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I personally reviewed hundreds of pages of medical records and text messages

Oh did you now?

And how did you get access to these records? The kid may have given you the text messages, but how'd you get the medical information?

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Then where was this outrage then?

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So I gotta ask....is that little bit about Boomstick's father true?

Also, what's a DB pairing you will never do?

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Edit: I apologise, I hadnt read the court documents yet. So I see there is evidence...so why wasn't there national outrage when the suit was filed in 2016?

Where was all the concern when American children were (and are!) seized from their parents by child and youth services? When they're lost in the system, even after the case that resulted in their seizure is resolved or thrown out?

Where was the outrage at a national level when KidsPeace and other agencies were drugging kids into stupors and restraining them to death a few years back?

Where was the outrage for every foster child abused or murdered thanks to a corrupt CyS system?

Where was the outrage for kids being jailed for making fun of a teacher?

Where was the outrage for blatent ignorance that led to the rape, death, and dismemberment of a 14 year old by a former CYS employee, who was in her foster care after the State ripped her from her birth mother because the woman was diagnosed as bipolar?

Where is that outrage, when we have not only proof, but convictions swept under the rug?

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While this is most likely, some more higher-end luxurious coach companies are putting screens with A/V In/Outs in their seats.