OK I HAVE TO GO NOW. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS AMA GUYS! I'm off to eat breakfast and take the kids to the beach. I know... hard life. Have a great day/night and see you all next time! Mauri Ora!

Hello Reddit! I'm Taika Waititi, director of HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE and WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS. I'm currently working on a little passion project called THOR: RAGNAROK. For more about that, follow me on Instagram: @taikawaititi.

Download HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE on iTunes: http://radi.al/HFTWPz Watch Trailer: http://wilderpeople.film/

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/l4vPcvA.jpg

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VerbalKint_1044 karma

Hey Taika, did you ever get made fun of in this industry for being Polynesian? I'm making films in LA, I'm young and haven't had a chance to prove myself yet, but people don't take me seriously. I get called Lilo and Moana or get made fun of for being small. If it happened to you, did you just ignore it?

taikawaitititi2882 karma

Ignore it. They're idiots. Our ancestors explored the ENTIRE of the pacific ocean without GPS. You come from that greatness.

dmh2493947 karma

Howdy Taika, Kevin Feige said that Thor: Ragnarok would be the Winter Soldier of the MCU's Phase 3 movies. Care to elaborate on that?

taikawaitititi2185 karma

Jeez. I better see Winter Soldier... no joke.

sogwennn924 karma

Hi Taika! I saw "What We Do in the Shadows" and loved it! I'm really excited for Thor: Ragnarok & I've got a couple little questions:

1) Will Thor: Ragnarok meld well with the previous two movies, or will it stand on its own?

2) Can we expect some of the same brand of humor in Thor? If so, were you ever given a hard time about certain scenes or lines?

3) Why does the title card for Thor look like it was pulled from a retro video game?

4) What's happening with We're Wolves?

5) Would you like some bisghetti?

taikawaitititi1574 karma

  1. I have no idea. It will be a nice addition to the Taika Waititi box-set though.

  2. You can expect a Taika-esque tone. They've been very accepting of my style.

  3. In case there's a retro style video game spin-off.

  4. We have a title, what else do you want??

  5. I'm not falling for that!

Emilym1516897 karma

Hey Taika,

Do you know how much of your original script of Moana Disney has used for the finished film?

Big fan, love all your movies!

taikawaitititi1828 karma

Probably 0%


filmheaux758 karma

Given you've gotten 20000 questions about a shirtless Tom Hiddleston or Chris Hemsworth, my question for you is: will there be a shirtless Anthony Hopkins in Ragnarok?

taikawaitititi1245 karma

Finally... and MAYBE.

ving_depr742 karma

Considering the retro logo, can we expect an 80's vibe in Thor: Ragnarok?

taikawaitititi1081 karma

You can. And more.

dizzyChoirboy652 karma

I'm going to the grocery store- you need anything?

taikawaitititi1747 karma

My childhood back.

footloosefancyfree546 karma

Taika, your films are incredible! You make me so proud to be a Kiwi! Any advice for young NZ screenwriters looking to break into the industry?

taikawaitititi774 karma

Start as a runner. Seriously.

TheRealClose543 karma

If you were in a mall or public area, would you mind if fans came up to talk to you?

Just wondering because was with some friends at Riccarton Mall in ChCh and we saw you but were too star-struck to walk up to you.

I had thought we would go see Kung Fu Panda 3 but the mere sight of you inspired me to head straight into Wilderpeople. Loved every second of it.

taikawaitititi921 karma

You should have come up for a chat. I was bored that day.

fidelitycrisis513 karma

How many takes did you guys have to do of Deacon doing his sexy dance for his friends in What We Do In The Shadows, because you couldn't stop laughing? Because I couldn't stop laughing.

taikawaitititi615 karma

About 4 takes. But each take was 7 minutes.

Megaprana499 karma

How would you cast Jemaine Clement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

taikawaitititi841 karma

He might have made a funny Thanos. But then Thanos wouldn't have been scary.

JimJamHargision399 karma

Hey Taika! Hunt for the Wilderpeople has ended up being my favourite film of this year, and What We Do in the Shadows was my favourite of last year. You’re good at your job.

What have you planned for Thor: Ragnarok to make it stand out from the other Marvel films? Also, compared to your other films, how humorous will it be?

taikawaitititi465 karma

Awesome. Thanks. I think TR will be one of the most adventurous and most "out there" of all the marvel movies. It's a crazy movie.

salutcemoi391 karma

Hi Taika,

You have been working with an impressive cast.

What is it like to work with big names like Anthony Hopkins, Jeff Goldblum and Cate Blanchett?

taikawaitititi609 karma

AMAZING. They are gold. Funny. Beautiful people.

Munty13349 karma

Hi Taika, what's the most impressive film you've seen this year that not enough people have seen?

taikawaitititi659 karma

I haven't seen many movies this year I'm afraid. Jodorowski's Dune is a great doc that I really loved.

sir_anon_the_legend341 karma

Hi Taiki! Thanks for doing this.

