!

JonquilStitch4 karma

What is your current BAC?

wuroh78 karma

I actually decided to stop drinking a week ago, so right now it is hopefully 0!

When I decided to pursue this I have no idea what it was!

YeOleHumptyDance5 karma

Wooop Woop! I quit drinking two years ago. Quiting sucks doesn't it?

My "drunken dildo shipping company" idea was always the idea of a brothel boat. Whorin ain't illegal out to sea. I assume? Nobody tell me different. A man has to dream.

wuroh73 karma

Congrats on 2 years! Yeah! I've been toying with the idea of quitting for months now, but there was always some special occasion with my friends coming up. Figured if I kept putting it off I would never stop!

That's an awesome idea! As well as being the best businessman ever I'm also an expert on maritime law, so I think you should absolutely do it!

JonquilStitch2 karma

Congrats on quitting! You just seem unnaturally exuberant. X-D All good though.

wuroh72 karma

Thanks! I'm actually really really happy right now. Just need to figure out the finances!

sendios4 karma

Just curious, any additional income? $3/ship isn't exactly lucrative hahaa also upvoted for actually being a regular-ish person and not a celeb on this sub

wuroh76 karma

My savings account! But I did work a seasonal serving job for about a month after this started.

It especially isn't lucrative since I've only sold 13!

virus2004 karma

Did the delivery guy give you a weird look when you signed off for a box of a few hundred dildos?

wuroh713 karma

He asked me if it was for some kind of prank . . . I said yes

kawaii-space-alien4 karma

How come they aren't recommended for insertion? Like I mean, that's what a dildo is for right?

wuroh711 karma

That's a liability thing. They're supposed to be good enough quality that it shouldn't matter, but I figured better safe than sorry.

alpharius1204 karma

Does your family know about your business venture and, if not, how does one go about hiding large quantities of dildos from loved ones?

wuroh715 karma

487 are in my room!

Most of my friends know about my business venture. I haven't made any effort to hide it from them and they think it is hilarious and dumb at the same time!

I haven't told any of my family members, but they all live in a different city than me. So there isn't an easy way for them to find the dildos!

alpharius1204 karma

Edited my post after actually taking the time to read your first post and now I made you look like your answering questions that nobody asked.

Sorry OP :(

wuroh75 karma

No worries! Hopefully this makes me seem quirky somehow!

alpharius1205 karma

I think you've probably got that covered with the gag dildo business

wuroh77 karma

Its not so good for actually making money, but it is a great icebreaker at parties!

Silverlight424 karma

Need any help? I could be VP of Canadian Interests or something. Or at least the Canadian Warehouse. I figure I could store at least 500,000 units. Likely more.

I lack purpose in life, this seems as worthwhile a venture as most i've seen lately. Plus the whole needing a job thing.

wuroh73 karma

I would definitely be down if there was enough demand in Canada! Right now that would really have to increase like 100000% though! I have not been killing it on the sales haha

vipingvindows3 karma

So I've been thinking about a Masters of Dildoology - what schools do you think have the best Entrepreneurship programs?

wuroh78 karma

The University of California of Selling Dildos (UCSD) has a fantastic program, you should absolutely pursue your graduate education there!

mstarrbrannigan3 karma

Can I get a link to your site? I want to share it on my sub, but I'm at work and don't want to search Google for it.

wuroh74 karma

Coronis122 karma

What federal laws are there regarding dildos?

wuroh72 karma

None that I know of! But that doesn't mean anything!

Edgefish2 karma

Would you ally with "Dicks by mail" to make a special offer of gummy dicks and dildos? I think it would work.

wuroh73 karma

His site is one of the ones that inspired me!

Its a great idea and I'd be down, but dicksbymail is many, many times more successful than my site so I doubt there would be interest from their end

samstyan992 karma

What is the weirdest novelty dildo that you have ever seen?

wuroh75 karma

A dragon dildo that lays eggs

whywhisperwhy2 karma

... link, please?!

wuroh76 karma


Nisik_2 karma

So what else do you offer. For example for potential customers, what would make them go to you vs going to Amazon and doing the same thing themselves?

wuroh73 karma

Essentially what I offer is amusing packaging and a handwritten note that says "go F%&$ Yourself" along with the dildo. Amazon obviously allows you to include a note with a purchase, but it is dinky and not worth nearly as many lol's

Nisik_1 karma

What does your packaging look like?

wuroh73 karma

I use a nondescript polymailer bag. Inside it just has the Dildo, and an about 3x11 piece of paper with "Go F%$# yourself" on one side and the Shipyourexadildo logo on the other.

rainbow_tit1 karma

Wouldn't the shipyourexadildo label give it away? I guess it'll be more satisfying to not have your ex know who sent the dildo.

wuroh72 karma

Yeah in retrospect I think the whole shipyourexadildo name was a bit of a mistake. I had invisioned people sending it to their friends mostly, but people really focus on the ex in the name (understandably)

flapsflapsflaps2 karma

So why don't you register a second domain to diversify your dildos?

wuroh72 karma

I've been thinking about it, I think I probably will based on the feedback from this ama actually

haloarh1 karma

Do you have a lot of student loans?

wuroh73 karma

None thankfully! I worked for the school!

PythonEnergy1 karma

How many didoes did you buy?

How much did they cost?

Why "do not insert"? Are they not made of clinical rubber?

wuroh73 karma


In that volume they were between $2-3 each.

The factory claims that they are clinical rubber, but I never had them independently tested so for liability reasons I said not for insertion. I figure better safe than sorry

c-maz1 karma

How much money do you make per dildo sold?

wuroh76 karma

After the cost of shipping/the dildo/shipping supplies/taxes I made about $3

Ranger_Aragorn1 karma

How much does your business make?

wuroh75 karma

Well not much. I've lost substantial money on it so far! Even calling it a business is a bit of a stretch tbh

Ranger_Aragorn12 karma

You gotta start aggressive advertising!

Start a social media trend of sending dildos to Trump through your site! Get #DildosForChristmas going!

wuroh73 karma

Those are both great ideas!

BigBassBone-4 karma

How do you not know the plural of penis is penises?

wuroh713 karma

"Imitation penii" sounds so much better than "imitation penises!"

If the Bard could stretch the bounds of English, why should I, a humble unsuccessful dildo-slinger, hold myself back?

BigBassBone-5 karma

You are no Shakespeare.

wuroh721 karma

I'm also no businessman, but I didn't let that hold me back from failing spectacularly at it!

Don't let your dream be dreams!