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It's hilarious because of you, man! So many people do AMAs and they're no fun at all. You're awesome, Ludacris. I used to play hooky and stay home and learn all of your lyrics. I feel validated now, man. You rock.

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Hey, Ken. I'm a big fan of yours. My buddy Joey lives in LA and used to work at Hollywood Improv and it was either there or at the Comedy Store that he recorded you in a video where you said to me "Dude. When are you moving out here?" Just wanted to say thanks for that. It made my day.

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Hello, Jeannie and Joey!! Love, all the cats and ducks in the world.

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Hi, Anna!

Hope you're doing well. My question is about the hiatus you took from acting. What went into the decision to return after your hiatus? Was acting something you knew you wanted to continue with, but just couldn't find the time?

Also, what sorts of acting projects would you like to take on in the future? Any actors you'd love to work with?

Thanks, and have a good rest of your week!

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Am journalist writing about stuff I don't want to write about. Can confirm.