My short bio: What's up Reddit! This is Jukka from The Dudesons. I've blown myself up, been back-flipped by a bull and now The Dudesons and I run our own production company in Hollywood and Finland. Excited to chat! Let's do this!

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JukkaDudeson12 karma

What's up people, ready to share my life with you :) What you want to hear?

JukkaDudeson10 karma

Thank you guys for showing up and asking the cool questions! Really enjoyed hearing your thoughts and wonders about positive anarchy and the dudesons! I'm going to do another one of these again in the next few weeks! In the meantime, follow my life on instagram @jukkadudeson, snapchat @jukkahilden or on our youtube vlog DUDESONSVLOG

Peace, Love and Happiness! I gotta go film something for sunday :-)

stralerman10 karma

How's Mr Hitler?

JukkaDudeson17 karma

I believe he is miserable in his own misery. Being an evil child hater.

Those of you who don't know, we called our evil neghbour mr. hitler, you can check out what we did to him from our youtube dudesonspage

stralerman6 karma

I loved the pranks with Mr Hitler

JukkaDudeson18 karma

It was fun, went too far and we ended up apologizing and covering his expenses for the mayhem and destruction we cause. But he really deserved everything he got.

Subject13379 karma

Fuck yeah Jukka! Loved the dudesons since season 1 way back when. Love seeing you guys on youtube.

How does your "positive anarchy" philosophy translate to politics? What are your opinions on the way the world is run, and how would you do it if you were King Jukka?

JukkaDudeson10 karma

Wow. A tough one. I feel that world politics are messed up right now, and we should concentrate on good, learning from the past and history. A common goal, not individual goals or political party goals thinking short term - How do I get re-elected.

Politics need people with big balls to make real changes but has very few of them. Because it's like jumping into a shark tank.

If I was a king. Well, Kings don't have anything to say about anything anymore. They just represent, so I guess I'd be living of some countries treasury ;) No for reals, I would try to show an example.

One thing is sure about politics is that every one should vote. Change starts from every little human being. People who don't vote shouldnt say their opinnion either if their too lazy to do something to push their opinnion forward (like vote)

JoOngle4 karma

Would you consider making a physics stunts based on famous video games, for example: Angry Bird?

Like tossing Jukka at a ton of bricks with the rest of the team placed in various strategic places in the bundle of bricks or items?

JukkaDudeson15 karma

Yes - I love the world of physics and trying out a theory. That's why mythbusters is one of my favourite shows. We should do mythbusters meets dudesons crash test dummy kind of a show.

RoyMan9113 karma

Jukka! What's your number one tip to become successful?

JukkaDudeson4 karma

Find what you really want to do in life, do it, learn from mistakes and don't give up at the first obstacle that you're going to run to. Enjoy the journey, surround yourself with positive people that are genuine but also give you energy. And just start doing. DOMOREDOMORE. And be passionate about what you do.

Forks_In_Toasters_3 karma

  1. What is, in your opinion, the most awesome hat you've owned?

  2. What's your favorite food?

  3. If it's not too personal, have you always had such a positive attitude towards life? Or did something happen that made you learn that optimism is the best in spite of shitty situations?

JukkaDudeson10 karma

  1. My most awesome hat is my first bowler hat that I got as a present from someone close to me. It was found in a swedish second hand shop and they dont make them like that anymore ;)

  2. Korean BBQ I love but also REINDEER MEAT. So tender and bloody.

  3. Optimism is my personality and it's sometimes a challenge too... Everythings always looking so good in my eyes, and then reality bites. But I'm also aware of that and rather be overly positive than a dark cynic.

Rebeccanymo3 karma

Can I send myself in a package to America as an gift for ur amazing hard working office workers? You, Paul JC and Joe seem to have pretty fucking much to do, Im sure I would be the best gift you would ever receive! Also, how is the American dream going? Do you have any concret plans or ideas to get a tv show? Love from Sweden.

JukkaDudeson11 karma

Please do send us something:

8033 w sunset blvd, mailbox 1112 hollywood, CA 90046

and yes, we have concrete plans to sell a show in america. dudesons home invasion. imagine us crashing a beverly hills house, or texas ranch or an appartment in new jersey and really bring positive anarchy to that families life.

maz-o3 karma

Have you seen Bam lately? Dude looks ROUGH. :(

JukkaDudeson7 karma

I briefly saw him ride a horse in helsinki with Andy McCoy and Jussi69. Scene looked mental.

