I'm an actor and comedian whose projects include Billy on the Street on TruTV, Difficult People on Hulu, Parks and Recreation and Bob's Burgers! Billy on the Street just had its season 5 premiere and airs on Tuesdays at 10:30/9:30c on truTV. I also love social media and interacting with my fans. Ask me anything!

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charlielovespizza1771 karma

Will you ever do Billy in the Sheets?

billyeichner1510 karma

Fuck yeah!

browncd81742 karma

Are you still upset about the lack of Ratatouille representation at Disneyworld/Disneyland?

billyeichner1977 karma


OveraHype1134 karma

For a dollar, What goes up and down but still remains in the same place?

billyeichner2948 karma

My career???

dankcrabcake937 karma

Do you ever think you look like the handsome Shrek from Shrek 2?

billyeichner1574 karma

I look like MOANA!!!

jalapenojck895 karma

Where does the character of Billy on the Street end and Billy Eichner begin? Do you think it's hard for people to seperate you from the guy yelling about Meryl Streep? Is this an issue with friends and dating?

billyeichner3207 karma

I think with all of my other appearances - Difficult People and all the talk shows etc people now realize its a character. And if they dont they are stupid. I have many friends and dates, I am very sexy and popular.

kevinpalmer859 karma

Your Grinder bit on Conan was hilarious. Is that something is staff brings to you or did you have a hand in crafting it?

billyeichner1102 karma

His staff came up with that one! I love Conan

lauralei99642 karma

Ok, last question from me. Have you ever had a celebrity on Billy on the Street who just didn't get it?

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billyeichner613 karma

Ok guys it's Billy here signing off! Thanks so much for all of your questions!! And remember to watch an all new BILLY ON THE STREET TONIGHT!!! 10:30/9:30c on TruTV!!!

gabscer604 karma

Is Cate Blanchett a good actress or is she just tall?

billyeichner637 karma

She's one of the best!

kitteninashoe563 karma

Would you invite Nas back for a redemption segment??

billyeichner688 karma


xfilesbtvs517 karma

Did Craig and Jean Ralphio ever get to go horseback riding together? Please get together with Ben Schwartz and film it.

Ps lots of love from Australia

billyeichner401 karma

Hi Australia!!! I need to visit there!

KittenSwagger379 karma

I love your work Billy, but enough about you. What did you think of Denzel Washingtons performance in Phantom of the Opera?

billyeichner415 karma


stttgttt338 karma

Hey Billy, the "Bob Dylan or Anal" segment you did was one of the funniest episodes I've seen...but why restrict yourself? Anal WITH Bob Dylan?

billyeichner685 karma

Then I would deserve the Nobel Prize.

unomachine282 karma

Billy, my favorite segment of yours is "Does Shakira Know What This Is?" with Patton Oswalt. I have watched it probably over 30x. My question to you is: Why are you possibly the funniest gay of all time?

billyeichner1007 karma

Why funniest "gay"? Don't marginalize me!!! #TrumpsAmerica

fawltywiring254 karma

Did you have any idea that Seth Rogen's mom was going to tweet about your segment with him or was that a surprise?

(For those who don't know: https://twitter.com/RogenSandy/status/800887733958819840?lang=en)

billyeichner340 karma

total surprise and i thought it was hilarious

_PMMeSomethingNice_230 karma

I love you, you motherfucker! What is your favorite movie and/or TV show from the 80s?

Also, would you say ''fuck you'' to me please?

billyeichner545 karma

FUCK YOU!!! And its The Golden Girls duh

iMachado23230 karma

Your favorite episode to shoot on Parks & Rec??

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SP821198 karma

Which guest on Billy on the Street have you slept with or want to sleep with the most if you could?

