My short bio: I'm Monica Monroe, and I recently wrote about my experiences of one year ago when I discovered Lamar Odom unconscious at the Love Ranch, and how this event impacted my life.

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VintageOG49 karma

How much beef does he hang, on a scale from a twix, to Terry Crews arm?

MonicaMonroeLR79 karma

It's like maybe seven inches and substantially thick...

SpacePort-Terra48 karma

What do you think of the show "WestWorld"?

MonicaMonroeLR53 karma

Let's just say that I'm glad the Westworld prostitute-robots are fictional, because I definitely don't need that kind of competition!

ef-7826 karma

How do you feel about the situation happening in Syria?

MonicaMonroeLR113 karma

I'm having an "Aleppo moment"

j0m1n1n25 karma

Have you stayed in touch with Lamar?

MonicaMonroeLR40 karma

I was so worried about him when this first happened a year ago and I tried to reach out to Lamar to make sure he was OK during his hospitalization, but no one replied back to me. I think that at that time the Kardashian’s were controlling his communication.

j0m1n1n13 karma

Thank you for replying. As a follow-up question, it seems to me like media coverage of this event was colored by America's cultural baggage around sex and sex work. Have you felt like the same baggage has affected how you've been treated by the media?

MonicaMonroeLR67 karma

The Love Ranch owner, Dennis Hof, got a lot of criticism when he spoke out about this incident. But he was so vocal because he knew that we (the sex workers) would be unfairly blamed for everything that happened to Lamar. The Kardashian’s publicist asked Dennis to not talk, but he didn’t want the Kardashians controlling the narrative. He knew they would attack us because of our profession and the way sex workers are stigmatized as “damaged people” and stereotyped as “crack whores” by mainstream society.

saucypony16 karma

What do you think about the Raiders potentially moving to Vegas?

MonicaMonroeLR31 karma

My fingers are crossed! If the Raiders come to Vegas it would be HUGE for the Love Ranch! I'm in the sex tourism business and having the Raiders in Vegas would boost sex tourism tremendously. March is already a big month for me because of March Madness in Vegas, so having the Raiders there would be just another big thing to drive tourists to Sin City.

Also, I'm a big Raiders fan so it would be great to go to the home games on my off days!

Somuch10118 karma

You realize increased business would be mostly...raiders fans?

MonicaMonroeLR32 karma

Hey! I'm a Raider's fan...What are you insinuating? Come say that to my face!

Mesonny15 karma

Fuck , kill , marry ?

Scott disick , kanye , Lamar

MonicaMonroeLR52 karma

Oh, I'd fuck them all. Definitely wouldn't marry Kanye, he seems like high maintenance.

ParticlePhysXAnomoly13 karma

Why are you a sex worker?

MonicaMonroeLR61 karma

Because I love sex, I'm very good at it, and I like to make people happy. So many people are lonely and need someone to talk to and be with. It's not just about the physical. Many men (and women) need to unload their baggage onto a trustworthy stranger every once in a while.

Also, because I'm good at what I do, I make great money doing it.

ParticlePhysXAnomoly17 karma

Thanks for the response! I think society tends to look down on sex workers as a grimey profession but in many ways I think you guys can help people who are going through tough times and emotional turbulence. I'm probably someone who needs this kind of consultation btw... lonely 26/M virgin.

MonicaMonroeLR27 karma

You know how to reach me...

Mesonny12 karma

did you have sex with him?

MonicaMonroeLR35 karma

No. I really wanted to have sex with him, but neither me nor any of the other ladies at the Love Ranch had sex with Lamar when he visited last October. He was fairly distraught over his strained relationship with Khloe Kardashian - and when I did try to get down with him he was unable to perform. He's really a handsome man and a wonderful guy, I would definitely show him the time of his life if I had another opportunity with him.

VintageOG19 karma

I want to believe you, but you covering for him, makes way more sense, than him being at the Love Ranch and not getting laid

username_redacted31 karma

She's saying he tried and couldn't get it up, which would make sense if he was on his way to an OD.

VintageOG1 karma

Youre right, i quit reading after too distraught over khloe

MonicaMonroeLR15 karma

If you're suggesting that I'm in touch with Lamar and that I'm saying these things now in an attempt to help him reconcile things with Khloe, that's not the case.

Mesonny7 karma

if you ever have another opportunity, would you charge him? if yes , how much?

MonicaMonroeLR29 karma

If Lamar gets off drugs, controls his addiction, and finally cleans up - I'd give him a freebie!

Ultimately, we all just want him to get well.

