Hey. I’m Jeremy, the co-creator and narrator for CinemaSins. Saw the AMA request today. Not doing much tonight. Thought I’d A some Q’s.

My CinemaSins co-creator, Chris, is with family for Thanksgiving, so he won’t be able to join us. But Barrett will be lurking—he’s the writer of MusicVideoSins and the third host of our podcast. He’s /u/MusicVideoSins, and you’re welcome to ask him questions as well.

Don’t have anything to promote, so no promo links for you!

Proof: http://imgur.com/a/8sle6

Proof with cat: http://imgur.com/a/7Rxye

Twitter proof: https://twitter.com/cinemasins/status/801567541453869061

Edit (1:34AM): Okay, folks, I need to go to bed. But keep leaving questions. I'll come back tomorrow and answer as many as possible. Aside from eating turkey, it's not like I have anything better to do. :)

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Cho-Chang1653 karma

What is the optimum length of intro logos?

cinemasins2844 karma

Zero seconds.

pizzapal3998 karma

Do you think Cars 3 will be any good from what we've seen/heard so far?

cinemasins1862 karma


CelticKillerSOB890 karma

What is the one movie that you guys will never ever touch?

cinemasins2018 karma

We don't have any we think are off limits. But it would take a lot of prodding from Chris to get me to sin Passion of the Christ.

dgoree873 karma

Has making everything wrong with videos changed how you watch movies? Your videos have helped me pay attention to smaller details while staying engaged in the plot. It's made movie watching much more fun. Thanks!

cinemasins1544 karma

Nope. I've always been a hyper-observant nitpicking jerk... this is just a manifestation of that. :)

Waldrom854 karma

How do you actually make the 'conversations with myself about ...' videos ?

cinemasins1118 karma

Split screen and LOTS of memorization.

Intrusting786 karma

how hard is it to force out that laugh for the "ha ha ha ha ha" sins? must take a toll on your soul... ;)

cinemasins1007 karma

It's pretty easy, but sometimes it makes me cough afterwards.

ViridisTheBlade745 karma

How do you write your sins? Do you just watch the videos/movies over and over taking notes with time stamps?

cinemasins955 karma

Yep. You got it.

Felkers4724 karma

What is one thing you wish you could change about the movie industry today?

cinemasins1640 karma

Lack of original ideas.

IzarkKiaTarj716 karma

What's your favorite movie that you have yet to sin?

cinemasins1146 karma

Iron Giant maybe.

DaWhiteHoward12687 karma

What kinds of movies do you specifically dislike reviewing? Also, thanks for doing what you do i love watching!

cinemasins1436 karma

Horror. We're all tired of the bullshit trickster demon/ghosts.

MrJosePP643 karma

Any plans to make CinemaSins Jeremy more active? I loved the Dear Hollywood series

cinemasins850 karma

Plans? Yes. Time? Not yet.

HanJaub643 karma

How does copyright work for your videos? To an untrained individual, I thought it would be illegal to upload a bunch of segments from a movie onto YouTube, but that's obviously not the case. Care to explain?

On another note, I love your channel keep it up!

cinemasins1274 karma

We're considered Fair Use, because we're parody, criticism, and review rolled into one. We have some claims here and there, and we fight them. It is what it is.

TheKavay595 karma

Do you agree that they should make prequels about Anakin Skywalker before he became Darth Vader? The four movies we have now could really use some backstory.

cinemasins532 karma

I see what you did there.

Rhyfel593 karma

Do you ever watch other movie related youtube channels? Stuff like "Every Frame a Painting" or "Cinefix" that have their own type of content. If so which.

cinemasins1173 karma

Every Frame a Painting for sure. That guy's insight is incredible.

2cool4life586 karma

What is the future of entertainment?

Where is everything going?

cinemasins1330 karma

In the toilet.

MrTattyBojangles577 karma

Whatever happened to Brand Sins?

cinemasins886 karma

No longer affiliated with us, but I'm told it plans to continue soon.

a_fish_out_of_water507 karma

What'd you think about Arrival?

cinemasins1048 karma

One of the best movies I've seen in ages. Loved it.

MercyBraavos500 karma

Off topic - how's your kitty?

cinemasins908 karma

He's fine for now. Back to normal. Cancer's gonna come back soon though.

TheRealMe99499 karma

On average, how many times will you watch a movie before writing sins for it?

cinemasins798 karma

Down to about 2 these days, though it's one viewing technically... with a lot of scrubbing back to rewatch scenes.

