Hello Reddit,

I’m just a normal guy, who spends his free time with his hot wife and cat in St. Louis. I didn’t see any of this coming, it’s been a crazy week. I want to make something good come out of this moment, so I’m donating a portion of the proceeds from my Represent T-Shirt campaign to the St. Patrick Center raising money to fight homelessness in St. Louis.

I’m an open book doing this AMA at my desk at work and excited to answer America’s question.

Please support the campaign and the fight on homelessness! Represent.com/kenbone

Proof: http://i.imgur.com/GdMsMZ9.jpg

Edit: signing off now, just like my whole experience so far this has been overwhelmingly positive! Special thanks to my Reddit brethren for sticking up for me when the few negative people attack. Let's just show that we're better than that by not answering hate with hate. Maybe do this again in a few weeks when the ride is over if you have questions about returning to normal.

My client will be answering no further questions.

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Here_Comes_The_King8336 karma

KBone !! When you coming thru tha doggy den 4 a little chit chat ?? I got something special at tha crib for u !

StanGibson187706 karma

I'm in LA late next week, maybe we can hook up. Big fan here. My dad wants to roll wit da Dogg big time, you me and him could do some tight stuff.

That didn't sound cool at all, did it?

Not_a_tasty_fish6669 karma

You made it cool. You goddamn beautiful disaster

StanGibson186344 karma

Ken Bone 2020: A beautiful goddamn disaster.

TheJoeJonas6436 karma

Hi Ken. Long time fan here. Do you have plans to run as an Independent in the next Presidential election?

StanGibson186770 karma

I don't even go to HOA meetings, but if I really thought I could effect positive change I'd consider it.

rutterkin6417 karma

Is it true that you start every meal by saying "Bone Appetit?"

StanGibson186417 karma

If only I were that clever.


Bone apple teeth

StanGibson186590 karma

This is closer to the real me.

cahaseler6310 karma


If you were president, what steps would your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job layoffs?

StanGibson187507 karma

Blah blah blah Steel...

Blah blah blah ISIS...

Timekpr6258 karma

Hi Ken, are you going take Snoop Dogg up on his generous offer to hotbox the bone zone?

StanGibson187083 karma

My power plant supports a robust drug testing policy, sorry Dogg. My dad on the other hand is all in.

daddyfatsax5550 karma

Hey it's me, your dad. Can I get Snoop's number???

StanGibson187539 karma

Dad? You're back from getting smokes?

dub18086049 karma

Pizza rolls or pizza bagels?

StanGibson188337 karma

Porque no los dos?

You don't fill out a sweater like this by doing pizza anything half way.

hosea02205794 karma

Who told you it was a good idea to use your real reddit username?

StanGibson187152 karma

It was a bad call. I need to fire my agent, except I can't because I'm my agent.

TheRavenMocker5790 karma

How do you feel about the memes made about you?

StanGibson186793 karma

As long as it's all in good fun I'm happy to laugh along with all of it.

Bertulf5630 karma

What will you be going as for Halloween? I hear the sexy Ken Bone will be popular

StanGibson188019 karma

I'm already the sexy Ken Bone so I'm thinking bust out the old Jedi robe / lightsaber combo and be Obi Wan Kenboni

Goldenface155601 karma

Hi Ken, big fan and just ordered your shirt.

How does it feel to be the leading presidential candidate around my apartment?

StanGibson186767 karma

I know I look old cause I'm fat and bald and dress like it's 1954, but I'm only 34 and ineligible to run!

There are over 2000, yes 2000 legally registered candidates. One of them must have something to offer. Get your voice out there for one of them.

i_teach2756 karma

We need to get you on the "Get Out and Vote" tour.

StanGibson183494 karma

I did a video shoot for Jokes for Votes today, check them out.

Xalteox5286 karma

How did you get selected to be in the debate audience?

StanGibson186476 karma

Gallup does a random sampling of undecided voters in the area in which the debate is held. This time it was my home town and I was lucky enough to answer when they called.

hosea02205163 karma

How soon after the debate did you realize you were a meme? How did you find out?

