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We all know that breast augmentation exists, some of us love it and others are against it but have you ever wanted to ask a woman who did it anything but were too embarrassed or worried about getting slapped? Well, on November 3, 2016, I went under and woke up with new breasts! You can ask me all those questions and I will do my best to answer.

User proof

I am 33, weigh 99lbs and had sad, flat breast tissue nsfw. I had DD cups at 19 but rigorous exercise had whittled them away to B cup nothings.

420 CC's of silicone, under the muscle, going in under the breast crease should fix this problem!

I spoke with a surgeon 3 weeks before to make the appointment. I traveled to another state and participated in an out-of-state patients program that was 3 days long. On Nov 2, I had a consultation about size and expectations. Nov 3rd, I went in for surgery and Nov 4th, there was a postoperative appointment and I was approved for traveling home. My husband was my caretaker and also my emotional support. Here are some pictures outlining the hardest part of recovery: alien looking breasts!! I wouldn't even leave the house right away and was TERRIFIED!! It DOES get better.

6 hours after waking upnsfw

Day 2 postoperative nsfw

Day 3, bonus suture tapensfw

Day 3 sidensfw

One week after surgery nsfw

2 weeks innsfw

2 weeks sidensfw

At one month they finally start to resemble breastsnsfw

Swelling and sutures gone, "drop and fluff" beginsnsfw

So, if you want to know ANYTHING about what it's like to get a breast augmentation, from surgery to trying to buy a new bra, from mental health to unforseen limitations, get your answers HERE!!

It's currently 2pm Central time here in the states and I will continue to answer until you stop asking.

Please message me, mods, if I've forgotten anything.

Edit: going to sleep, be back at 10am central!

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Finn_Zoggt88 karma

Does it feel like they're part of your body or just like... stuff hanging from your chest?

aldege0 karma

This! +1

ThatSquareChick110 karma

They feel more and more like a part of me every day but they DO feel like an "addition". Like a roof extension or truck nuts.

They feel like a pair of inflated lead balloons floating on my chest. Yes they hang but they feel like they're floating. I have to grab them every once in a while because it feels like I have a new bra I haven't taken off in a month. As if I could take them off like a harness and put them down but I can't. It's so strange but not unpleasant at all. It's like a constant reminder that they are there. I like the feeling because I was worried I wouldn't notice them!

-Don-Draper-91 karma

More like chestnuts.

sequentialaddition13 karma

If you call nuts on a wall wall nuts and nuts on your chest chesnuts.

What do you call nuts on your chin?

Quatzecoatl27 karma

A blowjob?

ThatSquareChick64 karma

When you're doing it right.

aldege40 karma


ThatSquareChick57 karma

$5000 total including trip costs, medication, time off work and the surgery itself. The price the quoted me was the price I paid. I would recommend them to anyone.

trumpermonkey22 karma

$5k seems really reasonable. What general part of the US? (Ie Midwest, southeast, etc)

ThatSquareChick30 karma

This was in the Southeast. I live in the northern US. It was actually cheaper for me to visit my family for a week and get my implants done on the way home than for me to travel for just a few days locally. I was so scared that they'd be low quality and he'd be a shady surgeon but I was proved wrong. It was something he actually mentions on his website. That surgeons overcharge because of experience or number of surgeries a year, whether they have paid staff or hire a staff from a hospital. This piqued my interest

There will always be some unforeseen complications for anyone undergoing surgery. That's just a risk you take and not everyone's bodies will adjust well or heal properly so I totally expected for there to be more evidence that he had to have something wrong but I only found a few cases where someone ended up having to have a revision from his practice. Usually to go bigger so when I felt happy with the fake sport bra practice boobs I added 50 to the number. I recommend this. I really do.

In short, yes, I was freaked out by HOW reasonable the price was and when I got there that's what they charged me, I kept waiting for the clown with a camera to pop out like "ha ha, got you, I'm just a car salesman!!!!" But instead I woke up with a brand new chest!

StickyVenom3 karma

A friend of mine got charged 8k back in early September by "one of the best" surgeons in the country in Atlanta. Since I'm not her husband, I can't say if they are great first hand but there was a few stretch marks that occurred around the cleavage unexpectedly that annoyed the surgeon. Other than that, the experience has been good. Their sex lives has been more fun from what I've been told as well.

ThatSquareChick7 karma

I had some stretch marks as well but that will happen if you suddenly stretch the skin. You can try to combat this by constantly oiling, moisturizing and massaging them to help the skin move slowly. I also had some old marks from where my boobs were much bigger before but then shrank. Those were old and I couldn't do anything about them. There's such a thing as "skin quality" too which I'm still fuzzy on but I think it has to do with how well your skin bounces back from other types of injuries to see how it will react to being stretched. Sounds legit so I'm not about to argue with it.

One of the reasons why I chose my surgeon is because of his attitude. Why charge an arm and a leg for something you do 10 times a day, 5 days a week, all year long? He already had his own staff, surgery center, equipment and whatnot and you don't do that many surgeries a year without being at least competent. To him, this was as casual as doing an oil change in a car and I liked that. He didn't seem OVERconfident, just plaint confident and his price reflected his attitude. The hotel near the center was so nice too, brand new, less than 70$ a night and super swanky with a real person making omlettes at the Buffett. The front desk called the room every few hours to see if we needed anything. The staff gave me a 24-hour text number and I was able to ask them ANYTHING and still can at any time. No one ever makes me feel like I'm being brushed aside and I feel safer knowing I can text my surgeon with any concerns and he can advise me even all these miles away.

