Hi Reddit!

My name is Alex, and I have albinism. I’m back for another exciting AmA!


So go ahead, ask me anything.

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It's in the thousands, but I don't remember the exact numbers.

Question is, would they fetch more in the African black voodoo market or the worldwide organ transplant black market?

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Just wanna throw this out there, how much do you want for your left kidney?

AlbinoAlex19 karma

Why does it have to be the left kidney?

Thedude22ewd10 karma

For perfect sacrifices duh

AlbinoAlex31 karma

Scoffs This moron doesn't know the right kidney is the one with the magical powers. Snickers Check this shit out.

Okay Mr. Thedude, I have considered your proposal and I am willing to sell said item for $420,420. American. In cash.

Thedude22ewd6 karma

How about 420 pounds of lsd? It's about 10 mg per hit so you'll be set for a couple years

AlbinoAlex21 karma

If you somehow managed to acquire 420 pounds of LSD, I am happy to proceed with that exchange.

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This thread is getting, ironically, darker and darker

AlbinoAlex3 karma

You're telling me every AmA doesn't involve an organ and drug exchange?

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Does it really interfere with daily life?

AlbinoAlex63 karma

Yes, mainly the visual impairment and inability to spend long periods of time in direct sunlight. Both have remedies, but it's not like I could go about my day without a monocular or sunscreen.

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Woah that's why milky in Me Myself and Irene has that little telescope thing!

AlbinoAlex13 karma

Believe it or not, it's a total chick magnet.

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Is a hot dog a sandwich?

AlbinoAlex61 karma

Yes, because it's a smaller submarine sandwich.

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Oh my god

AlbinoAlex6 karma

Persea_americana3 karma

Is a taco a sandwich?

AlbinoAlex12 karma

No, it doesn't have bread.

NeoRainbow3 karma

Soup in a bread bowl?

AlbinoAlex8 karma

Bread bowls exist?

Etzlo3 karma

Yes, and it's awesome

AlbinoAlex7 karma

How do you stop it from getting soggy and falling apart?

AmpuTeaTime22 karma

Does albinism usually come with poor eyesight or just some forms? Any other side effects?

AlbinoAlex28 karma

OA and all types of OCA involve some degree of visual impairment, though the range varies and isn't correlated to OCA type IIRC.

People with albinism tend to sunburn easily if they spend too much time in sunlight (we can't tan) but those are the only primary effects.

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Hey, I'm a ridiculously pale redhead, does this guarantee if I'm not a carrier of the mutated gene, that my weird double recessive mutated red hair gene thing gets definitely passed on? Step 1: populate the word with gingers. Step 2: ????? Step 3: Profit. Either way we would only go out at night or buy shares in sunblock companies.

AlbinoAlex2 karma

What about vitamin D??

mnem0syne2 karma

I actually am vitD deficient. Legit level is 7. I seem to be trucking along. Besides. World sunblock domination could be a thing really soon! Maybe. And you're cute. It's settled.

AlbinoAlex4 karma

I guess it's settled then.

mnem0syne6 karma

Is it totally wrong that I pictured the Billy Idol song "White Wedding" playing dramatically and can you please do that in real life someday?

AlbinoAlex2 karma

We should definitely totally do that someday.

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What's your actual race or ethnicity? Does you having albinism affect how others from that same group view you, or does it change how you personally identify yourself?

AlbinoAlex67 karma

I'm Hispanic. Funny that you ask, I had an exam this morning and one of the students I was studying with was from Mexico. He took a phone call and spoke in Spanish, and so I asked him where he was from. That's when he expressed his shock that I spoke Spanish, telling me he didn't think I would.

No one, Hispanic or not, would ever think I speak Spanish. And if I only introduce myself as Alex, no one would likely guess I was Hispanic. Most everyone is taken aback. Not to say they treat me differently before or after knowing—though there was one incident where a Hispanic group was much more comfortable with me once I spoke Spanish. In general... it's not like I'm less accepted by either group.

