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What Stand from JoJo's Bizzare Adventure would you want to have?

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What is the weirdest fact you learned while researching for a DEATH BATTLE?

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How fun was it to research Deadpool vs Pinkie Pie? (I researched this fight with the G1 DEATH BATTLE Fan Blog and i was pleasantly surprised and how close it was)

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When it comes to bringing in voice actors for the charcters do you generally try to bring in the fan favourite unoffical voice actors (for example - MasakoX's Goku,Takahata101's Alucard,AntFish's Dio Brando) for the charcters rather than VAs from Funimation?

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Could we see more rap in future Torrian DEATH BATTLE Animations? (I personally would like to see Lotus Juice songs making an apperence in DEATH BATTLE)