How involved have you been with Disney's Moana? I read that you wrote the first draft of the script for it, but have you been involved with any of the production?

taikawaitititi575 karma

I was involved very early on with some storylining. But there have been about 10 other writers since me.

weeble182284 karma

Just wanted to say Eagle vs Shark was a fantastic film. Really spoke to me as an awkward teenager. Would love to hear any fond memories or little known facts about it?

(HFTWP is also pretty special so kudos for that as well!)

taikawaitititi357 karma

I still have fond memories of shooting that film. We were all really young and didn't know what we were doing - that's why I love the movie. It's like watching a teenager.

ritammenard249 karma

Will you be doing a press tour in the states for Thor:Ragnarok?

taikawaitititi847 karma

I hope so. I can't trust the actors to reliably promote this thing.

ladymissladypants246 karma

Is Jemaine Clement a good hugger? He looks like a good hugger.

taikawaitititi621 karma

Terrible hugger! I'm serious. Like hugging a limp wet fish.

AnosmicAvenger224 karma


I submitted an AMA request for you a couple of weeks back, and I’m super thrilled that you’re doing an AMA now. I want you to know I’m a big fan of your films, and just of you in general - And I’ve watched What We Do in the Shadows about five times with different people each time, and dragged a big group of people to see Hunt for the Wilderpeople in the cinema, so I’m doing my best to spread the Taika love here in Ireland.

These are the questions I asked in my original AMA request, you can answer them or ignore them, I don’t mind:

  1. How different is it to write a screenplay for an animated featured compared to a life-action film?
  2. When writing Moana, did you mainly write it as a Maori film or did you have to do research into how Maui is represented in different versions of polynesian mythology?
  3. What has your experience been working with Disney on Moana and Thor: Ragnarok?
  4. How different is it to be directing a superhero film full of big names when most of your films so far have been mainly acted in by your friends?
  5. When you were making Hunt for the Wilderpeople, did you expect it to become as successful as it has been?

And here are a couple of questions I’d just like to ask you now:

  • What is your favourite New Zealand made film that you weren’t involved in?
  • Which character out of any of your films do you think is the most like you?

And the last question I have is this - What advice would you give to someone who is moving to Wellington?

(Also, here is a picture I drew/painted of you, which is probably silly to include but I don’t often get to show pictures I draw of famous people to the people themselves so I’m taking advantage, sorry.)

taikawaitititi254 karma

Thanks! 1. It's not too different. 2. I had to make it more non-specific so it didn't draw too much from a particular culture. Also, they've had 10 other writers since I worked on it so I don't think there will be much of my original story left. 3. Very pleasant. 4. Not very different at all! 5. Nope! Nice surprise... 6. Whale Rider. 7. Boy. 8. Buy a jacket. 9. Awesome picture!

CromFourWinds216 karma

How often do you ask Sam Neil about his more out there movies?(Possession, Event Horizon, In the mouth of Madness)

taikawaitititi510 karma

I ask about Event Horizon every time I talk to him.

-MS-94-215 karma

Chris Hemsworth is really funny. How much of his comedy chops are utilised in THOR: RAGNAROK?

taikawaitititi433 karma

All of them.

merry722204 karma

Whose idea what the short of Thor during Civil War?

taikawaitititi408 karma

Mine and my producer.

Socomi184 karma

Hi Taika! Did you know that your name means magic in Finnish?

taikawaitititi350 karma

Yep. And also Satan in Kenyan.

not really...

benscookie171 karma

How polite is Tom Hiddleston? How cheeky is Chris Hemsworth?

Do you believe in the skuxx life choosing you?

taikawaitititi539 karma

Tom is very polite but has a cheeky streak. Chris has a heart of gold. Actual gold. He had it made and installed in his chest when he got paid for RUSH.

alegrispa160 karma

I have a few questions if that's alright!

  • How much influence/involvement did MARVEL have on the plot leading into infinity war?
  • Do you regret not using your birth name for some of your earlier work(and would you elaborate the reasoning behind that)?
  • Was it your decision to completely change the Thor logo and to leave out the "Ö" and if so- what inspired the style?
  • Who did you like working with the most and who would you like to work with one day?
  • Were you interested in doing a Thor movie or a Planet Hulk movie?
  • Any future plans on a "What we do in the Shadows" sequel/spin off besides the rumored buddy-cop-tv-show?

BONUS Question:

  • What's your least favourite number?

Thank you for being an incredible Filmmaker.

For me Thor: Ragnarök is currently on the same anticipation level as Episode VIII-

no pressure.


taikawaitititi249 karma

Marvel have a huge influence on the story. They know the universe way better than I do.

I still use Cohen. I just happened to be using Waititi on my first film and then it got nominated for an Oscar and I had to keep using it. Cohen is on all of my IDs etc.

The style is inspired by 70s / 80s sci-fi fantasy art. Because our film feels like that.