Personally speaking I identify as Hispanic. I love the language, I love the food, the culture. I love visiting Mexico. But I also enjoy living incognito and having everyone think I'm white. It's like the best of both worlds.

I should mention, I speak perfect, unaccented English. There's zero way you could tell I was Hispanic without knowing my name.

JessBroBabe11 karma

Right on, I'm hispanic but I look pretty white, so other hispanic people don't view me immediately as hispanic. It's just like you said once they know my last name, they're accepting.

AlbinoAlex10 karma

It's always fun to blow their minds :P

m1irandakills17 karma

Do you wear contacts or do some people with albinism not have red or pink eyes?

AlbinoAlex61 karma

No one with albinism has red eyes, that's a myth. Most people with albinism have blue eyes.

m1irandakills15 karma

Wow! TIL. Does it annoy you when people think that?

AlbinoAlex32 karma

Not really, I prefer they bring it up so I can let them know it's a misconception. It's not unfounded, most animals with albinism have red eyes—very clearly so, just look at this albino owl. However, humans with albinism have blue eyes.

m1irandakills10 karma

Thank you for your reply :)

AlbinoAlex8 karma

Thanks for asking :)

Missjaes7 karma

I know someone with albinism who actually has lavender irises...it's so neat

AlbinoAlex11 karma

The range of violet irides are so freaking cool. While most people with albinism have blue eyes, you can get different colours if you have more pigment in your irides. My eyes are hazel, for example.

Missjaes3 karma

He's an Asian dude, that's super cool though! Thanks

AlbinoAlex5 karma

Tell him I said hi :)

AlphaDonkey11 karma

Decreased pigment in the iris (the part of the eye with color) and the retina leads to a diminished ability to absorb light. As light reflects off normal blood vessels in the back of the eye and through the pale iris, the effect is the red color sometimes seen in people with albinism. www.visionfortomorrow.org/albinism-faqs/

AlbinoAlex2 karma

Sometimes, under specific lighting conditions. Take a flash photo of your eyes in the dark and they'll also be red.

AlphaDonkey11 karma

Yeah I was just explaining where the red eye thing comes from.

AlbinoAlex1 karma

Also helpful for the people who are like "My friend is albino and he has red eyes!"

Bucketinabag10 karma

The only person I ever met with albinism was a computer coding genius due to staying indoors so much and teaching himself to keep busy, have you developed any skills through having to spend more time indoors occupying yourself than the average person?

AlbinoAlex22 karma

Well not to brag but I do know a lot of stuff. Not enough to like clean house at Jeopardy or Trivial Pursuit, but most of my middle school and high school years were spent indoors on a computer. And besides... the usual stuff teenagers look at on computers... it was a lot of learning. Lots of random Wikipedia articles, YouTube documentaries, TV shows, news articles, etc.

If only I had known about Reddit back then...

Amezis8 karma

In your other comments you talked about visual impairment and carrying monoculars. Could you elaborate on what your vision is like and how monoculars help? Is it similar to everyone with the same type of albinism?

AlbinoAlex8 karma

It's kinda hard to explain. Usually vision is expressed in numbers, and so using Snellen numbers my visual acuity is 20/400 uncorrected. Meaning that an object that is 400 feet away—someone with perfect (20/20) vision could see it from 400 feet away—I would have to be 20 feet away to see the exact same thing.

That's not to say that I can't see the object at all, I just wouldn't see it in as much detail. Think of the pedestrian crosswalk symbol, the white person or orange hand. I can't see that from across a six lane road during the day, just not at all. I can't usually read people's name tags even if I'm standing right in front of them, or make out the colours of their eyes.

A monocular is like a pair of binoculars but only one scope (hence monocular), some people call it a telescope. With my most powerful monocular, I can get up to 20/20 vision. It's pretty remarkable how much I'm missing out. With that said, that particular monocular is very large and kinda heavy.

