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My name is Sebastian Evans and I am a composer! Currently, you can hear my music in Nickelodeon's animated series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is about to celebrate its 100th episode! I have also scored other cool animated projects including Ben 10: Omniverse, Transformers: Animated, and Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go. I have wanted to be a composer since I first heard John William's music for Star Wars, and learned that this was a possible job! Some of my other influences include Raymond Scott, Edvard Grieg, Thomas Newman, Timbaland and Tool.

Also, my favorite Ninja Turtle is Donatello.

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Also, check out this exclusive clip posted today from the upcoming 100th episode!

Finally, please check out my Huffington Post interview which dropped today!

Ask Me Anything!

EDIT: Thank you everyone for your great questions. It was so much fun! I'm sorry that I type slow. Please follow me on twitter and facebook to keep up with my projects and music. See you again soon! Booyakasha!

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Tattoomyvagina10 karma

You're probably the single most qualified person to answer this question: What's the best way to get a song unstuck from your head?

Sebastian_Evans23 karma

Get a different song stuck in your head.

throwjack9 karma

What is the craziest sound you have ever used in a score?

Sebastian_Evans10 karma

My voice. Heavily tweaked out. My voice sucks.

seehocks6 karma

Hi there! Fellow musician here. Been playing several instruments (predominantly the guitar) for a very long time. How did you break the barrier of just being another average musician and turn into a composer responsible for so many awesome programs?

Sebastian_Evans7 karma

Thank you for the compliment. Short answer: Moved to LA, met some great people and got my demos around.

IKingJeremy4 karma

Why is Donatello your favorite Ninja Turtle?

Sebastian_Evans11 karma

Because he’s the best! He’s kind of underrated in my opinion. He’s like R2-D2, Q from James Bond, and Woody Allen rolled into one person.

llikegiraffes4 karma

As someone who knows very little about what it takes to be a composer (let alone for animation), what do you spend most of your time doing? In other words, what's a normal workday?

Sebastian_Evans4 karma

Its basically me walking around, humming all day, thinking about a scene. This is while I'm doing other things, such as working out, showering, picking up my kids. Its a great job that allows me to be flexible and creative! :)

this_ones_mostly_goo4 karma

If you could have a conversation with any musician in history, who would it be and why?

Sebastian_Evans7 karma

Probably George Gershwin. Why? It's George Gershwin! Also, My other musical inspirations probably didn't speak English.

Shamrock634 karma

So you have a favorite turtle, but how about favorite monkey from SRMTHG?

Sebastian_Evans3 karma

Antauri, definitely!

jackson239163 karma

what do you hope to work on next?

Sebastian_Evans5 karma

I'm pretty open and really like all genres. But I'm itching to do something set in space! Star Wars- ish. Star Trek-ish. You get it.

IKingJeremy3 karma

What are the most difficult aspects of your job, and what do you find the most rewarding?

Sebastian_Evans6 karma

Time! Time is the most difficult part. Deadlines are no joke. The most rewarding is that I get to have a career composing. There’s a lot of great composers out there and I’m just grateful I get to do it.

Popnfried2 karma

Have you ever considered other careers than composing?

Sebastian_Evans2 karma

Nope. I've pretty much wanted to do this since I was 7.

AbeLink1011 karma

What was the first instrument that you played? Did you have any particularly influential teachers?

Sebastian_Evans1 karma

My 1st instrument was Piano. I did have great teachers. Ida Orr (piano teacher) Bruce Tipton (middle school band teacher). Lisa Buringrud (high school band teacher)

Monkey_Paste1 karma

What is the craziest place you've ever traveled to? Do you collect exotic instruments at all?

Also, which animal do you think would be the best at composing? Have you ever used turtle sounds in your score??? :P

Sebastian_Evans2 karma

Salem Oregon for an Amway meeting when I was a freshman in High School. I don't get out much.

bettywhitestillives1 karma

I love TMNT!!! I'm a musician and am considering studying music. Who are some of your favorite classical composers? And what's on your Most Played in your iTunes??

Sebastian_Evans2 karma

Michael Giacchino, Thomas Newman, Nobuo Uematsu, John Williams James Horner, Danny Elfman, George Gershwin, Jeff Beal, Bear McCreary, Tchaikovsky, Edvard Grieg, Raymond Scott... this could go on forever.

iTunes most played? Let me check...

Outlander, A Moon shaped Pool (Radiohead), Popstar Soundtrack, Phase (Jack Garratt), Mezzanine (Massive Attack)

throwjack1 karma

Who is your favorite Jack?

