Since our first AMA, we've been marching through 2016 and getting ready for the Autumn/Winter seasons. Today's about 60 degrees and the end of the Summer is showing itself on the East Coast. <sigh> what are you gonna do? ..AMA the day away.

For any "virgins" of the game, PTG is a casual card-game for people who like to drink and have a certain sense of humor.

It can be played with or without booze, and is essentially an ice-breaking, smutty, novelty for parties and bars.

From initial conception, to our new Holiday "Package" we've partnered with some great people and had a lot of fun introducing the game to various people and demographics; from College Students to Senior Citizens, to celebrities and everything in between, it seems that drinking and pervy pics have no true demo.

We've made some good moves, which landed us in Penthouse Magazine along with other awesome periodicals, and have made some bad moves (like hiring marketers who did nothing but spam - lesson learned); it's a growing process. We aren't a massive company; just some friends who pulled the trigger on an idea and have been going with it since, trying to run this by the books (fully trademarked, etc) -while making sure we have fun along the way.

Like some reviewers have said, "don't expect Magic: The Gathering". ;)

Most of our improvement and growth is attributed to your feedback from our first AMA. So, first and foremost: Thank you...

So, let's talk Smut and Gaming....

Ask us anything.

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Emma_RedTube47 karma

We have a copy of the Original deck - what's changed or new with the Expansion or Holiday one?

WeArePORNTheGame48 karma

Woah! We have a freaking celebrity account in the house ;)

What's shaking RedTube?

The Expansion is all drinking rules, and each card is a mini-game (not just trading, giving, drawing cards). The Holiday one has a bunch of goodies, like a booklet, drawing mat, marker, sand timer, dice, Linen cards, Big Box, and a new "Imagination" Card -where you get to make up your own rules.

I feel like YOU should be doing an AMA. We have so many questions ...

Captain_Enizzle45 karma

Why do I feel so dead inside?

WeArePORNTheGame96 karma

Daily life is taking more than you're giving yourself; whether work, personal situations, etc. It's crucial to find something that fulfills -whether reading, gaming, creating, volunteering, working out, etc. The more you do for you, while still making sure to be considerate of the people around you, the easier it is to combat and keep depression at bay.

(Disclaimer: we are not medical professionals and the above advice is to be taken with a grain of salt. If you're truly going through a hard time: friends, family, and professional assistance can help).

Super-Sheep34 karma

Finally what I was looking for in an AMA.

WeArePORNTheGame24 karma

A pleasure to be of service ;) Anything else we can do for you?

apolea18 karma

Write a haiku for me please

WeArePORNTheGame46 karma

Another day Another mystery

The spider crawls from within history

OUCH! another bite

Seasons change.

The spider hides again

Deep inside.

OUCH! More.

Not sure what that was

Is this even a Haiku?

gilnorg_the_grey6 karma

No, you forgot "It's snowing on Mt Fuji"

PartypooperXD12 karma

Can i play with my grandma ?

WeArePORNTheGame18 karma

It wouldn't be the first time. All depends on your Grannie's humor ;)

Some cards would be a bit awkward, we imagine.

So, how cool is this Grandma?

PartypooperXD13 karma

Definitely the coolest . She suggested that we play this ;)

WeArePORNTheGame26 karma

wfza112 karma

Ok, easy one, where did the idea come from?

WeArePORNTheGame15 karma

The answer is as easy as the inquiry ;)

Truthfully, we had a few friends over and were playing a few card games. A bottle of scotch, some laughs, some dialogue, and the idea came.

The replies we usually get it "What a simple concept" -because it is.

Now, this isn't to discredit the work which followed. Having ideas is the easy part. Putting them into motion, all the way through the end is the part which we're proud of. From Trademarking, Registering businesses in the proper states, Legalities, Contracts with freelancers, Site / Marketing concepts, finding the right models and honing in on a specific tone (vintage/grindhouse, etc) all took months; even after our first release, there was much work to do -improving, editing, amending, and trying our best to grow.