Most people with albinism have a visual impairment, though the severity varies. There have been medically documented cases of patients with albinism who have 20/20 vision, and I've heard of some who have 20/800 vision. It varies.

This video more thoroughly explains what I'm trying to get at, and has excellent visual renderings demonstrating different visual acuities. It's designed for people who don't have albinism. However, it's very long, and ain't nobody got time for that! But if you do, I highly suggest watching it.

Bergmiester5 karma

Can you get corrective surgery?

AlbinoAlex8 karma

Surgery really wouldn't do much. Nystagmus correction surgery may improve me to something like 20/300 or so. And LASIK would help correct some astigmatism, but neither procedure could get me to 20/20.

Eye transplants probably could, but they're not possible yet :(

ephebiphob-ia8 karma

Do you work at night and sleep during the day?

AlbinoAlex9 karma

I wish, but I have classes during the day. I'm definitely a night owl, though.

ephebiphob-ia5 karma

what are you studying?

AlbinoAlex10 karma


10inchFinn8 karma

Dude, how many ama's do you do?

AlbinoAlex4 karma

As many as I can!

Wildkarrde_6 karma

Any history of it in your family?

AlbinoAlex10 karma

I have a cousin in Mexico who has it (mother's side) and it's very widely believed my great grandfather had albinism (described as having light skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, though we don't have pictures) but that's it.

Peterm8466 karma

So whats it like to be albanian?

AlbinoAlex7 karma

It sucks, we don't get any of the cool American TV shows like Jersey Shore.

oohlalla6 karma

Has the frameshift mutation affected anything else, as far as you may know? I know you weren't tested for other diseases, but do you have any suspicions about anything else?

AlbinoAlex6 karma

I doubt it, just caused OCA 4. Though I'm curious as to what other disorders I may be a carrier for. We'll all carriers for a variety of genetic disorders, it's just that the odds of meeting another carrier are slim to none.

oohlalla6 karma

You should think about taking a genome sequencing test like 23andme and using Prometheus on the raw data!

Generally, a frameshift mutation can lead to other mutations, so it can be helpful to look into for anything else that you may be a carrier for or if you are affected by something that has yet to manifest itself.

I'm a huge genetics nerd, so I love hearing about people's stories. Thank you for sharing yours!

AlbinoAlex3 karma

My brother did 23andme, so I have our ethnic breakdown but obviously his DNA is his.

Does it matter if you do AncestryDNA or 23andme? I've been told 23andme is preferable because it gives you the raw data.

oohlalla1 karma

I've only seen the details of 23andme, but I have heard that you can obtain raw data to run through other softwares.

I really would not know about AncestryDNA sadly.

AlbinoAlex3 karma

One of my friends has OCA 1B and is very much into genetics. It's amazing listening to her spout off different genes and things. She also recommended 23andme because of the ability to download your raw data.

We were considering having 23andme done for our parents and grandmother. They're pricey tests, but if we do I'll bundle mine in there—I believe they offer discounts if you buy more than one kit.

xX_DERPFACE_Xx6 karma

What is the worst thing about having albinism?

AlbinoAlex14 karma

Definitely the visual impairment. I'm not going to say a lot of people take their vision for granted, but it really sucks just not being able to see the same things everyone else sees. Even with a ton of different adaptive equipment, there are just some things I'll never be able to experience as fully as everyone else.

Goth_2_Boss5 karma

Have you ever had to call upon the albino code?

AlbinoAlex10 karma

What albino code? I don't know what you're talking about!

Looks around shiftily

Goth_2_Boss3 karma


But who was the better albino sidekick Pete White or Pi Wai?

AlbinoAlex5 karma

Pete White, for many reasons.

__RustyShackleford_5 karma

So are you basically a shiny human?