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Terry_Carlton67189 karma

Based on your segment with Sean Hayes, who is the most famous person you have in your phone?

billyeichner482 karma

Hmmm..maybe Poehler?

maroonmonday178 karma

What would you say to someone who has never heard of you to make them want to watch one of your shows?

billyeichner796 karma

its for people who have a brain who like funny things and arent basic mainstream motherfuckers

pm_me_kitty_cats175 karma

Will you be releasing an album anytime soon? Glitter and Ribs is always stuck in my head.


billyeichner209 karma

wow thanks for remembering Glitter and Ribs - that is really one of the best things ive done i think

FancyJackalope166 karma

How fun was it to work with Lin-Manuel Miranda and are you guys besties now?

billyeichner391 karma

ive known Lin for over 10 years - we used to perform at the same small comedy theaters in NY way back when

ikcubose162 karma

What type of ice cream should I eat?

billyeichner357 karma


billyeichner343 karma

Or Butter Pecan!

monkinaround158 karma

What should we do with Tila Tequila?

billyeichner653 karma

Not much

FourScore7Beers131 karma

Are you as shocked as the rest of us that Elena is a pop culture sensation?

billyeichner237 karma

Nope, funniest person in the world other than Julie Klausner

_PMMeSomethingNice_127 karma

Who would you marry, kill and fuck? Jessica Chastain, Kathy Griffin, Emma Stone. Go!

billyeichner475 karma

Marry Emma Stone, Fuck Jessica, Kill Kathy (she'll survive - NOTHING can kill KATHY GRIFFIN)

FingerPokeOfDoom126 karma

Why are you only wearing a purple shirt for everything in this new season?

billyeichner395 karma


gamma_wow119 karma

Any plans to broadcast Difficult People in the UK?

Best Parks and Recreation filming story?

billyeichner443 karma

I hope DP gets to the UK very soon but haven't heard anything! Loved filming Donna's wedding party on P&R. And Aziz made me do the "She Drove Me Here!" line over and over cause he loved it so much haha - He's on Billy on the Street in a few weeks!

HeilKeingBeilGroo106 karma

Hey Billy! I like you. Your show is good.

Q: What did you cut from the Michelle Obama episode?

billyeichner186 karma

Not much, just a handful of questions cause it was too long

steady_riot105 karma

Will you have Elena narrate the audiobook of your memoir?

billyeichner141 karma


haydterade99 karma

I love Billy on the Street and Difficult People and all of the Craig scenes on Parks and Rec so much and I think you'll be the funniest person on Earth once Martin Short dies.

My question: Would Drew Barrymore like this new season of Billy on the Street?

billyeichner233 karma

Yes but she would forget when its on

siegreyu86 karma

How did you get so smoking hot all of sudden? This is a legitimate question I wish to know the answer to.

billyeichner176 karma

working out a lot and more cardio than i used to do

willyreddit82 karma

What's next? Loved you in Parks and Rec and your dynamite in bobs burgers (Witch please!) hope to see/here more of you on BBs


billyeichner158 karma

i have a few others shows - Billy on the Street airs TONIGHT on Tru TV at 10:30, plus Difficult People on Hulu and a new series Friends From College next year on Netflix. I also have a fun lil cameo in Hairspray Live in a few weeks

fuxwithgouda78 karma

Hi Billy! You're stupid hot. How do you keep your voice healthy?

billyeichner131 karma

Well thank you...and nothing really...sleep as much as I can

countess_meow74 karma

First I wanted to thank you for tweeting about the upcoming election for Senate in Louisiana. To stay local... Do you think Elena could get David Duke to change his views?

billyeichner187 karma

youre welcome! and god i dont know...i guess if anybody could...david duke can suck my dick

marose1663072 karma

How do you feel now that Trump is President-elect? I know that you supported the #imwithher campaign

billyeichner382 karma

He makes me sick and his comrades are even worse - its a nightmare I am prepared to fight!

gabscer64 karma

You should sing more often on TV, have you thought of segments on Billy On The Street where you could show off that voice?

billyeichner111 karma

I would love to sing more, not sure I'd do it on Billy on the Street though...but you never know!

TheRiseOfMaths54 karma

Thanks for doing this! I'm a big fan. Difficult People is hands down the best original program on Hulu. You're fantastic and the writing is incredible.

You were stellar on Parks and Rec, my favorite side character. Do you have a favorite moment from that show? Did you learn anything from that cast that you apply towards your projects/career going forward?

Thanks, again!

billyeichner77 karma

It was a very relaxed set so i guess I learned that things dont always need to be frantic to be good...not always my go to philosophy haha...