Concept was quasi-easy / Road to completion is continuing process.

the_matrix_kid10 karma

Has there been a lot of rants and whining about your game? You know, due to it´s "adult" nature? (from some "certain" groups * cough cough*

WeArePORNTheGame9 karma

So far, we've been out of the crosshairs of such individuals or groups. Let's be honest here. Paper-Print Porno has been around since the previous century. Anyone can go online and google "SEX" and find things far more gratuitous and obscene. We're a parody, it's art, it's harmless. If certain groups were to attack such a harmless product, we'd merely direct them to an assortment of mainstream sites, media, and outlets that clearly supersede our adult/drinking game.

In the end, everyone has their say. You can't please everyone and nor is it possible to do so ;) Great question.

dannywarbucks113 karma

Now I'm imagining you guys linking a bunch of protesters hardcore porno.

Exeunter3 karma

Risky click of the day.

WeArePORNTheGame6 karma

dannywarbucks112 karma

Relevant gif i suppose

WeArePORNTheGame1 karma

or... ;)

Captain_Flanet7 karma

Fantastic game! Has there ever been an idea for a card that just doesn't fit for whatever reason?

WeArePORNTheGame11 karma

<beavis and butthead> --hehe "".

Most cards tend to flow with general pornographic terms and references. The sub-titles we like to have fun with; that's where we toss in pop culture nods and silly statements.

The one card missing, which we should definitely add is "Furry". A lot of people have asked for that. In the meantime, we have: THE DONKEY SHOW

Ross_is_Sauce3 karma

What's the deal with the crabs card? I'm not even sure what you're supposed to do with it. It reads like you can't take a turn until you get rid of it, but how are you supposed to get rid of it if you can't take a turn?? How are you supposed to play when you get crabs?

WeArePORNTheGame3 karma

When someone is exposed with Crabs, you're right. They can't take a turn until they shake the bug.

The player can get rid of it through the actions of any other player. If another player puts down a card that instructs everyone to shuffle a card back into the deck, or trade cards, that's when this person can get rid of it.

So, all it takes is the right card from someone else to either rid yourself of crabs -- or pass it to someone else.

Not_quite_a3 karma

Advice on how to deal with this on-again-off-again-mostly-mist bullshit storm we are stuck with for the next couple days? The storm is ruining one of the last fun outdoor weekends of the year.

WeArePORNTheGame1 karma

What are you into? We just read about a rave that's taking place in Brooklyn tonight - called "Tomb Raver".

On the lighter side, a movie-night is always good. Or maybe shack up at your favorite bar.

Let us know what you dig, and we'll see if there's anything floating around we can grab and relay to you ;)

Not_quite_a2 karma

I love dancing, adventure, art, restaurants (particularly the ones with "exotic" cuisine.) I am planning on going to Applefest in Warwick on Sunday so maybe I will dig out a movie for tonight. Which one do you say would be a good fit for the weather?

WeArePORNTheGame1 karma

Are you into Horror? If so, what type / decade? Literally staring at a massive DVD collection and would be happy to pick something appropriate ;)

Not_quite_a2 karma

I am not but I am very open and decently receptive so throw your best at me, corny or terrifying, and I will give it a shot!

WeArePORNTheGame2 karma

here we go....

  • Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (some vintage silliness)
  • Dead and Breakfast (if you like Shawn of the Dead)
  • Street Trash (Oldschool Splatter)
  • Jack Frost 2 (it's like Saved By The Bell meets Leprechaun)
  • Tromeo & Juliet (Troma - doesn't get any better/weirder ..+ LEMMMY for Motorhead)
  • Zombi 2 (Italian Zombie film that takes place on an island)
  • Frankenhooker (NYC Times Sq Sleeze and Comedy; also see Basket Case)
  • Dead Alive (Peter Jackson before he became THE Peter Jackson)
  • Diabolical Dr. Z (Oldschool B/W film; trippy and was introduced to us by a Satanist on the Lower East
  • Prince of Darkness (John Carpenter film that's part of his endof the world trilogy of films: The Thing and Mouth of Madness being the other ones. People give this one shit, but we found it terrifying. Mouth of Madness is awesome too.
  • ANY of the Return of the Living Dead films (funny, entertaining ..BRAIIINSS)
  • Cannibal Ferox (a less appreciated film, in the vein of Cannibal Holocaust)
  • Brainscan (A cheesy semi-slasher flick, featuring the kid from Terminator 2; great 90's flashback)

Could. Go. On. Forever. :)

Not_quite_a2 karma

Looks like I'm taking October off of work to watch everything haha thanks! Stay dry

WeArePORNTheGame1 karma

Rock on.