Price is a huge factor and just because someone is "the best" doesn't always justify the price tag. You can get good surgery for a reasonable price, you just have to do more shaping than you're comfortable with. I thought I already knew where I was going when I found this doctor. I had to cancel other appointments because I found him but everything felt right from the start and not shady at all.

newvictim1 karma

they wanted to charge me (my insurance) like 12k to remove a little cyst from my hand. wtf

ThatSquareChick2 karma

Don't know who you went to but you might want a second opinion. Or your cyst might be more difficult to work on than you think. Or your insurance company is riding ass pretty hard.

newvictim1 karma

yeah, I thought he was gonna dig it out in his office. Ends up sending to this special surgery building. Put IVs in my arms, leg pressure things. Sedate me. I did not fall asleep. Dig thing out of my hand. they are done in like 15 minutes or less. They ended up taking wrong insurance info. So they wrote off 6500 of it (facility only). But they wanted me to pay for those leg pressure things, 2nd doctor, anesthesiologist, What ever else they used while I was there for less then 2 hours. (all separate bills) Think I just payed 500 out of pocket. But they wanted to bilk the insurance.

ThatSquareChick2 karma

Jesus corpus Christ that sounds like a fucking nightmare! I feel awful that your experience was so shitty! I decided to leave insurance out of it just for the convenience of it. I didn't want to have to talk to any representatives or justify anything I just wanted some silicone. That's not an option for a lot of people and some reconstruction surgery so I really get angry that our medical system is changing so slowly. Even doctors have a hard time paying off student loans when insurance companies are reaming you any which way they can and trying to rip you new ones to fuck those holes too. The patient is the one truly getting screwed here and it's not fair. Fuck that. It just makes me angry and I don't know what to do about it.

aldege5 karma

Hidden or otherwise

ThatSquareChick35 karma

The only "hidden cost" was I didn't know they'd have shirts with the surgery team's logo on them that were very cute. It was $20 I didn't know I'd have to spend.

EvanVelez35 karma

I went on a few dates with a woman who had fake breasts, but she had no sensation in her nipples post-op. Honestly, that detracted from our sex life immensely. Have you retained the same amount of stimulation, or has your stimulation increased?

Glad to see you and your husband are happy with the results.

ThatSquareChick58 karma

I used to have nipple rings because I had no sensitivity and no tissue, why not just hang shiny things on there?

A few hours after surgery, I didn't know what was wrong with me but I didn't want it to stop: my nipples felt something! I could feel fuck all in the lower half of my breast, the sides and armpits felt like sunburns and my pectoral muscles kept twitching but my nipples had come alive! I could touch them and they'd get hard. I didn't have to keep tugging on them, they were responding to breezes. I would think about them and they'd get hard, I lost my mind I was so surprised. They got more and more sensitive over the next few weeks as the implants moved around behind them and I was unable to put my nipple piercings back in and I still can't.

I started to get the feeling back in the bottoms and the sunburnt feeling on the sides went away but the sensitivity has remained. It's not like this for everyone, obviously and my goal is to provide an honest account of what happened to me vs what I expected and this is not what I expected but I'm really happy about it. I don't care if I ever put the rings back in, as long as I can feel it when they're played with. That makes a HUGE different in my sex life. I used to play with them during sex because that's just what you do when you're having fun but I wasn't really into it and actually it made me a little self-conscious when I did do it because my boobs were so sad. All that has changed for me. When my husband comes up behind me I really smile because I feel whole now. I can give him what he wants and it's finally fun for me too, I can really enjoy it! No more just going through the boob motions :D

LuluRex2 karma

I wish I had no sensation in my nipples. Mine have always been extremely sensitive but not in a good way- I can hardly bear to have them touched at all during sex and you can forget about it completely if you want to bite or pinch or suck on them. I'd punch you in the face if you tried that.

I eventually want kids and would love to breast feed but I know I'm not going to be able to. It sucks.

iiiinthecomputer5 karma

You might be surprised re breastfeeding. Nipples change a lot in pregnancy. My partner never had much sensation in hers but one of the first clues to her pregnancy was when that changed to 'touch my nipples and I will punch you in the face' sensitivity.

Despite that she's had no issues breastfeeding at all.

It depends hugely on how your body changes, on the kid, on technique and more.

Talk to a lactation consultant. But don't write it off.

ThatSquareChick2 karma

I think that the hormonal bond between mother and baby helps a lot. You'll do anything for your baby and with enough knowledge, you can combat any issues but thank the medical community that we've made leaps and bounds to ensure women can lead normal lives after surgery.

spicypepperoni27 karma

What's underneath the memes?

ThatSquareChick108 karma

Nipples. I wanted the AMA to be accessible to as many types of people as possible. I found the lack of information and pictures in the first few weeks after surgery to not be helpful. I kept wondering if their weird shape would get better. There were VERY few pictures of directly after surgery, when most women become shut-ins and take very few. They look so "bad" and it causes some mental anguish at first. I thought it would be helpful to put up these sensitive pictures to help other women know what they're in for. They won't look perfect the first day and I think that's a negative thing for no one to put up the harder part of recovery. Pain means very little, in those first few postoperative weeks the mirror is the judge and it's important to see that it gets better quickly.

As for the rage faces, that's because I wanted this AMA to be educational and the least "sexy" as possible. I'm serious about the lack of bare-boob post op pictures. ANYONE considering breast enlargement should know about this critical first month period.

itechkhaleesi19 karma

Do they ever have to get replaced?

ThatSquareChick31 karma

Fake breasts DO have to be either replaced or removed. It depends on the woman, the size and the quality of her skin but you should honestly think about revisions about every 10 years.

itechkhaleesi17 karma

That's what makes me scared to get em. Having to go under every 10 years or so 😐

ThatSquareChick21 karma

I don't mean to sweep your fears under the rug but it was 100% easier than I thought. I remember being piss-myself scared because surgery but I don't remember a thing, I woke up and wasn't even nauseous. You are back to feeling "normal" in two days and the two days after surgery are spent in a haze of really good pain meds. I was worried I'd hurt myself because I was feeling so normal I kept trying to push myself up and that's a no no. It's hard to follow the instructions because I thought it would affect me more. Well, the worst part was getting used to having giant chesticles, I kept bumping them and they got in the way a lot.