Thanks for the anticipation! I think the movie will be amazing.

lighight147 karma

Hey Taika! As a child I also had a pet goat like Alamein Jr. in Boy. When he goes to hide money in Leaf’s pen I was screaming at the TV “Don’t leave the cash in the pen! Leaf is gonna eat it! THE GOAT IS GONNA EAT IT!”. I was hooked into watching the rest of your movies from that point on and have not been disappointed.

In Boy and Hunt for the Wilderpeople, children and animals are largely featured in both of them, and I’ve heard that those are the two hardest things to work with as a director. My question is, what has been your experience in working with young actors and animals? Are there any hilarious/frustrating moments that you encounter with them that you don’t have to deal with in adult/human actors?

taikawaitititi301 karma

That goat was one of the most frustrating actors I've ever worked with. They trained him to play dead but they trained him on a mattress so he wouldn't sit still unless he had pillows underneath him. Animals are terrible to work with but if you are patient they can give you amazing images.

-PoliteStranger-131 karma

Hey Taika! Thanks for doing this. Im a huge fan and I was just wondering if you have any advice for an 18 year old aspiring tv and movie director who cant go to film school and wants to work in the industry? Also hunt for the wilderpeople was an amazing movie, cant wait for thor!! Ps. I can definitely be a PA for any of your projects lol

taikawaitititi273 karma

Thanks! My advice would be to ignore film school and get a foot in the industry door somehow. Start as a runner/PA - that way you'll get to see every department and decide which direction you'd like to head in.

tehlolredditor129 karma

Hello Taika. In Making Thor 3, did you make efforts to make it similar or dissimilar to the previous Thor films? As in, did you try to maintain the same elements, or did you try to make it more unique? Thanks

taikawaitititi803 karma

I made an effort to ignore the fact there are other Thor films.

windywshowers125 karma

Kia ora, Taika! Why Alessi Brothers - Seabird at the end of Wilderpeople? That song is my absolute jam and it was such a sweet surprise! Chur!

taikawaitititi163 karma

It's so good! My editor found it and suggested it. Luckily it didn't cost too much.

studioghiblis125 karma

Hey, Dad! These are like a string of the most random questions but thought I should ask anyway:

  • Do you like, actually watch Marvel Cinematic Universe movies? And if you do, which one is your favourite?
  • I'm a great fan of your beard can you promise me not to shave it ever unless it's very necessary to do so?
  • It's been a while since you were last seen hanging out with Jemaine, do you ever miss him? (Also please hang out together soon I miss seeing you guys together)
  • Google says you're 6'2ft tall (that's approx. 187/188 in cm) can you confirm whether or not this is true?

Sorry for asking such weird questions, I love you and I hope you're having lots of fun. Have a good day!

taikawaitititi140 karma

I do watch them! Guardians is my favourite. I miss Jim too. And I hate shaving quite a lot.

stealthPR119 karma

Who would win in a fight between Blade and the vampire roommates from What We Do in the Shadows?

taikawaitititi296 karma

We would smash that vampire hunter guy.

McMqsmith119 karma

Thanks for doing this Taika! What does Kevin Feige smell like?

taikawaitititi424 karma

Starbucks. But that's all Americans actually.

poyahoga114 karma

Hey Taika! Huge fan. My family moved from New Zealand to Canada when I was a kid and I miss Jaffas every day. If you found out tomorrow you could never got back to NZ, what New Zealand specific thing would you miss the most? (Aside from friends/family)

taikawaitititi240 karma

Probably jaffas too. And steak and cheese pies.

taosokamoto114 karma

If you could go back in time to tell your younger self something, what would it be?

taikawaitititi508 karma

Learn how to use Reddit ahead of time.

setyrslfonfire113 karma

What is it like being in the presence of Cate Blanchett?

taikawaitititi196 karma


ving_depr110 karma

Why Mark Mothersbaugh was chosen to write Thor: Ragnarok score? And are you a Devo fan?

taikawaitititi211 karma

Because he's a genius and his style fits with what we're doing. Love devo!

merry722109 karma

I have been recommending Wilderpeople to every single person I talk to about movies. Y'all made a fantastic film I will be watching over and over. How glorious has it been working with Cate Blanchett?

taikawaitititi135 karma

Thanks! She is amazing. I am actually in love with her.

beyonces7107 karma

Why does Jemaine like to wear striped shirts over striped shirts? Also, how long has it been since you two last saw each other? Thank you, I hope you have a very lovely day!

taikawaitititi215 karma

He and his family came to visit last week. He's moved on to polka dots over stripes.

wildcard_joeker89 karma

Are you open to an Avengers/What We Do... crossover? I am. How about a graphic novel or comic book adaptation of one your works?! WRITTEN BY YOU!

taikawaitititi150 karma

Woah, that would be gooooood.

dapuglifechoseme83 karma

You replied to me on Twitter once. Can I tell people we are friends?

taikawaitititi147 karma

Go for it.