BAm is so productive and creative no matter what state of mind he is in. So respect to that.

But you are right, he does look rough and I'm wishing him all the best to be the best he can be.

butchmonkey2 karma

What moment in your guys' career did you realise you could be so inspirational to others?

You guys are awesome. Peace, love and happiness.

JukkaDudeson7 karma

at first we just wanted to have fun and do everything our own way. but growing older you understand the importance of setting an example - so later in the career. my whole thing nowadays is to inspire people to live their life, challenging themselves, evolving as people and being good to others. good comes around good goes around.

too many people loose their spark when they grow older. and that's really a shame.

butchmonkey2 karma

That's great, and such an inspiration you are! Definitely not going to 'grow up' and just have as much as fun as possible.

Also, will there be an American Dudesons Home Invasion?

JukkaDudeson3 karma

It is possible to grow older but to hold on to your childhood spark. i definitely got more responsibilities nowadays than when i was a teenager. it's about taking care of your sh*t but also not taking yourself too seriously.


butchmonkey1 karma

I still feel like a kid anyway right now :P Surrounding yourself with people who share the same mindset really helps. So glad you have a great set of guys by your side, living the Dudesons lifestyle.

Will be a great achievement when you do! Then next step is Dudesons world invasion :p Take over the planet :D

JukkaDudeson3 karma

we're pushing hard but also have to keep in mind to enjoy the journey.

JoOngle2 karma

Hi Jukka, my Finnish mad neighbor ;)

When you guys do this, where you inspired by Steve´o stunts, or have you guys just been messing around with this all your life?

One of the things that I always wonder about is if when you guys get hurt bad, how long does it take to heal, and does any of you guys have long lasting "battle" scars from your stunts?

What´s your plans for future series? Will you make these available to Netflix, will you youtube it?

Good luck, and let´s see you break world records with your insane stunts ;) A 50 year old fan.

JukkaDudeson8 karma


Here's some answers to your tough nuts :)

  • We started before Jackass and know the guys really well. I consider Knoxville, Tremaine, Steve-O and Bam super good friends too. At that time, in the skateboarding culture there was a lot of shenannigans going on and it's a miracle that only jackass, dudesons and dirty sanchez made it to airwaves :)

For getting hurt. Always hurts, and takes time to heal. Older you get, more it takes time BUT we never meaningfully want to get hurt but actually get excited about the incrediblre opportunity to make a cartoon like idea happen in real life! 'Always believed in my changes of making that stunt happen.

For future, I'm working hard in LA to make our next move and more dreams come true. If it's a movie, tv series or something else. Check out dudesonsvlogs on youtube, there we want to share the business and the life of whats going on and genuinly allow people to follow if we make it or not :)

HelloTittie2 karma


JukkaDudeson2 karma

yeah. lots of things. i try to use common sense into what i do. and i would never want to be mean or harmfull for other people.

but i've also done things and then thought about it and thats usually when it gets interestng!

thatroselady2 karma

I'm so excited you've found a way to interact other than through FB lives!! I hope your feeling better! Wish I didn't have to rush out, but kinda need to know - are you still sitting on your roof?

JukkaDudeson8 karma

The roof was way to hot for my but and the wifi wasnt storong enough, so I'm just sitting in toilet pooping out of excitement answering to you guys :)

thatroselady2 karma

That is much more intimate and personal! I would love it if ya'll gave us on the east coast a heads up if / when you come out to Roman Atwood's again!! We don't get much excitement; why not do a meet-and-greet out here?

JukkaDudeson5 karma

Yeah, I should invite Roman back to Finland next summer when I'll be enjoying the never setting sun there again?

thatroselady3 karma

That's definitely a sight I want to see before I die - the never setting sun, that is; I can see ya'll enjoying a nice romantic dinner during a bright midnight, though. :D I do hope you're eye and back and all are feeling better, darlin'! So glad I caught this before I had to leave for the evening, hope you do this every now and then for us non-Facebook users!!

JukkaDudeson7 karma

Great to have you here!

NEver setting sun is so beautifull... In lappland the sun doesnt set for a straight month.

My eyes are good now, got prescribed steroids to my eyeballs... Wonder if they're going to grow huge and get abs?

BecomingSentiENT2 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck? What would be your attack strategy?

JukkaDudeson4 karma

I would love to go face to face with a horse sized duck ;) Just to see it exist. But I think i would have to bring my pet, killer rabbit from monty python to strengthen my position.