AlbinoAlex3 karma


Do they have shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Zekatteck3 karma

Not yet, but I'm sure it will come with time

AlbinoAlex2 karma

What is your favourite Pokemon?

Zekatteck2 karma

I've always loved Lugia. Not because it's a legendary, it just seems so elegant in both gameplay and videos.

AlbinoAlex2 karma

Who was the first Pokemon?

bishbishbishbish5 karma

Have you noticed that girls treat you differently?

AlbinoAlex10 karma

That's a good question. They certainly don't distract me, most treat me the same way I imagine they'd treat someone else. However, I figure I'm pretty low on their physical attraction scoring system.

Billythecrazedgoat5 karma

What exactly is wrong with your eyes, why doesn't glasses remedy it? (i know i've had 2 cornea transplants). Also do you drink smoke and do drugs?

AlbinoAlex10 karma

There's a lot, and they have complicated names like foveal hypoplasia and iris transillumination. Essentially, a lack of pigment in the eyes during development really messes stuff up. The damage even extends to the optic nerves.

Glasses are great if you have myopia, hyperopia, and/astigmatism. They help me, but they don't get me up to 20/20. Think of it like a camera, you have your lens and you have your receiver or sensor in the back to receive and code the image. Glasses are a lens, and they're fine if your receiver is normal and functional, mine is broken :P

Drugs are bad, m'kay?

Billythecrazedgoat3 karma

o well, that sucks yeah nah i get it vision is seriously under-rated, i was legally blind by 18, so i get how important it is to read social cues and how frustrating it can be at times. I'm curious to how 'normal' your life is. Are you studying at university atm?

AlbinoAlex4 karma

It's actually for the most part normal. I mean I look different and have to get close to things and such, but for the most part I feel normal and behave as if I were normal. I don't use a cane or bathe in sunscreen or have a guide dog or anything really outwardly abnormal.

I am, undergrad. The only accommodations I receive are digital copies of required textbooks (though the office in charge of that sucks ass and hasn't gotten them to me this semester). And testing accommodations for some exams, though not all. For the most part I do everything like every other student, which can be challenging at times.

mllecarling4 karma

Hello! You have a great smile 😊 thank you for having this AMA.

Do you have many friends who are also albino? Do you have any albino pets?

AlbinoAlex7 karma

Thank you :)

I've met many people with albinism but there aren't many who I keep in touch with frequently, usually we just see each other at conferences.

No :( But I've always wanted an albino pet.

mllecarling4 karma

The best pets find you 😊 best of luck!

AlbinoAlex7 karma

I can't have pets, per my lease contract :( But back home I do have a white german shepherd, and a white cat :P

mllecarling2 karma

Awesome! My grandma had a white cat when I was growing up 😊 she was my favorite!

We have 2 great Danes currently in our tiny 3rd floor apartment! When we move into a house I want to do special needs rescue for senior Danes and Danes with vision and hearing impairment! I just couldn't do that to our downstairs neighbors right now haha

AlbinoAlex1 karma

Where do you plan to find these dogs?

mnem0syne2 karma

I had two pet rats in college (apartment not dorm), psych major, one was dark brown/black and one albino. Boo Ratley (To Kill a Mockingbird) and I named the other one Loki. Just because it sounded badass for an albino rat. They were smart and snuggly little jerks. :'(

AlbinoAlex1 karma

What happened to them?

mnem0syne2 karma

Boo Ratley was having very upsetting labored breathing and no vets would look at a pet rat and laughed at me. He thankfully passed quickly but I was even willing to shell out money for putting a rat to sleep (surely that is possible jerks!!). Loki was sad for awhile and didn't feel like doing rat things, then he went on to live the rest of his little rat life. He used to sleep in the hood of my hoodie whether it was up or down and it was adorable. You could feel him sleepy breathing against your neck. If you train them they're super smart.

AlbinoAlex4 karma

no vets would look at a pet rat and laughed at me

What the actual fuck? Like, seriously!

