Hello Reddit! Sarah Greenmore here! After the enormous success of the AMA I did last August, I've been wanting to come back and spend hours huddled over my computer feverishly typing away to your questions about being a sex worker, questions about sex, clients, stds, fetishes, porn and anything else you've wanted to know about the sex industry.

The Moonlite BunnyRanch is a legal brothel outside of Reno, Nevada that gained notoriety in the mid 00's from the HBO Series Cathouse. It is one of the few establishments in Nevada where adults can visit a sex worker legally. And this is where my friend Hollywood and I work!

My name is Sarah Greenmore, I've been working at the Bunny Ranch for almost three years. I've written articles about sex work for The Independent and The Daily Star and love to answer questions about a much misunderstood industry.

With me is "Hot Ass" Hollywood, voluptuous porn-star, Scoreland, Hustler magazine starlet. She's been working at BunnyRanch for two and a half years. This is her first time on Reddit, help pop her cherry (fo free!) Hollywood is as sweet as can be and is very excited to be apart of this experience.

The Moonlite BunnyRanch will be featured on Lisa Ling's This Is Life series on CNN this Sunday (10/23) "21st Century Brothels". Be sure to check out the show as both Hollywood and I will be on air. Lisa came to the BunnyRanch last year to better understand what happens in a legal brothel, the clients, the women who work here and our stories.

Here is our Video Proof for you all! Youtube Linkage

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tbreidr61 karma

Have you come across a hearthwarming experience / story while doing you job?

SarahGreenmore91 karma

I have! I don't want to go into specifics because I know many of my clients will read this - but there are moments you step back and this job becomes way more than just sex. We give virgins with disabilities the intimacy they're denied, we help couples form stronger bonds. I've held people while they cried on my shoulder. You create lasting bonds with the clients you see and you become invested in them personally. That's some of the best feelings you can take away from this.

tbreidr23 karma

I've seen a deep emotional documentarie about virgins with disabilites lately, which was actually what led towards my question. You're truly doing a great job! I feel like this positive aspect is never or at least not often enough highlighted as a part of the industry.

SarahGreenmore29 karma

I have had many disabled clients and this is a place where people can come and be treated like any other client with dignity and respect.

CheesewithWhine13 karma

we help couples form stronger bonds.


SarahGreenmore26 karma

Giving each other a fantasy they've always wanted.

DirtyDan3324 karma

Do you charge by the hour or by the ability to finish? Like if I finish up in 10 seconds do I still have 59 minutes and 50 seconds left?

SarahGreenmore41 karma

All the ladies are different, but for me if you've paid for an hour, you have an hour :) We'll talk, shower, I can give you a massage, and we can try to go again.

FootballCTE19 karma

How many of them are married/in relationships?

SarahGreenmore36 karma

I'm not entirely positive as we often don't discuss their personal relationships while they're here. It's not a question that I ever ask - Because what if they're recently widowed or divorced? If they bring up their relationship or want to talk about their partner, I'll engage them.

We do get many couples in and they are some of the friendliest clients!

geeman3718 karma

Have you ever had to deny a client with a clearly visible STD? Does that make things awkward?

SarahGreenmore24 karma

I have yes. We do a visible inspection before we book. I tell them they should seek medical advice and that I can give them a massage or handjob, but other sexual contact I wouldn't be comfortable with.

bignutwilli17 karma

2 questions. One what is the weirdest fetish that someone has ever asked you to take part in? Also has becoming a sex worker made you view sex differently than you did before you started working?

SarahGreenmore38 karma

I get a lot of fetish requests and I find it really exciting to help someone's fantasy come to life. I had a "looner" fetish client recently who enjoyed blowing up balloons together, sitting on them, rubbing them against each other, and popping them. We had a bit of traditional sex after the balloon portion was over. It was fun - I'm a tactile person and could understand how someone can enjoy it.

As far as viewing sex differently, I suppose not sex its self but human intimacy. People are all incredibly complex and most of us are quite fragile. It really makes a difference in someone's life to simply hold them, ask them about their day, and make them feel valuable.

