My short bio: Hi, I'm Cameron :) I have always had a high sex drive and later realized I had a talent for giving great blow jobs. I pride myself on my communication with my fans. I have heard some of you have questions about me so here I am to answer.

I will be back tonight at 6pm PT.

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AdseyV1103 karma

Was that actually your step brother?

Cameroncanela1351 karma

Our parents recently got divorced.

TehluSonOfHimself697 karma

How did you guys decided that you wanted to have sex/film a scene with each other?

Cameroncanela1182 karma

When I told him I was starting porn.

yesman_85618 karma

Did you guys ever had sex outside the scenes?

Jackofalltrade219 karma

She's not gonna reply, but yes. They almost definitely did. Source: I am a recent ex-step brother

Cameroncanela22 karma

I wasn't answering, because I said I wouldn't be back until 6pm PT to answer the rest of the questions. lol

Cameroncanela88 karma

Every time we had sex it was recorded.

Cameroncanela19 karma

Every time we had sex it was filmed and put on my page.

Pornandkarma884 karma

As a female in the Adult Industry, what is your opinion on recent articles of the earth reaching its carbon dioxide 'tipping point' of 400 parts per million? Do you think you have already felt the effects of global warming in your industry? And what single action should the world take to reduce the dangers of global warming?

Cameroncanela1243 karma

Global warming doesn't affect my work. And to be honest, it's too late to stop it. Just accept the fact that on a long enough time line, everyone's survival rate drops to 0%.

stellarbeing787 karma

You just quoted Fight Club. I ain't mad at that.

Cameroncanela725 karma

Hahah yes that is my favorite movie.

tossAwayGuy736 karma

When you "fuck a fan" are they actually random fans?

deftonechromosome492 karma

Lack of response could indicate a no on this one!

whynotasource450 karma

As we wait for her answer, if anyone is curious to figure this out on their own, here's a handy (NSFW) list of her amazing work, from here:

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General Links,videos-best



With Summer Brielle Taylor

With Janice Griffith

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Cheating on Boyfriend with Mean Step-Brother

Sex with Step-Brother While Playing Fallout 4

Sex with Brother for Trying to Sneak Out

Blowjob with Brother for Rare Batman Comic

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Feet Play with JOI Finish

Sex On and Around Couch for YesBreakMe (clips, not full scene)

Cumshot Compilation

Cameroncanela64 karma

Thanks for posting all of this :)

Cameroncanela105 karma

Yes, It's clear they aren't Porn performers. And their genuine nervousness during the interview gives it away that it's the real deal.

8BallRunOut604 karma

If you had a dick for a day, what would you do?

Cameroncanela1476 karma

Pee everywhere.

white_pawn16580 karma

Hi! Did Your parents know, that You're working in porn industry? If yes, how was their reaction?

Cameroncanela839 karma

I ended up telling my family before they found out. They respected that I was the one who told them and they supported my decision.

Paradigmkick489 karma

If you weren't in this industry, where else would you work?

Cameroncanela880 karma

Before I got into the industry I worked as a bikini barista and at a tanning salon. I also worked at a dispensary. So I guess once I am out of the industry I would like to continue to invest in real estate.

Paradigmkick222 karma

Do you have any siblings or pets?

Cameroncanela590 karma

I have no siblings. stepbrother he is in some of my scenes;). I have two dogs.

IReplyWithLebowski351 karma

Wait, you do scenes with your step brother?

Cameroncanela180 karma

Not sure if that is okay to post not trying to break any rules.

TehluSonOfHimself400 karma

What is your least favorite position?

Cameroncanela709 karma

reverse cowgirl, because it is uncomfortable after a while and extremely tiring.

dullandboring352 karma

Hi. Thanks for doing this. You have had what appears to be many fans appear in your video. What was the most awkward encounter you have had? Have any just not been able to perform?

Cameroncanela477 karma

I've only had one awkward experience. But it was just a difference in personalities and no everyone has been able to perform. And people often get nervous when the camera is on. But I am good at working around that and still creating a great scene

doorbellguy298 karma

Hi there! As a pornstar, what is a line you'd never cross on screen?