It took me 10 years just to overcome the obstacles to the first surgery and that was a long time ago. If it was 10 years in between surgeries then that's okay.

Right before they hooked me up to an IV I was too scared to even pee. I was so afraid that I'd back out. I was sure I was gonna see the operating table and just run but that didn't happen. When they gave me the IV they also gave me anti anxiety meds. When I was walking to the table, I remember thinking that right then I'd be as ready as I'd ever be.

Edit: found my scaredy face

dougola5 karma

My mother had breast implants at 43 and dies at 75 without ever needing any replacements. why were you told they needed to be replaced?

ThatSquareChick7 karma

Mostly due to body changes and a need to change with them. In ten years, I may need a breast lift or a bigger implant to achieve the look I want. If I'm not unhappy and the implants don't rupture they can last a lifetime, I'm sure. I hope I'm one of those people but I'm also trying not to be unrealistic.

GimmeMoneyBoi2 karma

Wtf do you do if an implant ruptures

ThatSquareChick6 karma

You get it removed. Most implants have a warranty and so if this happens it's not your fault and you can have it removed at a minimal cost. I bought an extra warranty that says I can have my equal surgery again if something goes wrong. It's highly unlikely though.

When a saline implant ruptures, it's much more noticeable because saline will leak into the surrounding tissues. It is 100% safe and will be absorbed back into your tissue but you'll still need to correct it to avoid infections or asymmetry. Silicone implants are harder to notice a rupture because nothing will leak out. The breast will be much less firm and if the bust is big enough, you might be able to feel the changes through the skin.

lovesickremix13 karma

How does your husband feel about them (feel, size)?

How is the stress on your body, during, and now?

Weight issues, balance issues at all?

ThatSquareChick24 karma

My husband LOVES them. He actually wiggles in his chair when I show them to him and it feels genuine. Before, when I had flats, when he would smile at them I would think "He's just being nice because I'm his wife" and now I really do feel like they are worth looking at. He advised me that whatever I got, he'd be happy with and I feel that he is very happy judging by the amount of times I've been fondled in the last month!

Balance issues. Yes. Oh lord. I teetered for the first two weeks. Couldn't bend forward or I felt like I'd topple, then be unable to get back up since no pushing with the arms. Silicone weighs more than fat so they do feel very heavy. I'm still not used to the weight yet.

Stress on the body? I used to be able to do a lot of upper body stuff, and I had pretty nice arms for a girl my size, I could climb a rope wall using just my arms or legs. My pectoral muscles are in completely different places and they act completely differently. It's been the hardest thing to get used to other than the weight. I can hardly push down on anything. Not that it's painful I just downright can't, my boob twitches and the muscle tries to flex and create some force but it just can't. I'm starting to be able to pull my body weight up again but I don't know if I'll ever be able to push down with a lot of force anymore. It feels so alien. It's not even a weak feeling either. It's like my chest muscles have given up completely and said "nope, I'm just for show now."

My back still doesn't know quite what to do. It doesn't want to slump, it doesn't want to lean or it starts to ache. That's getting better too as my muscles get used to them.

I used to sleep on my side with my arms curled up by my chest. I got very frustrated and even cried one night because I couldn't figure out a new place to put my arms. I'd say it's way harder on your mind than your body.

Edit: added some stuff for clarification

lornstar712 karma

Are you happy with the results?

ThatSquareChick18 karma

The first time that my husband put his hand on my breast and I was able to fill his hand, just like a breast is "supposed" to, I cried like a little baby. I didn't think they were that important to me but apparently they are. I thought "hey this will be nice" not "this makes me feel like myself again." I am incredibly surprised at how happy they make me already. My posture has improved, I'm smiling more, I feel more confident and I wish I had done it YEARS ago.

In short: Yes I fucking love them.

Edit: I guess my opinion of myself isn't important. It's how it makes other people feel that I should be worried about, my bad.

WitchPhD81 karma

just like a breast is supposed to

The way you talk about your original breasts is kind of harmful. Breasts aren't by "supposed" to be big by default, and to call them "sad" when many other women have breasts that look like yours did is pretty thoughtless.

notquitenerdcore41 karma

Yeah, I'm honestly kind of crushed by this. It sounds like she really hated her body beforehand, and while I'm glad people have the agency to change their bodies to be how they want them to be, I can't help but feel pretty awful about the things people are saying about smaller breasts (like mine). I like my boobs, and they're smaller than hers were.

WitchPhD18 karma

That's exactly what I'm worried about. People have been so brainwashed into thinking that small breasts are inferior that they, well, they get invasive, expensive, life-endangering surgery to "correct" them.

ThatSquareChick0 karma

Small breasts are not inferior! Who said that? Please point out where I called other, smaller breasts lower quality. I was talking about my own body image. I don't see how it relates to how it makes others feel. If I were someone else I might feel different but I'm not. When you bend forward and you can't fill out your bra or any of your shirts it feels terrible no matter what society says. It's a missing part that's supposed to be there, how is that brainwashing by society? Besides, men and women are sexually dimorphic, we are different. Men and women both like breasts, it's natural to look at a full pair of breasts more often than ones that look deflated. I know of very few people who are attracted to deflated, slightly sagging breasts. There's a fetish for everything but humans prefer tissue that is fuller, even if its smaller. Plenty of people love smaller cup breasts and there's nothing wrong with them. The fact that you guys are latching on to this is strange and that's the part that seems hurtful in my opinion.

Edit: TIL that how I feel about it doesn't matter. It's how it makes others feel that's important. How could I be so stupid?

bobcatgoldthwait10 karma

Small breasts are not inferior! Who said that?

YOU did, when you called your perfectly normal pre-op breasts "sad, flat". There was nothing "sad" about your breasts except for the way you perceived them. Choose your language more carefully if you don't want to bring other women down.

ThatSquareChick3 karma

Maybe you shouldn't be brought down by what other women call their own breasts? What would you have had me say? Please educate me so that I may be less offensive to other people.