R1ckJamesBitch16 karma

Did you ever climax from one of your clients? Also, do you do women?

SarahGreenmore36 karma

I am usually focused more on their pleasure than my own, but it does happen. :) I like many people can be hard to make orgasm! I knew another woman that had orgasms with every client. Everyone's different but I don't think it invalidates the experience.

I do see women, yes.

Knightrius12 karma

What's your opinion on legalising prostitution nationwide? Do you agree that poor people will be targeted because if this?

SarahGreenmore38 karma

You would have a hard time being poor in a legalized system. We pay almost $400 a month in STD costs out of pocket. Almost $1,000 in room and board, plus unlike in Australia and New Zealand, we must provide all the condoms, lubes, and any other tools such as sex toys, pornography, etc. I bought a massage table. I've furnished my entire room because the furniture was outdated.

As far as legalization goes it favors those 1% - usually women from middle class families, young, predominantly white, definitely preferably mentally stable, 100% physically able women. Unlike in the independent realm we don't employ trans female workers, men, people with handicaps. You work a 12-14 hour shift so if you were to be taking a few appointments a week to support your family now you're looking a a full time 60+ hour work week. That can be exhausting for us, not to mention someone with an anxiety or mood disorder.

Sex workers should be able to manage themselves and their businesses on their own terms.

camopon7 karma

You work a 12-14 hour shift

Why such long hours?

SarahGreenmore9 karma

Because that's what we sign up for. That's what legalization looks like.

happycadaver11 karma

Hi, thanks for doing this!! Any stories of guys offering you drugs during or to pay you in drugs? Something along those lines?? I hear it a lot for strip joints so I'm curious if either of you have dealt with it?

SarahGreenmore28 karma

I get offered Marijuana a lot but I haven't smoked in years. We call our appointments "parties" so unfortunately people have the synonym "party" to mean do meth/coke with an escort.

I will have a few drinks but I wouldn't ever do drugs or get really drunk with a client. I like to remain in control of what's happening. I've seen girls mess up five figure appointments from being too drunk.

harry505010 karma

if u had a character in a down and dirty mortal kombat-style fighting game, what fighting moves would you have?

SarahGreenmore32 karma

Double Ended Dildo Knockout, Full Body Orgasms Paralysis.

Jim1059 karma

Have you worked with couples before?

If so, what did they or can they learn from an expert as yourself?

SarahGreenmore17 karma

Absolutely! I've worked with probably close to two dozen couples. They are usually the most excited and animated about coming to the BunnyRanch. They want to expand their sexual horizons, learn to communicate their desires, communicate their limits, and please their partner.

The big thing that couples come for is usually watching their partner with someone else. Either the man wants to watch the woman with another woman, or the woman wants to watch her man fuck another lady - A big part of the appointment is voyeurism.

I communicate a LOT before, during and after an appointment. Couples come here because they want the most pain-free threesome experience possible. Picking up someone at a bar is risky, asking a friend can be a disaster and looking for someone online can be a full time job - I've been down that route and the threesome willing bisexual female is called a "Unicorn" and they really are that mythical and rare! So we provide a fun, clean, sexually positive environment for people to explore in.

FootballCTE9 karma

How many famous men have you fucked?

SarahGreenmore20 karma

Famous? I guess it depends on your idea of notoriety. I have not hooked up with any of the celebrity clientele that frequents the ranch. :)

FootballCTE8 karma

Do you ever rawdog?

SarahGreenmore33 karma

Nope! Doing "raw" or "bare" ie, without condoms, with our clients in Nevada is actually against the law! We are STD tested once a week and take a lot of precautions against the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

Yougotabeketamine5 karma

What if a condom breaks?

SarahGreenmore10 karma

I've only ever had one condom break but in that case there's really not much we can do. STD can take weeks to show up. We could go to the hospital and get a dose of HIV Antivirals or Plan B at a pharmacy, but that's at our own doing.

roastbeefskins7 karma

What can woman like yourselves and others involved in the industry do to make the stigma of prostitution go away?