Rapturesjoy1 karma

Or just use the holy hand grenade that shall smite your enemies...

JukkaDudeson2 karma

i just did a movie called iron sky 2, and in that i'm playing an unholy pope who uses a crusifix to shoot holy hand grenades :)

Rapturesjoy1 karma

ooooo I liked the first Iron Sky (where do we come from, ze dark side of ze moon!) Kind of reminds me of Hydra from marvel, and nice, I will definitely be looking out for the unholy pope!

JukkaDudeson3 karma

yeah... it was fun! and evil. i just did the ADR sessions for the movie and saw bits and pieces. its looking real good!

asoiahats2 karma

Just how painful was the baseball bat in the balls?

JukkaDudeson4 karma

oh in the dudesons movie. yes, very painful. i lock my door nowadays living with the guys.

btw. dudesons movie (2006) is on netflix in us, canada, uk, australia and latin america. check it out. old school mayhem.

Spewy_McSpew2 karma

Hi Jukka, Kiiikkkelllii? :-)

JukkaDudeson7 karma

Kikkeliiiii... hahahahaaa. we named our pet pig kikkeli in our US Series Dudesons in America. MTV did not know that it means weiner.

Nikoleva2 karma

hello from Bulgaria Jukka, may i ask Why did you decided to make the dudesons and have all thet genital abuse :D how did this all happend?

JukkaDudeson3 karma

ahahahaaa. hope you dont see dudesons as only dudes who do nutshots. i think it was just us growing up and it was a funny little thing to do to your friends. then got creative with it with teetertotters etc.

steviehoekstra1231231 karma

hey jukka and crew 1. will you guys send me a snapchat? @steviehoekstra 2. will you ever come to the netherlands? if you do hit me up. 3. who out of the rest of the dudeson did u meet first? i forgot

JukkaDudeson2 karma

I was just in amsterdam in end of july. love the country.

colinchuz1 karma

Are you gonna continue to produce Duudsonit sodas? Will your and Jarno's tastes appear?

JukkaDudeson2 karma

I think we're past sodas. We want to inspire people to live a healthy life. Eat healthy. Exercise. AND THEN GO LITTLE CRAZY :)

woodie171 karma

Jukka you are my favourite dudeson!

Question how can an Australian see/meet you guys if im coming to Los Angeles in late October?

JukkaDudeson2 karma

LAte october... FInd out where our Dudesons headquarters are and show up :)

steviehoekstra1231231 karma

are you coming to amsterdam again though? sc me @steviehoekstra

JukkaDudeson2 karma

For sure a t some point. The canals and the city has such a good vibe to it. and i love being surrounded by history and culture.

colinchuz1 karma

What was the worst place ever you traveled to (country\city)? And which was the best?

JukkaDudeson2 karma

every place has it's good and bad sides. i always concentrate on the good. but gotta mention Bali and ubud - what a beautifull paradise that is!!!

shaunydepp1 karma

Hey Jukka! Shaun from Quebec City, Canada here, did you ever go to canada and /or montreal? if not would you like to visite Canada? What are youre opinions about canadiens and the country? :) Oh and did Jarpi really lose his thumb to a bear?

JukkaDudeson2 karma


All the canadians I know are cool as fck. Except Andy Bell from Nitrocircus, he is double cool as fck

shaunydepp1 karma

Have you ever been to Canada??? And did Jarpi really lose his thumb to a bear?

JukkaDudeson2 karma

what you think happened to jappis thumb? ;)

RubeusShagrid1 karma

Jukka you crazy bugger!

Have you ever met any of the guys from HIM?

How do you feel about Finnish music compared to North American music?

And what's your favorite Britney Dudeson moment?

JukkaDudeson6 karma

I know HIM guys, Ville Valo and others. In Finland everyone knows everyone, i mean there's only 5 million of us :)

I dont care where the music is from. As long as it gives me the feeling and the vibe im looking for at that moment. But i do like to rock the sad finnish countrysongs while driving in LA along the sunset boulevard. Reminds me of my roots as I'm where I want to be at this moment.

