Hey Reddit! We are ScrewAttack and we've been making videos on the internet since 2006. You may have heard of our most popular show, DEATH BATTLE!, where we determine once and for all which character would win in a fight to the death! Like Goku vs Superman or Hulk vs Doomsday! We've also got a bunch of other great shows on our YouTube channel like our all new DEATH BATTLE Cast!

Also, we recently launched a new channel called Game Attack where Craig, Shaun, Chad, Sam, Parker and Bryan play games and hang out on their weekly podcast Try Hard! If you're into that sort of thing go check 'em out.

Ok, enough shilling... We're here to answer all your burning questions for the next few hours. In the interest of us getting to as many questions as possible, let's hold off on DB fight suggestions. You can instead submit those on our Official Fight Suggestion Form. We've got most of the crew here so ask us anything!

Proof: https://i.redd.it/92y4t1ueq73y.jpg

Ben Singer: Voice of Wiz and DEATH BATTLE creator / show runner - /u/benbsinger

Chad James: Voice of Boomstick and ScrewAttack Channel Manager - /u/ChadScrewAttack

Sam Mitchell: Writer for DEATH BATTLE and Desk of DEATH BATTLE - /u/ScrewAttackSam

Nick Cramer: DEATH BATTLE writer and voice of Top 10's - /u/NervousNick

Torrian Crawford: Lead animator - /u/TorriiCrawford

Edit: Alright, we've got to start getting ready for the DEATH BATTLE Cast! which goes live for FIRST members at 3PM Central! We'll still pop in throughout the day to answer more questions so feel free to keep asking. Thanks Reddit this has been so much fun!

2nd Edit: The questions keep coming in so we've decided to answer some live on video! We'll be going live on www.Twitch.tv/ScrewAttack at 2:40PM Central answering more questions until the DEATH BATTLE Cast at 3PM so keep asking!

3rd Edit: Thanks to those who tuned into our brief AMA Twitch stream! We're now live with the DEATH BATTLE Cast! After which we'll be back to answer more questions! You guys have been amazing! Check out the DEATH BATTLE Cast here: www.roosterteeth.com/livestream/death-battle-cast

4th Edit: Alright I think that about wraps it! Thanks Reddit, let's do it again sometime!

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dinodares991263 karma

How depressing was it when Adam "The Screw 'Adam' Attack" Kovic left ScrewAttack?

ChadScrewAttack1047 karma

It'll feel better when we steal Elyse

Bryan_GameAttack941 karma

Of everyone who became Game Attack, why is Bryan the one you guys miss working with the most?

ChadScrewAttack555 karma


aredrobe510 karma

wait, ScrewAttack, are you guys a porn site?

ChadScrewAttack789 karma

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

bad_balisong_handler368 karma

Do you guys still keep in touch with former members of Screwattack, like Destin, Jose, Jared and Handsome Tom?

ChadScrewAttack394 karma

Absolutely! For the people who have moved away, we always try and meet up to hang out whenever we're in the same city. Jose is a close friend. Love the dude to death!

LumpyKoalaBear335 karma

What happened with the AVGN?

ChadScrewAttack181 karma

James has been a great partner and played a large roll in ScrewAttack's early days. After James went on to do his own thing, we still handled his merchandise for a long time. Most recently we worked together to created Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures and Angry Video Game Nerd II: ASSimilation! I'm happy to say that after years of working together James and I became friends. Wish him the absolute best and I'll always look him up when I'm near Philly. You can check out all his latest stuff on the Cinemassacre channel!

SuperFreshness33 karma

James is a large roll. Got it. No wonder he looks so delicious on screen.

ChadScrewAttack31 karma

I'm leaving it

M33RK262 karma

When will you guys do more content with funhaus?

ChadScrewAttack285 karma

Anytime I'm in L.A. I shoot Bruce a text and try and swing by. Love those guys! Hopefully soon!

Son-Michael124 karma

Which shows are you most proud of, and which are you most embarrassed of?

NervousNick162 karma

For me, I'm most proud of some old Clip of the Week videos and the Top 10s (I really like how the Best/Worst Zelda Bosses videos came out!). Plus, of course, the DB episodes I've been a part of.

Least proud? ... I think I'd have to say Digital Forecast if anyone remembers that, lol. It was the first show I ran myself and it essentially boiled down to a recap of game trailers through the week. :P

ChadScrewAttack109 karma

Let's be honest Nick, some of the old Clip of the Week's can also fall in least proud haha. For me the Clip will always be up there, but the He-man Vs. Lion-O DEATH BATTLE will always be one of my favorite videos we made.

MalcolmBelmont48 karma

What is the weirdest fact you learned while researching for a DEATH BATTLE?

ChadScrewAttack120 karma

I once calculated the collective weight of humanity on planet Earth to try and roughly gauge Goku's Ki strength. Then Ben said "Oh he also teleported off a bunch of dinosaurs" so it was worthless.

Terra_corrupt37 karma

Sup guys, this popped up on my feed, and while I can't say I've kept up to date on all things ScrewAttack, I'll never forget that period of my life.

My question is in terms of the production of Death Battle, what were the major hurdles that were encountered when the series seemed to grow exponentially? Was it a push for even greater quality and resources, or in the production style etc...?

