I am Ken Jeong best known as Mr. Chow from THE HANGOVER trilogy and Señor Ben Chang from the series COMMUNUTY. You can currently catch me on ABC’s DR KEN which premieres this Friday, September 23 at 8:30PM http://abc.go.com/shows/dr-ken.

Proof: https://twitter.com/DrKenABC/status/778296553169641472


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myblanket1232895 karma

do you actually think there will be #sixseasonsandamovie ?

Ken-Jeong3526 karma

i do.

meowlina2025 karma

What advice do you have for comedians going into the medical business?

Ken-Jeong2541 karma


yardaper1423 karma

You're part of the amazing scene in The Office where Michael Scott does improv. Have you done improv comedy before? If so, did you find it helped with your roles?

Ken-Jeong2357 karma

The Office may be my favorite co-star role ever.

I remember everything about my day on that set.

I was and still am in awe of Steve Carell.

omnomnomzombies1421 karma

How did you get so good at pop and locking?

Ken-Jeong1951 karma

actually, a great choreographer TONY G taught me during that Community episode and he works with me on Dr Ken as well

Taurus561085 karma

What's your third to least favorite dinosaur?

Edit: Thanks for the gold!!

Ken-Jeong1073 karma

Easy. Stegosaurus.

infinityxero950 karma

How did you go from being a doctor to being an actor?

Ken-Jeong1609 karma

it was a dream of mine to be an actor even when I was in college

I did plays at Duke, and standup while in med school

Lizzichka913 karma

What was your favorite part about playing Chang? Do you have a favorite episode of Community?

Ken-Jeong2153 karma

the freedom to play such an unhinged character really helped me grow as an actor.

My favorite Chang moment is in the 5th season during his "Bear Down For Midterms" breakdown

Buckius877 karma

Why are you so handsome?

Ken-Jeong3051 karma

Great question.

could be my double chins, my lack of muscle tone.

form a line, ladies.

dimplejuice856 karma

If you didn't make it in show biz, were you planning on going back to medicine? Did you mentally give yourself a certain amount of time to see if this show biz dream would work out?

Ken-Jeong1295 karma


I didn't give myself a deadline, but with the support of my wife, I went with the flow.

jkolada728 karma

Ken! Congrats on season 2 of DR KEN!

Last time I met you (I'm a camera operator), you jokingly berated me for my liberal use of tilts and snap zooms, quote: "you're a mid-day drunk with a handheld, get over yourself!". Firstly I'm disappointed there aren't more wild 90's MTV camera swings and zooms in Dr Ken, you should do something about that. But really, I just wanted to thank you for being awesome and always being friendly with your fans and coworkers! It's much appreciated in this industry.

My question, THANKS MODS: Will you ever stop being awesome?

Ken-Jeong529 karma

haaa!!! you are too kind

much love

klamonic1690 karma

Out of all of your famous quotes, which quote do people want you to say the most when they approach you on the street?

Ken-Jeong1496 karma

Toodaloo MF

Wheniwasalive543 karma

You've done a ton of voice over work in your career. Do you have a favorite experience working in animation? Follow-up, does Dr Yap have another featured episode in the new season of Bobs Burgers?

Ken-Jeong824 karma

I LOVE working in animation!

I try to do it every chance I get

I love the crew from Bob's Burgers. Loren Bouchard is a genius.

helkar473 karma

Hi Ken! Big fan of you, particularly in Community. I love behind the scenes stuff, so do you have any good stories of working on Community to share?

Ken-Jeong444 karma

so many great stories, too many to cite right now

watchitbub1146 karma

No offense, Mr. Jeong, but telling great stories is supposed to be why you're here.

Ken-Jeong2106 karma

Danny Pudi got heartburn from eating a ton of candy, mustard, tabasco sauce, and other foods all at once on a dare. And I treated him. Good times.

Eff_Cancer393 karma

Firstly I wanted to say how awesome it was to see the support you have given your wife during and now after her cancer diagnosis and treatments. I myself am a 2-time breast cancer survivor and I know first hand how much of a difference a good support system helps when going through everything. I also loved your acceptance speech where you declared your wife cancer free and I happily shouted toodle-fucking-loo muthafucka to my cancer when I got the word that I too was cancer free.

My question is how do you feel you see your life now that you've had to live through watching your wife go through something so hard? Are you more or less likely to take on certain roles in movies or tv?

Thanks! (and all the best to your wife from a fellow survivor!)

Ken-Jeong641 karma

So happy you are cancer-free.

much love to you and your family.

My wife's journey reminds me that life is short, not to take anything for granted, and to make the most out of every opportunity.

Glad you are well.

Love ken

DJ_Dynasty_Handbag367 karma

What's the most heartwarming thing you have experienced on set?

Ken-Jeong984 karma

A few of my patients have actually come to attend a Dr Ken taping. I was very moved.

joje0904309 karma

any advice for someone who is likely to start medical school next fall?

Ken-Jeong672 karma

pace yourself.

The first two years of book learning are voluminous.

a_floppy_koala279 karma

What was your biggest "wtf moment"?