Britney Dudeson has so many good moments, but when he was just a tiny little pig the cuteness is so memorable!

suzefi1 karma

Hey Jukka! I'm big fan of Dudesons from years, so thank you for this AMA! I have a couple of questions and I hope you will answer all of them :)

  1. Will Dudesons refresh their homepage to 2016?
  2. Will you enable on your channels (main and vlogs) option to create subtitles? It would bring more people to you, for sure!
  3. Will Paul, JC and Joey be American Dudesons after Academy of Positive Anarchy?
  4. Yes, Positive Anarchy! What is exact meaning of this and how it came to your mind?
  5. Is this true that HP don't have health insurance and nobody want to sell it to him? If this is true, is it connected with Giant Moped Jump when HP told that he is over with stunts?
  6. Do you think that Dudesons time do doing stupid stunts for our enterteinment is over?
  7. Would you ever consider coming to other countries with your history or would you consider uploading one of this lecture to the internet?
  8. What's the meaning of Dudesons diamond tattoo?
  9. Why hats?

BONUS QUESTION: Where we can watch Posse outside of Finland? :D

Thank you very much if you answer all those question and greetings from Poland!

JukkaDudeson4 karma

  1. i gotta talk to paul about that. we should right :)

  2. dudesons is never over. we were born like this. our entertainment evolves all the time from stunt show, to home invasion to posse and what we do in youtube right now. stunts are always going to be a part of our lives, atleast me personally love the kicks a get from going at it.

  3. Diamond tattoo is a traditional finnish design, kinda what maoris have. to me it represents SISU. never give up kind of attitude. Also mine has 7 diamonds in it. 1 for each day of the week to remind me living my life everyday and doing my best.

  4. why not hats :)

JukkaDudeson2 karma

Yo, You got a lot and that's amazing!

  1. We should but mainly we swant to keep you guys updated throurhg youtube, facebook, instagram. Those are whta you should be following :)


  3. Positive Anarchy is our way of living life. Our guidelines. Here's the way I look at it:

Positive Anarchy: The playfully unapologetic

disruption of the mundane, dedicated to

liberating the childhood spark with which

we are all born.

The Dudesons are pioneers of this movement

that encourages a world of joy and challenging

yourself to find happiness through evolving and

living life to the fullest.

  1. In finland none of us can get extra health insurance because we've been blacklisted by insurance companies ;) But there is healthcare for everyone in finland which is good... And private hospitals.

livelavalauren1 karma

Do you have any stunts or pranks you regret doing?

JukkaDudeson3 karma

I don't regret things, because it's late to change what happened anyway. But I do say that I want to learn from my mistakes.

Stunts wise few things that I wouldnt do again are testicles into a mousetrap and anything that ends up burning my face. That was painfull :)

RiverFinn1 karma

How has life been in LA? Also will you be appearing on the new season of Posse?

JukkaDudeson2 karma

Yo, life in LA is fantastic. Sunshine and bluesky but it can be tough too... Not the easiest place to survive and make your dreams come true!

I got some goodies in the new season of POSSE - And we got 2 new cast members kicking butt in the show!

RiverFinn1 karma

What has been the coolest/craziest experience in Hollywood so far?

JukkaDudeson2 karma

One of the craziest was when 6 cops and a police helicopter showed up to our hosue thinknig there was a shooting. And we were just filming facebook live blowing up soccer balls etc. by pumping to much air to them...

colinchuz1 karma

Are you friends with Arto Saari? Or may be any of the Dudesons are? He is your coeval and from Seinajoki too

JukkaDudeson3 karma

Yeah I know Arto. Funnily enough, he was my neighbour in Seinäjoki for awhile. What an awesome skateboarder and personality he is.

He was way past my league in skateboarding though. Always had his own style, rode hard, big and made a bang!

nickaviv1 karma

Dude! How are you even alive after all of the crazy shit you did!?

JukkaDudeson10 karma

If you gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough :)

MiroslavSK1 karma

Hi Jukka, your videos make me better days. Thank you! and my question is .I can send something to an address that was on your vlog?

JukkaDudeson2 karma

yes. we got a po box and please send us stuff. we will start a we test section in the vlogs where you can send us stuff to test out.

Here's the po box:

8033 W. Sunset Blvd, mailbox 1112, Hollywood CA 90046

MiroslavSK1 karma

Thank you Can i send some gifts from me for you?

JukkaDudeson3 karma

would love to get some:

our po box is:

8033 w sunset blvd, mailbox 1112 hollywood, CA 90046

MiroslavSK1 karma

Thank you and you will be filming the sixth season of the dudesons?

JukkaDudeson5 karma

we want to make dudesons home invasion happen in the USA. but it's not easy to sell a show with foreign dudes on it in the US.

that should be the new season and coming of the dudesons.