Edit: I had a breast condition known as atrophy (loss of breast tissue) and ptosis (downward drift of nipple) if you call having medically described "flat, saggy breast" "perfectly normal" that's just not accurate or fair at all.

bobcatgoldthwait-4 karma

I'm not a woman so I'm not brought down personally.

Look if you had the fried egg hanging on a nail kinda breast I could maybe see you criticizing yourself. But no, you had perfectly normal looking breasts before. I'm sure many women have breasts that look like that; and here you are calling them "sad". You are thus telling these other women that their breasts are "sad".

I'm personally of the belief that breast augmentation is horrible and it ruins breasts, and more importantly, tells the many young women out there with average or smaller than average breasts that they should be paying five grand for a surgery they don't need. A woman going around showing off her perfectly normal pre-op breast and calling it "sad" is just going to reinforce that idea.

ThatSquareChick7 karma

What the fuck is wrong with you people in this particular comment chain?

People claiming I insulted small breasted women, that I shouldn't have gotten surgery, that somehow the words I use to describe myself are offensive to other people?

Who are YOU, by the way, to judge what words I use to describe myself, my own breasts and how it makes me feel? Who are you to come behind me and tell me I'm wrong? Are you the ruler of adjectives?

I'm glad you aren't in charge of my life and I'm sorry you feel so badly about your own image that you must attack me on mine.

Please, wise one, I need you to tell me when my breasts will finally be bad enough to be fixed!

ThatSquareChick15 karma

I'm sorry that's what you got out of this as it wasn't the point. Getting plastic surgery is a huge decision and it's not for everyone. I don't think I ever said I was sad because they were smaller per se but rather that my body wasn't what it was before and when I looked at it in the mirror I was sad. I would describe them to myself as flat and sad. To dismiss that is extremely hurtful. It reminds me of an argument I had with my friend about kids. I don't want to have any but that's not spitting in the faces of infertile women. She claimed it was and that it was my duty as a fertile woman to somehow make up the difference. I'm not responsible for how you feel about yourself and nothing I write about me should affect anyone in this way. If I wrote "I got breast implants because I wanted to be bigger and better than those other girls!" Then yeah, you could say I'm affecting your opinion. I didn't though and it's unfair for you to say that how I described myself is hurtful to you in any manner.

Flight7145 karma

For the record, I preferred her original boobs.

ThatSquareChick7 karma

That's okay, that's your opinion. I didn't do it because someone else said I should or shouldn't. If you really prefer them, there are plenty of my old posts up on gonewild and you can revel in the old days all you want ;)

Flight7140 karma

Hey, the new ones are nice too; I just like the old style more.

ThatSquareChick4 karma

Yeah they were okay, my paycheck didn't reflect that though. It's like actual validation when someone is paying you to be naked and dance for them. I do way more business now.

Krazy_Krampus4 karma

Well lucky for us this isn't an AMA about your boobs. This is about someone else finding a body image that makes her happy and trying to help others that may want to pursue the same path. And if you're so happy with your breasts then why the hell are you reading through a breast augmentation AMA? Hypocrite much?

notquitenerdcore-1 karma

I was just curious to see how people think about plastic surgery on reddit. Again, I am so happy that people have the option to find that body image. It's just not fair to disparage all other women who don't want to change, especially if they do look as 'flat and sad' as she did pre op. I'm not trying to criticize her choice just the language she used. Also it's a bit, well, mean, to imply that I don't like my body because I'm reading this thread. That's not terribly constructive conversation.

ThatSquareChick3 karma

Again, please explain HOW I should have said it in order for you not to think I'm being unfair. How do I describe the feeling without lying? If you know a way to do this, say it, don't just yell at me.

notquitenerdcore6 karma

I'm sorry it felt like I was yelling, I'm really not trying to be provocative here. I think a better phrasing would have been that the pre op boobs made you feel sad, or made you feel like they weren't what they were supposed to be. By saying that they were sad, and weren't what they were supposed to be, you take it from a personsal opinion and experience that is just as valid as anyone else's, to a general and rather harmful statement about breasts in general. I know this sounds nitpicky, but I really believe that stuff matters, the former can empower women about their agency over their own bodies, while the latter could make them feel guilty for liking themselves, or inspire self hate. Edit: spelling

ThatSquareChick5 karma

Okay, that's a great explanation and I don't want to derail you on that. I do think we live in times that we aren't allowed to even use descriptive words about ourselves to describe how we feel. When some people read into an emotional response and pick it apart until not only have we not offended others but we feel bad for even saying anything to begin with. This whole section of the thread is being a little weird and making me feel weird about some words I used which other people are reading WAY too heavily into. I believe in not hurting other's feelings I just don't believe in sheltering people and this whole thing feels sheltered.

ThatSquareChick12 karma

It's very hard to explain. I didn't know how stark the change would be. Most of these descriptions come from after and as I said before, I had a lot of loss. I also have a job where the niceness of my breasts influence the amount of money I make so there's that as well. I feel like what you are saying is pretty hurtful as well, as if I'm not allowed to have an honest opinion about how I feel or felt about my breasts. You can make all kinds of assumptions and think it's sad but put yourself in my shoes and really consider how it would make you feel if you could do the same. Even I didn't know how much different it would be.

It's not up to others to be responsible for our own body image. This is one of the things we can do so why not do it. Everything in life is risk vs reward so to just flippantly dismiss me based on your opinion of what my opinion should be is kind of damaging as well. If you don't want to have or don't need surgery, that's on you but don't take my true feelings and just dismiss them because you think their hurtful. How is going through life feeling like something's missing and then finally being able to quantify that anything more than what it is?

ImprovedPersonality2 karma

Breasts aren't by "supposed" to be big by default, and to call them "sad" when many other women have breasts that look like yours

Especially since they looked perfectly fine. The slight sagging is not great but the overall size is perfectly okay.