Bonus question: Any industry secrets you wanna spill out? ;)

Cameroncanela531 karma

I just won't participate in any sexual activity that isn't apart of my sexuality. Example, I don't participate in anal in my real life because I don't find it comfortable (even though I do enjoy watching anal porn) Industry secrets needs to stay secret :) but the Cetaphil is a hint

KernelS4nders291 karma

We're going out on a date in your hometown and I've never been there. Where will you take me?

Cameroncanela368 karma

I would take you to the waterfront and to a restaurant called Montage.

KernelS4nders254 karma

Does Montage have a condescending maitre'd who will make us wait 30 minutes for a table or can you totally get us in without waiting?

Cameroncanela329 karma

I have never waited more than* 5 minutes.

omeow237 karma

Do you think working in porn industry has raised the bar about what you expect from a sexual partner? Is that bar realistic? Is it harder to have a relationship with amateurs (by industry standards)?

Cameroncanela545 karma

It has not "raised the bar" porn sex isn't the same as personal sex. Totally different experience. My best sex was with someone I loved who knew my body backwards and forwards.

poopiehandshake197 karma

have you ever had random dudes off the side of the street notice you and immediately make the situation fucking weird.. what's the best way for a fan to approach you as ''a pornstar he's jerked off to'' on numerous occasions.. without making it seem, shitty?

Cameroncanela423 karma

No one has ever said anything to me but it's obvious when someone recognizes me.

Just say "are you cameron? I'm a big fan, do you have time to possibly take a photo with me? Thatd be amazing!"

PingCauseLag179 karma

How do you know they recognize you and aren't just staring cause you are hot as all hell?

steamwhy130 karma

Us guys have a look

benartmao25 karma

yeah... where we stare and think

"how the fuck do we know her "

and then our eyes open up and we smile big like

"OH YEAH!!! "

Cameroncanela17 karma

Yes! I have experienced that a couple times.

strsbmlife192 karma

Weirdest thing that has happened in your work ?

Till date did you do anything that you regret ?

Cameroncanela287 karma

I have not experienced anything weird. . I only have regretted having sex with two people before I started porn. That's why I prefer to get paid now so it impossible to feel used, but I have not done anything that I regret in the industry. I got into the industry in a unique way so anything I have done I have choose to do because I was comfortable. Anything I do in the future will also be because I am comfortable doing it.

Milkdew189 karma

What was your funniest moment shooting porn?

Cameroncanela386 karma

When they brought out Cetaphil

strsbmlife179 karma

Do you have any particular fetish?

Cameroncanela350 karma

I have a DaddyDom fetish

Damn_DirtyApe168 karma

Ever had to walk away from a scene due to lack of chemistry/a guy being rude/etc? Does this happen?

Cameroncanela279 karma

Luckily it has not happened to the extreme where I have had to cancel the scene before. But there have been times where I don't allow them to book again.

positive_electron4278 karma

What happened there?

Cameroncanela31 karma

It just wasn't a personality that I could get along or agree with.

strsbmlife130 karma

Your favorite male star you work with ?

Cameroncanela234 karma

Axel aces, He is extremely professional and good hearted.

TehluSonOfHimself100 karma

Have you ever been in a threesome?

Cameroncanela218 karma

On camera no, but I have had multiple BGG three ways in private.

TehluSonOfHimself91 karma

Would you do a BGG on camera?

Cameroncanela240 karma

Yes, Most likely would be done with my girl Janice.

vortish91 karma

Why was porn the next evolution for a career?

Cameroncanela166 karma

After being a huge fan of porn for years, I decided it was something I could be apart of myself. I started in the industry on PornHub, and have a unique thing about my scenes I produce all of my own content and that made me successful very quickly.

Shadow7uk89 karma

Are you open with new people you meet about you chosen profession?