AcetheGamer4561 karma

Hey Jukka, I was wondering if you could tell me what kin of hat that red one you have on is, since I myself would love to have my own "Jukka Hat." Also, next time You and Jarno visit HP and Jarppi or vice versa, would you guys do as many challenge's as possible?

JukkaDudeson3 karma

All my weirdhats are either from second hand stores, top hats and bowlers OR vivienne westwood Worldsend hats. People laguh at me for the hat but I dig them.

I also tell everyone that I stole it from the man with the yellow hat of Curious George

AcetheGamer4561 karma

That's why he hasn't been around. Also, it looks like the Dudesons are fans of rock music, and since I also like rock, I'd like to know what your favorite rock band is and if you have heard anything from Alice Cooper.

JukkaDudeson3 karma

My favourite is ACDC but yeah, i've listened to alice cooper. I listen to anything, depending on my vibe. To be able to concentrate with my ADD I listen to classical music. :)

AcetheGamer4561 karma

That's awesome, I love ACDC too. Last question from me (possibly), have you ever wanted to do anything musically before the Dudesons became a big hit? Thanks for answering my questions by the way, have a great day Jukka!

JukkaDudeson3 karma

I was actually a lead singer for a punk band for like 5 days but don't have any musical skills so i quit the band. i wish i would have.

AcetheGamer4561 karma

Those five days must have been a fun experience! Well, have a great day Jukka! Peace, love and happiness to you!

JukkaDudeson2 karma

i didnt do too good of a job as the leader. and i was also trying to play guiter but couldnt do it worth shit!

omginax1 karma

heyy jukka 👋😊

  1. how do you always keep such a positive attitude? tell me your secret 😂

2: are you gonna be back in finland anytime soon?

3: did you really put the keychain which me and my friend sent to you on your office key?

also thank you for opening our present in the vlog, i can't describe how much it means to me ❤️❤️

JukkaDudeson2 karma


Thank you so much for your keyring and your story. Thanks a lot and means a lot to us hearing that we are inspiring you and sometimes helping people through their tough times.

I wont be in finland before xmas. and then i'll go and visit santa :)

colinchuz1 karma

Have you ever burnt your pubic hair without cameras? :) Or maybe even without any attention from spectators? :)

JukkaDudeson2 karma

Ahahahahaaa... I've burnt a lot of hair in front of and without cameras. Smells terrible.

colinchuz1 karma

I always burn my hair and public hair, every time it gets too long, for many years :) I'm serious, it's not a joke. :) I haven't been at a barber shop already for a long time. I've burnt my hair again about week ago. Sure, this propensity was definitely inspired by your show. :) I like the edging, that fire does, it's way better than texturizing shears.... Haven't you noticed that? :)

JukkaDudeson4 karma

have to say i havent noticed that. i don't get kicks out of burning pubic hair, but hey, everyone has their own thing right ;)

Carlosdanger1212121 karma

Have there been any long term nagative affects from your stunts? Like arthritis or joint issues

JukkaDudeson3 karma

i don't want to look at it that way. it's all been positive to go through the excitement, discipline, memories and the overall experience.

it aches here and there, and took a while to get better from few accidents but it's not like a snowboarders knees arent hurting or soccerplayers ankles :)

FreyaMacNZ1 karma

In IAmA post: "Hey Jukka! Have you ever been to New Zealand?? If not, do you want to? We have a huge amount of adventure tourism- Bungee jumping, Jet boating, caving, abseiling... Also loads of surfing beaches, AND we have a the Southern Alps, so snowboarding and skiing! The Dudesons would have a blast here!!"

JukkaDudeson3 karma

I've been to australia 3 times and every time wanted to visit new zealand as well. havent just had the chance yet. :) eventually i'll come and hang out with you hobbits ;)

FreyaMacNZ2 karma

We hobbits would love to have you! 😂😜 If you do come, make sure you jump off the Sky Tower! It would make great footage for your vlog 😊

JukkaDudeson3 karma

i hope i get the opportunity to come one day.

Nishamattsmith1 karma

How many fans have came to your office?
And your my favourite dudeson ❤

JukkaDudeson2 karma

we've had a few come by but not too many. we're here everyday but i'm out in meetings most. but paul, jc, al and joey spend mornings, days and nights in here :)

Warnex91 karma

Hey man, huge fan!

Is there any stunt you've ever really wanted to do but just couldn't for some reason?

If so, what is it and why?

JukkaDudeson3 karma

Thanks dude!