BloodChildKoga5637 karma

He sort of? answered this on his Jimmy Kimmel appearance I think, basically said he turned on his cell phone as soon as he was allowed and had a thousand+ messages lol

StanGibson186385 karma

This guy gets it.

2totwo3060 karma

Do you feel, Your Boneness, that since your notoriety, you've remained just about the same Bone as ever/

StanGibson184482 karma

I think so, just a little rushed. It'll set in when life slows back to normal, but I'm trying my best to stay the same old me. I like me.

dicklemytick3589 karma

I could not imagine having so much attention drawn to me in only a few days

StanGibson184108 karma

Holy shit! u/dicklemytick is talking to me!!!

LearningLifeAsIGo4905 karma

Would you say that you are leaning to vote one way or the other?

StanGibson186645 karma

Yes, definitely. Being undecided is not the same as being indecisive. We just have a lot to consider this election.

themeatbridge6129 karma

This is a man who understands that no matter who he supports, the internet will turn on him.

StanGibson186357 karma

It's a good thing I'm not running for office. I'm just trying to get you all to vote, you don't need to have another fat guy trying to convince you who to vote for.

mradamsilver3797 karma

I'm voting for you.

moon_jock2872 karma

You have my bow

StanGibson186542 karma

And my sweater.

HelloImLee4875 karma

How do you feel about becoming famous overnight? Also, have any companies approached you to endorse their products?

StanGibson187257 karma

Several companies have approached me for endorsements. I have 2 rules for working with them.

1)It's a responsible company that I believe in and that I vet to the best of my ability. I will do my best not to associate with any companies that hurt the environment or their workers.

2) 10% of all money I receive must go to my local preferred homeless charity the Saint Patrick Center in Saint Louis, MO.

Same rules for paid appearances.

Almostatimelord4868 karma

What's the weirdest reaction from friends and family that you've had so far?

StanGibson186813 karma

My uncle called me today and seemed genuinely star struck as if we hadn't been drinking beer together the week before.

ItsNotThatDeep5529 karma

You changed

StanGibson187085 karma

I certainly haven't changed clothes.

AvuncularPederast4858 karma

Hey Ken, who are some of your favorite musicians?

StanGibson186988 karma

Radiohead is my all time favorite, nobody blends genres like Thom Yorke and the boys.

High_Praise4525 karma

What did Bill Clinton say to you after the debate?

StanGibson186654 karma

He talked to me about the peak of the coal industry in the 20s and how it has evolved with the nation's infrastructure over the years.

Then his security team reminded him that it was time to go yet again. I think his wife was waiting on him.

zuken9324442 karma

Is a Hot Dog a sandwich?

StanGibson186994 karma

Sandwiches are bread on top, bread on bottom. Hot Dogs are side to side with a wrap around. Doesn't count.

RegisMark554427 karma

Are you looking forward to your impersonation on SNL?

StanGibson186613 karma

Between that and what South Park might turn me into I'm pumped.

I know Bobby Moynihan would crush the bit, but maybe go Leslie Jones for shock value or something? I don't know. I'll get with my writers.

o13Dennison13o4378 karma

Ken, I go to school roughly 20 minutes from where you live. I have a birthday coming up near the end of October. Will you come party and hang with us for my birthday?

Edit: October 27th, probably the following weekend at SIUE. Plz let me ride Mr. Bone's Wild Ride.

StanGibson185592 karma

I'm gonna be swamped with election stuff but PM me something and I'll get you a birthday greeting.

Here's hoping I don't forget and look like an asshole.

OracleofLife4094 karma

I love how you're using this moment for good. What does the St.Patrick center do for the homeless and why is this issue out of many the most important to you?

StanGibson186097 karma

St. Patrick center provides temporary housing, job training, drug counseling, and help with mental health issues.

There is a severe homelessness problem in this country. Most of us are one or two paychecks away from being homeless as well. We need to start seeing and intervening on their behalf.

keiferj04153793 karma

Are you near or farsighted?