Clicint447 karma

What's your least favorite movie that you've sinned?

cinemasins1013 karma

The original Pete's Dragon. Fuck that movie.

Paladin-Leeroy418 karma

Who's an actor you would love to meet?

cinemasins853 karma

Timberlake. I want to be his friend. He seems so... cool and normal and fun.

mattnorsa394 karma

Have you seen the cinemawins channel? What are your thoughts on that? He's clearly using your method, but I think he has his own flavour to it.

cinemasins800 karma

I intentionally avoid watching that stuff. I don't take offense, but if I don't watch it then I don't ever have to say what I thought of it. :)

xizore362 karma

Without seeing the next two Star Wars films (Rogue One and Ep8), how do you feel about where Disney is headed with Star Wars?

cinemasins1144 karma

They're gonna run that shit into the ground and make me not care anymore.

less_logic296 karma

Why does this thread "not" contain a lap dance?

cinemasins477 karma

You got here late.

OfficialSniggles285 karma

Do you ever get tired of hearing that "ding" sound?

cinemasins571 karma

Nah. It's comforting to me. :)

Kmill064275 karma

If Live by Night is as good as his other 3 films, do you think Ben Affleck will get the recognition he deserves as one the greatest working directors?

cinemasins477 karma

He fucking better.

NeededKoalafications274 karma

What's your favourite of all the types of things you make? (Sins videos, the podcast, conservations with myself etc) Which do you have most fun making?

cinemasins489 karma

The podcast has quickly become the most fun, because it's just me talking movies with my friends.

broccolibush42267 karma

Hey Jeremy, what movie or movies are you hyped for in the coming years?

cinemasins550 karma

La La Land, Manchester by the Sea, Guardians 2, Rogue One, Live by Night...

floydhead96247 karma

If you did a video on Pink Floyd: The Wall would it be on cinema sins or an extended music video sins?

cinemasins352 karma

Excellent question. I guess technically it'd be on the main channel, but that's a good debate to have.

_Turabi_233 karma

Have you ever considered doing an anime movie? There's plenty of weird shit you could sin in those.

cinemasins402 karma

It'll happen eventually.

MrJ414232 karma

Do you care to comment on you college band The Turning?

cinemasins382 karma

No. And I'm flagging you as "probably someone from my past who wants to embarrass me."

cinemasins288 karma

This is Mike, isn't it?

Bassist830228 karma

Is there a sin that you regret making the final cut? Or a joke you think that went too far?

cinemasins363 karma

Several. But... live and learn.

C_bouga219 karma

Did any of you ever considered working in the movie industry, to create your own movies, as a director or screenwriter?

cinemasins428 karma

Yeah, sure. But that's a pretty tough industry to crack, so I went to work at a theater instead.

FredrickVonAckermann159 karma

If there was one movie you could have a sequel made for, what would it be?

cinemasins602 karma

I want a Matrix prequel that follows Young Morpheus.

MrTattyBojangles142 karma

Once you've reached 2016 on SinCast, will you continue to vote on your favourite movies for each year? What other topics do you have planned for then?

cinemasins158 karma

We'll do an annual episode to name the best, yeah. We're kicking around several ideas for a new regular topic.

SteamedHams123140 karma

Favorite Music Video and Movie? Also love the videos.

cinemasins243 karma

Rock the Cradle of Love and The Matrix.

samuel6885136 karma

What do you think of the 2015 film The Gift? I can't be the only one out there who think it's an underated thriller which doesn't require ghosts or monsters to be scary.

cinemasins116 karma

Haven't seen it yet. Heard good things.

Bassist830135 karma

Are there any dream guest sinners you hope to have on one day?

cinemasins304 karma

We've given up on going for guests. Our fans get complainy about it. They like Dr. Tyson, so we hope to have him on again someday.

Teoes134 karma

How do you feel overall about the Sincast? Personally I actually prefer it to the EWW series (and that is something I look forward to with every upload) but I don't know if it gets nearly as many hits as it deserves.

Seriously, Sincast is fucking awesome. Thanks.

cinemasins149 karma

We're having a blast, and if people enjoy it then that's even better.