Cameroncanela270 karma

I often do answer honestly what my job is because I find it funny to throw someone off. But if I can tell someone is a square bear I don't tell them the truth to avoid giving them a heart attack .

based_el_chapo89 karma

any chance of you filming with ultimate surrender in the near future?

Cameroncanela66 karma

Probably not.

generalruckus89 karma

Let's sat you've invited me over for dinner. What do you wear and most importantly, what do you cook?

Cameroncanela255 karma

I like to be naked. I would most likely cook cuban food. Which would consist of beans and rice and Choice of pork chops or chicken.

Big_Danny_K86 karma

How did you choose your stage name?

Cameroncanela173 karma

I remembered my mom telling me names she wanted to legally change her name to when she was a young adult. One of which was Cameron Canela. So when the time came around for me to choose a stage name, that was name stuck out in my head and I felt it suited me well.

blargsnarg80 karma

What is your favorite color?

Cameroncanela141 karma


Milkdew69 karma

How has porn changed your perspective on life and sex?

Cameroncanela106 karma

Yes it has changed a lot. Not in a bad way. I have been able to provide my family and myself with things I never thought I could have.

bburgg102360 karma

What activities do you enjoy on your off days?

Cameroncanela151 karma

I like to travel, spend time with family and my dogs watch tv and smoke.

workaccount21356 karma

How do you handle feelings of jealousy in your relationships? Do you find that having videos of yourself online make it better or worse? Do YOU ever get jealous of other people?

Cameroncanela8 karma

I don't ever get jealous of other people. I believe jealousy is a wasted emotion.

onlyaskredditonly43 karma

What's the sexyest picture you have saved?

Cameroncanela66 karma

Most likely is posted on my PH page.

ThisisNotMeThisisI23 karma

Before joining porn industry, approx. how many men, you do sex with?

Cameroncanela37 karma

under 10

That_Male_Nurse19 karma

In that porn video with the virgin fan, did he actually last that long or was it segmented?

Cameroncanela27 karma

Remember porn is for entertainment. He was a virgin though.

letseatwater12 karma

What's your biggest sexual fantasy that you have lived out? That you have not yet lived out?

Cameroncanela14 karma

Having sex with Janice Griffith was my biggest fantasy come true

Broketographer12 karma

How do you feel about the subject matter in some of the more watched porns these days (incest, violence, etc)? Do you ever feel the need to take a moral stand in your line of work?

You're lovely and thank you for the AMA.

Cameroncanela39 karma

The one thing I am opinionated about with the porn marketing is using "interracial" to strictly define porn with a black person and then typically a caucasian looking girl. Since no one has the same ethnicity as me, all my porn as interracial by the real definition. As far as a moral stance on the matters you stated I don't think anyone should participate in something out side of there sexual boundaries.


What is your favourite position? Also see username :)

Cameroncanela12 karma

My favorite position is doggy style:)

Cameroncanela25 karma

To be more specific lol Technically laying on stomach and just getting my g spot pounded from the back

ancisfranderson1 karma

What do you think about comedy podcasts?

Cameroncanela4 karma

I have never heard one before. I genuinely have no idea how Post casts work or where they even are.

Cilinator1 karma

Will you come to the Netherlands some day? I would love to meet you and maybe shoot a vid with you if I win a contest or something.

Cameroncanela2 karma

If I went to the Netherlands it would be for vacation not work.

PaytheDevil1 karma

What do you consider to be the best and worst aspects of working in the porn industry?

Cameroncanela14 karma

Good: The money. The freedom to do whatever I want in my life. Bad: The mean malicious people on the internet.

SirLenzalot-2 karma

Why don't I believe you give great blowjobs? ;)

Cameroncanela13 karma

Probably because you haven't watched my scenes ;)

white_pawn16-4 karma

Don't You think, that in porn women is showing as sexual toy and men as great fuckers? That hard sex scenes, cumming on face is a way of objectification of women? Do You think this is ok, that porn is showing only physical act without any emotional relationship?

Cameroncanela5 karma

Porn is entertainment. Not sex ed. And not all porn falls into that stereotype. There are tons of different porn for all to be entertained.