Offenzive4Lyfe12 karma

Hi Monica.

What is your opinion on Khloe Kardashsian?

MonicaMonroeLR79 karma

I never met her, and I've never spoken with her.

My opinion of her based on the situation with Lamar? I don't like her very much. She said horrible things about legal brothels in an interview she did with Howard Stern. She said that she would have preferred he had sex with a street walker in his hotel room instead of with a licensed girl at a brothel. That's an ignorant and crazy thing to say! If Lamar did that, he probably would be dead today. An illegal prostitute may have been too afraid of getting arrested to call for help. The Love Ranch staff was quick to respond and acted fast to get help for him.

2cool4life11 karma

What are you plans for life after sex working?

Are you saving money?

MonicaMonroeLR26 karma

Yes, I am saving most of my money. My plans are to buy a very nice home on the beach (I love water) where I can eventually raise a family.

marineturndlegofiend9 karma


MonicaMonroeLR23 karma

Me and the other ladies here with me are still thinking about the hot dog question...We're torn.

MonicaMonroeLR20 karma

We actually have chefs that bring us food every day. The ranches set up a buffet style spread and we eat in between appointments. Also, at the Kit Kat Ranch near Reno (where I'm working right now), clients can take us out on dates - so I often eat at restaurants in Reno, Lake Tahoe, or Las Vegas with my clients during our outdates.

Bulletsandblueyes7 karma

Mainly about being a sexworker I suppose: What fetish is just too far for you? I believe you said you set your own rate, if so have you ever offered free sex to someone? Thanks.

MonicaMonroeLR22 karma

I would never do anything involving feces. I'm not judgmental at all, it's just not my thing.

Gambol-Shroud5 karma

Have ever considered the porn industry? Why/Why not?

MonicaMonroeLR22 karma

I have never done porn. Would I do it? I don't know. The money is actually not as good as the money I make at legal brothels, so there's really no financial incentive.

[deleted]-8 karma


MonicaMonroeLR23 karma

I'm shy. If you want to see me nude, you have to come see me in person...

slackjawedcunt5 karma

How do you get the job ? are there auditions ? how does the management know that you can actually do the job and do it well ? I don't understand how a person would apply for this line of work.

MonicaMonroeLR11 karma

That's a good question. The application process is pretty simple. I just applied for the job via the Bunny Ranch website, and I was (thankfully) one of the few women that get accepted. There are definitely no auditions.

As far as figuring out if being a sex worker is right for you and if you're right for the brothel - the only way to know is to start working and see if it's a good fit. Most girls know if it's for them once they start working.

Pault214 karma

What's your thoughts on our presidential candidates?

MonicaMonroeLR47 karma

One of them needs to have more sex, and the other deserves to have less...

Psilog4 karma

Is it common for celebrities to frequent the ranch? Is there a certain protocol now about handling these types of incidents?

MonicaMonroeLR13 karma

Yes, we get a lot of high-profile customers.

We haven't changed our protocol at all. Dennis Hof never allowed illegal drugs into his establishments, and he still doesn't.

The legal brothels in Nevada get hundreds of thousands of customers every year. We exceed the expectations of all of these customers and maintain their privacy and confidentiality.

Lamar apparently broke the rules and allegedly brought illegal substances onto the property. He was responsible for the terrible things that happened to him. And, sadly, his self destructive behavior continues. Hopefully, he'll get straight. We're all pulling for him!

Knight12ify4 karma

What do you think of the X-Men?

MonicaMonroeLR36 karma

Mutants are like sex workers. They'e shunned by society because they can do amazing things average people can't do.

ParticlePhysXAnomoly4 karma

How do you work with clients who aren't wealthy but who want to spend some intimate time with you? I'm assuming there's a base rate/hr as a minimum, bc I'm sure a popular sex worker would do a cost-benefit to maximize their earnings in any given night.

MonicaMonroeLR10 karma

I work with clients from all walks of life, not just wealthy people.

Everyone, regardless of their economic status, deserves to have a little fun. I'll work with you and we'll come up with an experience that meets your needs and your budget.

doomcomes4 karma

Do you dress like that regularly?

MonicaMonroeLR15 karma

only when I'm at work.

proto_protagoras4 karma

What is one thing many women may want, that they are either too shy or inexperienced to ask for?

MonicaMonroeLR23 karma

If you're talking about sex, the one thing women should demand more of is oral sex. We love it! Most women have definitely given oral more than they've received it, and that's a shame!