SarahGreenmore47 karma

We try every day to educate people about sex workers. It's not always up to us - Civilians should stand up when they see "whorephobia" - Mention that sex workers have been proven to have lower STD rates than civillians, that sex workers do what they do to provide for themselves in the best way they know possible.

And stop making dead hooker jokes. Our murdered colleagues are not funny.

Knightrius7 karma

Do you think there is a market for male prostitutes? Probably in the future?

SarahGreenmore21 karma

There's totally a market, especially for gay/bi escorts. However straight escorts are much more of a rarity. I think as women gain more financial independence and have more purchasing power they could choose to spend their money on sexual entertainment like men do.

AdseyV6 karma

What misconception from the public would you most like to dispel about your profession?

SarahGreenmore17 karma

Sex workers are lazy and disease ridden. I manage Twitter, Instagram, Fetlife, three email address, a message board, my own website, replying to client emails. That's all just online. Then in person I'm giving tours to clients, negotiating appointments and working hard in the actual appointment to show my client a good time.

Workers working independently of a brothel have to screen and write their own ad-copy, book incall and travel to outcall locations.

Its not easy work, its not just "lie on your back".

bozobozo6 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

SarahGreenmore6 karma

Velociraptor ala Jurassic Park.

TheFilthiestCorndog6 karma

Have you ever had a group of young (18-20) clients who came as a group to lose their Virginity? I cannot help but think that if I were in your area I would have put together one hell of a field trip for my D&D group.

SarahGreenmore4 karma

I haven't ever had a group virginity loss party, but that would be interesting! A big orgy, a pool party or in seperate rooms.

We host Bachelor parties although its a bit different concept. Usually just one or two of a party of 6-8 will book an appointment.

kr3ith5 karma

Hi have you ever meet another girl that was being exploited or force to do the same job? If so what did you do?

SarahGreenmore6 karma

I've never met anyone here that was forced. Everyone who's here wanted to be here. I haven't met anyone outside the brothel being coerced into it either. Even in the Red Light in Amsterdam I met many women there and had an appointment with one and none of them seemed exploited.

Slotcardave44495 karma

Question for Sarah. Was wondering if someone could be to old to see you? I'm 55 & have been alone for 23 years, but I'm having a problem with our age difference and was wondering if that was considered for making an appointment. Thank you for listening

SarahGreenmore6 karma

Hello! I do not have an "age limit" to see clients. I may be young in age but I am well traveled and a great conversationalist, I've been told I have an "old soul" :) I suggest emailing me to discuss your ideas and get to know each other better

Youdontrealise5 karma

What would be a ballpark figure to have a threesome with 2 bunny ranch workers?

SarahGreenmore11 karma

We don't discuss prices online, only going into detail in person. I will say that our appointments like to start in four figures, you can have fun for less though.

crackerbarreljoe4 karma

Are different girls priced differently and how does that valuation work?

SarahGreenmore7 karma

All the ladies are independent contractors and set their own prices.

eohorp0 karma

4 figures! I drive through mound house weekly and always think about stopping by but this is why I don't. I've visited mustang and paid more than I wanted to but it was reasonable. That visit was $300 for a very attractive woman for 50/50.

I don't want to hang out, I don't want to sit in the bar and have drinks, I just want a change of scenery for a moment. If I knew I could swing by for a quicky for 200 for less than 20 min and no bullshit, I'd stop by monthly. As is I don't even consider it because of prices. It's like taxes on pot. If states make them too high then it promotes black markets. I see the same thing happening in your industry, prices promote black market.

SarahGreenmore2 karma

200 divided by the 50% brothel cut is $100. Then take out $31 in rent, $69. Then take our our estimated taxes. $35 dollars, that's not including the weekly STD testing. You want to have sex with a legal, std-free, happy sex worker for $35. You have to understand how we look at it. I'm sure you can find a woman to take your $200 party, but its a quick "7 minutes in heaven" and you'll likely need to ask a dozen girls before you get a "yes."