ImQuibits3 karma

Question for OP or anyone that's played: How is the replay value?

I've found a lot of these games are fun ~3 times and then get really old really fast once the shock value is gone. Exploding cats and un-expanded Cards against humanity come to mind.

And to OP, what were some unexpected challenges going from an idea to production. What problems occur that you just don't read about in "Buisness for Dummies" or what have you?

And thanks for the AmA, this is a super chill thread.

WeArePORNTheGame2 karma

Excellent question. Honest answer: depends on the crew. When you first play, or show it to people who have never seen it, the fun is in reading the cards out loud as you play along, etc. It's a freaking reward when people laugh from something in the game and/or find something hysterical or amusing. When it's familiar, you can play it like any other card game where, if someone drops down the Anal card -- you know what that action is. So, it becomes a nice time killer. A literal card game. When used as a drinking game at parties, the replay value is much higher.

Like anything else, it's all about what mood your in. Sometimes we play and go nuts, other times -after 15 minutes we get side tracked and the party moves on. Not everyone feels like playing a game all the time. So, truthfully, it fluctuates.

Re: your second question- It's interesting as, despite available resources, every experience is unique and you figure it out as you go along. From day one, our intention was to go by the books and make sure we secure the concept, business, taxes, yada-yada. We still have a LONG way to go, and would dance like mad monkeys if we obtained even 1% of CAH's success. As mentioned in a previous reply, showing support for the companies and people who influence and inspire you goes A LOT further than screaming into the void. A lot of the friends and business partners made was a direct result of showing love to the artists and companies we look up to; additionally, the greatest asset any company or business has is it's employees and customers. It's imperative to value and respect them -otherwise, you're nothing. From day 1, we've made a lot of friends and have kept in touch with a lot of the people who supported our first AMA and releases of the game. Everyone's trying to do something -we're no different. We're not special.

jumping_for_nothing3 karma

Is the original game not a drinking game? And the expansion pack turns it into one?

WeArePORNTheGame2 karma

The original has both. It's a bit more casual, like a dirty-man's uno: but with the occasional: Chug a beer/take a shot card (about 1/3 of the deck has drinking rules).

The "Extreme-Drunkard" expansion has 18 cards that mix-up additional mini-games and challenges into the set, all resulting in drinking and other silly stuff (Never have I ever, Beer Pong, and various twists on popular booze-oriented party-games).

The video on the expansion page shows a collection of the cards, and explains it a bit

jumping_for_nothing2 karma

Cool! Thank you for the explanation.

comebackbabyribs2 karma

¿Qué es esto?

WeArePORNTheGame1 karma

...funny you ask lol

PORN: THE GAME! es un homenaje a la picardía de antaño; una era, antes de internet, donde tiendas sórdidas y teatros sucios era donde los pervertidos se divertían.

We actually made a Spanish version; didn't pick up as much traction as the English one. Either way, we plan on expanding into additional languages.

jonnytremor2 karma

All told, how long did the game take to complete from the idea to it reaching the first shelf?

Also, let me know if you're looking for someone in your digital media department :-D

WeArePORNTheGame2 karma

  • About 6-9 months until the first prototype was delivered.
  • and, sure, always open to hear of any offers and symbiotic partnerships. Feel free to send us a message.

kfrzcode2 karma


WeArePORNTheGame3 karma

First off, Thanks -really. It's been a learning experience and quite the educational one at that.