StanGibson186752 karma


can_trust_me5119 karma

Jesus. It's like you've spent a lot of time on the Internet. One of us. One of us...

StanGibson183527 karma

Gooble Goo

keiferj04153601 karma

Hey Ken! Huge fan :) Would you consider wearing a cardigan for your next public outing?

StanGibson186803 karma

I'm sorry you're confused, Ken Bone is the cable knit sweater wearing a fat guy.

Morazan18233193 karma

Ken, both your Twitter & Reddit handles end in the number 18...

Does the number 18 hold any personal significance to you?

StanGibson185204 karma

On soft ball and hockey rec teams I wore 18 for the great 60s era Saint Louis Cardinal Mike Shannon. He's been the voice of the Cardinals basically my whole life.

Stan Gibson is for Stan Musial and Bob Gibson.

JesusPlayingGolf1970 karma

You should drunkenly shitpost with us in some /r/cardinals GDTs next season!

StanGibson182718 karma


Future_Mrs_Nic_Cage3011 karma

Ken Bone, I painted you. Also, what's your favorite Halloween candy? Ken Bone Painting

StanGibson182150 karma

I love it. It's not fair to have a painting be so much more attractive than the real me!

NattyB2881 karma

Mr. Bone, we're big fans of yours over at /r/SWGalaxyofHeroes after seeing your tweet about the game. Two questions:

(1) Better mustache, Biggs Darklighter or Lando Calrissian?

(2) Which heroes do you use in the squad arena?

StanGibson183594 karma

1) Biggs for pure awesomeness, Lando for longevity. Get it, I'm undecided.

2) Phasma lead, Rey, 5s, Chewie, Lumi. Swapping Lumi out for Barriss after I can farm her, but it might be a while. I'm a little busy.

ImNotJesus250 karma

Follow up, which character would look best with an awesome red cardigan?

StanGibson181174 karma

Chewie. No net loss or gain in huggability.


What has been the strangest thing someone tweeted at you in the wake of the debate?

StanGibson184857 karma

Too many weird, wild things to count. The most surreal was hearing back from @midnight which I love.

therealwalrus992569 karma

Hey Ken! Have you decided how you are casting your vote yet?

StanGibson185639 karma

I'm close, but I will not be announcing my decision. I want you to all make up your own minds. Don't rely on my opinion, just the positive message.

theArnoldFans12543 karma

Hi Mr. Bone, What sweater would win in a fight? There have been many famous sweaters worn by you, Cosby, Martha Stewart, Mr. Rogers (from the neighborhood). Who’s sweater would win in a fight? Also, “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” are very popular…might we see an awesome Mr. Bone exclusive Ugly Christmas sweater this year?

StanGibson186593 karma

Cosby Sweater drops roofies into Stewarts drink, Stewart Sweater shivs Cosby Sweater with a sharpened tooth brush as it slips into unconsciousness.

Fred Rogers OG sweater game wins by staying positive and not getting involved in the fight. Just like Ken Bone.

ashkpa2357 karma

As a coal worker, how do you think environmental protection and energy production should be balanced?

StanGibson184468 karma

We need more clean plants like mine to be approved for construction. Older plants can't retrofit to be best in class environmentally because it would drive them out of business. That means we need newer ones manned by the displaced workers from those being retired.

Throwaway_69592303 karma

Ken, You got me unmatched on tinder today. Did Bill try to make you wingman for him after the debate?

StanGibson181648 karma

Sorry bro. Wish I could help with the ladies but I already got mine. Good luck getting yours.

prg_error_2021882 karma

What does it feel like to all of a suddenly become an internet sensation. What does it tell you about today's society and our means of communication?

StanGibson184836 karma

It's been unreal, both the good and the bad. Everybody has responded to the positive message with the exception of a few nuts.

Some of the stuff makes it tough to stay positive, but I try to spin it for the good.

For instance, I've had almost a quarter million new Twitter followers, and only 3 death threats. Great ratio!

Seriously though, thanks to my home town PD for making me feel safe when the creeps come out to play.