GFY_EH5 karma


SarahGreenmore4 karma

No, I don't.

podboi5 karma

Since you did an AMA previously, did redditors come to your place of work and asked for you to be their worker for their stay at the ranch? What happened, if it's okay to discuss?

SarahGreenmore7 karma

Yes, actually I've met quite a few people who have read the Reddit AMA. Its always great to meet other Redditors. I've been on Reddit for ages. Like Ice-Soap times, ha. Reddit is a big part of my day so I'm happy I get to contribute something people want to read/discuss.

KamillexFox5 karma

Have your ever dated a client ?

SarahGreenmore5 karma

Nope. I don't like to cross that line, it could be dangerous or it could likely get me fired.

seafood104 karma

If you guys weren't in this line of work what do you think you would be doing instead?

SarahGreenmore2 karma

I previously worked in the spa industry. I would likely still be doing that. I'm saving currently to go back to school and open my own business eventually. Spa related most likely, but interior design interests me as well.

MrAcurite4 karma

What kind of internet and social media presence do you have? Who does the finances, the accounting? Do you consider yourself a hospitality business?

What's the environment like, being a technology person for a brothel? As a prospective computer engineer, it seems like something I might be interested in doing for a while.

SarahGreenmore2 karma

I do my own taxes and finances. I'm an independent contractor so I fill out a 1099.

I manage my own Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Fetlife accounts. I have a website and also use our BunnyRanch message boards.

We have a PR person and someone who manages our main website and helps the ladies with their emails and website presence.

Raidernationprez4 karma

Do you feel you are providing a form of therapy for your clients?

SarahGreenmore10 karma

Absolutely. I mentioned in my last AMA that "I'm a therapist that also sometimes touches wieners."

We provide more than just sex, we provide a unique experience and a place for people to feel safe to open up sexually, mentally, emotionally.

MorphineBear4 karma

In California, there's a prop called Proposition 60 that if approved will require porn stars to use condoms. More info https://ballotpedia.org/California_Proposition_60,_Condoms_in_Pornographic_Films_(2016).

What are your opinions on the prop?

SarahGreenmore2 karma

It's more than just porn stars, its anyone creating adult content and it also creates a searchable database of workers names and addresses. Its not about safe sex, its about controlling performers and sex workers.

DragonKingz124 karma

How good will I feel if I subscribe to your services? Will it be hot and wild or short but sweet?

SarahGreenmore4 karma

Your appointment experience depends on what we discuss in person and we always strive to make people happy, preferably multiple times ;)

Potato-Princess4 karma

Hi! I read through ur last AMA in detail and it gave me a very different view of the industry. Id like to say that I respect what you're doing very much. My question is: you said you get women clients in the brothel, so are all workers there bisexual? What if you aren't do you still have to work with them? Thanks :)

SarahGreenmore3 karma

Nope, all ladies here are not bisexual. Some do not take couples. I am bisexual and would see/date women in my non-sex work life, so to be able to be with women here is genuinely fun. :) Especially because I'm usually their first!

We don't ever have to do anything we don't want to do. The other day Hollywood let me know there was a woman in the bar looking for another female. We recommend each other for clients if we're not the best fit.

throwawayforthis693 karma

Asking for a bit of advice. My wife and I both to married at a ping age we were each other's first, she has brought it to my attention that she wants to have sex with someone else but won't because she doesn't want to ruin our relationship. This has really stressed our relationship. I'm not sure how to react with this. I do have a spit roast fetish (if you call it a fetish) but I don't know how I would feel after it's all done and over. How would you handle this?

SarahGreenmore3 karma

Just having sex with someone is not going to ruin a marriage, its the emotions and reactions tied with it. Your wife is interested in exploring sexually and she trusts you enough to tell you this - big thing here is that she's communicating with you her desires but also her fears that it will cause her to lose you. Why has it put stress on your relatipnship? Are you unwilling to let her explore? Losing a partner because they cheated on you is terrible, but denying her the ability to explore will cause problems and she may come to resent you. Would you be open to a swingers club or wife-swapping?