Sorry for your loss but I'm sure they led great lives and were fun pets. My cousin had hamsters back when I was a kid and I always loved them. How they'd crawl all over you and run around in their little balls. Watching them drink water was the cutest thing ever. If only they weren't so messy!

IKingJeremy3 karma

What is the most common misconception you come across that people have about albinism?

AlbinoAlex15 karma

Though I don't see it much anymore, there are likely still many people who think people with albinism have red eyes. I've actually had someone tell me I didn't really have albinism because I don't have red eyes.

This is specific to certain parts of Africa, but in countries like Tanzania it is widely believed that the body parts of people with albinism have magical powers. No, that doesn't mean people with albinism drown in pussy. That usually means that people with albinism are killed and their limbs are cut off. Those limbs are taken to witch doctors who proceed to make potions that they promise will make people rich.

I wish I was making this shit up, but it's a very real and very lethal misconception. Not one I've ever encountered in the States, but it should be mentioned.

Finnbannach3 karma

Is sunburn damage more of an issue for you compared to non-albino people? If so, what level of sun screen protection do you prefer?

AlbinoAlex5 karma

Yes, as there is no tanning. There are no defense mechanisms, enough time in sunlight is a guaranteed sunburn.

I prefer SPF 100 just because it makes for a fun conversation and is a funny joke, but in reality ~97% of the population (including people with albinism) would do just fine with SPF 30.

LuxCrawford3 karma

Can people with albinism dye their hair? Does it work out similarly to a non albino persons hair? Would you feel uncomfortable about it as though you're "hiding" your albinism by doing so?

AlbinoAlex5 karma

Yes, we can dye our hair. I've heard different responses on whether or not it'll actually stick. Some say it washes out after two weeks, others that it slowly fades over time, and others that it's completely permanent and only cutting off the hair would remove it. Two or three AmAs ago we had a bunch of hairstylists vouch for the ability of our hair to hold dye despite the lack of pigment. Though the jury is still out on just how long it lasts.

I've personally never dyed my hair. I'm not against the idea and I've always wanted to, just can't pick a colour. I wouldn't do it regularly because I have no desire to change my appearance and the maintenance would be annoying. Though dying of hair is definitely one avenue to try to normalize yourself, some people do it religiously.

AnOldHermit3 karma

Who's your favorite albino character from fiction?

AlbinoAlex5 karma

I don't really have one, but I guess I'll pick that guy from The Da Vinci Code.

Kster8092 karma

Good choice, Silas was a motherfucking beast

AlbinoAlex3 karma

I wonder what his favourite food was.

mnem0syne3 karma

Silas is the same guy who was Vision in Avengers right?

AlbinoAlex2 karma


phishystick3 karma

Do people treat you differently when you're in public?

AlbinoAlex8 karma

Not in a disrespectful or ignorant manner. I'm sure plenty of them stare, but no one treats me differently.

oohlalla3 karma

What do you think of albinos participating in the Paralympics from blindness rather than in the Olympics?

AlbinoAlex9 karma

The visual impairment can be severe enough to be considered a disability (by many metrics, including legally). I think it's the best way to do it. They even have entire sports for people who are blind/visually impaired, like goalball.

CobaltCab3 karma

You again eh? How have you been?

AlbinoAlex3 karma

Yes, me again. Though I don't remember much from our last interaction. I've been good, how have you been?

CobaltCab3 karma

I don't think we've ever had any interaction but I've seen your AMAs. Just saying hello I guess.

Edit: and I'm good too

AlbinoAlex4 karma

Ah, some people tend to be recurring in my AmAs and ask more personal stuff or just check in—I'm usually really good about remembering the usernames when I see them.

But thanks for checking in, glad to hear you've been well!

bijhan3 karma

What's your favorite food?

AlbinoAlex10 karma

Bacon cheeseburger (from Five Guys).

Angry_Ohm3 karma

Are you dressing up for Halloween? What are you going as?