HoldenMacaque1837 karma

Mr. Bone, do you feel both Hillary and/or trump answered your question adequately or were you dissatisfied in regards to energy? Thank you for doing this.

StanGibson183888 karma

I wanted to hear more about environmental protection from Mr. Trump, and more about jobs from Secretary Clinton.

They both did alright, but all answers from politicians are pretty much canned and rehearsed. Kinda like the ones I do on the radio.

thats_BS_321778 karma

Is the best part of this whole ordeal the karma from this post?

StanGibson184685 karma

Fake internet points are the best compensation. Except money. I likes money.

Krispy13371578 karma

Have you ever though about making a gofundme or kickstarter to replace your olive suit?

StanGibson183042 karma

Somebody set one up on my behalf, but Jimmy Kimmel is buying me a new one since I did his show. I guess if go fund me sends me that money it'll go to the charity.

You'll see me wearing it on his show next week.

LongPorkJones1347 karma

Who do you want to see on the Iron Throne?

StanGibson182935 karma

Ken Bone. You don't have to be 35, and you don't have to get elected.

Carpentoid1160 karma

What was the process in order to actually ask the candidates your question? Did you sign a form, request using email yada yada yada.

StanGibson181714 karma

Everyone on the stage wrote their own questions. We shared them with the moderators, then the mods got to as many as possible while maintaining the flow of the debate.

ElectricEnigma1138 karma

Which bone is connected to the Ken Bone?

FinalFacade2074 karma

Your wife.

StanGibson182216 karma

Your answer is better than any I could think of.

somethingasaur1045 karma

What is the best dinosaur?

StanGibson182388 karma

Not Barney. He's too huggable even for me.

barbieslittlesister953 karma

Hey Ken,

Can't wait to be you for Halloween.

You're obviously really passionate about serving the homeless community. Is there any background as to why that is your charity of choice?

StanGibson184213 karma

I saw a man with no teeth and no shoes standing on a corner in my new hometown when I moved there 3 years ago as I'm driving the moving van. Here I am bringing all my stuff to a bigger, better house, thinking what hot shit I am for affording the place.

Then I see him and realize that he has literally nothing but the sign in his hand. People driving by him giving him no more mind than a street sign or a shrub. I drove on by, reasoning that I was too busy to stop and help him out, it was moving day. Somebody else will give him a couple bucks. I never saw him again.

Is he OK? Did he move on out of town? Turn his life around? Die in a gutter OD'd on heroin? I'll never know cause I didn't give him the time of day. I was too busy pretending I had arrived.

These are people who deserve love and happiness as much as me or anyone. But that day to me he was a shrub. Never again.

AvuncularPederast733 karma

Would you consider making love to my wife? Please?

StanGibson181473 karma

Only if you are me.

darabfox599 karma

What do you think of Obama?

burgeoning_philosoph1796 karma

I am a pretty conservative guy (in fiscal policy anyway, do what you want with your own body), but I like Obama. You don't have to agree politically work someone to acknowledge that they seem like a good dude, right? [Cue hate from ultra right wing friends and family]


ayyy__1mao1962 karma

I feel like this comment perfectly sums up why we needed Ken Bone. Everyone is so exhausted from all the hostility, hyperbole, and factionalism this election has unleashed. We thought we were getting a meme and ended up getting a refreshing reminder that there are still chill people in this country.

StanGibson181853 karma

You are my new publicist.

ElectricEnigma576 karma

What are your feelings on this thread?

StanGibson18844 karma

So glorious I cannot look away even as the beauty pains my eyes.

caeasw561 karma

Would you be disappointed if I wrote your name in on the ballot come Election Day?

StanGibson181420 karma

It's flattering, but please don't. I cannot serve since I'm not old enough.

Mattybindahizzy560 karma

Ken, you seem like a happy person who has their life together. Any life advice for a young adult?

StanGibson181673 karma

Be who you are. If people don't like who you are, they're not the right people to have in your life.

theKaufMan479 karma

What's the weirdest thing that has happened to you this week?

StanGibson182215 karma

I had this weird hallucination where all the sudden everyone gave a shit what I had to say. Bizarre.