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No editor has ever requested that I put more political content into my articles. Personally, I'm there for the fun pop culture stuff too, that's why my articles are about commentary tracks and and goofy Japanese games. All I can do is try to write stuff that's so worthwhile they just can't bring themselves to put anything in there during the editing process.

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Thank you for being polite about it. Christ, the way a bunch of people talk about Reddit, you'd think I would have been called a ton of slurs by now.

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On Cracked, my favorite writer bar none is Seanbaby. All I have to do is think "The luffing will continue long into Step 5" and I can't help but laugh.

Elsewhere, I'm a big fan of Scott Tobias, Keith Phipps, Tasha Robinson, Nick Nocturne of Night Mind, Jonathan Wojcik of Bogleech, Matt Dymerski, Zack Parsons, and Sergeant Sprinkles.

About the hate: Yep, I was aware of the hate. I read that popular AskReddit thread where thousands of people agreed Cracked was the site they most used to visit but don't anymore. But I've used Reddit for a long time so it's not intimidating. Best I can do is try to lure them back with Ben Affleck jokes, ones both about and by him.

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It's a phase we're going through at Cracked. Management figures that by the time we've finished puberty, we'll stop being so moody and become fun again.

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I stand proud on them with all my sole.