ThatSquareChick9 karma

I called them sad because that's how I felt. I wasn't talking about other people's breasts, I was talking about my own. How can you say "they were perfectly fine" and "sagging is not great" in the same sentence and yet still dismiss my own personal feelings about the issue? I was the one who felt this way so why drag other women into this? It's completely unnecessary. I didn't like the way they looked. I would describe them as being flat and sad. Another woman might see them as trophies of weight loss but I'm not her and she's not me. I'm not going to tell her she should do what I did if she doesn't feel that way but I'm not going to let her tell me what I did or said is unfair to her. Everyone is allowed to make their own personal judgments and if the words I chose make you feel uncomfortable then maybe you misunderstand the point of view.

ImprovedPersonality1 karma

The first time that my husband put his hand on my breast and I was able to fill his hand

How fucking big are your husband’s hands?

ThatSquareChick4 karma

It's not about how big his hands are, it's about there being a curve for them to rest on. A swell where there were mostly just ribs before. The difference between a back and front.

Username_was_used9 karma

Not a question about your tah tahs, but is that a Squaresoft tattoo on your left bicep?

ThatSquareChick17 karma

Yep. Got that back before they merged with Enix. No regrets, they used to be a damned reliable source of entertainment. I've got a rendering of Amano's concept art for Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy VII on my leg too. So you could call me a fan.

Username_was_used3 karma

I just got my chocobo from FFXIV finished. Been too shy to post it though.

Edit; which is silly, considering what thread I am posting on right now.

ThatSquareChick7 karma

When I got that logo done ("02 I think? January) I sent a Polaroid of it to Official PlayStation Magazine and they published it along with my letter. Their response? "We don't know whether to be impressed or frightened." And before you know it, they're running a tattoo of the month special.

Point is..


ThatSquareChick3 karma

I love it and the colors are fantastic!

Username_was_used1 karma

Thank you! It looks even better when its not taken through my potato phone. Now, I do have a question regarding your boobies. Do they feel different than a natural breast?

ThatSquareChick2 karma

That's obvious. If I can tell there's bright colors on potato then it HAS to look good in person.

Answer: yes and not really, they are squishy like stress balls. They don't float and they don't quite swing, just jiggle a little. They are not hard but are harder than real boobs. A couple of people both men and women have sworn that they feel like real boobs but as their person who got boobs overnight, they feel not as soft. Still fun and bouncy though!

aldege6 karma

has your life changed..? like self confidence ? Over all happiness?

ThatSquareChick7 karma

My happiness and confidence has gone through the roof.

I was happy with myself before I did it but there was always this nagging doubt. I have a fairly in shape body and I've never had any kids so I felt like something wasn't right. Something wasn't up to standard. NOW, I feel like everything fits, everything is as nice as I can get it and I feel like I'm finally normal. Mind you, this was never the way anyone ever spoke to me (although a guy did call them "flat and busted" once and I cried for the rest of the day) or made me feel but I KNEW they didn't look nice. I knew that wearing a bra was just a lie. I felt people were just being nice and then comparing the rest of me to them.

My life has changed because I used to pick out a shirt based on designs. Everything is a logo or ad and certainly no fitted girl's shirts because I would have to wear a bra with them. Every shirt I have is either a boy's tee or so busy with designs no one has time to notice I'm flat-chested. I'm having a great problem lately where I want ALL of the tiny shirts! I want to wear a bikini top to the grocery store! I want to buy a scoop-neck dress! Look at all the feminine things I couldn't do before!! I just feel better all the way around.

docwho766 karma

Thanks for the post. Also, super awesome use of emoji nipple covers. A+++++ would lol again.

Do you like their size now, or do you wish you'd opted for bigger? Or was that not possible, etc.

ThatSquareChick7 karma

I didn't want people to think I was posting porn or a simple bragging post but that doesn't mean censorship has to be all black bars and sadness.

My surgeon gave me a bit of advice. "Play with these sizers, put them on and put all of them on. Yes, even the really big ones. Most peoples biggest and only regret is that they didn't go bigger."

I'd heard that from every source. I will now parrot that: like the sound of 300CC's? Get 350's or more. I'm being fuck serious. There are going to be exceptions but very rarely does the surgery turn out to be too big. I have a feeling that some of these people were unable to decide but had the surgery anyway, then, opted for a revision later. Some people just have a very hard time envisioning what the big ones will be like.

I tried on every size from 200-500 and at first glance I said "375 looks just about right!" Then I remembered what everyone had said and I bumped it to 420. I will never regret doing that because I can see the difference and I would have been unhappy with them. Pride would have said "go with your choice" but reason said "listen to those who have come before you." and now I have exactly what I wanted.

13pt1run4 karma

How soon after the surgery were you able to get back into your exercise regimen? Can you run or do chest exercises? And how did you come to decide to do under the muscle vs over the muscle for the breast implants?

I have a similar story, in which I had full Cs as a young teenager but I "ran them off" during my cross country days and now I'm left with barely Bs, haha. I've been interested in a breast augmentation for years for my own confidence and sexuality, similar to you :) Thank you for this informative and transparent AMA!

ThatSquareChick1 karma

Isn't it weird how you can struggle to lose weight in an area like the abdomen but lose a pound at all anywhere and the first place it leaves is the tits? It's wrong, Mother Nature, wrong!

Aside from that, I was given propofol as my sedation and the effects from that stuck around for about 2 days and on the third day I woke up feeling "normal". I was also given Valium for muscle spasms and anti nausea medication which was also a mild sedative. It feels like you're floating inside a balloon filled with "don't-give-a-fucks". I could have fallen down the stairs and not noticed. That's why is an absolute MUST that for 48 hours after surgery, you have a very able-bodied person to help you.

For the first week, I couldn't lay flat on my back, there had to be a few pillows lifting me up. It wasn't really painful but I felt like a turtle, if I got on my back I couldn't lift up or roll over at all and I'd be completely helpless. If the pillows slid down I had to be lifted slightly forward so I could scoot backwards. It's more awkward than painful. Your muscles just won't respond. I slept upright in a pillow nest at the hotel and then in a recliner when I got home. When I was cleared to be able to use my arms and chest normally after two weeks, I moved back into the bedroom and used my husband as a stop to keep me from rolling out of bed.

