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So I gotta ask....is that little bit about Boomstick's father true?

Also, what's a DB pairing you will never do?

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While this is most likely, some more higher-end luxurious coach companies are putting screens with A/V In/Outs in their seats.

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Also, you mentioned you want to do more female battles...ever consider revisting the ATLA universe and tackling Korra?

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While I applaud the unbiased nature so far (simply gathering the data and reporting) I have two concerns.

You mentioned earlier that the later presentation will break down the context of death (I think in response to death by accident during a car chase). Will this also include death caused by suicide-by-cop, and simply violently engaging officers (through firearm or melee?)

Also, will there be any follow-up/parallel study on killings of police? Because in my own research I've seen conflicting stories over whether cop killings have spiked post-Ferguson, or if the mainstream media is just highlighting them to 'oppose' the police violence stories.