There's been ideas that havent been possible to do. but most of the time we just find a fun twist to make it happen. and sometimes ideas we look at like: normally you would climb head first to a tree, what if we'd do it backwards. butt first. and it ends up being a fun experience!

Warnex91 karma

I've climbed many a tree in my life and have yet to ever try butt first hahaha that's definitely a new take on that one. It doesn't sound like an easy task!

JukkaDudeson3 karma

first time for everything. definitely worth a try but not an easy thing to do hahaa. let me know if you succeed. snap me @jukkahilden

omginax1 karma

how did you make Paul agree to letting you give out his phone number in the vlogs? i was surprised that he is okay with it 😂

JukkaDudeson3 karma

me too. thats how cool he is and i have a great puzzle for you to solve for sundays vlog :)

JessBarnes19911 karma

Hey Jukka! do you have any advice on someone just starting out there Youtube channel? also do you think in the future you will include your personal life (family etc) in vlogs? x

JukkaDudeson3 karma

do your own thing and listen to your heart. have fun with filming and listen to your audience. then make up your mind.

im not showing my family, because im not a family vlogger. i want to tell a real story of being a dudeson and pushing to make rabbit usa the coolest production company in the US. and genuinly let our audience follow the ups and downs, the dreams come true and the struggles of trying to achieve something that other people would call impossible. Not a lot of people show the toughnes of life, but just paint a blue sky of everything is so good and things just happen. I find learning through mistakes the best kind of education :)

JessBarnes19911 karma

Thank you for the reply! It's great that you're showing us the ups and downs of making Rabbit usa a thing it's great seeing it all unfold =] Do you ever plan of doing a meet and greet style of tour around UK, Europe? x

JukkaDudeson2 karma

for now i'm concentrated on sticking in the US and making rabbit USA happen together with the next big Dudesons step!

ridersofrohan641 karma

What's the worst injury you've ever received?

JukkaDudeson4 karma

i've broken my back twice... my jaw was pretty painfull, busting the tailbone really sucked coz i couldnt sit straight for 2 months and burning face was the worst. :)

FreyaMacNZ1 karma

Do you have a favourite stunt/prank? I know the total number must be phernomenal, but I'd inagine one or two will stick out in your mind? What is your favourite drink? Favourite food? 😊

JukkaDudeson3 karma

One of my favourite stunts for sure is walking to a bullring on stilts and backflipping of a raging bull headbutting me in the butt.

favourite drink is lemonade ;) and food reindeer blood.

aimstylez1 karma

do you plan on doing anything with casey neistat?

JukkaDudeson2 karma

I know Casey from like 10 years ago when there wasnt youtube. I admire him and consider him a goodfriend and a soulmate as a storyteller. For sure will do something, when the right time and idea pops up.

What would you like to see me do with Casey?

suzefi0 karma

Ride with him on boosted board! :D

JukkaDudeson1 karma

Into what ;) To a flaming inferno...

aimstylez0 karma

it would be an awesome if you had a boosted board race through LA and New York

JukkaDudeson2 karma

or from new york to la ;)

Finnishim1 karma

Whatup Jukka! It's getting late here in Finland! But It's not every day somebody gets to talk to their hero! What is your top three favourite songs? :D

JukkaDudeson2 karma

Oh thank you!

Remember to watch 3rd season of POSSE starting on saturday!!!

My 3 favourite songs are:

ACDC TNTN, Ramones Heyholet'sgo and NAS the song where the child choir sings about you can be what ever you want to be, if work hard enough etc.

But also Pelle Miljoona moottoritie on kuuma and Popeda ukkometso!°

Finnishim1 karma

Rokkenroll! Looking forward to POSSE season 3! I'm honoured to have gotten the chance to speak with you! You inspire me to be the real me and be proud of myself! I'm also from Seinäjoki as well! And also named Jukka! Those two traits I hold very dear to me because of you! I have the Jussipaita tattoo on my arm same as you to honour you and our home in Seinäjoki. +Anarchy! :D

Here are my other questions!

1: What is your favourite film? 2: What is your favourite colour? 3: What does the asian character tattoo on your upper right pelvis say? If that's not too personal. 4: You said you are a big Walking Dead fan. Who is your favourite character? 5: And lastly. What are your next tattoo plans? :D


JukkaDudeson2 karma


What up jukka from seinäjoki! what a terrible name and place to be from ;I

1- braveheart 2- black 3- courage. got it when i was 17 and an exchange student in the us. 4- Michonne or Daryl. 5- i need to finnish my guardian angel on my back that has been unfinished for years now