I'm not entirely sure what spit roast fetish is, if you're interested in just tying her up like that or like there's some cannibalism roleplay or torture element involved, but like most things in life - Tit for tat. Does your wife share her interest in your fetish? Is it something you could enjoy together?

How you feel negatively post sex is largely generated by social stigma. Feeling like a freak, a pervent, feeling like you disappointed yourself or others. As long as your play is Sane, Safe, And Consensual, live your life and enjoy the sex you're having.

throwawayforthis695 karma

Spit roast male from behind and male in the front.

SarahGreenmore3 karma

Ah, then that certainly changes things, I don't know why I've never heard it called that. It seems like both your fantasies align then. I suggest going to a swingers club or joining a website such as Fetlife to meet someone who is willing to work within your limits and be respectful of your dynamic.

Cant_Think_For_Shit3 karma

How did fall into this job? Did you aspire to be a legal prostitute?

SarahGreenmore3 karma

I saw the Cathouse TV show as a teenager and always thought it looked interesting. I've always been very sexual and open minded. I needed a change and had always seeked adventure so I came out to Nevada a few years ago. Never looked back. I work with some amazing women and have fun with genuine people. Financially, I make great money and I'm saving to go back to school.

PeachyNinja873 karma

Hi ladies! :)

A guy I'm hooking up with told me how much he enjoys pegging. This is completely new to me and I've never used a strap-on or anything. Could you give me any tips or advice?

SarahGreenmore4 karma


I always suggest that the receiver of anal play cleans themselves out beforehand as this ensures a more enjoyable experience for both parties. Work your way up from smaller to large toys during the session. I don't just go right into anal sex, work into it with foreplay, massage, oral, etc.

Communication is key and making your partner feel comfortable and relaxed.

Lastly, Lube Lube Lube Lube Lube. :)

DeucesCracked3 karma

What are your favorite sexual acts, and do you still have sex for fun outside work?

SarahGreenmore5 karma

Yes, I have sex for fun outside of work :)

I really love blowjobs, I love to try new positions, and I'm an excellent masseuse. I enjoy making people feel their best.

SavedYourLifeBitch3 karma

Curious to know if there are any fetishes that are turned down (furry, pegging, heavy S&M, urination, etc...) and are you allowed to turn down things based off personal comfort level/comfortable w/ client?

SarahGreenmore3 karma

I'm pretty open to most fetishes however I don't want to be seriously hurt - no bruises, no rough slapping. I'm definitely open to pegging and if a client wanted a golden shower, my "shy bladder" cooperating, I would give but not receive.

I'm always allowed to turn down clients, no matter what the reason.

kaylaawesome3 karma

Can anyone apply to work at the Ranch? Do you have to have previous experience in the field?

SarahGreenmore3 karma

Anyone can apply!

rahul_213 karma

Do you think prostitutes are paid less than adult tv stars and do you plan on being one in recent future ?

SarahGreenmore2 karma

That's dependent on the porn star, the sex worker. I'm sure some porn stars make great money. I've done porn, Hollywood does porn currently. Its not something I really enjoy and not something I'm going to continue doing.

Porn does not pay the amazing rates that people would think. I make way more doing private appointments than I would doing porn.

brandinoooooo3 karma

Do you enjoy what you do? How'd you get started doing this?

SarahGreenmore5 karma

I enjoy people and I enjoy making people feel good about themselves. I worked in a day spa before so it was the same feelings I had making brides beautiful on their wedding day. You just feel appreciated.

I worked illegally in Portland and decided to shift to full-legal status in Nevada. Just something new to try :)

return_to_cinder3 karma

Unlike in the independent realm we don't employ trans female workers, men, people with handicaps.

Why not? Is it illegal? Is it too niche?

SarahGreenmore7 karma

Its not profitable and transphobia.

TheBusterk3 karma

Do you frequent any other subreddits. Which are your favourites?

freekygeek23 karma

For a reason besides $$ or DC (STD Check) fail, have you ever refused a party, and if so, can you give an example?

SarahGreenmore8 karma

If someone's being rude to me, I don't accept their appointment. I don't put up with disrespect.