Ken-Jeong641 karma

definitely the first Hangover.

Xoakay274 karma

What toothpaste do you use?

Ken-Jeong509 karma

Crest, baby.

Manfrenjensenjen242 karma

Does Crest do a good job of getting out the HAM GURRRL!?!?

Ken-Jeong318 karma


mlavan258 karma

How did you and Zach Galifianakis first meet? What was your first impression of him? I think there was a video on youtube circling a few years ago that had the both of you performing standup back in 1999/2000

Ken-Jeong487 karma

we first met at an open mic in LA back then

everyone LOVED him then and is not surprised how successful he has become now

Zach G is one of the funniest people I've ever worked with and one of the sweetest.

s3rila237 karma

how is it to play on Fresh Off the Boat?

(loved you as Chang)

Ken-Jeong361 karma

I LOVE Fresh Off The Boat!!!

I was in the season finale and in their season premiere and I had a blast being in both episodes

DJ_Dynasty_Handbag226 karma

Top five albums?

Ken-Jeong899 karma

  1. Sgt. Pepper - Beatles
  2. Led Zeppelin IV
  3. Nevermind - Nirvana
  4. Ten - Pearl Jam
  5. Spice World

kodyvb195 karma

I love you, do you love me?

Ken-Jeong278 karma


schmeebasaur194 karma

Hey Ken, what's your favorite quick, low cost meal?

Ken-Jeong570 karma

Frito Burrito, Taco Bell. $1.15

20dollarportraits190 karma

Huge fan! What young up and coming Asian American actor/actress should we keep an eye out for?

Ken-Jeong356 karma

definitely the casts of Dr Ken and Fresh Off The Boat for sure

Suzy Nakamura, Krista Marie Yu, Albert Tsai, Dana Lee, Randall Park, Constance Wu, Hudson Yang, Ian Chen, Forrest Wheeler, and Lucille Soong are some of the most amazingly talented people I've ever worked with.

delorean225187 karma

Hi, Ken! My sister and I loved you on Community - you were by far our favorite character.

My question is, what parts of Chang's personality are the most similar to yours? By extension, what parts of Chang were the hardest to 'get behind' for your role?

Ken-Jeong367 karma

great question, because I don't consider myself similar to Chang on Community

but I guess we both trust our instincts in life. Hopefully, mine are better than Chang's.

DeluxeLeaf31106 karma

Are you streets ahead?

Ken-Jeong201 karma

At times, I'm streets behind.

poststructure105 karma

Hey, Ken. I'm a big fan of yours. My buddy Joey lives in LA and used to work at Hollywood Improv and it was either there or at the Comedy Store that he recorded you in a video where you said to me "Dude. When are you moving out here?" Just wanted to say thanks for that. It made my day.

Ken-Jeong105 karma


much love bro

Fhq93 karma

Who's actually crazier - Chow or Chang?

Ken-Jeong280 karma

Chang is insane.

Chow is an international criminal.

Prof-Ponderosa54 karma

My question, any chance of you working with Todd Phillips again? You guys are magic.

I'm really happy ABC has shows such as yours and Off the Boat. The diversity in sitcoms is a great thing.

Ken-Jeong80 karma

Yes, absolutely, I LOVE Todd so much. He gave me my career. He is a genius.


nicolascagesbeard52 karma

Hi Ken, I enjoyed your small part in Pain And Gain.

I've always seen you in a comedic role, do you ever plan to take a role that will perhaps take your acting to the 'next level'? In such a way Christian Bale did in The Fighter with Mark Wahlberg, Steve Carrell in the Foxcatcher, Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club and Leonardo DiCaprio in Revenant.

PS say hi to Nicolas Cage for me if you see him walking around Hollywood. Night.

Ken-Jeong141 karma

I had a small dramatic role in this movie I ended up producing called ADVANTAGEOUS, directed by the brilliant Jennifer Phang and starring the talented Jacqueline Kim.

We were fortunate to get it to Sundance and it was nominated for a Spirit Award.

One of the best things I have ever been a part of.

Please check it out on Netflix.

erure45 karma

What is your favorite Korean comfort food?

Ken-Jeong134 karma

Bi bim bap.

justscottaustin43 karma

Where did the idea for "What's it gonna be"/Million Dollar Strong come from? I have to say that for 10 years it has been an absolute brilliant bit of comedy gold.

Ken-Jeong54 karma

Mike O'Connell wrote that and all the Million Dollar Strong music.

He is a genius.

And also an exec producer on Dr Ken

0smo5is36 karma

I just wanted to say hi. How's the weather?

Ken-Jeong76 karma

it's mild. it's nice. not too shabby.

stein26828 karma

Tar Heels or Blue Devils?

(please say Tar Heels)

Ken-Jeong104 karma

Blue Devils.

nyjets3263 karma

What is your favorite pizza topping?

Ken-Jeong5 karma


JackPoonac1 karma

Do you like crunchy or creamy peanut butter?

Ken-Jeong3 karma

crunchy, baby.