We've had good experiences and bad experiences with freelancers. What happens often is that someone will claim to understand the work and what's required, but then delivers nothing as agreed upon. Then, when you point this out, the artist begins to get frustrated and things get a bit complicated from there. Many freelancers will simply take a job for the cash -but care little for honoring the specifics of a gig. On the bright side, even in these cases, clear communication - and positive feedback goes way further than getting all pissy about it (which we used to). Running a business can be frustrating and one learns, rather quickly, how to improve the interpersonal skills in such situations. Granted, our vision and direction are rather specific -so, when someone is hired to produce a video or piece of art in "Grindhouse" fashion, it's hard not to be disappointed when a comic-sans, cartoon, is delivered. lol

You used the term learning-curve, and that's exactly what it is. Nobody is perfect and, often, [if capable] it's better to do something yourself. We handle a lot of the art and design directions on our end [again, when we can] -for that very reason.

As for positive experiences, we found a director on reddit -and spent 5 months producing this video. Despite the massive production, at no point was there any issue or frustration. The director was professional, did everything perfectly, and was a wonderful person to communicate with, bounce ideas with, and handle said work. Same for with the crew who recorded this reaction video.

In the end, you'll always have a balance of both scenarios in the spectrum. We've learned to be more patient - but also to not trust anyone who comes along. We used to hire and trust people at random (poor business decision), and it didn't take long to realize that every market is saturated and not everyone claims to be or do what they say.

Again, this is good and bad. Ideally, we love finding people who have a skill and are looking for a project/outlet to build their portfolio. The result: together we grow, and trust is built. The people on top are already there. Fresh talent and humble approaches (on all our parts) yields better results. It's risky though: you can go to a "firm" or "production house", and they'll hand you shit. Meanwhile, the eager/aspiring artist will give you his best, and work with you to complete the project. The artist who worked with us for the majority of the project, when we first started, definitely did an amazing job and we most-definitely appreciate what he brought to the table. Gotta give it to him. We both went a little mad working on it, but it all worked. Every business relationship is different I suppose. Sometimes a brand becomes a product of the eclectic mix of all parts together. It's a freelance world. That's the crazy part. There's a lot of people out there. Win some/Lose some; hell, people could easily say that about us as clients. lol

Where can you find work? Reddit is a fantastic resource -yet, more importantly, networking; whether events, social media, etc. People get A LOT further in life and business when supporting others work and art. In this day and age, we're all screaming for attention. It's best to step back -support those who you admire and whose work you love, and then it comes back your way.

  • Edit: Formatting.

lolobodev2 karma

Any stories about something that was super frustrating during the games development/production/etc that you look can look back on and laugh about now?

WeArePORNTheGame2 karma

Sending our cards-concepts/images to manufacturers, and receiving letters of rejection was rather funny. Even US based companies, they outsource overseas -and a lot of countries in Asia have very strict rules with XXX material. We still have those rejection letters; definitely something to laugh about. We're happy with our current printer/model and, until given any reason to leave, we'll stay with them. At the moment though, we may start looking for alternatives as we've been getting some attractive offers. Funny how that works, huh? lol

Snake_74062 karma

I'm from India and I just came across this AMA.. And it seems amazing.. Hats off.. So my Question is.. How do I get this game in my country?

WeArePORNTheGame2 karma

International shipping is possible at checkout, however for a destination like India, it's costly. In these situations (for customers in distant countries), we take a more personal approach and ship units ourselves (not through the warehouse/website) from a personal stock in our homes (via paypal and direct communication with the customer). This allows a nice chunk of [international] shipping/handling costs to be saved on their end. In these cases, it's a loss and/or even split for us - but seeing the game in places like Greece, Japan, Australia, etc is worth it. Once we get alternative manufacturers, warehouses, and/or stock somewhere in Europe - International orders would be far more cost effective for the customer.

Digimonami2 karma

Have you ever considered repenting for your sinful ways?

WeArePORNTheGame3 karma

Our standard is held against those we care about, and the values we hold.


MrEvilNES3 karma

I love you guys \m/

Jynx32 karma

Have you contacted any prominent streamers or let's players like @JesseCox to help get the word out on your game?