Many women are too shy to ask for it or to teach their lover how to give oral correctly. I guess they think they'll hurt their guy's feelings. I think that if women ask men to give it as much as men ask to get it, gals will discover that guys like to please women as much as they like to be pleasured.

Empigee3 karma

Aside from the incident with Odom, have there ever been any "hairy" incidents you've experienced in your work?

MonicaMonroeLR8 karma

No. Things are crazy here and ridiculously fun things happen every day, but not bad things. (although Dennis's house caught fire and burned to the ground on Friday...that was pretty horrible but had nothing to do with the brothels.)

yakkowarner013 karma

Has a client ever proposed a party that made you uncomfortable?

MonicaMonroeLR16 karma

Yes. We have the right to refuse any client who suggests an activity that we're not ok with. At the Love Ranch, We're not forced to do anything, ever.

TyperSniper3 karma

So, you've probably told the story 1000 times but, what exactly happened that day?

MonicaMonroeLR9 karma

Well, I wrote a blog post about it last week, reflecting on last year's events. Is there something specific that you think I know and might be able to share with you guys?

TyperSniper3 karma

Did you have any suspicions as to what he was up to during his 'isolated ' time?

MonicaMonroeLR6 karma

Honestly no. It's not like we're walking around thinking "Hmmm, I wonder if that client sneaked in illegal drugs and is overdosing?"

I just wanted to party with him and have a great time. I never suspected anything. I was totally clueless.

syaaj3 karma

What is your favorite food to eat and why?

MonicaMonroeLR11 karma

My favorite food to eat is lasagna. I'm mostly Italian and I grew up around delicious Italian food. Bring me lasagna and I'll definitely give you a discount on services.

Heather_Hoodrat2 karma

what do you hope to clarify with this AMA? In other words, is this AMA coinciding with release of your new tell all autobiography etc?

MonicaMonroeLR10 karma

After a year, it's very therapeutic for me to get this off my chest and just own the situation, instead of letting it own me emotionally. I'm done running from it.

I'm not doing this for any kind of financial gain - I already do very well for myself.

SpaniardSpiff1 karma

Hey Monica, I'm having a rough time with picking what I want to major in in college. I really love writing, but I don't know if, when I get out of college, I'd have any stable financial future. What do you think I should do?

MonicaMonroeLR5 karma

Follow you're heart. Never compromise. Money isn't everything.

singingtable1 karma

How real is human trafficking ?

MonicaMonroeLR9 karma

I've met ladies who were coerced into prostitution and who have had pimps. It's very real to them.

Monopolyalou1 karma

What is the bunny ranch like? What is lamar like?

MonicaMonroeLR5 karma

Lamar was really, really cool. He was laid back, liked to listen to music, he smoked Black and Mild’s. A really fun guy to hang with and get to know. He has a sad side (don’t we all?), but he’s a genuine good guy overall.

The Bunny Ranch, Love Ranch, and all of Dennis’s places are basically 24-hour party palaces. We welcome everyone, no matter who you are, and everyone’s life, not just their sex life, is enriched because of the time they spend here. I’m really proud to be a part of it all!

[deleted]1 karma


MonicaMonroeLR8 karma

Doggie style for sure! Yes, I do get off with clients - not every time of course, but more often than a lot of people think...

uhsurewhynott-1 karma

Not related to the prompt, but have you ever been tempted to move to the Netherlands or Japan where sex work is effectively legal and regulated?

Edit: I know it's damn near impossible to emigrate to Japan, but I have seen places advertising American/Western European women there, so there must be some route.

MonicaMonroeLR8 karma

In the parts of Nevada where I work sex work is legal and regulated.

cougarbait817-10 karma

What are your rates?

Why not get braces? You're young enough that they would be a selling point while you have them and you'll look better when you're done with them.

Do you ever do BBFS?

Have you ever had a group of guys hire you for a gangbang?

MonicaMonroeLR10 karma

What are your rates?

I’m an independent contractor and I set my own rates for services based on the amount of time we want to spend together and the types of fun activities we decide on.

Why not get braces?

I like myself the way I am.

Do you ever do BBFS?

Hell no! We only practice safe sex at Dennis Hof’s legal brothels.

Have you ever had a group of guys hire you for a gangbang?

Not yet, but I’m definitely 100% open to it. I’ve had threesomes with another girl, and orgies, but I’ve never been gangbanged.

Vapeyourself-11 karma

Of the 38k you made off of Lamar that night did you donate any of it to a charity or cause related to drug addict?

MonicaMonroeLR5 karma

Actually, I only made $18,000 on that deal. I split it with another girl.