ChadScrewAttack29 karma

Thanks for spending some of your life on us ;D. Each DEATH BATTLE episode takes a ton of time to produce. The biggest chunks being the research and animation portions. When the show started it was originally on a two week timeline, which was honestly insane. Especially since at that time the majority of the work was being handled by Ben. There were times when I'd come into the office and find Ben passed out literally on his computer. I'd say one of the biggest hurdles was getting the show to a place where we could expand the team. It's honestly mind blowing for us to see how far the show has come since we started. We now have a whole internal team devoted to DEATH BATTLE, as well as our phenomenal volunteer research team and our animators.

axslayer3327 karma

So I gotta ask....is that little bit about Boomstick's father true?

Also, what's a DB pairing you will never do?

ChadScrewAttack43 karma

Only time will tell. Boomstick would love to discover who his father is

mrsfaceyface22 karma

What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?

ChadScrewAttack42 karma


D2ME14 karma

Favorite scene in gay men on a boat?

ChadScrewAttack16 karma

Dammit Dylan, I knew it was you before I even looked at the username

Dannyfrommiami13 karma

Hair or bald Bruce?

ChadScrewAttack25 karma

Definitely hair. Now whenever I see him with Bethany it just looks like she hired a bodyguard

MilkDudTits11 karma


My question is do you remember a few years back at A-Kon in Dallas, a friendly person in a gorilla costume with a giant plush banana that wanted to take pictur a with you guys? It was me and you made my day, I love you guys.

ChadScrewAttack22 karma

According to the banana you were actually a very tiny Gorilla

Reviewingremy11 karma

Was there any episodes of death battle where the outcome was completely unexpected to you or at least not the outcome you originally predicted?

ChadScrewAttack36 karma

Yep! Starscream vs Rainbow Dash! It was originally brought up as a joke, but when we actually dug into what RD could do.... we were pretty surprised

JohnCasey3510 karma

s GameAttack to ScrewAttack like Let's Play is to Achievement Hunter?

ChadScrewAttack30 karma

More like Achievement Hunter to Rooster Teeth

BatBill9 karma

Love you guys, you're all awesome. Just wanted to know was it sad that the One Minute Melee group left? I was sad the day they left.

ChadScrewAttack9 karma

They're a great group of animators and we wish them the best

zerotheblackmage7 karma

Hey guys, thanks for doing this.

  • What is the most requested DEATH BATTLE you guys have had?

  • Along the same lines, which was the worst request for one that you're received so far?

ChadScrewAttack31 karma

Hands down Goku vs Superman. Hell we've done two and we still have people asking for a third. The worst? There's a lot of suggestions that come in that would just be an absolute curb stomp. If I had to choose one I'd have to say its the one that Nick keeps pitching in the office Juggernaut vs Hermione Granger

ShlubbyWhyYouDan7 karma


tehMadhero6 karma

Nice to see you guys doing this. So let me be greedy and ask 2 questions

Been following you guys since 2008, and Screwattack has changed obviously changed a lot over the years, especially with Death Battle and the major success that has been. Is there anything you kinda miss from those "wild west" days, where you got do anything from owning your own game store to making a Metal Gear fan-series?

Also, is there anything in mind for more shows and projects? I really like Death Battle, but it and its various spin-offs kind of dominate everything.

ChadScrewAttack11 karma

The "Wild West" days is a perfect way to describe it. I miss the Clip of the Week SO much. That show introduced me to writing and acting and it will always have a special place in my heart. In terms of new shows, absolutely! Right now, with the Game Attack split our resources are stretched pretty thin, but we definitely plan on exploring new shows that we think our audience would enjoy. I know a lot of us already have some ideas working.

jfkeys6 karma

How did you get involved into the Let's Play network? Did Roosterteeth they reach out to you?

ChadScrewAttack13 karma

ScrewAttack was acquired by Fullscreen in 2014, so after Fullscreen acquired RT it made sense for us to work together. A lot of us have been fans of RT for a long time and its been a pleasure getting to work with everyone in the RT family

lefthandl5 karma

Burritos or tacos?

ChadScrewAttack12 karma

I'm going with Burraco. Take a decked out crunchy taco, lay it on a flour tortilla, smash it up, wrap burrito around it... Ok, I'm not going to lie, I made that up on the spot.... but it sounds really good and I'm going to have to try it now.

mrsfaceyface3 karma

Who do you main in Overwatch?

Alternatively, weirdest/most random thing you've been asked by a fan?

ChadScrewAttack5 karma

I started as a Reinheart main, but lately I've fallen in love with Roadhog

mrsfaceyface2 karma

You guys + Game Attack have inspired me and my friends to try Don't Drink & Drive. Any tips?

ChadScrewAttack3 karma

Yeah don't do it back to back with another drinking game in front of a crowd... I learned that lesson at RTX / SGC

MalcolmBelmont2 karma

Since Screwattack Top 10s are expanding from just video games could we end up seeing Top 10 Anime Intros? (Personally i recommend to bring in suggestions from the G1 Community)

ChadScrewAttack2 karma

Definitely possible!

Madden_072 karma

What was the defining point in your careers at ScrewAttack? Also tell Craig he's terrible at Blitz :p

ChadScrewAttack2 karma

For me, it's when the guys asked me to be in a quick bit for a Clip of the Week. That sparked a love for acting and writing that I NEVER thought would be an interest of mine.

Reviewingremy1 karma

Which was your favorite episode of Death Battle?

ChadScrewAttack2 karma

This is like asking to pick between children! I'd say my favorite overall was He-Man vs Lion-O. I'm a huge He-Man and Thundercats fan, so getting to do that episode was like getting to write our own unofficial crossover episode.