WeArePORNTheGame1 karma

That's actually one thing we have yet to delve into. People have suggested getting involved with streamers, yet it's uncharted territory for us. Any other people you would recommend? Thanks for the question ....and for the tip! -pun not intended, but we can roll with it ;)

Jynx33 karma

Well I'm trans so I had the tip handled.

Yes, @Totalbiscuit does a game night stream, @Mangaminx like stuff like this, @lomadia to point you towards yogscast members who do game night streams.

Edit might be too much for some of them but look around for streamers.

@TiffanyStarrXXX does gaming and she's a porn star not a lot of gaming views on her channels unsure of her concurrent twitch views.

@SkyWilliams might do it he has a fucked up sense of humor.

WeArePORNTheGame2 karma

Thanks for the referrals ;) xoxo

Jynx32 karma

Thanks my ass if this helps you blow up you're buying me a burrito. And not from Chipotle somewhere good with concrete floors! :) but seriously though good luck and I prefer batbacoa or lingua.

WeArePORNTheGame2 karma

If you only knew how much we love Burritos....

If you're in New York, we got you covered! (The good shit! we promise.)

Jynx32 karma

Indiana. But I could make the trip for a good burrito. Good luck game looks fun.

WeArePORNTheGame2 karma

We know a few spots in New York that airmail their delicious Pizza -maybe we can find one that'll speed air-freight a killer Burrito?

Jynx32 karma

Cool. It always bothered me there is no real delivery for Mexican food, chines, pizza, sure. But a burrito is just too much? It's unfair!

WeArePORNTheGame2 karma

Today. This changes.

Burritos for all. Coming Soon from Jynx3 and PTG.

thelongcon_nor2 karma

How did you guys get on to this job? i.e. game developer What made you want to do this?

WeArePORNTheGame1 karma

Honestly - took a risk. Hit 30, wanted to do something that aligned more with the things we like,as shown when we refer to companies like Troma, Girls and Corpses, and all those other businesses that do what they do and keep the art of bizarre going. Half Fun/Half "what the hell - go for it, etc". We've all been involved in various things, so the aspect of "random" has always been there. This was just another form of it.

Personally speaking, at the time, a company I worked for was firing everyone and consolidating nationwide offices into a single office in UTAH. People who were with the company for [literally] 35+ years were booted. To see something like that was terrifying. It was time to get weird ...or, at least, try. <shrugs shoulders> ;)

sujal452 karma

Greetings Captain! Would you be so kind as to rank your top 5 poisons to imbibe while playing this fantastic game?? Rock on! 👊🏽

WeArePORNTheGame1 karma

  • Jack on the Rocks
  • Gin and Tonic with Cucumber (Hendricks)
  • Shots of Jameson
  • Guinness
  • Moonshine (Grapa, Souma, etc)

-honorable mention: Blanco Absinthe made in the U.S with legit wormwood. It's heavy duty and different.

UnmeshDatta1 karma

Hey guys! Great work on the game! I was wondering as to what you guys do in your free time? And what other games do you guys play?

WeArePORNTheGame3 karma

This reply is better suited for bullet-point style ;)

  • Music/Concerts
  • (not a surprise here) Boozing
  • Getting involved in various subcultures (Events, Arts, etc - the stuff a city like NYC has to offer)
  • Horror Movies (we're total suckers for them, and it somewhat bleeds into our product)
  • Reading (the best form of meditation)
  • Eating (going out to favorite spots, discovering new places, etc)
  • and just like anyone else, trying to figure out what the future holds and what moves to make, while remaining happy -not compromising our ideals, and doing one's best despite the hurdles we all come across and the possible mistakes we all make.

c'est la vie

Everyone has their outlets.

Datik2 karma

wait, devs of porn game dont watch porn?

WeArePORNTheGame1 karma

Of course we do. Moderation is key ;)

Boredomis_real1 karma

So you said you wanted to kill some time. Why didn't you just play your own game?

WeArePORNTheGame5 karma

Daytime, at work, some of us are juggling a few things, + we're not drinking at the moment (4 more hours 'til 5pm: Happy Hour ;). --although, truthfully, a bit hung over from last night.

Just like any game -it's all about the timing, mood of the people, and setting.