I used to pole dance and because I was so petite I could hold myself up with just my arms for a lot of tricks. I can barely pull myself up from the floor now. It's getting better, it just feels as though I've never done it before and I have to get used to how my muscles react. I can pull okay but pushing is almost impossible. I can't do a single push up. I can't knead bread yet. It's the most frustrating thing because my hands and arms know what they're supposed to do but trying to make my chest muscles respond to pushing is like trying to build with wet noodles. I hope this gets better because I truly loved pole dancing.

I went under the muscle for a couple of different reasons. It was all about achieving the look I wanted. I wanted a larger, more porn-style shape than a full natural style so going under helped with the overall outward projection I wanted. If I'd gone with saline, I would have gone over the muscle since I wanted them to pop out more. Silicone is more rigid than saline and adding the muscle tissue on top gives more upper breast fullness. If you want a different look or have a larger body type, going over the muscle may be an option.

Going under the muscle is more traumatic than going over but there are pros and cons to each. A smaller woman with less starting breast tissue may be happier with more silicone placed under the muscle where a woman with a wider frame or more starting breast tissue may benefit from either silicone OR saline placed over the muscle. It's all about shape. As for recovery, going over the muscle may just cause swelling and tenderness where going under is actually damaging and reshaping the tissue. Also, the muscle is now kind of draped over your implants, they will feel completely bizarre like they aren't "in the right place". When you make certain gestures or use your chest muscles at all, they will bulge in the upper part of your chest where you NEVER knew you had muscles before. You'll freak out thinking you're hurting yourself until you realize that this is just how it is now.

I wish someone had told me THIS during recovery. I was so worried that something was really wrong and that I'd hurt myself in some way while I was sleeping but it's normal. They don't hurt, just feel odd when they flex. I can also bounce my chest now like Terry Crews. That part was worth money anyway.

gunner_jensen3 karma

Those look great, thanks for sharing this really honest look of your experience! If you have kids someday, how will the implants affect your ability to breastfeed?

ThatSquareChick7 karma

I'll answer this question the way it was explained to me. It's kind of interesting. Your surgery involves making an incision and then creating a "pocket" inside the breast for the implant to settle into. This is usually done with a cauterizer, it burns away some of the old tissue for the implant to sit on. It's possible for that process to damage the milk ducts leading to the nipple. There's not a large possibility of this, just like the mammogram issue but it's still a risk you factor in. I believe there is also surgery (lol) that you can have to try to fix it should it happen to you.

Saline and silicone factor in as well, also the texture (yep, implants can be textured on the surface) and type of incision you can have and a host of other factors.

Here's the long and short of it, silicone implants, placed under the pectoral muscle will decrease the risk of having trouble breastfeeding or getting a mammogram. Saline implants carry a higher risk because they have a tendency to be harder even when under the muscle but going under the muscle will be your best option if you want to try breastfeeding after surgery. It is highly recommended that you plan to not be pregnant for at least a year so that your body has plenty of time to adjust before another traumatic event. You should consider your incision placement. You can have them under the breast, in the armpit, through the nipple or even up the belly button. Obviously the further away from your nipples you can have it, the better your chances of being able to use them later.

It's a risk you take but it's not a given. It wasn't really a big risk for me because I've never really had the urge to have any children, what with my husband's family and mine providing us with all the niece and nephew spoiling we can handle.

gunner_jensen2 karma

Thank you for the detailed reply, I've always wondered about that.

Also as an aside, I totally had weird dreams last night about getting implants because of this post, where I was in a plastic surgeon's office but he had to run so he was like "no worries I'll just get everything prepped for you and you can come on back whenever you like and pop em in there," and I was like cool sounds good! And then I came back and they were on one of those surgical trays waiting for me and then I was like...wait a minute, how the heck am I supposed to insert these myself?

So thanks for THAT 😜

ThatSquareChick2 karma

THEY WERE ON A LITTLE STAND BESIDE THE OPERATING TABLE!!! That's so weird!!! I got to see them while they were still packaged up. The weird part was knowing how big they were but seeing how small the scars are, I don't want to know how he stuffed them in there. I actually do have bad dreams sometimes about the different ways I imagined he did it. No wonder my ribs hurt a little when I woke up.

GoldWhale3 karma

What's the scarring like? Now and in the future?

ThatSquareChick7 karma

Here is what they looked like right after my surgical tape fell off at 3 weeks. I had dissolvable stitches so there wasn't a need to see anyone to have them removed. They itched like crazy!! I still had a tiny scab but they were completely closed and there was no danger of superficial bleeding at this point.

here they are today. I have to take the tips of my fingers and massage the line twice a day to help break up and smooth out the scar tissue. You can apply lotion with silicone (lol) to try to reduce the swelling too but there's not much evidence it actually works. It just depends on the body and how it normally reacts to being cut. The most important thing is to eat healthy and move around as much as you can without tiring yourself out. Your body can heal itself pretty well and eating healthy is the best way I can think of to help it do what it needs to do.

I think they look really good for being so young and so I anticipate that when they mature in a few months, I won't be able to notice them at all.

GoldWhale5 karma

Damn. Compared to all the scars I've got those are like nothing! Thanks for the informative response and I hope everything continues to go well!

ThatSquareChick4 karma

When I saw how realistically small the scars were my first thought was "thank you, anesthesia. I would never have survived watching them stuff a high profile implant inside that tiny seam!" Every day I thank that tiny anesthesiologist, she was the reason I'd do it again. Her and my surgeon. Him for doing a good job and her for my absolute brain fog. She's a great gal.

