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I'm not sure how relevant it is to Singapore specifically but my wife speaks highly of The Rape of Nanking. Uh, the book- not the act. Her family fled Cambodia from the Khmer Rouge. Did you lose anyone along the way (she lost several family members to Pol Pot)?

Edit: My wife's family is ethnically Chinese. They fled Cambodia.

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I've noticed a trend at dentist offices- the assistants are almost always hot, young women. In all seriousness, why is this a thing? Is this just a Midwest thing?

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That's heartbreaking. Can't imagine how that changes a person. Thank you for the AMA.

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Mind sharing the name? Portrait photographer?

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What are your thoughts on charter schools? The Betsy Devos appointment seems to ensure their prosperity for the near future.

And thank you for the AMA and your years of service in the education system.