PretzelCortex83 karma

  1. What was the coolest shot you were able to pull off on Thor: Ragnarok (before VFX work) due to the gear available on a big-budget flick?

  2. Do you have a library card?

  3. Will your Thor film retain any semblance of the series' Shakespearesque-ishness?

  4. Does it annoy you that you've made, um, three? Let's go with three. No, it might have been four. Does it annoy you that you've directed three-ish other movies, most of which did pretty well with critics, and yet there are so many questions here about a guy with big muscles who waves his tool in the air? (Thor and his Hammer. I'm talking about Thor and his hammer.)

  5. What are some of the best traditional Maori foods?

  6. Which movies would you recommend for learning about what kinds of things don't work in a movie?

taikawaitititi187 karma

  1. We have an amazing shot that took a bunch of mathematicians and scientists (nerds) a couple of months to figure out. We're also using a rig called Satelight that has never been used in a movie before.

  2. No.

  3. No. Well maybe. But not in earnest.

  4. I don't mind. Those muscles are big. ish.

  5. Wild pork and watercress.

  6. Most films from the 90s.

orlamjh81 karma

Hey Taika, Boy and What We Do In The Shadows are two of my favourite films! Hoping to see Wilderpeople soon!

My question is - what kind of challenges did the scale of production for Thor: Ragnarok pose compared to your previous films?

PS I was sitting here an hour ago refreshing the page because I can't do timezone maths.

taikawaitititi164 karma

Thanks! The only challenge is dealing with the amount of people. There are literally hundreds more crew members than I'm used to. I gave up remembering anyone's name months ago.

erikalovestodd78 karma

what are your favorite tv shows at the moment?

taikawaitititi353 karma

I haven't had any time to watch tv. The last thing was Stranger Things. Loved that.

agentmonscar68 karma

(Aside from your own movies) what are some of your favorite New Zealand or Polynesian-produced films?

taikawaitititi148 karma

The Silent One and Whale Rider.

erico767 karma

Hi Taika, just wanted to ask what movies influenced What We Do in The Shadows? I love that movie, one of few that has my ribs aching when I watch it! Thanks!

taikawaitititi150 karma

The biggest influences were This is Spinal Tap, Man Bites Dog, Lost Boys, and Grey Gardens.

djgraminoid65 karma

Hi Taika, I just wanted to say that I discovered your movies about a year and a half ago and they saved my life. I hit a bit of a rough patch dealing with depression and anxiety but when I discovered your films, I found them to be therapeutic. I love that they can make me both laugh and cry and also escape from reality. So I just wanted to thank you for making such amazing art and doing what you're doing and that I can't wait to see what you do with the new Thor!! :) Also, which of your films was your favorite to work on? I noticed you have a lot of repeating cast members, who is your favorite to work with? Thanks, Grace (from Texas)

taikawaitititi105 karma

Amazing. That makes me feel really good about making films! This film is currently my favourite to work on but BOY was the best overall.

_BooRadley_61 karma

Two questions: 1). How are you able to get such good performances out of child actors?

2). With Thor: Ragnarok, did the bigger scale of the project affect the way you direct?

Thanks for doing this, I'm a HUGE fan of everything you've done!

taikawaitititi197 karma

  1. Bribe them with promises you never intend to honour.
  2. Nope!

festgurl58 karma

Hi Taika! There are rumours floating around about a Doctor Strange post-credits sequence. Will there be DS references in Ragnarok?

taikawaitititi111 karma

Probably a reference.

Asgartov56 karma

Can you say anything about the overall tone of Thor: Ragnarok?
Are there any characters you wish you could have gotten in the movie?

taikawaitititi161 karma

The tone is very different. Think CRAZY.

I would have liked to get John C Reilly's character in the film but there was no real way to pull it off.

krmihaly4255 karma

Hi! I rely enjoyed the Thor and Darryl sketch and I wanted to ask if there is any chance for another one with any of the other avengers?

sorry for my bad enlish

taikawaitititi116 karma

That would be a dream come true. I'd love to actually make a bunch of them.

Spiritofchokedout53 karma

Mr. Waititi,

One of the great challenges with Thor is that his pathos tends to be subtle, especially next to Loki who is a big screaming diva about his issues. This earns him the reputation of a lunk and a dullard. Was it difficult to serve Thor's character while giving Loki his proper due?

taikawaitititi103 karma

This is something we concentrated a lot on. Thor is awesome now.

SecretExistence49 karma

Hi Taika!

I have a couple of questions:

  1. Are Chris Hemsworth's biceps bigger in person?
  2. What are your favorite bands/artists to listen to?

taikawaitititi99 karma

They don't look right. They're TOO big. I'm listening to William Onyeabor right now.

Loki_Lego49 karma

Greetings, mortal.

You have appeared in many of the films you have directed. Will you be making an appearance in Thor: Ragnarok?