R1ckJamesBitch52 karma

Sometimes when I see you play the game "for a dollar," you don't give the person a dollar even though they answered correctly. Are you pocketing the money?

billyeichner66 karma

Ha no

pizzasafety47 karma

Some of my favorite segments are the ones where you get really political eg, "Mark Twain or Eddie Murphy" and "Queen Latifah or a Brave Person". Do you get any pushback on that stuff from the network? Will there be more in store this season?

billyeichner116 karma

No thankfully - I have final cut on the show - and yes we played "Immigrant or Real American?" last week and there are more coming up

caltrask5546 karma

Billy, I am such a HUGE fan of Difficult People. Any word on S3?

billyeichner120 karma

They are writing it now - we start shooting in March!

JohannaKoo45 karma

How is Elena doing after the election? I saw the clip where she said she might kill herself if trump were elected. Also, was she ever able to get rid of her phone stalker?

billyeichner87 karma

She's ok. She' a survivor and she'll be on Billy on the Street for the first time this season next Tues!!!

rdlenix44 karma

You bring so much joy into my life and after moving to NYC it has been my dream to get screamed at on the street by you! Excited by all you have achieved and look forward to more.

What would you say your greatest life philosophy is?

billyeichner91 karma

Hmmm....trust your vision and fight to the death for what you want

Jfm50943 karma

If you could be any dog breed which would you be?

billyeichner168 karma

An ENORMOUS sheepdog

curmudge_john43 karma

What game show do you think you would do best as a contestant?

billyeichner183 karma

Billy on the Street

Danskinner4040 karma

I have to ask Billy this is kind of tacky but it's my chance we've noticed you getting better and better looking have you had some work done?

billyeichner205 karma

Yes, full body head to toe has been completely redone thank you for noticing

sandypassage39 karma

Was that Nas moment as awkward as it looked?

billyeichner99 karma


thaliagrace9237 karma

Hi Billy! Love the show. I have two questions: 1. Do you reach out to celebrities to be on your show or do they approach you to be on your show? 2. Have you thought about doing a segment with Ellen DeGeneres? I think you two would be really great together!

Sending love from Canada :)

billyeichner92 karma

  1. A mix of the two.
  2. Would love to shoot with Ellen! I'll be on Ellen for the first time in Jan!!! So excited.

GloriousKind36 karma

Billy, you make me laugh harder than anyone on TV. Have you ever been hit while doing BotS?

billyeichner61 karma

No but Thank you!!

easinelephant30 karma

For a dollar would you play the kazoo during a Kenneth Branagh monologue?

billyeichner53 karma

Meh probably not

DontPanicDent27 karma

Hey Billy! Been a huge fan of yours since you were on FoD and covered Madonna at the Super Bowl. Any chance for a Billy on the Street and Impractical Jokers crossover?

Please say no.

Also, you're super talented beyond berating people for their pop culture/personal opinions, do you have any desire to do any serious/dramatic roles on stage or on film?


P.S. Send Elena my love!

billyeichner42 karma

wow, thank you!! As for IJ...no.

And yes definitely want to take on some other roles when time allows!

lauralei9925 karma

Billy, I'm a huge fan! Loved you on James Corden last night. When did you realize you had "that voice"? Did you use it on your teachers/parents growing up?

billyeichner62 karma

Thank you! Singing was the first talent i realized i had as a kid - really wanted to do Broadway - still do! I was a theater major at Northwestern!

iamreading24 karma

Did u ever work as a waiter? You're very convincing in the Hulu show

billyeichner71 karma

Very briefly, I was a terrible waiter but a good bartender

jbeechy23 karma

What game would you play if you got Trump to come onto the show?

billyeichner172 karma

Will never, ever be invited

gripmastah23 karma

If you could have anyone on your show dead or alive, who do you thing you'd have the most fun with?

billyeichner53 karma

Kate Winslet

speechnerd10822 karma

What do you miss most about living in/near Chicago?

billyeichner78 karma


rbendici20 karma

Exactly whose dreams are you making come true?

billyeichner45 karma

Figure it out...

