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How do you feel about where McDonalds are currently heading? Decreasing sales, people that are now increasingly health conscious seeking better alternatives, how are you guys prepared to change with the trends? What are your thoughts about this as a Manager?

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This brings up another question: First of all, I've seen those Terminals - we have them in Malmo / Sweden. People don't seem to like them very much as they miss the personal touch from the cashiers, how is this going for you so far?

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Would you consider making a physics stunts based on famous video games, for example: Angry Bird?

Like tossing Jukka at a ton of bricks with the rest of the team placed in various strategic places in the bundle of bricks or items?

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Wow, that sounds awesome, def. show the fans how you are doing. When the last bit ran out on Netflix, life wasn´t the same for me waiting for new episodes, coming home after work - seeing what crazy cartoon antics you guys can think of next makes life so much more fun.

Thanks for sharing, and please go nuts, no pain no groin...grain...err gain!

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Hi Jukka, my Finnish mad neighbor ;)

When you guys do this, where you inspired by Steve´o stunts, or have you guys just been messing around with this all your life?

One of the things that I always wonder about is if when you guys get hurt bad, how long does it take to heal, and does any of you guys have long lasting "battle" scars from your stunts?

What´s your plans for future series? Will you make these available to Netflix, will you youtube it?

Good luck, and let´s see you break world records with your insane stunts ;) A 50 year old fan.