Also are there any attractive horses in Thor: Ragnarok? I am asking for a friend....

taikawaitititi55 karma

Hey. I just received a pretty stunning gift. Chris and Tom were thrilled too. Thank you.

salutcemoi48 karma

Hi Taika,

Thanks for doing this.

Which character or actor is going to steal the show in your opinion?

taikawaitititi174 karma


MrCapsaicin46 karma

Taika! It was great meeting you at Unitec in Auckland! Was the person tripping over outside Cinesaurus Rex in Eagle vs Shark intentional or a legitimate accident? Also: what do you normally eat for breakfast? Your scrambled egg recipe is excellent.

taikawaitititi65 karma

That was intentional. That person is Jo Randerson, a gifted NZ writer and performer.

Troyter46 karma

Hello Mr. Waititi. After seeing What We do in the Shadows I instantly fell in love with your filmmaking and acting. A testimony to your acting skills is the fact that as a German, I thought while watching you in What we do in the Shadows that you must have German heritage.

I recently had the pleasure oh watching Hunt for the Wilderpeople and loved the stylistic look of it. I am wondering if you plan on making this type of framing, blocking and camera work your stylistic touch (think Wes Anderson) or if it was just for this film?

taikawaitititi84 karma

There is a lot of Kubrick coming through in this TR film. And I lived in Berlin for 2 years in the 90s.

burritodude1745 karma

how do i become a runner in the industry?

taikawaitititi112 karma

Contact the production office. Don't ask me for the number because i don't know it.

MuhTriggersGuise44 karma

How come the boy in Wilderpeople didn't lose weight while on the run in the wilderness? Seems to me living like that would make him shed pounds and lean up.

taikawaitititi193 karma

In the book he becomes skinny. But to do that to Julian in the 5 weeks we had to shoot would probably be deemed illegal.

MisterInternetz44 karma

So Taika, now that you're almost done with Thor Ragnorak, do you feel you've done everything you wanted to do with the character(s) in the film, or would you want to come back for another round?

taikawaitititi90 karma

Not sure. I don't want the filming to stop because it's so much fun. But I don't know how much further I can push these characters.

awesome_tim43 karma

How difficult was it to fit your vision for Thor: Ragnarok into the existing continuity of the MCU?

taikawaitititi185 karma

I didn't bother trying.

merry72240 karma

How skuxx are you?

taikawaitititi103 karma

I'm the skuxxdedest of them all.

sixthestate30 karma


I think you're the most inspired directing choice in the MCU so far. A few questions:

  1. To what extent have you moulded the screenplay into your own thing while making the film, assuming you didn't have a hand in writing it. If you did, how extensive was your involvement in the writing?

  2. Regarding artistic freedom, how much interference did you face while shooting the film? Some is to be expected regarding continuity and stuff, but was there any tension during the shoot?

I'm incredibly excited for Ragnarok, which to be honest wasn't something I thought I'd say before finding out you were directing. Thanks!

taikawaitititi52 karma

I've had a big influence on story and character and tone. It's just like how I make my other films except way bigger. So far I've been given a lot of creative freedom. Thanks!

TheRealClose29 karma

What things did you do as a teenager that helped you get to where you are today? And would would you suggest an aspiring filmmaker today does with their life after high school?

taikawaitititi69 karma

I was a reckless teen. The only thing that might have helped was get interested in stories. I loved history because it's a class where you get to hear / read stories all day. After high-school you need to sit still and think.

taosokamoto29 karma

Beyonce or Jeff Goldblum? This is an important life or death question, Taika.

taikawaitititi129 karma


benscookie29 karma

Hello, Taika! It's 5AM here, I woke up to thank you so much for making Hunt for the Wilderpeople!!! It is still my favourite movie of the year. New Zealand looks uh-mah-zing!

Also, how do you take your tea? I like mine hot and English.

taikawaitititi53 karma

Good morning! Milk no sugar. Bag in.

arky4728 karma

You and fellow kiwis, Jemaine and Bret have worked on a lot of Disney films in the past few years (Muppets, BFG, Moana, Thor), is that connected in any way?

taikawaitititi122 karma


supersanchez10127 karma

What advice would you give to young Australians who want to be successful directors like you?

taikawaitititi115 karma

Move to NZ! Lol.

Sorry, I'm just sore that we lost the league last night.