Kastoli3 karma

I have no idea if you're still answering questions or not, and if you think this has been adequately answered by your response to the "do they feel like part of your body" question... but do they feel noticeably different to your DD breasts from when you were younger? Or is it a similar feeling? I'd be too afraid to get something like this done for fear that they would feel unnatural to me and I wouldn't be able to deal with it.

ThatSquareChick2 karma

They feel completely different than my old big breasts. The surgeon had to create a pocket on top of old breast tissue plus they are still changing. The skin feels tighter and they are heavier since silicone is more dense than fat. They don't float in water and that's been weird but I don't mind, I couldn't float before. They do still feel a little unnatural, like a harness I'm wearing but I can touch them and feel them and I can feel my hands so I'm getting more and more used to them. Other girls I talked to who've done it warned me that it takes about 3 months before they totally feel like you've always had them. Thanks to anesthesia, it was just like waving a magic wand, I blinked and suddenly I was much more full in the front. It was a shock and it does take some getting used to. It's kind of fun though because when I catch myself complaining about a new thing that's annoying like trying to not look at my bra zipper when I'm trying to close it because I might punch myself in the face, I just have to be thankful that I had the opportunity and the means to even complain in the first place. I paid to take that chance! Everything is like being a teenager again, they hurt a little as they move, I'm wearing new clothes, people are already treating me differently and I'm constantly bumping them, having balance issues squishing them or absentmindedly griping myself where I didn't before. It's fun and new but I can't wait till I'm used to them!

gotta_have_failth3 karma

Hey it looks like your doctor did a good job. In a full year or so they'll look even more natural. The one down side is the fact that you've gotta do it again in a decade. But besides that it's definitely something that people should consider if they've got self confidence issues (which stem from their chest). My wife did it not long ago and became a different person. It feels great doesn't it? What I like is when people talk badly about fake boobs and how they look so unnatural right in front of my wife and they can't tell hers are fake because they look natural (like yours). I always want to high five our surgeon because of it. Anyway, I'm glad they make you happy. :)

ThatSquareChick1 karma

Thank you and also high five to you for supporting your wife's decision! A lot of women are made to feel bad about wanting to change their bodies with surgeries but to realize that another person's opinion of themselves is something you can never change, no matter how much you want to or try? You're the real MVP. Your wife is a lucky person to have someone who really appreciates what she thinks.

Also, awesome that she also had a successful surgery, there can be complications and I'm glad nothing went wrong!

Adamj12 karma

What got you interested in doing an AMA?

ThatSquareChick4 karma

The lack of information in the first few weeks. Lots of people asking questions but not showing the first three weeks or so. I couldn't hardly find photos of new incisions, or the progression. People would post one photo of themselves like four months afterwards and so I couldn't see what others were experiencing in relation to me so I couldn't tell if the shape was normal or anything like that. Also, I noticed that people are very curious about the whole thing and as this AMA proves, some people agree with surgery and some don't but it's up to you as a person and you shouldn't let others influence your very personal decision.

adelphepothia2 karma

hi! the results look very good but most of all it's good that you're happy with the results.

my questions are:

  1. now that you've had this surgery, do you think you've become more open to having parts of your body changed?
  2. and have you considered other adjustments following this?

thanks :)

ThatSquareChick2 karma

I think that my opinion of plastic surgery in general has changed positively. It doesn't seem like something only the super-rich can do or should even be conceited enough to consider. It doesn't seem conceited at all now. There's a depression caused by certain cosmetic, self-perceived "faults". Neither medication nor compliments from well-meaning friends and family can change how you feel when you're lying awake at night before you fall asleep. Surgery can't fix everyone and not everyone should consider surgery as a fix. For some people, it can correct a problem and aid in a better body image, whether it's eyelid surgery or reshaping the belly.

My husband has lost a lot of weight and would benefit from skin reduction in his abdomen but he's not concerned about it, it doesn't affect him the same way my breasts affected me. So, for me, surgery helped me where it would just be a stressful situation for him.

At this point I am only considering having a cyst removed from my face as it also wasn't there a while ago and it needs to go because it's large and in charge.

Smoky_colombian2 karma

i tried to read as many of your questions/responses as i could before i asked this. did you compare silicone vs saline?? what was the difference, could you describe how they felt?? and how different do the implants feel compared to your natural breasts from before??

ThatSquareChick2 karma

I did compare. Saline is cheaper but as a small-bodied person the risks were higher. Saline isn't as hard as silicone, it's like bags of water vs bags of jello so most people end up going over the muscle with saline. In some people this can increase the chances of capsular contracture or "hard, ball-like" scars that end up squeezing the implants into an unnatural shape. Since silicone is more jelly-like and usually goes under the muscle, it can reduce the risk of this over-active scarring. Silicone also feels more natural to the touch and feels more natural to me too. After feeling both types of implants I decided for bigger silicone implants would feel better when I was groping myself.

They feel heavier and also more forward on my chest than the old ones did. Silicone weighs more than fat and the surgeon has to "empty out" some of the old breast tissue and create a new place inside the chest for the implants. He can "carve out" a better path than they originally took when they grew. He made it so they'd fall more in the center than on the sides like my old breasts did. This is the advantage of surgery. This is why it's important to be honest with your surgeon, you're paying him to give you want you want, help them out by giving honest opinions of yourself, even if you think they're ridiculous.

DeSanticon2 karma

Could we see the uncensored photos?

ThatSquareChick6 karma

Is there a legit reason or do you just want to fap? Be honest.

DeSanticon2 karma

I'm curious to see if/how they changed through the healing process. Also, I like smaller nips and it seems to me like yours may look quite nice. Honest!

ThatSquareChick8 karma

My nipples didn't really change during the healing process, I've always had prominent nipples and small aerolas.

before w/nips.

After, w/nips.

They're just more sensitive and I can't put the rings back in or they ache really bad!

DeSanticon1 karma

Thank you for sharing. I think they look great both before and after :) Do you think you will periodically try to put the rings back, or will you leave them out for good?

ThatSquareChick2 karma

I do try to put them back in but they always ache. They feel so hard and awful and I'm just like "whatever, they had a good run."