CameronReid93129 karma

Hardest movie to sin because you loved it so much?

cinemasins249 karma

Not really any. I just put on a different hat and go to work.

waspglop126 karma

What's your favorite video game of all time?

cinemasins304 karma

All time?! All time?! Gauntlet.

shuk1234121 karma

How do you catch the little details that almost everyone else overlooks? Example would be the flag issue in your Pocahontas video where they used a correct one in the beginning and wrong one later on in the movie? Huge fan btw

cinemasins178 karma

That flag one was actually one of our writers. But in general... we set out to look for that stuff, and over time it becomes second nature.

reliant45110 karma

Any more collaborations in the future?

cinemasins374 karma

Um... not currently. Our fans tend to hate our collabs when it's not Dr. Tyson.

castmemberzack105 karma

When's back to the future 3 sins video coming, sir?

cinemasins141 karma

Not on the schedule at this point, but we only plan 2 months out.

Ruruya93 karma

For each CinemaSin video you guys make, how many times do you watch the film? (On average)

Or is it a matter of rewinding and playing over the same scene to see how many things are wrong with it?

cinemasins125 karma

The second one for the most part. Lots of rewinding.

UltimateMoose85 karma

What would your favorite Sin to point out be? I always loved the actor-specific "Sean Bean isn't dying in this scene" kind of Sin.

cinemasins173 karma

I get a kick out of the "Discount Perso--HOLY SHIT IT'S REALLY THEM" sins. Not sure why. That Randy Travis one in the National Treasure sequel kills me.

icamehron80 karma

Any chance you'll be sinning the new ghost busters?

cinemasins261 karma

Almost certainly.

MercyBraavos75 karma

Who do you want to see win the Iron Throne?

cinemasins179 karma

If it can't be Tyrion, and I don't think it can, then it's gotta be Jon Snow or another Stark.

cinemasins71 karma

No seriously, how fast do most AMA people peace out of these things. I keep getting comments that I'm answering a lot of questions, but... how much did Woody Harrelson scar you guys? I feel like doing an AMA is a commitment, no?

MaySecretlyBeALlama39 karma

Well it's been 7 hours so you've lasted 6 hours and 40 minutes longer than most other people that do AMAs.

cinemasins52 karma

Fuck those people. As a lurker... it infuriates me when AMAs last an hour or less. That's pointless.

MaySecretlyBeALlama39 karma

AND you're not promoting anything, this is unheard of in AMA history

cinemasins50 karma

To be fair, there was an AMA request for us to do this earlier today, which is why we're doing it, but yes... we're not promoting anything. I actually tune out of most AMAs that are clearly just Tonight Show style "appearances."

elaborinth899369 karma

Do you guys plan on having more guests on the SinCast?

I love the episodes you 3 do on your own. But the banter that guest add is hilarious too. Like the episode with the Modern Horror guys. For me that episode plus your theatre story episodes are some of the best comedy episodes to date. (The Mental Health episode is one of your best Serious podcasts)

Thank you Jeremy, Barret and Chris too for giving me a podcast to look forward to every Monday.

Also I hope your cat gets better Jeremy.

cinemasins81 karma

Thanks! We have a guest coming up for the 2009 episode that I went to college with, so I'm pumped about that one.

LZMRaul63 karma

Any future collaborations with the Nostalgic Critic? How was working with him before? Great content!

cinemasins104 karma

That is one of the coolest dudes we've ever met. We love that guy. We have no collab plans with him or anyone else, but he's someone we consider a friend.

Unscathed_Gamer61 karma

What's your favorite video game?

cinemasins142 karma

Right now? Infamous 2 or GTA V. All time? Gauntlet.

yashknight59 karma

Sorry but this would be a bit long

  1. Favourite Kubrick movie?
  2. Favourite hitchcock movie?
  3. Favourite Tarantino movie?
  4. Favourite Scorcese movie?
  5. Favourite Tom hank movie?
  6. Favourite Fincher movie?
  7. Favourite anime tv series?
  8. Favourite foreign director? (other than Kurosawa)
  9. Favourite soundtrack?
  10. Favourite Miyazaki movie?

cinemasins147 karma

Oh Jesus. What hte hell, I've had some wine... let's do this.

  1. 2001
  2. Rear Window
  3. Jackie Brown
  4. Departed
  5. Big
  6. Se7en
  7. No idea, I don't watch much anime
  8. Does Gareth Evans or Edgar Wright count?
  9. Jerry MaGuire for soundtrack, Untouchables for score
  10. Princess Mononoke

Phew, I made it.