Andy_Monteith25 karma

Hey Taika, What is one really under rated film that you feel gets a bad rap? cheers

taikawaitititi96 karma

Zoolander 1

Andy_Monteith24 karma

Taika, What is your favourite tarantino film?

taikawaitititi70 karma

Reservoir Dogs. And then Pulp Fiction.

cheese_king321 karma

Hi Taika!! Huge fan of your work, but I've got a hopeful nerd question: in Ragnorak, will Thor finally utter his catchphrase "By Odin's beard!"? I've been waiting for 4 movies and he still hasn't said it :(.

taikawaitititi43 karma

Haha. I'll try.

filmheaux20 karma

Hi Taika! How did becoming a father influence your work--specifically the dynamic between Ricky and Hec in HFTWP? (Thank you so much for doing this!)

taikawaitititi73 karma

Thanks! I'm not sure! I'm always tired though so maybe the shots are slower?

filmheaux19 karma

Why do you shave your beard, man? Let It Grow

taikawaitititi46 karma

For work... I know. I hate shaving.

djgraminoid17 karma

how do i use reddit? i'm screaming

taikawaitititi34 karma

omg ME TOO.

obliviouskey15 karma

Hey Taika! I’m super excited for Thor 3 and what you’ll be bringing to the table. What’s been your favorite part of making the movie so far?

taikawaitititi39 karma

It's been an insane amount of fun. I get to laugh and mess about with really cool people. I'm sad the shoot is about to finish. Only 3 more weeks to go!

rassumfrassum11 karma

Hi Taika-I love your movies. One of my favorites being Eagle vs Shark.

Have you ever considered delving into the animation film realm? Maybe stop motion or claymation?

taikawaitititi14 karma

I consider it at least once a year.

wildcard_joeker11 karma

Will the WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS television series feature any of the original cast? Will it be the much-talked about WE'RE WOLVES? I am dying to know! Can't wait! PS: I am a HUGE FAN! WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS and HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE are two of my all-time favorite movies. True masterpieces. So excited to catch up the rest of your work and CANNOT WAIT for RAGNAROK.

taikawaitititi43 karma

There are two shows. One is a NZ show which only follows the 2 police officers as they investigate paranormal activity. The other show is a US vampire spin off.

Black-Aussie11 karma

Hi Taika. Thanks for taking the time to stop in. Just was lucky enough to catch Hunt for the Wilderpeople in our arthouse theater in town and LOVED IT.

I had two questions about Rangarok: Does Tessa Thompson's character have a big part, or is it more of a cameo to set up later movies (I know Marvel is fond of doing this with certain new characters)? And did Mark Ruffalo film as Dorctor Banner or just do motion capture for the Hulk?

taikawaitititi21 karma

She has a decent sized role.

Coolest_Breezy8 karma

Would you prefer a Thor sized Hulk or a Hulk sized Thor?

taikawaitititi18 karma

Me sized me.

ScathanApproves7 karma

I thrive and live on comicvine, a place for nerds like me to debate comic characters in vs type battles. I love debating strength levels and feats of these characters in battle scenarios, so naturally I'd like to know why the movie versions of Thor, and for the most part super hero's in general, have to be downplayed and made purposely weaker than their comic book counterparts? Why go from Thor lifting half of Asgard up with brute strength in the comics to Thor in the movies who likely would have trouble lifting a large truck in the films?

taikawaitititi15 karma

I think it's because you then have to figure out how to make a challenge for Thor. If he's THAT strong then maybe people can't relate to him. I guess I'm saying I don't really know!

tinman8886 karma

Hey Taika! You're a pretty funny guy. I loved What We Do in the Shadows, and I'm eagerly anticipating Thor: Ragnarok. I have to ask: How's the sequel to the former coming? In regards to the plot, characters etc.

taikawaitititi8 karma

I'm afraid we're taking our sweet time with it. There is a lot of other stuff going on to distract us!

lizardcreature6 karma

Do you have any advice for aspiring directors that you wished someone had told you when you were starting out?

taikawaitititi16 karma

It sounds cheesy but I think new directors need to believe in themselves. You're constantly being second guessed and told that your ideas probably won't work. If you believe strongly enough in your vision then you have to fight to get it on screen.

GamePudding5 karma

Hi Taika,

All your movies contain very well rounded, unique and lovable characters. What do you think is the key to achieving this?


(PS Your my favourite director and a massive inspiration to me. Also Hunt for the Wilderpeople is easily the best film I've seen all year)

taikawaitititi9 karma

Thanks! I don't know the answer but wanted to say thanks!

BuddhaKekz5 karma

Hi Taika. There has been a lot of talk about music in modern day movies, specifically in the MCU films. What do you think about this and will Thor: Ragnarok re-use established themes from the previous movies, to help establish a musical identity for Thor?

taikawaitititi9 karma

If we use that old theme we will be severely molesting it to fit more with the style and tone of Ragnarok. Ie: CRAZY.

AMBL_Dextrous5 karma

Hi Taika, just saw Hunt for the Wilderpeople and loved it, and I'm a big Flight of the Conchords fan as well!

I was wondering what some of the challenges are for working on such a VFX heavy film like Thor: Ragnarok? Also, what is that crazy camera rig you posted on twitter a few weeks ago used for?

taikawaitititi19 karma

The biggest challenge is TIME. We do vfx passes (plates, charts, balls, HDR etc) for EVERY set up. And that definitely takes time out of your day. But it's vital to getting the vfx looking good so you have to embrace it all.

seahammer14 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! Are there any runs from the Thor comics that you came across in your prep for the film that you particularly enjoyed (even if it didn't influence the final product in any way)?

taikawaitititi13 karma

Some runs are RIDICULOUS. However I loved God of Thunder with the Gor villain.