ODI-ET-AMObipolarity3 karma

Have you ever dealt with someone with a crossdressing fetish?

SarahGreenmore5 karma

Yes, I have dressed up men in lingerie and put (their own provided) makeup on them. Sometimes we'll do a forced bisexual thing, maybe he's got a foot fetish, a fashion show together.

hobblingcontractor3 karma

I want a fantasy where the woman changes the toilet paper roll facing a certain way and feeds me bbq pork ribs in a mustard based sauce. How much will that cost me?

SarahGreenmore13 karma

hobblingcontractor2 karma

So you're saying you'll do it for me for free if I post it on /r/madlads afterwards?

Too bad Vegas is on another continent. :( easier to just man up and tell the wife it bugs me, make my own ribs.

Fantasy ruined!

SarahGreenmore9 karma

BunnyRanch is in Reno :)

Make ya own damn ribs!

vedder443 karma

what 5 things would u try to experience if u could be the opposite gender for a day?

SarahGreenmore3 karma

  1. Jerk off
  2. Prostate massage so I actually knew what that felt like

Those are really the only two things I can think of, ha.

Dartirill3 karma

From a perspective inside the industry, what would be the benefits of legalizing and regulating prostitution nationwide? Do you guys have a security team on site in case any customers get aggressive? Thanks, have a great day!

SarahGreenmore6 karma

I don't believe legalization is the best option as it allows a brothel to select who they feel is most profitable (leaving out the majority of WOC, Trans women /men and disabled workers) and if you didn't fall in line with working legally, its like nothing changed. I think sex workers manage themselves well enough to run their own business, pay taxes and protect their health without the extreme government involvement that Nevada has.

New Zealand has a great model.

roastbeefskins3 karma

Is there a union of prostitutes? I'd really love to see an organization that represents prostitutes from all over. Who works on your behalfs for educating the public as well as going to government to promote a better system, such as legalization.

SarahGreenmore8 karma

There is not a union but there is the Red Umbrella Project.

You can personally promote a livable wage and donate to local chapters of Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) in your cities.

Legalization is not a better system. It values a small percentage of women and puts them in working conditions they might not find suitable for their lifestyle. ie - our 12-14 hour shifts and once weekly STD tests.

Dath145 karma

What would be for the best then? Simply decriminalization?

SarahGreenmore4 karma

Yes, this allows for a more broad spectrum of workers to work safely rather than what a brothel deems is "profitable" for their lineup.

whitefox-blackfox2 karma

Any advice you can give a fellow sex worker?

SarahGreenmore2 karma

I guess that depends on what kind of advice you'd like!

Keep your head up, trust your instincts, set high goals.

throawaypornreddit2 karma

Has working as an escort changed your facial appearance? I'm mostly curious about your makeup, hair, etc. Would you say that you've transitioned closer to the stereotypical escort look?

SarahGreenmore1 karma

I worked in a day spa so I've always had a full face of makeup on. There is not "typical" escort look. Some sex workers wear barely any makeup, some love a very done up look.

OneOf112 karma

What are your favourite foods?

All the best, my ex's family used to own a successful legal brothel here in Australia.

SarahGreenmore2 karma

I love seafood and Reno is a bit lacking in great restaurants, coming from Portland... But there's a great Ramen restaurant here.

PandoraBlack2 karma

How do you deal with difficult clients? People who treat you poorly, people who email you and jerk off to your replies with no intention of ever paying you, that sort of thing? Stuff like that was the reason I left the sex work industry.

SarahGreenmore2 karma

It's the same working in retail, in sales, etc you have to put on a happy face and give them their service. However, if they're really pushing my buttons, being condescending, pushing my limits - I say something. I'm not a doormat.

The email thing is difficult, I get a LOT of mail from dudes wanting to hear EXACTLY what it is we're going to do and hold dollar signs over my head. I make people set deposits. If you're not willing to put money down, I don't have any proof you're serious about coming in. I don't get paid to email you, haha.

Xiscis2 karma

What is the youngest age of you clients?