What is your favorite card game?

Sebastian_Evans1 karma

Probably... Luscious "Jack" son. That counts.

Old Maid.

Popnfried1 karma

What do you do when you are not composing?

Sebastian_Evans3 karma

Mostly building Legos. Kicking' it with my Kids.

lula24881 karma

In 2016, what is something you are still using that is considered long outdated?

Sebastian_Evans1 karma

Cubase. LOL But I don't care! I've tried the new DAWS. CUBASE & NUENDO 4 LIFE. lol

Popnfried1 karma

What is an instrument you tried to play but just failed so hard at?

Sebastian_Evans2 karma

Woah. This is gonna sound borderline dooshy but I've never failed at an instrument I've tried to play. I pick up some faster than others but I always.... wait. Scratch that. French Horn. Totally failed it.

justicebeaverfever1 karma

Do you perform live music ever? What is the biggest venue you have performed at?

Sebastian_Evans1 karma

I haven't performed anything live in a really long time. I do hope to in the future. Biggest venue? Performing Arts Center in Vacaville, CA. lol

Tandyman50001 karma

First I want to congratulate you for you success,who give you the first opportunity in the industry?

Sebastian_Evans1 karma

Thank you so much! In the industry in general that would have to be Aaron Simpson and Matt Danner who was doing a pilot program for Warner Brothers at the time. The person who gave me my 1st TV show opportunity was Ciro "The Man" Nieli. Ciro really believed in me and pushed for me for SRMTHFG.

Sebastian_Evans1 karma

Awesome news! My Huffington Post interview just published during this AMA! -- Everyone please check it out :)

imagine_10_years1 karma

Hi Sebastian - Thanks for hanging out. Big fan of your work. What was your favorite part about working on TMNT, and how does it differ from other animated series? Would you say it is the show you are most proud of?

Sebastian_Evans1 karma

Thank you for being a fan. Probably working on a franchise I grew up idolizing as a child. Turtles differs from other shows in the sense that the style and instrumentation can change from episode to episode. I would say yes, it is the show I'm most proud of to date.

FriedCheese11 karma

What is your favorite kind of cheese?

Sebastian_Evans1 karma

Vermont White Cheddar!

dr_drangus1 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

Also, which TMNT episode was the most challenging to score?

Sebastian_Evans3 karma

T-Rex. Obviously. The season finale of Season 4 was definitely the most challenging.

MattBaster1 karma

What drafts have you composed that, although it may have sounded good at the time, now make you cringe if you re-visit them?

Sebastian_Evans3 karma

All of them. LOL I have to say I'm never 100% happy with the final. But I hear that is very common in my line of work. Little things I would perfect nag at me.

IKingJeremy1 karma

What television shows and recent films do you believe have the best music composition?

Sebastian_Evans4 karma

shows: Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Walking Dead, Elena of Avalor… too many to name.

justicebeaverfever1 karma

How long does it usually take you to write a song from start to finish? Not including recording, mixing, and mastering.

Sebastian_Evans3 karma

Hmm. It varies. Cues are short. It can take anywhere from 1 hour to 6 hours for any given cue. It all depends on the scene that's being scored.

BigNikiStyle1 karma

With whom would be your dream collaboration and on what project to work on would be your dream project?


Sebastian_Evans7 karma

I’ve dreamt of creating a score for a TV show set in a world based on the video game “Crimson Skies”. If I had it my way it would be an HBO produced show that would run for 6 seasons (12 episodes per season). The show would be written by Lawrence Kasdan and Robert Rodat and directed by Ridley Scott. Jordan Weisman, the creator of the world, would be on board to advise various aspects of production. It would star Ryan Reynolds as the lead character Nathan Zachary. I’d do the score, of course, and from time to time we’d have special music written by Jack White. That’s my dream project. Not that I’ve thought about it that much.

mello_cello331 karma

What advice do you have for aspiring composers? :)

Sebastian_Evans3 karma

1st-learn music theory. 2nd-develop your own style. 3rd-Move to where the people and work are. Steps 4-274 you will learn when you start. lol

Popnfried1 karma

Do the ninja turtles ever play any music in the show? Do you write those songs & lyrics?

What instrument from a jazz band do you think Donatello would be best at?

Sebastian_Evans3 karma

There's a dream sequence in the 3rd season where the turtles are playing death metal. Donnie, Hmm. Probably Triangle? I feel like his musical ability would be lacking. Nobody's perfect!

Scarlite_1 karma

Who's your favourite villain from the TMNT series?

Sebastian_Evans3 karma

Shreddar. Always.