BugBeast4 karma

Ninjas or pineapples?

taikawaitititi19 karma

Ninjas with pineapple print outfits.

TheRealClose4 karma

Is that really the Thor: Ragnarok logo?

taikawaitititi7 karma

Truly. Madly. Deeply.

Nachoo174 karma

Hey Taika, my question is as a director how do you know when and where you can put an easter egg? In Thor do you have to ask someone at Marvel about it or you just put something in the scene?

taikawaitititi15 karma

It's usually around props or peripheral characters. I always ask the producers who have great knowledge of all things Marvel. If it were up to me I'd just put in an actual easter egg.

manmanman3 karma

Do you know a lot of stuff about the direction and future of the MCU that we dont? Like, how much? And what are those things?

taikawaitititi7 karma

I honestly know NOTHING outside of what I'm doing. I'm trying to ignore the rest of the universe and just make my own awesome movie.

fuzzypandabuttmunch3 karma

How seriously did you think you were going to take your gig at the NZ Music Awards when you accepted it?

taikawaitititi16 karma

0% seriously. That awards things is ridiculous. Everyone in the room is wasted.

CromFourWinds3 karma

Really love the stainless steel font for Ragnarok. What aspects of Ragnarok are you most excited for fans to see?

taikawaitititi11 karma

I guess it's a taste thing then. Because i really didn't like the steel font. The new logo suits the 70s/80s sci-fi fantasy that this film is becoming.

wraglavs3 karma

Greetings and salutations Taika! What would you say are your top 5 favorite films?

taikawaitititi6 karma

The Graduate Stalker Badlands

and I dunno what else...

dashiellbalder3 karma

Hey Taika! What books would you recommend to a young writer / director looking to improve his craft?

taikawaitititi6 karma

That one with Walter Murch and the English Patient writer.

thePABSman3 karma

Hey Taika.

You're very admired here in the UK indie film community, so keep it up. Loved Wilderpeople. My question is did you write the script with the actors already in mind? If not; what was it about Sam and Julian that really stood out when casting?

Best of luck with Ragnarok.



taikawaitititi5 karma

I had no one in mind to be honest. The characters were a mix of people I knew.

wildcard_joeker3 karma

Are you open to an Avengers/What We Do... crossover? I am. How about a graphic novel or comic book adaptation of one your works?! WRITTEN BY YOU!

taikawaitititi7 karma

Are you talking about a Marvel Taika and Jemaine Cinematic Universe?? Wow. Maybe.

rhodetolove3 karma

To whom do you credit your sense of humour?

taikawaitititi13 karma


Keynes933 karma

Hi Taika! Thanks for doing this again!

2 quick questions:

1) What We Do In The Shadows had me laughing nonstop, who are some of your comedic influences?

2) What music/bands are you into right now?

taikawaitititi10 karma

  1. British shows like Fawlty Towers, Black Adder, Young Ones, Monty Python.

  2. I'm loving William Onyeabor. He's not new but I only discovered him last year.

OlaTrola3 karma

Almighty Taika! We're so blessed to have you on reddit. Wish you could spend more time lurking around, but we all know that working on set is time consuming. My question is: 1) What is your thoughts on the fact, that you're making a movie about a Norse God, who is actually an Alien according to MCU and who will hang out with a guy who turns green when angry? Is that the borderline of crazy? Or are you up for more? 2)...what did you eat today?

taikawaitititi10 karma

Thanks for having me!

  1. I think about the insanity of this movie every single day. It is literally one of the craziest movies ever.

  2. Nothing. I got too stressed out about trying to learn how to log in to reddit.

agentmonscar3 karma

Since you’re in the Disney family now, would you consider directing a Star Wars film if approached?

taikawaitititi12 karma

Hmmm, nahhh... I dunnoooo...-- OF COURSE I'D CONSIDER IT!

Zephonian3 karma

Hi Taika! Fellow Kiwi (Hamilton) here! As a director and actor, who are your inspirations and people you try to emulate? Are they all movie gods or someone maybe lesser known?

taikawaitititi5 karma

I love certain movies rather than everything by a particular director. However my favourite director of all time is Hal Ashby.

Bluesushigreensushu3 karma

Taika I have loved all of your films! Hunt for the Wilderpeople really made me laugh so much and by watching your films they make me feel almost at home while I am away from home with the style of humour, it's amazing.

I have just one thing to ask you....

Are you an egg?

Edit: p.s. Wanted to add I love your support towards indigenous Australians

taikawaitititi5 karma

Yes. a scrambled one.

sterbles3 karma

Hi Taika!

I was wondering what your opinion was on film school is, or film education in general? Is it a waste, or does it give an advantage?