Mek1119 karma

Is there anything more to life than just being ridiculously good looking?

billyeichner39 karma

not really

pm_me_kitty_cats19 karma

What has been your favorite segment you've guest starred in? Helping Conan with Grindr was by far my favorite!!

billyeichner41 karma

Loved Conan on Grindr and every appearance with Letterman and the Emmys with Seth Meyers

iamreading19 karma

Do u cry from laughing when u hang out w Julie?

billyeichner30 karma


DawnM201618 karma

Love you, thank you for the laughs and your big-ass heart! Will you ever do a show with Meryl?? And are you truly happy? I hope you find love and joy, you deserve it!

billyeichner33 karma

ha thats very nice - thank you!! As for Meryl...maybe one day...

fakename31118 karma

A huge media conglomerate gives you a nearly blank check to make some kind of art. (Book, movie, tv show, painting, poem, no limits) what do you make?

billyeichner44 karma


pikadrew16 karma

I watch you from the UK. I love Billy On The Street and adore Difficult People. Do you have any other projects in the works? Also P.S. Can you tell me to fuck off? If you want to embellish your insult I'm a 35 year old IT Contractor with 3 dogs.

billyeichner36 karma

I on a new series on Netflix next year called Friends with College with Keegan Michael Key, Fred Savage and Cobie Smulders and a great cast!

Namastay_inbed14 karma

Thanks for your show. I've been watching since you were only on YOUTUBE! I hope some day you make it to Bravo. You're hilarious and I've tinkled while watching. Who has been your favorite guest, besides Nas? Where do you hope to take things next? And I'd like to take you to lunch some time. Thanks Billy.

billyeichner50 karma

Why Bravo?

Bulletproofdork11 karma

Whats going to happen to Chris Christie? Im worried about him

billyeichner72 karma

Jail hopefully

alucard33311 karma

On average how much of your own work do you watch every week?

billyeichner34 karma

Nothing other than when I'm editing BOTS episodes

iamreading10 karma

What's your go to karaoke song?

billyeichner21 karma

not a big karaoke guy

Amj94126 karma

What is your favorite episode of Difficult People?

billyeichner11 karma

hmmm...hard to say..love the episode where I go visit Fred Armisen from season 1...love the Italian PiƱata and Carter from S2

darkmex136 karma

What are 3 things you get turned off by?

billyeichner22 karma

stupid people, trump voters, bad reality shows, stupid basic choices made by movie execs in Hollywood

LawfulStupid3 karma

Billy, for a dollar, is Colin Jost a douchebag or what?

billyeichner12 karma

Didnt like that stupid joke, thats for sure :/

lauralei993 karma

Have you ever run into Eddie Murphy since you did Mark Twain or Eddie Murphy on your show?

billyeichner6 karma

I havent...

bart25253 karma

Have you seen Moonlight yet?

billyeichner3 karma

No but really want to

B12143 karma

Billy!! I love you so much and your shameless ability to harass people! Thank you for making me and my friends crack up constantly.

What was your inspiration for starting Billy on the Street?

Also, I was super excited to hear you were going to be a part of HAIRSPRAY LIVE! What drew you to the project and are you going to be doing more musical theatre related things soon?

billyeichner7 karma

would love to do some broadway at some point..hard to balance broadway and tv shooting schedules but hopefully one day

floridadude1232 karma

You once approached me for one your bits on the street, and I didn't make the show.

I presume that you cut out anyone who disproves your point or kills your punchline?

billyeichner6 karma

well yeah if its not funny or you're boring you get cut

floridadude1232 karma

But I really wanted that threeway. False advertising.

billyeichner2 karma


YukonColinius2 karma

When did you get so buff? ;)

billyeichner3 karma

Last Tuesday

ATerribleNerd2 karma

As someone who's seen you perform in various roles on tv but has never known who you are, I have now binged every publicly available episode of both Difficult People as well as Billy on the Street and now follow you on twitter.

My question is, in your opinion, why is it only now in the last year and a half that you're popularity and relevancy has skyrocketed?

billyeichner3 karma

not sure...a lot of different, unique and well reviewed projects all happening at once i guess, thankfully...

Billeigh7242 karma

Hey Billy, it's Billy, and I love you. BOtS and DP are my favorite shows. Wondering if you have reached out to any celebrities to come on either show who turned you down? Name names please :)

billyeichner3 karma

Oh yes many! Lol

coreymaceachern2 karma

If Joan Rivers came back to life for one day and she turned on the news and saw what was going on, what do you think she would say and how do you think she would react?

billyeichner5 karma

i think she'd make fun of everyone involved on both sides...she was friends with Trump so that wouldve been interesting...