SarahGreenmore3 karma

I've seen men on their 18th birthdays. We get 18-19-20 year olds and older come in with Mom/Dad/Uncle. They pay for them to lose their virginity or have a fun experience.

18 is the minimum and you must bring ID regardless of age.

Xiscis2 karma

Are you interactions with the younglings same as your older clients?

SarahGreenmore2 karma

Younger clients are like energizer bunnies. They go and go and go. They don't need a whole lot of down time before doing able to have sex again. An hour with a >25 year old will be multiple sex sessions where as someone older may be one or two orgasms. Mileage will vary.

ThatDrunkenScot2 karma

What's your best story involving a client? Anything strange like a politician or someone really unique? Also how many people just want to cuddle?

SarahGreenmore2 karma

I don't follow politics, but the brothel is only 15 minutes from the Nevada state capital. If someone in politics came in, I likely wouldn't even know.

Cuddling is part of our appointments but generally not the only part. I do sometimes get just a massage, as I have a full massage set up in my room.

pm-me-ur-window-view1 karma

Hi, thank you for this AMA.

I hope this isn't impertinent. Until what age do you plan to pursue this line of work? What do you plan to do after?

SarahGreenmore1 karma

I'm mainly looking to stay in until I can walk away with a healthy savings, and I want to go to school and open my own business.

Scorp0111 karma

Have you ever hit a guy in the balls (accidentally or intentionally) or wanted to? What happened and how did he react?

SarahGreenmore1 karma

I have only had one "ball busting" client who wanted intentionally wanted me to kick and puch him in the balls.

HuddsMagruder1 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA. I have great respect for your profession and have a firm belief it should be legal nationwide. So many problems stem from sex work being illegal.

With the increased leniency in marijuana laws in recent years, do you gals think prostitution has a chance to see more widespread legalization?

Would you consider traveling to other states' legal establishments if it were to occur?

SarahGreenmore2 karma

I don't think the two can really be compared. Sex work has a long way to go in the public eye. The legislation in the 1970s that passed in Nevada would likely never be touched by career politicians of now.

ConerNSFW1 karma

I think the biggest problem with prostitution is the cost. Not a lot of people want to pay hundreds of dollars for less an hour of entertainment, regardless of the quality.

So have you ever considered doing group sessions? Like a family and friends discount, where you rent out one person to a group of any size. That way they can all split the cost and it works out cheaper for everyone.

Also do you have a refer a friend scheme because it's a good way to get extra business. Offer like a free handjob or something if someone refers a friend and then a free blowjob for every thousand dollars their friend spends.

SarahGreenmore2 karma

This is a luxury service. If you don't feel the cost is justifiable you can see much more "affordably" priced sex workers - but our clients are buying into the peace of mind of legality and discretion. For many the Bunny Ranch is a bucket list experience. We like to set prices at a point where we feel we are getting a return on our investment being here.

Really, group rates? Why would I want to fuck more people for less money hahaha

But I'll post what I said in a previous comment about wanting cheap entertainment.

"200 divided by the 50% brothel cut is $100. Then take out $31 in rent, $69. Then take our our estimated taxes. $35 dollars, that's not including the weekly STD testing. You want to have sex with a legal, std-free, happy sex worker for $35. You have to understand how we look at it. I'm sure you can find a woman to take your $200 party, but its a quick "7 minutes in heaven" and you'll likely need to ask a dozen girls before you get a "yes.""

ToeSawBagTron-1 karma

Hello girls!

Thank you for the AMA! I was curious, do you girls ever do a sort of "Groupon" or "buy one get one free" deal? Or as we approach the Holidays a sort of Black Friday Rush sale? The word of mouth positives from such deals could do wonders for business!

SarahGreenmore1 karma

I've never done a buy one get one free. Some ladies have frequent client punch cards. I give good deals with my regulars but nothing is ever free.

GFY_EH-2 karma

Peek-A-Boo...Hollywood, where are you?

SarahGreenmore1 karma

She is in an appointment.

franklee99-5 karma

How much?

SarahGreenmore4 karma

We don't discuss prices online, only going into detail in person. I will say that our appointments start in four figures.