I’m currently working on my film degree and it’s pretty discouraging to hear my engineering friends joke about how I won’t make any money. Not that it’s all about the money, but, y’know, there’s the general implication of failure. Anyways, some words of support from my favorite director could help ;)

taikawaitititi6 karma

My mother is a teacher. I believe strongly in education. It's vital. However I don't think university (college) is necessary for everyone. I don't think I learned very much that I couldn't have learned practically, in the real world. I think the same about film school. I never went but it might be useful for some people.

twistcas3 karma

Hi! Something I really want to know: Are we gonna be able to see Hunt for the Wilderpeople in Turkey? (You have fans here too, please don't forget. We love you!) At least me and my friends do.

taikawaitititi9 karma

I'd love that to happen. I'm not sure how to make it happen but I'd love it!

ImSoRed3 karma

What's your favourite Pokemon?

taikawaitititi7 karma

The dead one.

erikalovestodd3 karma

who is your favorite filmmaker?

taikawaitititi3 karma

Hal Ashby

PoliticalOutsider3 karma

Hey there! Favourite MCU movie?

taikawaitititi6 karma


claudiolemos3 karma

Favorite MCU movie?

taikawaitititi6 karma


DaRealAdrian3 karma

Hey Taika! LOVED Hunt For The Wilderpeople. One of my top favorites of the year.

So fucking excited for Ragnarok. Is there anything you learned while directing HFTW that you used to direct Ragnarok?

taikawaitititi8 karma

Thanks! I'm equally excited. I learned to not work with dogs.

I wish I had listened to myself.

merry7223 karma

How did he get Sam O'Neill and who is the next Jurrassic Park Alum you're working with?

taikawaitititi6 karma

I asked him. He's a good mate.

erikalovestodd3 karma

how is work with Anthony Hopkins?

taikawaitititi8 karma

Amazing. He's... amazing.

Ronan34633 karma

How has filming been going?

taikawaitititi10 karma

Good thank you.

Ronocm133 karma

What are the largest things that have influenced you as an artist?

taikawaitititi5 karma


Jess14912 karma

What is the best advice you've been given?

taikawaitititi4 karma

Ignore everyone who tries to tell you what to do.

slaps_givingpt22 karma

Taika! Thank you so much for your amazing films. Who are some actors you really want to work still? Or you could just work with Jemaine again. Always Jemaine.

taikawaitititi5 karma

It probably will be always Jemaine. I can't get rid of him.

ImaFlyingLobster2 karma

What is your perfect sandwich?

taikawaitititi6 karma

I don't eat so many sandwiches anymore. I love cheeseburgers though.

Highcalibur102 karma

Hi Taika,

The Babadook, Mad Max and even your own Thor Ragnarok are filled with Aussie cast and crew; but Australian cinema is yet to be taken seriously.

As you and Peter Jackson have led the charge on Kiwi filmmaking with international success; what are your thoughts on what's needed for Australian Cinema to truly get there?

taikawaitititi14 karma

Maybe stop making films about the Melbourne crime scene.

conduct2 karma

Love your work. What's your favorite movie?

taikawaitititi5 karma

Maybe The Graduate or Badlands.

CooperJay2 karma

Hey Taika! I'm a huge fan of your work and am extremely excited to see you take on a superhero movie! I wanted to ask how its been working under a huge company like marvel and how much free reign do you get while working under them?

taikawaitititi3 karma

There are no reigns. Yet.

GuilBen2 karma

Hi Taika! Hunt for the Wilderpeople and What we do in the Shadows are some of my favorite movies, you've very quickly become one of my favorite directors!

  • What's been the best thing about shooting Thor: Ragnarok with Marvel?

taikawaitititi10 karma

Creative freedom.

eth1062 karma

I'm a huge fan, Hunt for the Wilderpeople is insanely beautiful. Anyway... You've recently collaborated a few times with Jemaine Clement and Rhys Darby of Flight of the Conchords. Do you have any plans of collaborating with Bret Mckenzie at any time in the near future?

taikawaitititi4 karma

Would love to but he's so busy. Our creative paths haven't crossed in a while.

JeanVasco2 karma

Hi, Mr. Waititi, quick question: Do you like bisghetti?

taikawaitititi6 karma

I'm not falling for that...

hiddlestonianobasan2 karma

Hello from the Philippines, Taika! Thanks for being here. Have two questions... 1) Are you going to give us Shirtless Loki? Tom Hiddleston has been jogging all over the Gold Coast. That body needs to be flaunted. 2) Sam Neill mentioned that he had filmed a cameo for THOR RAGNAROK. How about a cameo for Julian Dennison too? Would love to see Ricky Baker interact with Loki.

taikawaitititi5 karma

I'm not sure about Tom's torso...

I would love to find a way to put Julian in the film. Suggestions?? A cheeky alien??

KarMickJagger2 karma

Did you learn anything from working on Green Lantern that you're applying to directing Thor: Ragnarok?

taikawaitititi16 karma

Nope! Lol.