AlbinoAlex3 karma

I'm going as myself, that's scary enough.

Kster8093 karma

"I'm dressed as my ghost but if I wasn't albino"

AlbinoAlex6 karma

I could easily become the Joker, just need green hair.

5spoke3 karma

My 3 year old son as OCA 1. He's awesome. Anything your parents did/didn't do (relating to your vision/skin needs) growing up that annoyed you? We try to buy him cool hats and sunglasses, and always keep some sunscreen with us. But for the most part he does really well for himself!

AlbinoAlex5 karma

While I don't remember much from my own childhood, I would say just keep doing what you're doing. Make sure things like sunscreen and hats become a habit. I would see an ophthalmologist if you haven't already. There's evidence that wearing glasses while vision is still developing is beneficial in the long run.

The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation (NOAH) has books and webinars for parents.

5spoke2 karma

Cool thanks man. We actually went to the NOAH conference this year in Pittsburgh! He's just recently been fitted with some legit glasses as well, he seems to be cool with wearing them so hopefully they are helping him.

AlbinoAlex2 karma

Glad you guys went! I couldn't make it to Pittsburgh but I did go to San Diego and St. Louis. Looking forward to Kansas City, those two years will fly!

James01jr2 karma

Have you seen Me, myself, and Irene???

AlbinoAlex2 karma

I have not, but I've heard good things about it.

MysticFlareon2 karma

When is your birthday?

AlbinoAlex3 karma

28 April.

IKingJeremy2 karma

What are the most difficult aspects for you personally in having this condition?

Are there any positives; if so, what are they?

AlbinoAlex7 karma

For me, it's the visual impairment. Just bottom line not being able to see what everyone else sees. That is mostly remedied today, but the solutions involve carrying out monoculars and even then they don't solve everything. Not being able to pick up social cues, not being able to see 3D effects, etc.

There are no positives physiologically like super hearing or anything like that, but psychologically... I mean this is speaking more towards my attitude of it, but I'm super unique. I've gotten to travel around for conferences and participate in clinical research. Do AmAs and write for a magazine... things I would have never done if I didn't have albinism.

AnAverageSpoon14 karma

So, you have super white privilege?

AlbinoAlex6 karma

I guess so.

AnAverageSpoon6 karma

I'm only joking man, keep on being you!

AlbinoAlex3 karma

What is Reddit's opinion on white privilege?

Lauie222 karma

Would you prefer to not have your albinism, or have you come to accept it? If you accept it how did you come to accept it?

AlbinoAlex2 karma

Excellent question. As this point in time I'm perfectly happy with having albinism and wouldn't change it even if I could. Though of course it wasn't always that way.

As for when I finally came to accept it? Beginning of high school maybe? Throughout high school I just felt normal and I mean everyone accepted me. Albinism was never something I really talked about, with anyone—though it's not like they asked. I was just me, I guess. It wasn't until my first NOAH conference after high school that I really began embracing albinism. Participating in research, writing on it, doing AmAs. I'm definitely a lot more comfortable with it now than I was before.

robinaqwerty2 karma

So um what is your dick size? i'm thinking maybe 7 inches or 6. I don't know about y'all but i'm gonna get me some sexy albino d.....

AlbinoAlex5 karma

Not big enough to brag about.

YaBoyDL2 karma

Biologically, what type of albinism do you have?

AlbinoAlex2 karma

Oculocutaneous albinism, type 4.

cccombo_break3r2 karma

can you feel your powers grow near snow bioms?do you like to run around naked and scare people when its foggy?is this racist(hope not)?

AlbinoAlex3 karma

It doesn't snow where I live, so sadly those powers remain dormant.

Foggy conditions usually correlate with cold temperatures, which are not good for human genitalia.

Not at all :)

Oquela302 karma

Any luck with the laidies?