AngelicBastard59 karma

Yes, I'm still here asking questions :) Who do you look up to? Also, what got you started?

cinemasins88 karma

My brother, and maybe Cal Ripken.

LeSquidliestOne56 karma

Why does your voice kick in in my head whenever I watch movies now? Also, that damn ding

cinemasins77 karma

It's the Pavlovian thing, I think. :)

karen6249 karma

Is there any chance you guys are going to do more Move Recipe videos at Sinema? The chef's Little Mermaid and Lion King dishes were the best looking and most creative, of all of them.

cinemasins48 karma

Maybe. We're trying to get out to New York for the next batch, and we have several coming soon from our Atlanta trip.

Koonboi43 karma

Have you ever considered Livestreaming on Twitch? Even if it's just the podcast taping before you edit it down, or drunk video games.

cinemasins110 karma

I have considered it. But I SUCK at video games. We probably won't ever do a filmed version of the podcast live, but we may try to get it on YouTube at some point.

cinemasins72 karma

I swear I answered this, but now it's gone. Short answer: probably not.

Koonboi41 karma

Are there any podcasts you listen to or enjoy?

What TV shows are you excited for currently?

EDIT: Boths of yous guys if you have an answer. Don't want Barrett to feel left out.

cinemasins65 karma

I'm pretty pumped for the next season of Better Call Saul.

The Modern Horrors podcast is awesome, if you like horror.

CottonSC40 karma

Whats your relationship with Screen Junkies looking like these days? As far as I'm aware you guys have always been at the very least amicable, but with all the success of their Screen Junkies + program, I believe I've only seen y'all collaborate once. Also, you guys in the market for an intern?

cinemasins63 karma

We love those guys. They just operate out of L.A. and we're in Nashville. So to collaborate we have to go out there, which hasn't happened in a while.

TheMediocreist38 karma

What's your favorite topic you have talked about on the Sincast? And what was your favorite year of movies you have discussed thus far?

cinemasins62 karma

Movie theater stories are so much fun. Probably 1999.

flippingasian233 karma

Hey there! Big fan of your work and thanks for doing this AMA.

I have two questions: 1. I know some sins are added just for the sake of comedy so excluding these types of sins, what is the movie that contains the fewest flaws in your opinion?

  1. Would all movies be at least a LITTLE better if they all contained a scene with a lap dance?

Lastly, I'd just like to point out that thanks to you guys, every time I hear a movie say its title during the film I automatically say "roll credits" out loud.

cinemasins45 karma

I think something like Inception would still be low in sins even without the jokes.

And no, not all movies are made better by lap-dances, though the Id in me thinks so.

SmokePB27 karma

What film (or films) that you've done sin videos of were the hardest to pick sins out of?

cinemasins139 karma

Les Mis was incredibly hard because there's so much important information presented in song. And I hated that movie.

cs123455432125 karma

How did the "roll credits" become a thing?

cinemasins63 karma

It's a gag my college friend Josh and I used to do when we watched movies.

xsailerx24 karma


I'm deaf and I really appreciate that you use captions with your videos. Thanks so much for thinking about accessibility.

However, I have two questions:

  1. Why do you do hard captions and not the YouTube closed caption system?
  2. Why isn't the dialog in the movies captioned? Sometimes it is significant to the sin and I miss out on that.

cinemasins38 karma

We do hard captions because YouTube's caption system is super unreliable and faulty.

We don't caption the dialogue because... I honestly dont' have a good answer for that. Sorry.

NeededKoalafications23 karma

Any more untold theater stories?

cinemasins38 karma


wielku20 karma

What do you think of GamingSins?

cinemasins57 karma

I don't have much of an opinion. I haven't watched it.

AngelicBastard16 karma

What's the line you guys always quote? What movie is it from?

cinemasins34 karma

I think, aside from Seinfeld and Simpsons stuff, I probably quote Knocked Up or 40-Year-Old Virgin the most, for whatever reason.

chancep1915 karma

What's one movie that had a limited theatrical release or went to Video on demand would you most likely or most want to do a sins video on if any?

cinemasins27 karma

Hmmm. I saw this Jessica Biel/James Marsden movie recently that I never saw hit the theaters... it was bad enough I could find plenty of sins. But no one's seen it, so it's not worth it probably.

melonlord500014 karma

What's your opinion on honest trailers?

cinemasins24 karma

They're hilarious.

flaccidcompanion11 karma

What's up with the video podcast? Also sorry to hear about your cat.

cinemasins25 karma

Still considering it. Still not sure how to do it without creating lots of work, since we edit the podcast pretty heavily to cut out all our goofing around.