[deleted]1 karma


ThatSquareChick2 karma

Then check my history, this post is about answering surgery questions. I'm not saying you shouldn't fap to these, I'm just saying I won't make it easy for you since fake boobs are prime spank bank material.

trumpermonkey2 karma

They look great and I hope they make you feel as good as they look.

What criteria did you use in choosing the surgeon? Were you able to speak to former patients, etc? After watching enough episodes of Botched, you really have to wonder about some of these surgeons!

ThatSquareChick9 karma

Thank you!! Great question too!

I live in the northern US. I searched a few different sites and did a great deal of shopping around, trying to find the happy place between "qualified, no-nonsense surgeon" and "Beverly Hills bill-me-after expensive". The prices in the state where I live, and the surrounding states was $6,500 to $7,500 and that was the surgery only, not including travel cost and medications. I just wasn't convinced that the surgery was THAT complicated based on what I'd read.

I was bumming around a forum for discussing breast implants and it allows the surgeons themselves to comment. On a post discussing price I noticed a certain surgeon who was very qualified, highly rated with no malpractice in his history. I dug around some more and got a feel for his style. I WAS able to connect to other patients of his and I was pleasantly surprised at all the good things I heard. It really did sound too good to be true. He does breasts like a mechanic does oil changes. His practice performs 3,000 breast surgeries a year and that boosted my confidence in him as well. I was going for the augmented look, meaning they look more rounded and "fake". I didn't want them to hang too much. So far I have exactly what I was going for and it's getting better every day.

One weird thing that also influenced my decision on a surgeon: I still have close family living in my home state of Alabama. This surgeon just happened to be on my way home from visiting them. His office hooked me up with the addresses of cheap pharmacies since I was paying out of pocket for everything. They even have me a discount on a super swanky hotel in the BEST location ever (highest hill around), the staff was sweet and kind when I spoke to them on the phone and I really felt like when I talked to them and the surgeon that they wanted what was best for ME, not just sell me some silicone.

Most people would be slightly annoyed at the wait time or the shortness of the consultation because they would be concerned he wouldn't do a good job but he just knows bodies and muscles and how things work. He doesn't need to make it fancy or sugar coated or take a long time. He asked me what I wanted out of a breast surgery, whether I wanted them to look more fake porn-star type or more natural looking, asked me if I wanted big ones or just a fill and after that he left me alone with a weird sports bra with pockets and all different sizes of fakes to put in them and told me to have fun. I didn't see him again till the surgery when he confirmed everything I said before and I told him how many CCs I wanted. I liked this about him, he was very to-the-point, and matter-of-fact and because he did so many surgeries a year, was able to do them cheaply and STILL have a complete staff including emergency equipment and trained ems staff.

It was like a dream, it just seemed like everything was right in place and everything I wanted out of a surgeon. Other people might have different wants but the way he handled things all the way around was exactly what I was looking for.

TL:DR cost, location, experience, emergency hospital access and attitude.

dedicated2fitness1 karma

Probably too late but have you seen this movie? Zoom
it was recommended to me by a gal who is super anti-augmentation surgery and i was wondering about your thoughts?

ThatSquareChick1 karma

I've not seen it but I'll look into it!

HardlyJess1 karma

Wow, they look amazing! Congrats!

I recently had surgery (nothing like this) and unlike you, I have to say for me it was so much worse than I had expected! So its nice to read you're doing so well!!!

I was just wondering why did you want to go for the round/fake look as opposed to natural? And also, what cup size did your boobies end up being?

ThatSquareChick0 karma

Was it more painful than you expected or was something else more stressful? I have a theory that it's less painful the more sag you have to start with. I used to be a DD years ago, lost weight and then lived with the remains of what used to be big. Filling them up meant I didn't have to stretch the skin as much to fit the new implants in. I think if you start small and go under the muscle (which is WEIRD) then it hurts a lot more but they look better faster. Would you agree?

Also, I wanted big, round porn star boobs as long as I knew they existed. I LOVE big fake titties, I think they are differently appealing than nice, squishy natural style boobs. It's going to sound really awkward but I just don't want my set of boobs to be motherly in any way. To each their own and my own are just what I liked looking at and what I thought would be the most attractive on my body type. I'm pretty small and athletic so getting big natural style boobs would have filled me out more, not highlighted it. Getting plastic surgery is all about what you want and making sure that you don't let other people influence your decision will ensure you get the results you want.

Currently my cup size is hovering between D and DD. I think it's going to be DD's by the end of six months. They were B's before.

Irmanewbie1 karma

Who was your surgeon if I may ask? I like the results. Also, where did you make the incision?

ThatSquareChick2 karma

Bill Hedden. I originally wanted to go in through the armpit but after seeing a graphic for that type I noticed that it would probably hurt more during recovery and it might take longer to heal. When I really considered it, I didn't really care if people knew they were ones I bought or ones I grew. I'm not going to claim they're home grown and other people's opinions weren't the major factor in influencing why I got them.

Irmanewbie2 karma

Oh. So where did you ultimately decide to make the incision?

ThatSquareChick1 karma

Underneath the breast crease. It's the easiest for the surgeon and the shortest recovery time for you. I've heard that the belly-button method is also a pretty short recovery but the idea of them snaking a tube up my middle to meddle with my breasts wasn't really what I wanted.

Flutemouth-2 karma

But are they real?

ThatSquareChick3 karma

They're not imaginary, I've punched myself in the face losing my grip on a front zipper. I've also busted a zipper while driving. Both of these would lead me to believe that they are real. Yes.

kooblachan-81 karma

Did you ask the surgeon if he could do anything about your resting bitch face?

ThatSquareChick3 karma

Proof that mods ignore reports right here ^

kooblachan-2 karma

They gave me a stern talking to. I promised to be a good boy from now on.

P.S. Your breasts look awful.

ThatSquareChick2 karma

You're really bad at trolling. Try harder ;)