AlbinoAlex2 karma

I wish.

cyclopsrex2 karma

Do you like Yellowman? He is one of my favorite toasters.

AlbinoAlex2 karma

I haven't listened to his stuff but I've heard a lot about him through these AmAs.

cyclopsrex2 karma

He is a very interesting guy. In Jamaica, albinism was very stigmatized. He turned it all around by turning himself into a sex symbol with his talent on the mic.

AlbinoAlex3 karma

I wish I could be a sex-symbol and great singer :(

Cockumber2 karma

Is there any health risk involved, apart from the sunburn from staying on the sun? Like, will you live a shorter life, or will your inability to be on the sun lead to some skin issues? Thanks!

AlbinoAlex5 karma

There's none that we know of, certainly not a shorter lifespan. Too much sun exposure could lead to skin cancer but too little can lead to vitamin D deficiency.

Cockumber3 karma

Ok thanks a lot for answering !

AlbinoAlex3 karma

Thanks for asking :)

DarthBane422 karma

Do people look at you funny?

AlbinoAlex11 karma

I'm sure people stare, but I'm too blind to notice.

p1um5mu991er2 karma

Do you prefer being around people with pale complexions? Serious question...it makes sense to me

AlbinoAlex3 karma

I don't really have a preference, I get along with everyone.

EMG_GUY1 karma

Does anyone neg you for your white privilege?

AlbinoAlex3 karma

Only on Reddit.

joec_951231 karma

You so pale?

AlbinoAlex1 karma


feelin_raudi1 karma

Do the carpets match the pubes?

AlbinoAlex2 karma

I don't have carpet in my home!

SC_Gary1 karma

Pancakes or waffles?

AlbinoAlex2 karma


sharkbait761 karma

Does it ever bother you if people ask you about being albino when you're out in public?

AlbinoAlex1 karma

Never, though it also never happens.

sharkbait761 karma

Would you rather people approach you and ask you questions instead of just staring?

AlbinoAlex1 karma


InfintySquared1 karma

I grew up with an albino African-American friend, and later met up with him in the Furry fandom. He found a LOT of freedom by donning a full body animal costume, and enjoyed being anonymous inside a walking carpet but able to just be the character.

Have you had any similar experiences?

AlbinoAlex2 karma

Not as a furry, but I'm Hispanic and it's amazing living incognito and just having everyone think I'm white.

Compressions1 karma

I'm really pale and have really white hair but I'm not albino. Throughout high school I've been called albino, some jokingly but some actually think I have it. What should I say? What makes me not an albino if I have the similar skin tone and white/blond hair?

AlbinoAlex2 karma

You probably don't have a visual impairment, which is the biggest indicator, but you have a point that it can be hard to differentiate.

We think albinism is underdiagnosed in Nordic countries just because everyone has blonde hair and blue eyes. Visual impairment is a solid marker for albinism (not just "you need glasses" blind, more like "you cannot legally drive, ever" blind). Genetic testing also helps, but it's expensive.

Compressions1 karma

Yeah. I have glasses but my vision isn't all that bad at all. Also, albinos have a particular facial structure. Can you explain that to me?

AlbinoAlex2 karma

We don't, at least not that I'm aware of. That's why seeing an African American with albinism is so trippy because they'll have the facial features but white skin.

BMikasa1 karma

Do you schedule your next AmA's?

AlbinoAlex1 karma

Yes I do.

luvBaconcheeseburger1 karma

Where have you had the Best Bacon Cheeseburger?

AlbinoAlex1 karma

This very very small café near my hometown, absolutely incredible.

Though chain wise, Five Guys hands down. Followed by Twisted Root.

Lying_Cake0 karma

Isn't this your third one? What other questions could possibly be asked?

AlbinoAlex4 karma

15th, actually. Really goes to show people aren't noticing them as often as you think they do.

Not many, but it is an opportunity for people who have never seen the AmAs before or didn't get a chance to ask to finally ask.