Bassist8304 karma

Any ideas on what will replace the "best of year X" segment once you catch up to 2016 on the pod?

cinemasins8 karma

Several ideas. Not ready to announce one yet though.

Gaming_Earbuds3 karma

What were you doing before Cinema Sins, and what series of events led up to the creation of Cinema Sins?

cinemasins9 karma

Chris was working at a movie theater and I was struggling to get an online-video-consultant business off the ground. We had about three other channels before this one that flopped or failed... it was trial and error and massive amounts of luck.

WashTheBurn2 karma

What got CinemaSins started?

cinemasins11 karma

Anger. We had a supercut channel where we stitched movies down to repetitious things (like all the swearing in Pulp Fiction) and we got some copyright notices and I got angry. So we set out to find a format that would be fair use but still let us play with movie footage.

flotador72 karma

Have you ever seen Veronica Mars?

If you have, what's your opinion of it?

cinemasins8 karma

Yeah. I liked it a lot.

ThePorthRemembers2 karma

The podcast is quickly running out of years to select the "Best of". Do you all have an idea of a way to fill the void when it arrives, or is the current plan to just fill the space with listener questions?

cinemasins6 karma

We've got lots of ideas. We'll see what works and what doesn't and muddle through.

supbro20002 karma

are you affiliated with cinema wins?

cinemasins16 karma


blackfyreoutlaw2 karma

Have you ever considered using a points system to determine the "best movie of the year" on the Sincast? For example, each person would nominate their top 3 films, with a first pick movie is worth 5 points, second place 3, third place 1 point. Then the movie with the highest total could be selected as the winner, which to me would be better than the system where a fifth tier movie gets picked, a la When Harry Met Sally.

cinemasins2 karma

A couple of our future topic ideas to replace "best of the year" would involve a points system. Here we are just being democratic. :)

3thanguy72 karma

Is there a movie you refuse to sin?

cinemasins17 karma

No, but I'm on record saying I'll never watch Secret Life of Pets, so if we sin that... it's on Chris and our writers.

liamquane2 karma

What do you think of those people who have started their own Sins channels? How much do they owe you and how many fingers are you taking? Yes, that was a leading question. No, I'm not sorry. :~P

cinemasins12 karma

It's hard to view that kind of thing as anything other than a sign of our channel's success, so I don't get worked up about it either way.

Brinkmann842 karma

I like your stuff and I enjoyed it during my college time most. I always thought the guy behind must have a disorder or some mentally or physically disabling, sorry if this is offensive Im not good English, feature. So are you diagnosed with something?

cinemasins4 karma

Um. I have anxiety issues and 47% hearing loss. NOt sure that answers your question, but...

MrPurpleUrkel1 karma

What happened to your conversation with myself and drunk gaming videos? I actually really enjoyed them and miss them.

cinemasins3 karma

The drunk gaming vids were not popular really, though they are obviously fun to make. The conversation videos just take so much time I find it hard to carve out a 5-hour chunk to write, memorize, shoot, and edit them. Hope to do another one soon though.

MagicMarky071 karma

Best wishes for your cat! My question is: If there were to be an adaptation of The Ables, whom would you hire to direct the film?

cinemasins3 karma

Brad Bird, assuming I would have any say over that, which I would not.

[deleted]1 karma


cinemasins4 karma

Thanks! Glad you liked it. And no, I doubt it will ever be filmed, and they certainly would never let me direct it because i have zero experience.

louisi_animal1 karma

What is the one type of sin that bothers you the most in movies?

cinemasins5 karma

The deus ex machinas bother me greatly. Lazy character development like Emmerich's "terrible fathers" and "dogs in danger."

NoahTaylorOnYT1 karma

Have you ever watched either of the Silent Hill movies? And if you have, will you ever sin them? Because Cinemasins is my favorite movie channel on YouTube and I've been waiting for you to destroy Revelations. That movie is the bane of my existence.

cinemasins2 karma

I haven't, but I think Chris liked the first one.

NqT31 karma

Will you ever do TV Sins? Like just doing the 1st episode and judging it off of that or?

cinemasins3 karma

To do it right, we'd have to do all the episodes, and that's just too much work.

Mr-Inkognito1 karma

What's your date movie?

cinemasins6 karma

Pride & Prejudice (The Keira Knightly one)